The Coast is Clear

Katelon and I began the work of shifting humanity’s shared timeline using daily sessions in the fall of 2014, nearly three years ago. Our first attempts with about nine months of daily sessions targeted the surrender of the secret world government. These sessions, which ended in July 2015, did not succeed but formed a spiritual partnership supporting our ongoing attempts that began last fall in November of 2016. Aside from a two day holiday I took following the June solstice a couple of weeks ago, we have worked together every day since then, over seven months in total.

We have had a lot more success this time around in large measure because of two major shifts. We are no longer asking for the dark’s cooperation or for their surrender; and it is time. Quite simply, it is time for the shift; perhaps well past time.

Katelon sometimes refers to herself as the coal mine canary because the dark has targeted her demise throughout this seven month stint. Layer upon layer of dark interference and malevolence has been uncovered as they would attack Katelon; and with the help of the Light’s resources, often made available through me, the attackers would be defeated and their capabilities would be taken from them.

Time travelling has been the dark’s ace in the hole. The human secret government developed time travelling capabilities in the 1950s and 60s based on Tesla’s science and reverse engineering of technologies discovered in downed ET spaceships such as the one shot down in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. We discovered they were using these technologies to loop time and bypass Katelon’s recently installed defences. Once we understood this technique we successfully petitioned the Light to end these time travelling abuses and the human led attacks that targeted Katelon’s death through heart failure were ended in February or March of this year.

In June, another round of attacks took place, this time targeting Katelon’s death by lung failure. This time, the dark attackers were supported by time travelling technologies originating in forces we called the galactic dark. Again, we successfully petitioned the Light to end these time travelling abuses and the galactic dark was subsequently defeated. As a result, the galactic dark has left or surrendered and they are no longer a factor as it relates to Katelon’s health or to the shift into a Light based human timeline. Humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline can now proceed at will. The coast is clear!

A little history of the galactic dark seems appropriate. Their origins began well before the galactic wars began around two million years ago. They supported the dark in these wars but did not surrender when the galactic wars ended a couple of decades ago following the surrender of Ankara, the dark creator god. Apparently, the galactic dark formed in support of truth/wisdom being the strongest force in the Universe. Source created this Universe based on love being the strongest force but allowed the galactic dark as a resource base in support of initiatives targeting alternatives.

Back to the coast being clear. A human team we call the Shift into the Light Team has a well planned shift event cued up and ready to go. They are currently skittish and doubtful that the coast is clear. After all, their previous attempts to initiate did not succeed as the dark and their time travelling ace in the hole prevented these attempts. The next attempt to initiate the shift will succeed…the coast is now clear.

What can we expect? The shift event will be a world-wide televised event including fingering the secret government, announcing amnesty for all of their many crimes against humanity, initiating a shift into a world-wide financial system based in Light, inviting Light based ETs to visit and interact, announcing the Light based takeover of several media conglomerates; all of which begins full disclosure and initiates humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light. The resulting timeline will serve the greater good, bring forth Light based world governance and make available a number of technologies and changes bringing oneness and abundance to all of humanity.

The coast is clear! May the shift into a shared timeline based in Light happen soon; ushering in a golden era for all of humanity.

Katelon is posting a related post…here is a link to her site:

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to The Coast is Clear

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  2. katelon says:

    It IS time! Great post. Thanks for all you do!

    Here is the direct link to my post:

  3. Thank you John! So very ready for this shift.

  4. swimman155 says:

    Sounds great! I’ll continue to focus on the positive and send love & light to you, Ketelon and the rest of humanity. It’s definitely time. Thanks for all you do!

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