The Pence Timeline

First, some baseline information. A secret and unelected world government exists and has controlled humanity’s shared timeline for decades, even centuries. They own and control the world’s financial systems, all major media outlets, and most of the world’s elected governments including, make that especially, the current US administration. Until a few weeks ago, this secret government had two heads. The Illuminati, more accurately called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe who have common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria located between the Black and Caspian Seas and more recent arrivals calling themselves the Alliance based in the USA. The Alliance developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943 using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. They chose to keep these technologies secret even from the US government itself but shared them with the secret government in exchange for a seat at their head table. (These technologies include faster than light travel, free energy, time travelling technologies, and mind & spirit control technologies.)

The US presidential election was in effect, a turf war between these factions and the Alliance gained ultimate control over the voting machines to elect their puppet, now President Trump. The Alliance planned to use this victory to take over RKM’s assets within the US and create a fascist state under their control. One of their major weapons was time travel technologies that had already been used to make this unlikely election possible and the plan was to continue to use time travel technologies to support their nefarious and self serving plans. Trump was and is a puppet in all of this. Time travelling technologies were removed from the Alliance’s arsenal earlier this year and the Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda a few weeks ago, realizing their plans were now unattainable.

The Alliance’s surrender created a power vacuum within the US and the RKM stepped back in and are in the process of reclaiming control within the US. Vice President Pence was always their man, bought and paid for, in return for his allegiance. Mueller, the ‘independent’ investigator, is also an RKM agent, bought and paid for. The RKM believes that killing Trump will trigger a Light based timeline shift and are choosing the slower quasi legal route of impeachment.

Trump is unskilled as a politician and is engaging in a number of illegal activities so the charges against him do not have to be trumped up (pun intended). Trump is an easy target and will soon be disgraced. The present system installs the Vice President in his place. Horror of horrors; Pence becomes President for the remainder of the term ending in November of 2020. As long as the present timeline remains in place, that is the agenda and nothing can stop it.

What can and will stop it is a shift into a new shared human timeline based in Light. The Light has been working toward this for several years and a well planned initiating event is cued up and ready to go. Facilitating this timeline shift has been my entire focus for nearly a decade. A friend named Katelon joined in these efforts a few years ago. One of her gifts was to manifest a series of sound keys and each day she birthed a new sound key beginning December 1st of last year. Ninety-two sound keys were birthed and we were told the shift was then manifest at the level of energy and would soon be manifest into our shared reality. That was in early March and even with sound key #93 that came into being a couple of months ago, still the shift is not manifest.

The RKM are well aware of the threat our work represents to their plans and have been targeting Katelon’s demise using a variety of black magic techniques. This has escalated recently and a life threatening attempt took place last night. I was called to the battle and the RKM’s objective was not achieved. Steps were also taken to remove these skills from the RKM’s arsenal. Working with us are Light based allies including Time Travelling Protectors, Round Up Teams, the Light Council overseeing the shift process, and the human Shift into the Light Team who will be the face of the shift initiating event. The shift initiating event will begin the new Light based shared timeline.

My last post was called The Coast is Clear. In retrospect, I underestimated the resources available to the RKM and the coast was not yet clear. The same or similar RKM controlled resource base prevented a recent attempt to initiate and sent the Shift into the Light Team back to the drawing board to refine one of the key shift mechanisms.

Despite these recent setbacks, all of this is coming good. The shift into a shared timeline based in Light cannot be prevented. The RKM’s resource base continues to be depleted and the latest attacks on Katelon only escalated the depletion process. The Light’s replacement timeline and replacement systems continue to be refined and debugged. Soon, very soon, our existing shared timeline will be replaced with a Light based shared timeline and the Pence timeline with all its horrors will be washed away like sand castles in the rising tide; the rising tide of evolving human consciousness and the rising tide of human awakenings that are happening daily.

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to The Pence Timeline

  1. Thanks for the update John!!

  2. swimman155 says:

    Sounds good! Thank you.

  3. Judith WATTS says:

    Hi John. A couple of ideas. I’m totally on board with what you and your brave friend are doing. Don’t know the core of tbe threat on her existence. But had an immediate thought. Time for her to get temporarily out of Dodge! She could go north to escape…just as I did a few years back… and got to safety with you on my first leg of my journey. I have come to new conclusions about what preciptated that week before I got the message from my guides. Get out!
    None of us can be naive about what non existent safety there is based on computer corresponding. Hacking is everywhere.
    Blessings to you both. If she needs a way to cross border I have an idea. Let me know.

  4. alan479 says:

    I see Pence as an Annunaki type soul. Anything for power.

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