Manifesting the Light Based Timeline Shift

Shifting a shared timeline is a complex business and when the timeline is shared by billions of people the complexities can appear insurmountable. None the less, that is what is being targeted by the work I am doing, often in partnership with others.

The existing human shared timeline is held in place by a small unelected secret world government who have considerable advantages over the rest of humanity such as control over our financial systems, control of the media and control of most of the world’s elected governments, especially the present US administration. The secret government also controls all of the major industries and has widespread access to our communication systems including smart phones and emails. The secret government has also developed a number of technological advantages that have been kept secret from the rest of humanity, including free energy, faster than light travel, time-travel, and a number of mind and spirit control technologies. Add in the fact that the  Light-worker community is fragmented and includes a number of well funded dark agents along with a lot of dupes. How then is it possible that a Light-based shift in the shared timeline is possible? How is it that a few people working with limited budgets can possibly hope to succeed?

First of all, the existing timeline is an illusion based in lies and deception. The truth will set us free of the existing timeline…and the truth has great power. Secondly, the existing timeline has little off-world support and even that support is rapidly disappearing. Third and perhaps most importantly, the existing timeline has expired within cosmic law so keeping it afloat and humanity’s shared timeline requires great effort. Even with all of their advantages, the secret government is stretched to the tipping point so well placed leverage points can make all the difference. Once the tipping point is reached, there will be no going back; or so we thought.

Time-travel has been the secret government’s ace in the hole. More than once, the tipping point has been reached and the existing timeline began to collapse but on each of these occasions, the secret government played their time-travelling ace in the hole by going back to the time before the collapse and changing what happened so the tipping point was not reached.

In April, the universe added a new resource to this work; a woman named Brittany who lives in Chicago. At first, it was all about her personal journey and clearing away dark interference. Her progress was amazingly rapid and she soon began to channel information and opportunities directly related to the timeline shift. Sometime in July, the focus of our work together shifted and it is now all about effecting the timeline shift. Now, come with me down the rabbit hole…lol.

Encoded in all of space within this universe is energy and information that I refer to as the Source Code. Love is the strongest force within our Source Code and free will is granted to each of us. Within free will we can and sometimes do make choices that are not based in love or choices that violate the free will of others. Within the Source Code, this is allowed but such choices also activate opposing forces aimed at returning the situation to the fullness of Source Code. The Dark placed a quarantine on earth and humanity that created a substantial delay in the activation of these balancing forces. With that delay, the Dark created a multitude of reinforcing loops to keep their self interested creations in place. Ergo, the present predatory systems and our current artificial timeline based on duality and scarcity…both of which are based in illusion.

One of the Dark’s principle weapons in all of this was the misuse of time travel. Time travel is encoded within the Source Code but changing the past is not. The Dark, under cover of the quarantine began to change past events in self interested ways; in ways that served their control and their predatory intentions. An entire interplanetary ecosystem grew up in support of this aberration attracting predatory civilizations from far and wide. Pre-Brittany, I thought this was limited to Ankara (a Dark creator god) and those supporting his Alliance only to find that other, and in fact older civilizations were involved. More on that will become known as full disclosure dawns.

Suffice for now to say that two active time travelling predatory groups were exposed and their time travelling abuses are now ended. One was associated with the Pleiadians, the other with a group known as the Greys. Both are now disenfranchised here on earth although both have human agents still living among us.

The other big change was to the Source Codes themselves. Brittany was asked to and agreed to manifest these Source Code changes into earth and into humanity. As we understand it, Source recognized deficiencies within the Source Codes governing this universe and worked thru Brittany to modify the Source Codes as desired. This work was completed in late July.

Dark strongholds, and there are plenty of them spread across earth, remain in defiance of the Source Code, both the original and the modifications. The power sources feeding these strongholds is being turned off and their backup batteries are being drained. The new Light based timeline will include all of the current darkness but not their power sources or their support systems or their secrets. Full disclosure will happen and quickly within the Light based timeline.

Our present understanding of timing is that the shift will take place before or during the coming solar eclipse later this month. Will it? Deadlines have come and gone before so we shall see.

This one feels different somehow…more potent…more probable.

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to Manifesting the Light Based Timeline Shift

  1. Thanks John! So much happening!

  2. Thank you!!

    here is a call for a worldwide meditation the day of the eclipse … critical mass of participants can put us over the edge!

  3. Is there any way I can get in touch with Brittany? I live near Chicago, and would be interested in meeting up and talking with her. My email is

    I would appreciate it so much if you’d pass this comment along to her. Thank you. Also, I hope you’re aware of the mass synchronized meditation happening during the eclipse.

    Peace, love, and light. 🙂

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