The Power of a Truth Based Timeline

Over an eighteen month period in 06-07, I spent over 50 days in meditation retreats and it changed me forever. During the first of five 10 day retreats, I learned that in order to live my mission, I would have to surrender to Divinity since my small self did not have the necessary overview and did not have access to that overview no matter what I did. I knew this decision would change my life and my small self resisted but by the end of that first retreat, I surrendered and my life began to shift as I followed my inner guidance at each and every decision point.

Two years later, I made major shifts in order to be fully dedicated to living my mission. I left my marriage, quit the work I was doing and moved from Toronto to Calgary. Learning my life lessons came next and that work was completed by the fall of 2010. I was given an aura change and was then ready to live my mission.

Be and become the leader you have been looking for. With that message, I began to live my mission and give my gift to humanity.

I learned that a small unelected group of men was controlling humanity’s shared timeline. These men constitute what is, in effect, a secret world government and they have imposed their self-interested illusion upon all of humanity. How could they do this? They control the media world-wide and impose editorial control throughout, outlawing truth about their very existence and proclaiming the lie that humanity is the only advanced civilization in the known universe. They own and control the world’s financial systems and all of the major banks, imposing debt slavery on every major country and on most individuals. They own and control all the world’s major industries and use copyright laws and the patent system to control truth and prevent inventions that would make their money-makers obsolete. Free energy is one such truth/invention. They control the political process in most countries, especially in the USA, and have control over most of the US ‘alphabet agencies’, most critically, the CIA, the FBI and the IRS.

In order to return to humanity’s evolutionary path, the secret government must either surrender or be ousted from power. Surrender has many Light based advantages and I began to support and work toward surrender options wherever they appeared. This has succeeded with some of the off-world supporters of the secret government but the secret government itself has never negotiated in good faith and remain intransigent and in control.

Do not battle the secret government directly as they have too many advantages. Target to shift humanity’s shared timeline which will oust them as a result. Okay…that makes a lot of sense. I began to align with supporters of a Light based timeline and began to focus on what it would take to create a Light based timeline and ‘gift’ that timeline to humanity. This approach has really levelled the playing field. Why? The truth has great power and by aligning with the truth, the replacement timeline has great power. On the flip side, because the existing timeline is based on lies and kept in place by an illusion; it is extremely vulnerable. The lies underpinning the existing timeline are plentiful but a few of the major lies can easily be identified.

Lie #1. Humanity is alone in the universe: In truth, earth’s airspace is filled with the spaceships of many advanced Light based civilizations wanting to assist humanity to return to a timeline based in Light. They are cloaked and invisible to most as they await an invitation from humanity’s leadership to interact.

Lie #2. Faster than light travel is impossible because mass becomes infinite as the speed of light is approached: In truth, localized gravitational fields are possible and by zeroing gravity, people and things can move wherever and whenever they choose. Our secret government have already mastered this technology but have kept it secret from the rest of humanity. This is also the technology used by all advanced civilizations and is used by all ET spacecrafts.

Lie #3. There is no free energy encoded in space: In truth, all of space is awash with free energy in infinite supply. One cubic meter of space anywhere contains more energy than was used in the world all of last year. Extracting free energy has also been mastered by the secret government but this technology has been withheld from the rest of humanity. Tesla attempted to bring this technology to humanity but was prevented by the secret government because ‘you can’t put a meter on it’. Burning of fuels will be obsoleted once this technology is made available.

Lie #4. The western media is free and reports truth: This myth was widely believed only a few decades ago but control of the media is now commonly accepted. The Trump administration has concocted such terms as ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ in an attempt to continue the illusion that a secret government does not exist. It is a losing battle.

By aligning with truth, the battle to shift humanity’s shared timeline has great power and despite the secret government’s considerable advantages, the outcome is no longer in doubt. Humanity will shift into a timeline based in truth and within truth, all of the underpinnings of the existing timeline based in lies and artificially imposed scarcity will fall away. Without underpinnings, the existing timeline will fizzle and die and those few who benefit from it will be exposed and stripped of power.

The real trick is to have something to replace it, to have a timeline based in truth and based in Light. What is being worked toward is a widely televised event where current world leaders blow the lid off of the current timeline and set the stage for a durable truth based timeline to replace it. This event will finger the existing secret government, offer amnesty for all their crimes against humanity, replace their existing financial systems with Light based financial systems, announce the transition of several media conglomerates into truth based reporting, and invite the Light based ETs to ongoing interactions with humanity.

From that beginning, the truth based replacement timeline will be unassailable. An acknowledged Light based world government will begin to function and the existing dark secret government will be disgraced and unable to continue operation.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. John, thank you for the update. The truth shall prevail for all!!!

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