Predators and Parasites

As I became aware of humanity’s secret government close to a decade ago, awareness of off-world supporters also began to filter into my consciousness.

Ankara, a dark creator god, had created a variety of reptilian civilizations and they led the charge through portions of the galaxy, conquering and subjugating planets and their inhabitants as they swept across large portions of the galaxy; including our solar system. An alliance, known as the Ankara Alliance, formed in support of this predatory agenda and the reptilians were joined by a number of already established civilizations with the shared agenda of taking over and subjugating other races and the civilizations they had formed.

A few of the more advanced light based civilizations such as the Sirians were able to hold onto their territory and a federation formed so these civilizations could help each other. These two great galactic forces entered into a stalemate of sorts and the advancing predators were halted.

In the mid 1990s Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all within the Ankara Alliance to do likewise. Most of the created races and some of those who had joined Ankara’s dark alliance followed Ankara’s lead; leaving occupied territory and returning to their home planets targeting Light based agendas such as truth, equality and peaceful coexistence. The galactic wars that had raged for two million years ended.

Unfortunately for earth and for humanity, the human secret government chose to continue their agenda of subjugating and enslaving the rest of humanity. Several dark allies remained and did not surrender; plus all of their advantages over the rest of humanity remained in place. They owned and controlled the media worldwide (still do), they owned and controlled the world’s financial systems (still do), they have developed and operate a number of advanced technologies including free energy, faster than light travel and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies; all of which have been kept secret from the rest of humanity.

The secret government has three current strongholds. One is communism, a great system for the few controlling the many. Russia and Eastern Europe have escaped from the grips of communism but strongholds remain including China, North Korea, and some other Asian countries. The second stronghold is in Europe under the political influence of the European Union, which is the secret government’s political invention. The third is the United States. The secret government has near total control over the political system in the US, including Trump and the current administration, and over all the key governmental agencies, most critically the CIA, the FBI, Β and the IRS.

The secret government is both predatory and parasitic. Predatory activities include colonialization and all of humanity’s war-faring activities. Parasitic activities include humanity’s financial systems based on debt slavery and economic slavery. Other parasitic activities include the pharmaceutical and medical industries, fossil fuels, terrorism which they manage and support, housing systems (especially mortgages and rentals), and religions.

Now a little on off-world predatory and parasitic supporters of the secret government. Most to the off-world predators are now gone. These were led by Ankara’s created reptilian races. They deliberately did not interact directly with humanity but at least two large underground colonies remained well into the new millennium. One was known as the Chimera, shape shifters, who surrendered about three years ago. The other were Draconians who surrendered earlier this year and returned to their home planets.

The parasites remained active and powerful until the last couple of months. Somehow, the parasites are able to gather and live off of the energies of misery and conflict. Parts of Β some advanced civilizations learn these techniques and begin what appears to be an easy life, seeding misery and conflict within targeted populations and living off the collected energy. An unfortunate side effect is they begin to devolve, becoming reliant on their parasitic way of life and on the resources of their victims. Inevitably, the victims die out and new victims must be found.

Brittany and I began working together a few months ago and discovered two major parasitic agendas working with the secret government and targeting portions of humanity. One is or was connected with the Pleiadians. They have been long time supporters of the secret government. When the modifications to Source Code were manifest a couple of months age, the Pleiadian Agenda was ended and the Pleiadian parasites had to return to their home planets.

The second parasitic agenda was being operated by a civilization called the Greys. They are relative newcomers but quickly gained power and influence within communism, particularly North Korea, and within certain minorities in the US. The parasitic Grey Agenda was also ended with the Source Code modifications and the secret government now stands alone.

These parasitic agendas carried great power and were able to delay humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline. The parasitic agendas utilized black magic such as mind control, curses and spells. Not until I began working with Brittany did these agendas come to light and they were only defeated over the past month or two. The secret government’s dark timeline survived the August eclipse using the power of these parasitic agendas but that power is now ended.

Humanity can now initiate the long awaited timeline shift into a timeline based in Light, based in serving the greater good, based in truth and full disclosure, based in the fullness of cosmic law. Planning is underway to create a televised event beginning the new Light based shared human timeline. What a happy day that will be.

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to Predators and Parasites

  1. Thanks for the update John. Everything is getting intense. Are all Pleiadians part of the dark agenda?

  2. Sara says:

    Who is Brittany?

  3. fulldisclosure85 says:

    Do you think anything big will happen on September 23rd? Does this have anything to do with the Anunnaki?

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