Magic is No Longer Supported

First, a distinction. Magic and miracles are related but different. Magic is using the unseen creative forces without invoking Divinity. A miracle is using these same unseen creative forces by invoking Divinity.

Magic has no consciousness and works in accordance with the unseen forces at play within the universe. Because of this, we have black magic, e.g. using these forces for dark or self-interested purposes and white magic, using these forces in service of the user’s perception of the greater good. Often, black and white magic oppose each other.

Miracles have a consciousness because Divinity is invoked. It has been over a decade since I surrendered to Divinity and one thing has become clear to me…Divinity only supports the greater good and calling upon Divinity is in fact bringing into play forces and balances supporting the greater good.

Brittany, a Chicago woman, and myself, living in Calgary, work together every day in support of the miraculous process of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in Love and in Light. We targeted to facilitate this miraculous shift on September 23, but those attempts did not succeed in any visible way. However, lots happened around that date and much has shifted as a result.

On September 21st, two days before the hoped for shift, Brittany and I included a Shaman, a friend and associate, for part of our working session. The work appeared very successful and the Shaman used white magic in the natural course of the work being done on that day. In the evening of the 23rd, after the shift failed to materialize, Brittany used white magic to deal with some issues related to guarding her personal sovereignty. Death, in the archetypical form of the grim reaper, appeared in her home the next morning. ‘What are you here for?’ asked Brittany. ‘You’ was Death’s reply.

We naturally included this in our session and worked with Death lurking in Brittany’s field. We were guided to have Brittany rescind the white magic of the night before. As soon as this was done, Death left and has not returned.

Within a few days, another way was found to guard Brittany’s personal sovereignty using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The parasitic agendas, that have been targeting humanity and controlling humanity’s secret government, make extensive use of magic and mind control. People who pose specific threats to the parasitic agenda are particularly targeted and their brains are manipulated so others can have control over them. Two people had been given exulted status in Brittany’s brain. One was malevolently intended, the other was a dupe; likely with their own brain manipulations to create a destructive co-depency. The malevolent person was identified a few months ago and had lost their exulted status within Brittany’s brain. The dupe’s exulted status remained until we did the NLP work. Essentially Brittany identified the location and modalities associated with the exulted status and shifted both. Instantly, the co-dependency ended. Brittany has done much NLP related work since to clean up other mind control mechanisms that had been installed within her brain and marvels at the freedom and the peace of mind that has resulted.

Very recently, Brittany experienced unease while interacting with her friend, the Shaman. We discussed the situation after invoking the Sacred space of miracles; and we asked for information to come to us in the night. In the wee hours, the information poured in. Magic is not to be used in the work of creating humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light. The Shaman uses magic so do not include him in the work you are doing. There is nothing intrisically faulty with the Shaman so do not fear for his safety or his well-being. The unease is simply a reminder that magic is not to be used.

Shifting a timeline shared by billions of people is a complex and at times daunting task, especially when opposed by a parasitic and ruthless secret world government who have many advantages; including control over the world’s media, control over the world’s financial systems and access to many secret technologies including mind and spirit control technologies that blows even awakened minds such as my own.

The good news is that those using magic are no longer being supported and the secret government is reliant on magic. People like Brittany and I are aligned with and supporting those bringing forth the long overdue Light based timeline shift and rapid albeit unseen progress is being made. It is a fact that the existing parasitic timeline is reliant on magic and is running on borrowed time. This timeline will soon be extinguished. A courageous human leader has not yet stepped to the plate but off-world and unseen support grows daily; and a miraculous timeline shift will happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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6 Responses to Magic is No Longer Supported

  1. Mike says:

    Good day. Fascinating article. Who is this world leader & what is he/she supposed to do? Here is a link from Message from Spirit where a world leader is mentioned. Would this be the same person? For God and Earth.

    • Thanks Mike…there is a well developed plan in place for a televised shift event including a Light based financial takeover, announcing the shift of two or three media networks into truth based reporting, and inviting in humanity’s ET friends. A world leader has not yet stepped forward and agreed to participate…Mike Q’s stuff also references that opportunity.

      • Mike says:

        Hi. Thanks for answering. This all takes place after the initial solar (quantum) flashes? By world leader you mean head of state? What was President Trump’s response to this job offer? Has CNN agreed to switch from soap operas to fact based reporting? Thanks for listening. For God and Earth.

      • Thanks again Mike. Timing is unknown to me. The world leader may not be a head of state. Trump is working for the secret government. I only know one of the media conglomerates and it is not CNN although that does not rule them out.

  2. Thanks for the update John!

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