The Parasites

Within limited consciousness, there is much humanity does not know about our history, about our capabilities and about those who currently oppress us. Since a Chicago woman named Brittany and I began working together in April, the spotlight has shifted to those I call the parasites. This spotlight has been especially intense since July when we began doing daily sessions targeting to effect humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light.

Prior to that time, my focus had been on those I call the predators. The predators were led by a creator god named Ankara who specifically targeted to test the power of Love by creating advanced civilizations who targeted to use force to take over other civilizations and control the galaxy. The civilizations Ankara created were based on reptilian sentiency and an Alliance formed supporting their predatory agenda. The Ankara Alliance targeted conquest and control over the entire galaxy but a stalemate developed because these war-faring activities were prevented from advancing into segments of the galaxy that were protected by Light based armadas who matched or exceeded Ankara’s marauding technologies. Long ago, Ankara had agreed to cease and desist when the era of duality ended in 2011 and true to his word, Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda around 1996, ending the galactic wars that had raged for two million years. Ankara advised all within his Alliance to follow his lead. Most complied, leaving occupied territory and returning to their home planets, ending their predatory agendas. By now, two decades later, the predators have all left our planet and our solar system. The predatory agenda is no longer a significant obstacle in terms of humanity shifting our shared timeline into a Light based timeline.

Does that mean humanity’s secret government, a small group of self-interested men, now stands alone? That was my opinion prior to working with Brittany but we have learned differently.

Just as Ankara created predatory races and a predatory agenda based on conquest and subjugation; another creator god created parasitic races and a parasitic agenda based on secrecy and deceit such that the parasites could attach to targeted civilizations and suck their Light based energy. Exactly how this works, I do not know, nor have I targeted to understand it. What we have targeted is to end these agendas as they relate to parasitic activities targeting humanity and the planet upon which we live.

In early October, the parasitic creator god paid us a visit. He appeared as a short dark-skinned man and taunted Brittany with ‘I’m going to have fun with you!’ Together, we defended her sovereignty, invoking a sacred space completely surrounding her in which cosmic law was fully in effect. At first this had little impact and her field remained compromised. I was invited to go into a meditative state and connect with Divinity. Once this was done, I was instructed to take the hooks out of Brittany and with the Light’s support, did so. The parasitic ‘ballon’ that had hooked into Brittany’s field then floated off into the etheric sky and Brittany regained full sovereignty.

The Light continued to give us information, ‘telling’ us that this was a highly significant event. A day or two later, the Light Council informed us that the shift we are targeting ‘is now done.’

The parasitic agenda has been well supported within humanity and a small percentage of humans have been specifically targeted. Brittany is one of these people.

Her visit by Death in the form of the Grim Reaper reported in my last blog post is part of the parasitic agenda. People killed by the Grim Reaper are ushered into an artificial reality separated from Source. Instead of oneness and light, they experience ‘the void’, a form of nothingness and their future embodiments receive special parasitic attention. In a previous embodiment, Brittany’s soul was fragmented and her high self was imprisoned. It is a testament to Brittany’s personal power and to the Grace we are currently experiencing that Brittany has been able to reassemble all her soul fragments and break her high self out of this parasitic jail.

Soon, perhaps very soon, humanity will break out of the illusion created by the parasites and in so doing, return to humanity’s evolutionary path. The detour has been long and filled with human misery…just the way the parasites designed it.

Freedom for humanity…

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10 Responses to The Parasites

  1. Fascinating history. I look forward to the televised event. I posted a new article on one of my blogs that resonates with your happy ending. For God and Earth.

  2. Chris D says:

    Hi John, Firstly, many thanks for providing these updates. Along with the work you are doing. Is there anything the rest of us can do to assist? As sitting round doing nothing whilst waiting for others. Is a frustration I find hard to suffer. Or, adding energy to assist you. In love and Light

    • Thank you, Chris…here is something that I do several times a day. ‘I am creating a Sacred Space, a space of love and light. This space is activated in the now, anchored in Gaia, connected with Source. This space completely surrounds me and is growing in size and in strength.’ Add or subtract whatever seems right to you. 🙂

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