One Door Closes

Brittany and I began working together in April, a little over six months ago. At the time she had a well paying job, a leased apartment, and a roommate accomplished in magic. All of these are now gone as she surrendered to her spiritual path and devoted herself to those activities at the expense of all else.

My role was to facilitate, mentor and advise her on her spiritual path. I was aware of her choices as it related to her secular life but she did not ask, nor did I volunteer advice, in that regard.

Brittany’s job was the first to go. Within a week or two of beginning regular sessions targeting her spiritual development, she decided to quit. She enjoyed her work but it was extremely time and energy consuming, including her daily commute; and her guidance was clear in this regard. ‘You cannot do both…assuming a dedication to developing spiritually, you will have to quit your job and not find a new one.’Ā 

Her roommate was the next to go and within a month the roommate was gone. Brittany and her roommate were long time friends meeting during childhood. In the tumultuous parting, the roommate requested that Brittany not be there when the roommate picked up her stuff. Brittany complied.

Soon after, ugly truth began to surface about the roommate and her intentions. The roommate had a secret agenda of keeping Brittany from her sacred path. This had been true since childhood and she had posed as Brittany’s friend for strategic purposes; including becoming Brittany’s roommate earlier this year. The roommate was employed within the parasitic agenda, either as an agent or as a dupe. She was and is highly accomplished in utilizing magic (including spells and curses) and left a number of magical booby-traps during her unsupervised visit to pick up her things. Two of the most powerful were a beaded necklace found in Brittany’s couch a couple of months ago and a page from her journal found in the closet of her former room earlier this morning.

Brittany’s leased apartment ended this morning. When Brittany quit working in the spring, she lost her ability to pay rent and has lived there in arrears since that time. Now some particulars on the eviction event. Brittany and I had begun our daily session a half hour before the unexpected and unannounced knock came on her door. The cursed journal page was first on our agenda and we had just completed the clearing process based on dissolving the curse using the miracles available to us within the sacred space that Brittany and I invoke each day. Then came the insistent knock. I stayed on the line and listened to the entire process. It was four police officers, three men and a woman; in possession of a court order, authorizing the eviction. Brittany remained calm throughout. She was allowed the cloths on her back, a coat and her shoes.

The building’s maintenance man acted on behalf of the owners and Brittany negotiated with him to get her computer and began to arrange to get the rest of her things. We have talked a couple of times since and Brittany is advancing along her path; figuring out her approach to this next phase of her life.

Yesterday was Brittany’s birthday and for about a week she has been receiving information that a new phase, phase two, would begin around her birthday. Our daily sessions have included preparation and assignments as it relates to completing phase one. Phase one is about learning her life lessons and the final lessons have been proximate and crammed into the last few day. Stepping fully into her power and stepping into an abundance mindset would be a good summary of her final lessons.

Just before we ended our call during the eviction process, Brittany said, “One door closes.” We both understood the rest of this sentence although it was unspoken. “And another opens.”

Phase two has begun. Both for Brittany’s spiritual journey and for the process of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in light.

This coming weekend may prove very interesting…

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. This weekend may prove interesting for Brittany or humanity? For God and Earth.

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