Transforming the Matrix

By happenstance or by Divine design, Brittany and I were asked to do some work within the matrix on the weekend following her eviction from her leased home on Thursday. I had thought we would be asked to destroy the matrix but instead were asked to transform it. It seems the matrix is a natural part of our ecosystem and without it, Gaia cannot provide a suitable home for humanity here on Earth.

Some history was provided to us as we worked to transform the matrix. Earth fell to dark forces 40,000 years ago in a star wars battle. The human experiment to develop physical beings capable of thriving in the higher dimensions by creating DNA able to carry the higher frequencies was well underway. Humanity was designed by a group of highly evolved civilizations as a cooperative venture that began 200,000 years ago and humanity was progressing nicely along their evolutionary path until that fateful star wars battle. Human DNA was greatly prized by the dark Alliance so they enlisted parasitic expertise to take over the matrix. This dark takeover of the matrix was masterminded from the now disappeared continent of Atlantis and was achieved about 30,000 years ago. The human experiment remained in defiance and on their own continent, called Lemuria, in the Pacific. Around 25,000 years ago, these two great human civilizations fought a series of thermo-nuclear wars. Everyone lost and both Atlantis and Lemuria sank below the waves around 13,000 years ago. The dark controlled matrix and the illusion of duality and scarcity upon which humanity’s shared timeline is based have been in force since that time.

The Light is now in a position to end this detour and return humanity to their evolutionary path. The dark Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda about two decades ago and the Predators and their troops have all returned to their home planets, leaving occupied territory including Earth. The Parasites declined the Alliance’s advice to surrender and have continued to operate the Earth’s matrix; maintaining the illusion of duality and scarcity resulting in a continuation of humanity’s existing timeline. The Parasites control humanity through their human agents, a small group of self-interested men best described as humanity’s secret government. The secret government’s current strongholds are communism, the European Union and virtually complete control within the USA. They control the voting machines used in elections, and all the key alphabet agencies, most importantly the CIA, the FBI and the IRS. Trump and the current administration are their pawns.

All of this depends on control of the matrix; or at least, that is how Brittany and I currently understand the situation. We had already been shown how to break into the matrix and had already made some changes there including transplanting the Tree of Life within the matrix and freeing an entity who had grown tired of serving the matrix. We are volunteers, acting as agents of the Light in this work.

During the weekend sessions, we were asked to do the work of transforming the matrix. The plan was to break into the matrix and remove ‘the heart of the matrix’; advanced parasitic technology. The heart of the matrix was to be escorted out of the solar system through a portal in the Sun and turned over to Light based resources for safekeeping. In the place vacated by the heart of the matrix we were to transplant the Tree of Life which already existed in the matrix from work we had done earlier. In this way, the matrix would be transformed and instead of supporting the existing timeline based in the illusion of duality and scarcity, the Tree of Life would support a Light based timeline based in serving the greater good.

Once the work was planned and we had prepared ourselves, especially spiritually, we did the work. It went without a hitch.

The Light is now back in control of the matrix and the new timeline based in serving the greater good is activated. The process of ending the existing timeline is underway. What route that will take is unknown to us and perhaps unknown to anyone as the Parasites and their pawns, the secret government seem hell bent on going down with the ship and causing maximum havoc in the process. All we are assured of is that apocalypse will not be allowed and humanity will soon throw off the shackles of the current dark timeline; thus returning to their evolutionary path after this 40,000 year detour.

May the transition into a shared timeline based in serving the greater good happen quickly and with a minimum of turbulence.

Freedom for humanity…

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6 Responses to Transforming the Matrix

  1. Beyond awesome. Great job on enhancing the Light. Since the Matrix is rebooted the changes should take place quickly. Since the Matrix maintains the timeline don’t the changes affect 3D time in past, present, & future? If the Matrix operates in 4D time than the changes may happen in the present. For God and Earth.

    • Time as in past, present, and future is very much in play here…one of our preparatory forays into the matrix took place in the future; just a day but the future none the less. Those opposed have often used time-travel illegally to prevent something that happened. Those abilities are now curtailed…perhaps ended. 🙂

  2. Well and good. If time travel is being curtailed that helps. This doesn’t prevent the Deep State from continuing their false flags. Can or will time travel be used to monitor the Deep State to prevent further false flags?

  3. Whoo hoo! Thanks for the update John!

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