Father Time and Rejuvenation

Brittany, a woman in Chicago, and I continue our daily sessions to assist humanity in shifting to a Light based shared timeline. Our present work deals with disenfranchising the off-world parasites who are using magic and off-world technologies to maintain the existing timeline so they can continue to feed off of the energy of human misery.

For the past week or two, we have been getting information that human mitochondria is a key element within the parasitic agenda. Here is my veterinarian daughter’s primer on the subject. By the way, she is the mother of three year old identical twin daughters:

“Mitochondria have completely separate DNA from our own.  They divide on their own within our cells and separate into the 2 separating cells when our cells divide.  Even identical twins will have distinctly unique mitochondrial DNA.  The current theory is that mitochondria were once their own organism that learned to live symbiotically with living cells once they evolved.  Pretty cool stuff!”

Pretty cool stuff indeed! Slowly the puzzle fell into place and here are some of the highlights.

Mitochondria is the biological representation of our spirit, of our soul. As such, it is naturally unique even in identical twins. It is not their own organism but a designed part of human beings. Many advantages flow from this; however, in the hands of the parasites targeting human misery, the mitochondria has been used against us.

Human aging on our planet is a function of decaying mitochondria. Death eventually takes us because at some point, the mitochondria refuses to do their thing and replacement cells do not form. In highly evolved societies, people live for thousands of years. How? This decay mechanism is overwritten and the mitochondria function as designed indefinitely.

The parasites have operating technology that prevents this overwrite process and communicates with human mitochondria world wide. Instead of living for thousands of years, humans live perhaps a hundred, usually less. This serves the parasites because they can only feed off of negative energies; and aging produces negative energy in abundance.

It turns out that Father Time is more than a mythical figure. Father Time is the keeper of the aging technology that communicates with human mitochondria all over the world. Once we figured all of this out, we were guided to do something about it.

Father Time has been hanging around Brittany and we called him into one of our working sessions. He works for the parasites and was not cooperative but we found we did not need his assistance.

We found a locked box within Brittany’s etheric field and the Light supplied us with an etheric key. The key opened the box and Brittany turned the switch to off; thus disconnecting from the parasitic aging technology. She then locked the box with a new key and just to be safe, ripped the box out of her mitochondrial circuit and dissolved the entire apparatus, returning it to Source. We believe she is now out of the aging loop and will live indefinitely at her present age of twenty-nine. Nice choice in my view.

I am sixty-nine so this option is only a partial solution and my guidance during the session was to assist Brittany and not worry about my situation until rejuvenation becomes available; which I have been assured will be part of the replacement Light based shared timeline.

Brittany and I talked about all of this after the session and I became convinced that this is short sighted on my behalf. Why not end the aging deterioration now (assuming that option is available to me) and rejuvenate from the age of sixty-nine instead of whatever age I am at when rejuvenation becomes available. That is on tomorrow’s agenda and we will see if that option is supported. 🙂

Ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Light is the ultimate objective and this work is simply a step along the way. Others are working on different steps and by following our inner guidance Brittany and I are teammates assisting humanity in this momentous project.

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to Father Time and Rejuvenation

  1. Fascinating article. Sounds like Brittany declared her personal sovereignty by removing control over her aging body from the Dark. If you can find a technique to teach this to others that would be awesome. By removing oneself from the proverbial mouse on a treadmill you break the viscous cycle of 3D mortality. People who achieve this become 4D human. Similar to the Agarthans. She may start to feel herself healing her body whenever needed since her DNA is tuned into Source. Since Isis is in charge of humanity’s Ascension feel free to ask her for guidance on this matter. For God and Earth.

  2. Thanks for the update John!

  3. For John and Mike
    Today I had a whimsical thought. The three of us were the three wise men who sought out Mary’s baby. We sought and found and marveled at this Ascended soul. We took this long journey to assure ourselves that he did indeed arrive safely. His deep eyes were resplendent, his soul shining through. We rejoined, gave gifts, went home. Who were the three wise men but us. So did we not incarnate together during this life time?
    Happy Holidays

    John (Freedom4humanity)
    Mike (Message from Spirit)

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