Understanding Trump’s First Year

There is only one starting point to understanding what is taking place in the US these days. There is a secret and unelected government making all important policy decisions for the Trump administration. No other starting point is based in truth. Trump is not an idiot, nor is he his own man and he is certainly not a saviour ‘draining the swamp’ and leading a light based charge to clean up world government. Trump is a puppet of the secret government. Nothing more and nothing less.

The secret government controls the political system in the US, including both major parties, and the software used in the voting machines. Imagine elections without paper trails where the people agree to vote on machines that tally the vote and produce a result that cannot be checked or verified. That is the US system of voting. It was promoted by the secret government and because they own and control all the major US media outlets, questions regarding voter fraud are off-limits. The entire system is fraudulent. The Russians are not the culprits, the hacking is a routine inside job carried out by the secret government.

The secret government is not a unified whole but two powerful factions battling for turf. One faction who are most descriptively called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) controls the European Union and most of the European governments. They control world finances and all major western media companies. The RKM has been the de facto world government for centuries. They masterminded the European colonial era. They started and profited from innumerable wars including both World Wars.

The other faction call themselves the Alliance. They are upstarts who gained a seat at the head table of the secret government by developing advanced technologies beginning after Nikola Tesla’s working papers were turned over to them after he died in 1943. These technologies include faster than light travel, free energy, time travel, a variety of advanced weapons, and technologies for mind and spirit control. They kept these technologies secret from the US government and from the general public but shared them with the RKM in return for a seat at their head table.

Time travel has been a significant factor in the current timeline. Trump was identified as a suitable candidate to forward the secret government’s agenda and delay humanity’s return to a light based timeline. Those abusing time travel ran countless scenarios of Trump’s presidency and chose the ones that best achieved their objectives of keeping the secret government secret and in power.

Within the US based turf war, the RKM backed Hillary and the Alliance backed Trump. The Alliance gained ultimate control of the voting machine software and Trump was elected. All the major US government agencies are controlled by the secret government but some are aligned with the RKM and others are aligned with the Alliance. The same is true of the major media companies within the US. And so the turf war rages. However, both factions are well aware that exposing one faction exposes all so the secret government is denied by both factions and by the media companies which they own and control.

Now we can look at what is actually going on. The CIA is controlled by the Alliance. The CIA are experts in propaganda and spew it at a variety of levels. One major plank is that Trump is an independent agent of change which is a complete fabrication. In truth, Trump is a puppet of the secret government and runs their fascist agenda on command. They keep Trump from being impeached and control all major investigations through agents such as Mueller and others. Truth does not come from the secret government investigating itself and the secret government are experts at this deception, effectively using this fraudulent platform to cover up the truth of JFK’s assassination, 9/11 and many smaller crimes. These streams are more about keeping Trump in line than about exposing truth.

The second major plank is Partial Disclosure (also a product of time travel manipulations). The CIA has a well developed plan for partial disclosure and the objective is to expose half truths and create the impression of ending the corruption while keeping the secret government (their bosses) secret and in power.

There are a number of spiritual sites that are trumpeting the CIA propaganda that Trump is an agent of light based change. This is both untrue and dangerous. The propaganda is working and serving as a distraction while the US is sold further down the river.

Look at all the legislation that is being proposed and put in place by the Trump administration. Fascist, all of it. Make the rich richer and end funding and services for the middle classes and especially for the poor. End protection for the environment and limitations on insider profiteering. Trump’s major role and primary talent is to create distractions while all this fascist legislation gets put in place.

That is the game plan and one year into Trump’s term, it has been pretty successful. The turf war rages but it is only to divide up the spoils. Both factions of the secret government are in complete agreement about the overall agenda. Keep their existence secret and enslave the rest of us.

The situation is dire but based in illusion and deception. My current work is about ending off-world support for the secret government and without that support, the illusion will fail and this sad chapter of human enslavement will end.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Understanding Trump’s First Year

  1. Excellent article. I agree with much it. There are groups outside the Alliance that are working toward full disclosure. Based on their current progress the Event is expected to take place in March 2018. Once the Event is triggered the etheric based human implants will be dissolved making it harder to control people with propaganda alone. Under this new scenario full disclosure is expected to happen. For God and Earth.

  2. C Bryant says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to throw this in. The Dems said the tax changes would be a disaster for the middle class, Well, as part of that change, I’m seeing around $30 more a week in my paycheck. By my calculations, that’s is nearly $1,600.00 more per year in my pocket. I also fully believe Mark Taylor is right. God appointed and anointed Trump for this job. So, all this talk about him being a part of the Dark Side is BS. In the end, I think Trump will be the best thing that happened in the USA in a long time. I’m sure I’ll be attacked for this, but I don’t care. My gut feeling is he’s the one to bring about the justice Americans have been waiting for a long time.

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