A History of Shifting into a Light Based Shared Timeline

Years ago, the secret government was given a deadline to surrender and participate in an orderly transfer of power. That deadline was the summer solstice of 2012; six months before humanity was to Ascend into a higher dimension at the winter solstice at the end of 2012. The secret government did not surrender and an Angelic process called containment was initiated to prevent the recalcitrant secret government from further interference. Containment overrides free will and prevents the individual from taking actions detrimental to the greater good. Because it is a violation of free will, it was used sparingly.

Everything changed at the winter solstice. Evolved humanity petitioned Source to delay Ascension until all of humanity could Ascend together. That petition was granted and the winter solstice came and went seemingly without incident; appearing as just another false rumour. However, something very significant did occur. A hologram was created to house humanity’s shared timeline until such time as the secret government could be ousted. Once that occurs, the hologram will dissolve and humanity will move forward toward an inclusive Ascension event. The hologram remains in place now over five years later and the secret government remains the de facto world government.

I recently learned that containment was ended when the hologram was created so free will is once again fully in force. This became possible because the hologram protects against apocalyptic detours targeted by the secret government. They cannot use nuclear weapons or their secret advanced weapons to create WWIII.  With humanity and the Ascension timeline now protected, the ousting of the secret government can take as long as it takes.

Most of the rest of this post was written in July 2012; shortly after the secret government refused to surrender.

The shift into a Oneness or Light based timeline begins with the fall of the financial system; down like dominoes will come the pillars of our current financial system. (Major banks, commodity and stock exchanges, global debt). Ready to go and inserted into the void are replacement financial systems supporting oneness. Elements include new money, new banking with global debt forgiveness and new governance. Governance changes will accompany the financial collapse as existing governments will give way to spokespeople supporting oneness and the financial shifts. In very short order, the entire service to self financial system will collapse and in its place will stand a robust service to others financial system.

This sets the stage for the rest of the oneness shifts to take place. New governance will invite disclosure and our ET supporters will become visible and welcomed for what they are; supporters of oneness, supporters of freedom, and supporters of Ascension. Abundance technologies will be rolled out and made widely and freely available to all of humanity. Poverty will disappear and boarders will fade into nothingness as the distinctions that created them are all seen to be part of the artificial constructs of duality. Wars and enforcement in general will become a thing of the past as the rich and the poor join in abundance.

Humanity’s major obstacle is the unawakened masses. The secret government has control of the media world-wide and the controlled media routinely treats their propaganda as truth and also treats truth as ‘conspiracy theory’. Shifting a portion of the media into truth based reporting is part of the shift but will likely follow rather than lead. The secret government will create deliberate misinformation and disinformation aimed at panic, and the unawakened have been conditioned to believe in the illusion so its disappearance will cause great upset. To the unawakened, the shifts will appear cataclysmic and there will be no shortage of gnashing of teeth and even doomsday protagonists. Those in the know will be asked to remain calm and provide a voice of reason, a beacon of Light as the storm ushers in a new day and the dawning of humanity’s golden era.

Since learning of the hologram, I have felt a strange calmness and an abiding patience. To my way of thinking, the secret government were ousted on June 25th, 2012 and what we are presently living is the physical manifestation of that ousting. Still, the actual physical shift from duality into oneness is yet to take place and is planned as outlined above. It is well planned and well supported, both by humanity at the level of consciousness and by our ET supporters at the level of physicality; but it will still come as a shock to the vast majority of humanity.

Any number of factors will mitigate that shock, and we can each do our part, but the shock is part of this shift. Going from a service to self system that promotes duality to a service to others system that promotes oneness is not a gradual process. The two are incompatible and mutual exclusive. Where one exists the other does not and vice versa. Perhaps there are ways to do this gradually and in some ways the hologram has allowed gradual transitions to take place. Since June 25, 2012 a great deal of behind the scenes manoeuvring has been done by the oneness supporters. That is years worth of manoeuvring and years worth of preparations. The shift will be rapid and largely seamless, but shocking none the less.

The shift will usher in oneness, begin humanity’s golden age, and set the stage for Ascension preparations. Awesome in every way. Stay tuned…

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to A History of Shifting into a Light Based Shared Timeline

  1. Anonymouse says:

    It’s so sad that even the so-called open-minded people I’m friends with online are so glued to media propaganda, and will likely act like the coming changes will be awful and apocalyptic. I just shared this post on my profile, and have shared other posts about The Event before this, but they are either ignored, or there is hostile backlash.

    And I fear even when these changes are taking place, no one will actually listen to me, especially in my family. Which is a reason I hope to move out before it occurs, because I don’t want to be around my family when it happens. My mother is an abusive narcissist and extremely religious who will interpret the changes as “Judgment Day”. While my dad and sister will refuse to listen to me, and also act like it’s the end of the world, despite me predicting and talking about the financial collapse and ET disclosure beforehand. I’m always treated like a naive kid who doesn’t know any better.

    I refuse to feel miserable over something that I’ve been yearning for years to happen. I’ve been abused and depressed my entire life. When the financial collapse and ET disclosure happen, it will be my time to be happy and joyful. I will finally be able to fully heal my chronic health issues, be healthy, afford to see and live with my closest friends and girlfriend, travel anywhere I want, and have a music career. I won’t be held back by financial circumstances anymore. In fact, I wish the changes had come much sooner.

    Right now I am trading in cryptocurrencies, and hope to use the money earned to move out before the changes, so that I can be in a non-toxic environment, and not with people who will be polluting my energy with their misery and doom-and-gloom B.S. I will only feel miserable if nothing happens. But if the financial collapse/reset and ET disclosure do happen, then it’s truly nothing but joy from there on out. And being with people who will actually listen to me, and not people who will be hysterical and disrespectful to me. I know my family, they are better off without my ‘support’, I don’t need anyone dragging my energy down. We’ll only piss each other off.

    Anyway, thank you for this post.

  2. History stopped repeating itself after 2012. Free will or not any major event that would derail Ascension was/is energetically neutralized. I’m expecting the Event to transpire March 2018. I know we are forewarned that we are not to know the hour of the solar (quantum) flash which is part of the Event. My soul group expects events to crystallize than barring any last minute changes. Remember that the original plan of hurry up and wait do to potential hostages is what took the Galactics and the resistance movement (Cobra) much longer to accomplish as much as they did. This past January the Illuminati attacked and killed the 3D human form of Isis resulting in the new accelerated plan of liberating Earth Prime. The Galactics have now reached the surface to clear out the Dark underground bases with the next step being the surface liberation. For God and Earth.

  3. Patrick Hair says:

    Well….like you said…..”it will take as long as it takes.” With the bad guys still in control of earth governments and money, it could be years and years. Maybe even another hundred. Also because of the agreement to have everyone possible in on the Ascension, that could extend the time length. So I seriously doubt that March 2018 will bring any discernible difference. All I know is……the last 2 days were supposed to be sunny and warmer but instead a warehouse full of chemtrails were dropped on us and we had continued clouds and freezing temperatures. When that stops, I’ll start feeling free. But not until…………

  4. Brittany says:

    Hi John. If you have some time to chat today, send me an email 🙂

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