Awareness is Everything

The present shared human timeline is a dark timeline based on illusion…without awareness, the illusion prospers. Within awareness, the illusion crumbles and cannot continue.

After working daily for about seven months with a Chicago woman named Brittany, a dramatic shift took place in mid February. As a result, Brittany and I are presently estranged. The process was emotionally brutal for me and likely for her as well. I do not know the purpose of this unhappy development nor do I understand the benefits for Brittany but I do know one of the major benefits for me. During our parting, I was highly motivated to seek out truth, both my truth and absolute truth.

I opened myself to learning more about my past and spent time inviting those truths but in the end, this information was not made available to me. What did come in is that it does not matter who I am or what I have done in previous lifetimes or even earlier in this lifetime. What matters is what I am doing now. My primary purpose in the now is to end the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of universal law. Doing so requires awareness. Awareness requires truth.

As I called out for truth about the current timeline and the human situation, the Universe responded with a two hour interview of George Kavassilas. It was like the universe said, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, here is truth. Part one can be found here and part two follows:

A major tenet of our current illusion is that humanity is alone in the universe. That could not be further from the truth but is necessary to keep humanity isolated and unaware. Here is truth about the current situation incorporating information from George’s interview:

About 40,000 years ago, our solar system fell to dark forces. As a result, agents aligned with the Ankara Alliance took over as overseers of earth and of humanity. Humans and their DNA are highly prized because we are fractals of everything that is and all that has been. Once the dark forces took over, humans were genetically reengineered so they could be controlled and exploited by agents of the Alliance. This control is done at two main levels. One is mind control being broadcast from the moon. The other is body and spirit control being broadcast from Saturn. The Saturn efforts are run by the god of religion; a god of vengeance and fear. The overall effort is targeting to convince humans to give away the vast power that resides within by accepting guidance and misinformation from without.

Various malevolent ET forces are aligned with these efforts despite Ankara’s surrender to the Light’s agenda about twenty years ago. Here are three of the main culprits:

The Dracos, short for Draconians, a reptilian species and the most advanced of a variety of sentient reptilians. Most of the Dracos have returned to home planets and are pursuing light based objectives but our solar system remains infested with disenfranchised Dracos supporting the dark objectives of dominating our solar system and enslaving humanity. Humanity’s human secret government has long been aligned with these dark Dracos and that alliance continues.

The Greys who are the remnants of various civilizations who have gone down the road of embracing artificial intelligence. This road results in a de-evolution of the species and the atrophy of many body parts including the reproductive system. All the Greys carry these markers despite their variety of starting points. Living off the energy of others is often a result and many are parasites not willing, and perhaps no longer able, to create their own livelihood. George has had many visits from Greys, some very unpleasant, whereas others were only to warn him of the pitfalls of giving ones power away to technology.

The Orion Nordics also known as the Tall Whites, a humanoid species from Orion with blond hair and blue eyes. They attempt to appear to be benefactors but carry the hidden intention of domination. They are currently aligned with the Russians and are feeding them technologies to shift the balance of human power. Pursuing power can only lead to darkness and that is the Orion Nordics game. Awareness of this helped me understand why the Russians under Putin are not pursuing peace and full disclosure. Instead there is a power struggle between the Russians supported by the Orion Nordics and the secret government supported by the dark Dracos…ugh.

The human secret government are also major players in the dark’s attempts to enslave humanity. They have developed a number of advanced technologies including faster than light travel and many secret mind and spirit control technologies. They already have colonies on Mars and act as the de facto world government withholding permission for benevolent ETs to interact with humanity. This is highly significant as the dark’s illusion could not be maintained within open communications with benevolent ETs.

Since Ankara’s surrender twenty years ago, our solar system now has numerous benevolent ET ships and representatives. The benevolent ET have been granted permission to prevent the use of high tech weapons within the solar system which includes the use of nuclear bombs. This permission has prevented the secret government from beginning WWIII, something that has long been their objective.

In summary, the present shared human timeline remains widely supported by advanced technologies based on the moon and elsewhere in our solar system. Augmenting these technologies are malevolent ETs and the god of religion; all targeting to control humanity and enslave them within the illusions that support the current dark timeline. Humanity’s secret government is aligned with this overall effort. That alignment keeps them secret and in power.

On the plus side, humans have everything they need to regain their freedom built into them and by going within, all is possible. Also, benevolent ETs are now preventing the use of advanced weapons (including nuclear bombs) against humanity and this is a great leveller.

Much remains to be done and no clear path presents itself but awareness is advancing; and awareness is everything.

Freedom for humanity…


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12 Responses to Awareness is Everything

  1. Sherman Smukler says:

    I don’t know if Putin is all that bad. Check this out, Putin swimming with dolphins:Jared More on Google image search.

  2. Sherman Smukler says:

    Sorry, I checked the link after I sent it and it doesn’t work. Just do a Google Image search “Putin swimming with dolphins.” Peace, Joy, Love, and Infinite Light, Sherman

  3. Fascinating article. With the Galactics fighting the Cabal on the surface we can expect news soon on that front. Even if Putin is allied with the Orion Nordics he is still his own man. If the Nordics are opposing the Cabal to take their place than they will need to face off against the Galactics. Human government is changing behind the scenes as these final battles play out. Many people will become news junkies this month as Dark control unravels in the public sphere. For God and Earth.

  4. Brittany says:

    Hi John. It’s rather counterproductive to believe that awareness is everything but dismiss the importance of awareness of yourself. Time is like a sphere, with origin being the core and present and future being its expansion. The past never fades. It’s not even past.

    If you truly wish to serve the greater good, it’s important that you acknowledge you happening to yourself and the stories you are creating around it that are, many, very false. Your mission is deteriorating. But most importantly, you are deteriorating. You can change it once you stop replacing fear with “Grace.”

    • Thank you, Brittany…I see your low opinion of me is continuing 😦

      • Brittany says:

        Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving. I love you enough to still recognize your missteps. I respect you too much to be of divine awareness and not report it to you. This is nothing less than an act of love. Any comments on my opinion of you and the time we shared is actually only an opinion of yours.

        But since I was guided here, I would appreciate it if you did not write about me anymore 🙂

  5. Your version of ‘divine awareness’ is self serving and does not reflect truth. I will respect your request to not write about you anymore…I have two requests for you…please do not post on my blog and please do not give me unasked for advice in any forum 🙂

  6. BlueLotus says:

    Why did Lemuria come into existence? What freedom did the Lemurians have? Why was their DNA at a high vibration, for what purpose?
    “The darkness caused much pain in the universe, and because they destroyed themselves in the games, and the Love Universes had lost trillions of beings, a solution needed to come into existence, to allow all to play on a greater and more fair basis, as the Dark Star Beings, had created too much agony and their beasts became larger and larger, desiring to destroy and eat all that was alive.

    Therefore, because of the Great Love of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, and the Divine SOVEREIGN LORD OF ALL OF AUTHORITY, LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT HIMSELF, the Lemurian dimensions were brought into existence, to allow all to rise to the Great Love, so that nothing needed to be destroyed.

    Again the game began to play but now the Lemurian Dimensions came into existence, and then again the tests would begin. Now, what would they desire? Would they still fall to the Darkness? Would their hearts still become Dark and Resistant against the Divine Will Love of the Great Love Universes.

    It was discussed in the Great Love Universes to bring your Planet Earth to come into existence. Many Star Beings of Great Love and Intelligence planted ‘Seeds’ upon your earth, in the hope you would remember the Great Love and not fall prey to the Great Darkness. All information from all the Universal Games, all records, all ‘footprints’ are on your planet earth.

    LEMURIA was to be created to allow the LEMURIANS, who had fallen to the dark universes, to have the opportunity to receive the Universal Star Building Codes once again to allow them to return home to the love dimensions as all had been destroyed many times over until nothing could be rebuilt.

    If they succeeded in LEMURIA, it was ruled, it would be GAME OVER for the Dark Universes, as the Lemurians, with the Great Test, then had stood together collectively in the love, desiring the GREAT LOVE UNIVERSES. Because they would have sided with the GREAT LOVE UNIVERSES, if they succeeded, then they would rise up together and never again would any darkness be able to overthrow the Love Universes, and all would evolve upwards.

    The Lemurians had made oaths to themselves, each other and the Great Love Universes to stay into the Collective Love Union with each other so that they could rejoice eternally after Lemuria. They knew the great peace they would receive in Lemuria. There was no shortage for any Lemurian. They had pure love, the greatest blessings, and they lived in great happiness. Their DNA vibration was incredibly high. Their DNA needed to be high enough and rise up higher to harmonize with the Love Codes given to them.

    Each Lemurian who entered the spaces of Lemuria was given the great choice of freedom to go to Lemuria, as the Universe you live in is the Universe of Freedom.”


  7. Thank you Blue Lotus…this feels off to me.

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