Shedding my Wings

A few weeks ago, I came to understand that the control system imposed upon humanity and commonly referred to as the matrix was far more pervasive than I had previously suspected.

The matrix begins with the false claim that the god of religions is Source; the creator of all that is. This claim is bogus, a deliberate lie. This lie is supported in any number of ways and one of them is by creating hierarchies. Within any hierarchy, some are greater and some are less…equality does not exist within hierarchies. Religions are clearly part of the matrix. Religions have built in hierarchies based on the premise that those trained within the religion have greater access to Source.

I saw through the illusion of hierarchies years ago. In truth and within all that Source has created, equality is a foundational principle. Individual sovereignty is an essential element of equality. Since we each have access to Source through individual sovereignty, we are all equal…it can be no other way.  In view of this truth, I left religions, embracing spirituality where we each can embrace our access to Source through individual sovereignty. Within spirituality, we are all equal…or are we?

Near the end of 2005, I experienced a major reversal and asked the Universe to bring me teachers suitable for that stage of my journey. Two were provided, meditation teachers and a facilitator of past life journeys. In hindsight, both were heavily compromised by the matrix and by hierarchical thinking but teachers that are not are difficult to find in today’s world.

The facilitator of past life journeys is a gifted individual who sees what you see during the session. Our first session was in two parts. Part one was a series of vignettes from various past lives and is part of my current memory and awareness. Part two was a facilitated inspection of my etheric body and the facilitator warned me to make notes afterward since this information would not be part of my memory and awareness. Hmmm…

I was shown my wings during part two; beautiful long white wings. At face value, I am an angel incarnated into a human body to assist humanity during this difficult phase of their evolution. How does this fit with equality? For more than a decade I struggled with this question and just put it aside, accepting the information that I had wings and only using that information when encountering another human angel as a kind of levelling mechanism.

In this latest phase of my journey where the pervasiveness of the matrix is being exposed, I began to question the information that I had wings. Yes, I had seen them and being an angel is appealing but is it truth? Slowly the entire construct began to lose validity. Understanding that many commonly accepted streams of spirituality are in fact  new age propaganda opened up the possibility that the facilitator is a dupe or an agent of this propaganda stream. That resonated; and in fact, my friendship with the facilitator ended years ago when his hierarchical thinking clashed with my principles of equality. Is it possible that the matrix has the power to create the illusion of wings with the help of a gifted facilitator? Seems entirely possible.

What if I took the intention of shedding my wings? That resonated. As I explored this possibility, I could see no down sides. My wings have not proven useful in any way and in the early days, I made many attempts to use them. What about upsides? A significant upside is that equality returns once I shed my wings and accept that others who claim to have wings are simply duped within the matrix. Without wings, I am fully human, nothing more and nothing less. Greater than no-one else and less than no-one else. An equal. I can still be an agent of truth and an agent of truth based shifts. I can still serve the greater good in all I do. I can still do what is mine to do in terms of ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in love and light. I simply do those things as a human being.

Shedding my wings was simple. I used a two step approach but in hindsight, one step was all that was required. Step one was to cut away my wings and I did this during a meditation session. Once that was done, Source within guided me to remove a sheet that covered me like a KKK sheet. I took it off like a gown, over my head and dropped it to the ground where it evaporated into nothingness; as all illusions eventually do. Step two was all that was necessary as the wings are attached to the sheet, not to me and not to my body.

And so, I am now fully human…nothing more and nothing less. I am equal to all other humans and also equal to those attempting to maintain the matrix; including the god of religions. Best of all, the principle of equality is resumed. This principle is buttressed by the knowing that anything suggesting otherwise is part of the matrix. Part of new age propaganda. Part of the control structure currently imposed upon humanity.

I am free. I am sovereign. I am without wings. I am fully human.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Shedding my Wings

  1. Beautifully done and said. The spiritual Divinity is outside the Matrix. Religion isn’t divinely inspired but humanly aspired. Meaning you can be spiritual without being religious. Those of Dark intentions use religion to control people. The compassionate Divinity never created a Hell. Hell was created by the Dark to use fear to control people. The Divinity didn’t create the Matrix the Dark did. For God and Earth.

  2. Neven says:

    Very insightful, thank you for sharing.

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