God is Not the Prime Creator

God is not the Prime Creator and the Prime Creator is not God. God did not create earth. God did not create humanity. God did not create you or me.

The best way for me to approach this sensitive subject is from the perspective of my personal journey. In the mid nineties, I worked myself through A Course in Miracles. The Course is channeled material and the entity being channeled is Jesus. Even then, I was not a fan of Jesus but the material called to me and it was invaluable at that stage of my journey. I began the Course as an agnostic but Divinity became real to me as I progressed and Divinity was represented in the Course as God. God was also represented as the prime creator in the Course…would you expect anything else from Jesus?

I began to have a personal experience with Divinity and did not know how to explore this experience but knew I wanted to. I was raised a Christian, an Anglican (Church of England) since my maternal grandfather was an ordained Anglican minister. During the Anglican confirmation process at the age of twelve, I left organized religion realizing I could either stay and consider myself a sinner or take a more natural and self-affirming approach as an agnostic. I chose the route of being an agnostic and that lasted more than three decades until encounter the Course. My choice at the time was to return to the Anglican religion but after about a year as a church goer, I realized the god of their ministry was not the same as the god of my experience. The god of my experience was loving and expected nothing from me, whereas the god of the church was fear based and expected my supplication. I left organized religion for good at that time and took a five or six year holiday from my spiritual pursuits.

To make sense of that entire experience, I conclude that the god the church was a misrepresented version of Divinity and I decided not to use the term God in communicating with others because of the danger of them thinking I was talking about the god of the church. Instead of God, I used Divinity.

There the matter rested for more than two decades. Although I learned more and more about the god of religion and religion’s hidden agenda of enslaving humanity, it simply did not occur to me that anyone would choose to claim the false identity of being the prime creator. Earlier this year, I came across someone who says specifically just that. God is not the prime creator and knowingly represents himself falsely as such. Wow…that blew my mind; and it makes perfect sense.

God knows there is no risk in this claim as the prime creator honours free will first and foremost. Make whatever claim you wish…all part of free will. You see, God is what is known as a cosmic conquerer, a being who specifically targets to conquer others and this ruse, the ruse of falsely claiming to be the prime creator has served God well. Civilizations that fall for it are manipulated by fear and taught to revere God, bowing down in supplication believing there is no higher power, no greater authority.  From that starting point, enslavement is a short step. Quite the gig.

God and his minions have created the matrix targeting to continue the enslavement of humanity and their domination over us. It is within the matrix that our current timeline thrives. Even though the current timeline is based on lies and is an illusion, it continues unabated because within the matrix we are all controlled and enslaved. Those who see through the illusion are marginalized and persecuted, even murdered in many cases; and those supporting the illusion are propped up and lauded.

A few weeks ago, I took the intention of escaping the matrix; of disconnecting as fully and completely as is practicable in the now within this physical vessel. I found that most of the hard yards were already gained. Prayer has never worked for me so that hold on me did not exist. Meditation retreats done a decade ago had gotten me out of my head and connected me to the Divinity within so God already had limited access to me through my mind. Now that I realize that God and the prime creator are two separate and distinct beings, it has not been difficult for me to continue the process of disconnecting as much as is practicable from God.

Technique wise, I no longer ask for anything. Asking is akin to prayer and puts me in the position of a supplicant. Only God hears supplications. The prime creator does not respond to supplications.

Instead of asking and thereby activating a connection with God, I set intentions. I get to chose whatever intention I desire. The prime creator responds to intention so I activate a connection with the prime creator.

The prime creator always serves the greater good. The prime creator will therefor not activate if my intention does not serve the greater good. I am good with that as my good is part of the greater good.

The prime creator always serves free will. That can be tricky because it is not my small self free will that is honoured; it is my soul’s free will. The prime creator will not activate if I am in opposition to my soul. That is a source of conflict for some but for more than a decade, I have honoured my soul’s intention and targeted to be one with my soul so there is rarely conflict there.

The prime creator responds to gratitude. As much as possible, I am grateful for all that I am and all that happens around me. I link my gratitude to my intentions; being grateful for progress as it is made and grateful for any help or assistance given or about to be given.

I have experienced many personal miracles using these techniques. Healing myself from ailments both large and small so I know these techniques work.

As it relates to my mission, I use the same techniques. I am intending to end the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Love and Light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good. That work is ongoing and by connecting with the prime creator, that work is energized and supported.

God is not the prime creator. God deliberately misrepresents himself as the prime creator. If you want to serve the greater good and end humanity’s enslavement, disconnect from God and connect with the prime creator. You then serve the greater good; but who could ask for more?

Freedom for humanity…

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10 Responses to God is Not the Prime Creator

  1. Insightful article. You make a sharp contrast between God and Prime Creator. Something along the lines of Being spiritual not religious. You did not state fully who God is or if this God is an A.I. running the Matrix. A follow-up article may be in order. Since Hell does not exist except by using fear of damnation to control free will Divine (Prime) Creator does not condemn thus you are not condemned to eternal Hell. Pope Francis slipped up when he told a reporter that Hell does not exist. He proverbially let the cat out of the bag. I remember one prophecy of Nostradamus where he said there will come a time (end times) when there will be the last Pope and the Catholic church will come to an end (ending or change).

  2. Madeleine Beniere says:

    There is an elegant quote in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God book series. The divine entity that Walsch is conversing with says , “what if I as God was created by a higher being? And that higher being is created by something even higher?” And so on, ad infinitum. An infinite God. I’m not sure a human could communicate with some of these higher frequencies, except maybe through the heart chakra.

    It’s hard to know what anyone else’s version of God is. It’s hard for me to understand what your sense of “God” is. I do understand what you mean by your concept of the prime creator.

    I’ve had an NDE, looked back down at earth and realized everything on earth was divine , that everything even the smallest atom is a creator with an intention , and all is in perfect order. Hard to imagine that is true but that experience was so profound and never left me.

    Lots to consider here. I applaud your persistence. Keep digging and asking the tough questions.

    • Thank you Madeleine. Your post carries a beautiful energy. You are right of course…”God” means different things to different people. I am referring to the god of religions; a being who has and is participating in constructing the matrix and technologies designed to limit and enslave humanity. However, if your experience of God is one of unconditional love and of asking nothing in return, you are on the right track and are connecting to the being I call Source or the prime creator.

  3. Madeleine Beniere says:

    I value your insight. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Javier says:

    Great article, I have it bookmarked and keep returning to it, as a former Chrisian musician, I feel very humbled that I never used the damnation angle , it just didn’t feel like the proper motivation from a loving God. I have always stressed digging and establishing a direct line with the creator, that could mean different things to different people. I tell people o seek his face, and not his hand, exactly as you put intention versus petition. Thanks for paosting, I’m keeping it as a bookmak.

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