Disengaging from the Matrix – Ousting my Guides

A couple of months ago, I wrote and posted a piece called New Age Propaganda. It began an exploration of a deeper level of truth and that truth is that a dark creator god, known to Christians as God, (Allah, Jehovah, etc.) has created a pervasive control structure targeting to enslave humanity and prevent them from realizing their full potential. That control structure (commonly called the matrix) is supported by off-world technologies, artificial intelligence, a variety of ET parasitic races, and humanity’s secret government. The current shared human timeline is a result of the influence of the matrix and is an indication of the past and current success of the pervasive control structures currently imposed upon us.

My mission is to assist in ending the existing shared timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of original law. For over a year, I had worked in partnership with like-minded people and that work melted away in February. What now? My ‘knowing’ was and is to disengage from the matrix and use that platform to then do what is mine to do in terms of shifting the shared timeline.

Disengaging from the matrix is a complex and confusing undertaking. The matrix is so pervasive that it is difficult to sort out what is part of the matrix and what is part of the natural world. Agents and dupes of the matrix are everywhere and what poses as wisdom is often propaganda. Trust your experience. Trust the principles of sovereignty and equality. 

Okay. From that beginning progress began to be made. I had been shown my angel wings  over a decade ago but being an angel did not match the principle of equality. I shed my angel wings and found they were not attached to me; but to a sheet that covered me like a KKK sheet. The entire structure was easily removed and fell away.

A few days ago, I was inspired to oust all my guides. Having guides did not match the principle of sovereignty. Within sovereignty, we are each connected to Source (the prime creator) and there is no need or benefit from having guides. Within sovereignty we can each access all we need and all that is truth by using our innate sovereign connections. That made sense and off I went to oust my guides.

I was introduced to my guides over twelve years ago by the same person who showed me my angel wings…hmmm…more support for ousting them. I had four principle guides, one at each ordinate point surrounding my head…hmmm…head connections are suspect because the matrix targets the head as their point of entry and influence. The sexiest of my guides was a dragon that sat outside of my right ear and purported to guide me in regards to my mission. Behind my head was a guide supporting my health and related issues. My left ear had a guide of wisdom. In front of me was a guide of unconditional love.

Six years ago, I learned that I could shift my guides and oust unwanted guides. I did so in a memorable process on a beautiful May afternoon in 2011. (See blog post called Shifting Guides – My Experience) Part of the process was to oust them so I already knew how. Since I was not asking any of them back or inviting replacements, I was ready to go.

Where should I do this work? Ashram. Ashram is a mature Douglas fir that grows at the top of the south bank of the Bow River about an hours walk from my home. I have often visited Ashram and set out to renew acquaintances. It was a sunny day and I chose to sit on the shady side of Ashram leaning on the tree for support. Thus I began the meditation preceding the ousting. Essentially, all guides require our permission to reside in our field and if asked to leave, they have no choice but to do so. Since the work I did in 2011, my guides have been unobtrusive so I thanked them for their service, told them they would not be invited back and asked them to leave. I addressed each of the four in a kind of final farewell. Once they were gone, I took steps to seal the openings and disconnect from head based matrix access points. I had believed propaganda that we are each connected to Source (God) by a silver thread connected to our crown chakra. My inspiration was to remove an etheric hood that facilitated this connection. It came off easily and melted away. After renewing my intention of having no guides, the session was completed. I requested a sign to show me the work was successful and began my return home.

Ashram is close to the Douglas Fir Trail that extends for about five kilometres along the south bank of the Bow River and my choice was to continue along the trail in part to see if it had been reopened after being closed last fall due to mud slides. The entire trail was reopened with short detours around former trouble spots and I walked it to its end. My normal route back home from Trails end was to recross the river on a different bridge about five kilometres downstream. As it turned out the bridge was closed to pedestrian traffic due to widening (an extra lane of traffic each way). I chose to cross anyway and an opening (for construction workers) had been left unguarded. All went well until past the halfway point where a construction worker hailed me. ‘Hey, the bridge is closed.’ ‘Is it?’ Feigning my innocence. As I stood quietly lamenting the extra hour or so of walking that would have resulted, the worker relented. ‘It is a long way to the next bridge, I will escort you to the other side.’ That was my sign. The world and its people are destined to cooperate with the guide-less me and break a few rules in the process…all leading to successfully completing the work I am to do…Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It has been four days since ousting my guides and walking my path has been much easier, especially night times. Night times had been a battleground with the matrix attempting to reassert its waning influence. The guides surreptitiously supported the matrix and their absence resulted in easier progress with far less backsliding. A couple of days later, I asked all matrix agents to leave my field which represented even further progress.

Disconnecting from the matrix continues. That is my present intention and I am grateful for the progress to date and for the support being provided within this work.

Once I am free of the matrix, we shall see what openings arrive to assist all of humanity in also becoming free.

Freedom for humanity…


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6 Responses to Disengaging from the Matrix – Ousting my Guides

  1. Fascinating work. Kudos to you Light Walker. While leaving the Matrix you still have the Tree of Life to meditate under. The Tree of Life in contrast to the Tree of the Snake in the Adam & Eve mythos. Reminds me in part of the vision quest I had years ago. A group of us, headed by Trebbe Johnson, went to a preserve for the weekend. We were to pick a spot & pitch our tent. We picked a solo spot to fast & meditate. On the morning I was to head back I looked at the sacred place where I had journeyed. Everything because quiet and the trees before me changed into this huge primordial forest of ancient trees that felt quite ancient. I stood transfixed as I took it all in. The vision faded and I hiked back to rejoin my group. Instead of For God and Earth how about For the Trees of Earth.

  2. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  3. Judith Watts says:

    Hi. It’s been a while since we connected. Reading about the weight you have been willing to carry in the freedom for humanity prompted a new idea to emerge. I have become aware we have nothing but choices in our lives. The energy is either loving and light or dark and deadly. When we combine our belief systems with some of the more normal joys in life – without feeling we are letting down the cause in any way – the free energy uplifts everything.

    I know, John, you have believed a total commitment meant living in the minimum of everything. No love in relationship with a mate or allowing anything that feels great. I think you might look at the reality and realize your pledge to a monastic world was one you gave several lifetimes ago. I know that it is the truth. I believe I told you I saw you as a Monk in full garb in that unique conversation we had at your friend’s place near the Danforth years ago. I wasn’t aware I had that gift and probably scoffed at it even as I could have told you.

    I was also living that
    Monk life as we were in a Central American jungle far from our European Catholic monastery. We didn’t make it back. And perhaps you have not forgiven yourself for the perceived failure. I can’t imagine holding one’s soul in hostage matrix any longer. The changes are evident everywhere. Hey … get out and live in total joy with your beloved children and friends. Rediscover the wonderful man you are in this life. Clean up your kitchen and get off the computer. Start fishing and travel to the mountains. See the heights of nature’s energy in the magic eye of high consciousness.
    No one can do it but you!!
    Hugs and enjoy the rest of your journey… for a change..

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