Helping Another Oust Their Guides

One of the most interfered with people I know is a friend I will call Barbie, not her real name. She is also one of the few people I know with a direct experience of Source; not God who poses as Source, but Source itself. She describes the experience, which happened years ago, as unconditionally loving and ‘just reach in and get whatever you want’.

We have worked together for years, mostly on Barbie’s personal issues, and I have many times cleared interference from her field only to have it reappear a short time later. Very frustrating for us both. On one occasion in March 2014, I assisted Barbie in shifting her guides and got rid of a clearly malevolent guide. (See post called Barbie Shifts Her Guides, March 3, 2014). At the time, I thought most guides served Source but a few served the darkness, what I now call the matrix. That has proved incorrect as all guides serve the matrix; some are just more bold and aggressive than others. Bottom line is we are all connected to Source through the natural world by a process I call sovereignty.  Guides interfere with sovereignty and are part of the matrix, the unnatural overlay imposed upon all of humanity. The intention of the matrix is to prevent humanity from realizing their full potential.

During a call a week ago, May 17, we got talking about my recent work and Barbie expressed interest in following my lead and ousting all her guides. She had a clear and positive memory of ousting the malevolent guide four years ago and resonated with the concept that all guides serve the matrix. As homework, I got her to read my latest post of ousting my guides and a related post written when I shifted my guides in 2011. After reading the posts, Barbie requested my help in ousting her own guides.

We began with some free will checks. ‘Is it your intention to oust all of your guides?’ ‘Yes.’

‘Within that scenario, it will just be you and Source…is that your intention?’

‘Hmmm…I have always had the ‘knowing’ that I am protected by something, a guardian, will that go away?’ asked Barbie.

‘That is most likely a function of the natural world, a result of your contract with Source.’

‘Okay…it is then my intention to oust all my guides and I will trust in Source.’

Barbie then addressed all her guides collectively as she did not have the sense of individual guides. ‘Thank them all for their service and tell them you are going to ask them all to leave. Tell them that none will be invited back. Tell them that your choice and your intention is to deal directly with Source and to have no guides involved.’ Barbie followed each step.

‘Now ask them all to leave and just to be sure, use ‘You are no longer welcome, you are no longer invited, please leave now.’

One or more were slow to leave and and I asked Barbie’s permission to enter her field and monitor/assist. She gave me permission and after a minute or two I got the information that ‘all was clear’. To complete the process, I asked Barbie to remove the matrix hood that was over her head and provided a home for the guides and openings for them to interact with her. She did so and laid it on the floor where it evaporated.

Okay, Barbie…you are good to go.

Barbie was euphoric and we continued to text after the call was over. ‘I feel like I have had surgery. This is so much better.’

The matrix does not go easily and yesterday Barbie struggled with anxiety. With Barbie, this has always been a clear marker of interference and I offered to check her field and assist if clearing was warranted. The natural world, Source/Universe kept us from connecting on this and Barbie did the clearing on her own. A very good sign.

As a summary…All guides are agents of the matrix, which is an artificial overlay imposed upon all of humanity. The matrix is targeting to prevent humanity from realizing their full potential and has succeeded brilliantly to date. An important step in escaping the matrix and returning to full sovereignty at the personal level is to oust all of your guides. There is no true downside in so doing since the natural world and Source are then more easily accessed. Of course, if you are attached to aspects of the matrix there may appear to be down-sides so make sure you are fully aligned with heart-based intentions prior to proceeding.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Helping Another Oust Their Guides

  1. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  2. Superb testimonial. Based on your last article I tried with mixed results to oust my guides. I ended up calling on the Divine Creator of the Universe plus my higher self to remove all guides who work for the Matrix. I found this healing music for my mind/brain to boost my energy/synergy.

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