Following Our Intuition

I was telling my youngest daughter the story of my brush with danger as written about in my last post (Exiting the Matrix – An Unusual Walk). When I told her of my intuitive hit that danger lurked in a near-by neighbourhood and of my choice to over-ride my intuition and go there anyway, she asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Do you always follow your intuition?” I asked her.

“Oh no, I am famous for not following my intuition! And it always ends badly.”

I finished my story and she circled back…”Isn’t it funny how we don’t follow our intuition. It is almost like we intuitively don’t follow our intuition!”

“I think I know why…we all have guides and one of the primary roles of these guides is to convince us to not follow your intuition…whisper counter-intuitively in our ear; so to speak. In the work I have done, I got to know some of my guides. Most people do not know their guides but they still have them. A couple of weeks ago, I got rid of my guides…asked them to leave and leave they must if asked. I believe I will now be much more able to follow my intuition.”

Here is the present situation in more detail.

Humanity, earth and this solar system are part of the natural world; the world created by the prime creator and agents acting on his/her behalf. Humanity was created as fractals of all that is and all that has been. As such we are one of the most advanced species yet created. All part of the natural world.

Because this is a free will universe, there exist some creator gods who target the natural world with the intent to conquer and enslave civilizations; preventing them from progressing along their evolutionary path. Humanity was and is targeted. When this sector of space was taken over by marauding conquerors around 40,000 years ago, a creator god whom we will call the god of religions, convinced the marauders to use stealth rather than force to enslave humanity. Thus began construction of the matrix, a complex and multileveled control structure beaming mind and spirit control technologies to all of humanity. Bases for these technologies include the moon, Mars and Saturn. The matrix is pervasive but based in lies and illusion. One of the biggest lies is that the god of religions is the prime creator of all that is. In truth, the god of religions is good at creating illusions but is otherwise quite limited.

Aligned with the god of religions and acting as dark agents within the matrix are a variety of ETs, a great deal of technology, the human secret government, and a variety of non-physical agents such as guides and angels. Does that sound pervasive enough? All of this is over-laid upon the natural world, the world the prime creator created. This un-natural distortion is known as the matrix.

The natural world has everything humanity needs to thrive and to live in abundance for all. By relying on our built in connections with the prime creator, each of us and all of us can access all that is…making survival a walk in the park. We can end the aging cycle. We can access unlimited, clean and safe energy as needed. We can travel instantly and safely anywhere we choose. All of this is part of the nature world. The purpose of the natural world is to travel our evolutionary path; both as individuals and collectively as civilizations. Once a civilization advances past a certain threshold, cosmic conquerors can no longer interfere. Humanity is closing in on that threshold but has not yet crossed it.

One of the most important and reliable human connections with the prime creator is our intuition. If we as individuals consistently followed our intuition we would soon advance past the reach of the matrix and those profiting from the matrix.

The god of religions knows this and employs a variety of non-physical beings to keep us as disconnected as possible from this infallible resource; to disconnect us from our intuition. These non-physical beings are human guides and each of us has a number of guides assigned specifically to us.

The natural world has a number of unbreakable laws. One is that no one can stay in the etheric field of another unless invited. Somehow, a loop-hole was found and all of humanity has been inflicted with guides. We all start out with guides.

The good news is that each of us has the free will power to oust our guides should we so choose. Guides cannot stay in our field if specifically told to leave. I have done this and helped other people to do likewise. At present, there is a downside because the matrix remains strong and agents of the matrix know what has taken place and attempt to get such people back under their control. None of that is insurmountable nor has it been all that onerous.

Ousting our guides is a significant and positive step toward gaining our freedom..toward returning to our evolutionary path as free and sovereign human beings.

One of the major benefits of ousting our guides is that our intuition becomes clearer and easier to follow.

Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Following Our Intuition

  1. Fascinating update. The Event as it’s called is supposed to shut down the Matrix. How I’m not completely sure. Either a solar (quantum) flash that dissolves the energy grid of the Matrix similar to an electromagnetic pulse destroying electronic equipment globally. Another possibility is enough of humanity raises their spiritual vibrations that tips the balance of power into that of the Light. It could easily be the Event dissolves the Matrix which in turn releases humanity from captivity. Like waking up to feel a great weight was taken off your shoulders.

    • Thank you Tauris-Drakkuss…btw, how is your ‘no guides’ experience treating you?

      • Strangely. Picture a dude with an IV tube in his mouth drawing out energy from my head. Than picture another dude using an IV tube to inject energy into my head. Whether my etheric field is being cleansed or what I don’t know. I do ask both the Divine Creator and my Higher Self to remove all guides especially if they work for the Matrix. I do give them leeway to only allow guides they approve of. These dudes may not be guides just the cleanup crew. Since I did mention to Mike Quisney that I had a stroke in early February of this year this may just be health related. Maybe you would have a better idea.

      • hmmm…very interesting…would you like me to check out your field? If so, where do you live? If not, that is just fine so do not feel pressured. Btw, I work on behalf of the universe which means I do not charge for anything I do.

  2. Sounds good. Wanaque, NJ, USA.

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