The Summer Solstice – Exiting the Matrix

At the winter solstice, six months ago, I had worked every day for over a year in partnership with like minded people targeting to shift humanity’s shared timeline. This work was intense and showed no signs of abating; except in the event of success. The target was to shift into a shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of Source law…the natural principles that govern within this Universe.

Eight weeks later, this work evaporated…disappeared with almost no trace. The lack of success and the highly emotional circumstances surrounding this unexpected and disappointing turn of events left me questioning all that had transpired and open to a new level of truth. Some of the questions remain but the new level of truth came pouring in; thanks in large part to a truth teller named George Kavassilas.

In a nutshell, the existing shared human timeline is held in place by a control structure commonly called the matrix. I already knew this but believed support for the matrix was drying up and nearly gone. Not so. Support for the matrix is pervasive and has not abated despite the ending of the galactic wars that occurred over two decades ago. Continuing in support of the matrix is humanity’s secret government, a variety of ET races, a plethora of mind and spirit control technologies (beamed from places such as the Moon, Mars and Saturn), and a virtual army of non-physical agents including our personal guides, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and the god of religions who makes the false claim of being Source, the creator of all that is.

Instead of believing the matrix was on its last legs and about to be exposed, I learned that support for the matrix was widespread and that much of the information I had believed during my year plus of non-stop work was provided by agents supporting the matrix; agents such as the Light Council, angels, archangels, channellers, and my own personal guides.

My level of personal optimism plummeted which was very difficult for me; but the truth does set you free…optimistic or not. Okay…I accept this new level of truth. The matrix is well supported. What is my best next step since my overall objective remains to end the existing timeline by replacing it with a Light based timeline.

Source answered…Exit the matrix.

At first I was unsure whether this was even possible within a human body but I took the intention of disconnecting from the matrix, as fully and as completely as is possible, in the Now within my physical vessel. I took this intention sometime in March and actions both large and small began to be given me. I shed my angel wings in April and ousted all of my guides on May 14th. Ten days later, I helped a friend oust her guides and we have walked together in that little charted territory of having no guides; entirely reliant upon Source within and our natural intuition.

The matrix is pissed with us and has regularly sent agents in the night in the hopes of regaining influence over us. I know when they are in my field because I lose my peace of mind. The marker for my friend is that she feels anxiety. These agents are in violation of the natural principles that govern within this Universe and have to leave if asked to do so. I am able to do this alone; sometimes my friend asks for my help. In any event, we have cleared each and every matrix attack.

Last night, the solstice night, (the solstice moment happened around 6a.m. here in Calgary) I was awakened by a dream/vision about three hours before the solstice moment. The vision was of rebuilding my body from the ground up. Source was guiding the process and I was doing the work. All that remained was a few pieces at the top of my body, in my neck and head. I could not return to sleep so I got up and meditated. Information came in during the meditation. I was rebuilding such that matrix agents could no longer attach to me. I was exiting the matrix.

The mediation ended with the ‘knowing’ that the rebuilding work could now be completed and I returned to bed and went back to sleep. I awoke for the day a couple of hours past the solstice moment. I believe my rebuild is now complete. I believe I have now completed my exit from the matrix.

What next? That is unknown to me but my old optimism is back.

Freedom for humanity….

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20 Responses to The Summer Solstice – Exiting the Matrix

  1. Wow. Good for you. What are you doing for an encore. So what condition is my field and what do I need to do. I’ve been watering your tree. It now grows pink roses. Strange but true. Picture a large tree with pink rose buds. Pink healing light in the center/core/heart of Gaia. No snakes allowed near this tree. Energy too pure for low life/energy beings. I don’t think the Matrix knows it is there. Peace.

    • Thank you, Tauris-Drakkuss. I checked out your field the about a week ago after you gave me permission and left comments on your blog Artfulness. Please check those out and you can get back to me at the email address that is included.

  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Interesting, save you cannot “oust” your true Guides as they are contracted with you for Life. They will back away, but always be near once you are ready to reconnect. There are many moments during the Ascension process when one feels quite lonely or even angry at Spirit. However, Spirit and your soul Family NEVER judge you in return. This phase of rebirth will pass into another one that is more expansive. Meanwhile, shield accordingly and remain centered, as the journey can be bumpy.

    • Thank you, Eliza…we will have to agree to disagree on this one. In my experience, and in my truth, you are espousing new age propaganda. 🙂

      • Eliza Ayres says:

        Really? I’ll let my Commander know that. I am a Pleiadian walk-in. I do NOT espouse New Age propaganda. Your truth, my dear? Hmmm.

  3. Slasher says:

    When I read the last part I got the sense that it was just a new variant, still connected to the “matrix” that was built up. Take it in any way you like….

  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    A ton of ego that still needs to be overcome. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

  5. Interesting comments people are making. With the Matrix controlling the terms of reincarnation on Earth Prime, deciding who your soul guides are, subverting your Divinely given free will, doing their best to muscle Divine Creator/Source out of the picture implies we are not living on a Divinely oriented world. As for those who are walk-ins, unless you are directly connected to Source your judgement is being corrupted by the Matrix. It’s what the Matrix does, control people. Peace.

  6. I’ve sent you another email. I’m posting a copy here. “Thats the email. I sent emails using the hyperlink attached to your original post. This time I saved your email in my Contacts. Now Im sending this email directly using my email. Let me know if you get this.”

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