Spiritual Guidance within the Matrix

Spiritual guidance within the matrix currently comes from three main categories. They are:

Source guidance – we all have access to Source, the creator of this universe. Source resides within all our cells and therefore in every fibre of our bodies. Part of Source guidance is our conscience, that small still voice within. Another part is our intuition.

Soul guidance – the soul is an integral part of us. When the soul leaves we die. I recently read that the soul is embodied as an American football sized entity with the lower tip at the level of our naval…that resonated. Our soul comes from a larger entity called a monad and the monad also supplies a high self that accompanies us throughout our embodiment. Both the soul and the high self are part of our spiritual guidance system.

Personal guides – personal guides travel with us; usually somewhere near our head. There is a wide variety here. I had four until recently. A dragon, a deva, a light or flame and a wise man. Some people have former or current humans as guides; also angels and archangels often serve as guides.

Now a little about the natural world and the matrix to set the stage. The natural world is what Source created. It includes nature, earth, the sun and our universe. The greater good is a foundational component of the natural world. Because this is a free will universe, some beings have chosen to target self-interest instead of the greater good. Source is okay with this since it is an expression of free will. Because the greater good is foundational and embedded within all that is, attempts to override the greater good are self correcting, like pushing a ball uphill…it has a natural tendency to roll back down. Ergo the matrix. The matrix is an extensive artificial construct overlaid on the natural world to support an illusion. Within this illusion, the self-interest of the few can override the greater good. Within the matrix, hierarchies are constructed that limit and enslave all of humanity. The net result of the matrix is a detour from humanity’s evolutionary path.

Sovereignty is foundational within the natural world. Sovereignty is based on the premise that each of us has unrestricted access to Source guidance and the net result of sovereignty is that we are all equals…different skills and capabilities but equals within the natural world; and in the eyes of Source.

The matrix targets hierarchies where those near the top have greater authority. Sovereignty is limited within hierarchies and the further down the hierarchy you reside, the less sovereignty you have. A totally artificial construct.

Okay…now back to spiritual guidance within the matrix.

Clearly, Source guidance supports sovereignty and is part of the natural world. My target for the past six months has been to disconnect from the matrix by stripping away all guidance that does not support and honour Source guidance. For over a decade now, I have targeted the greater good so most of the hard yards were already won but a surprising level of matrix influence remained.

Surprisingly, personal guides are part of the matrix. For simplicity, I would say that all personal guides are part of the matrix. Many pretend they are supporting you or even the greater good but they work for the matrix and are part of various hierarchical systems within the matrix. This includes all angels and archangels…this entire concept is part of the matrix, not part of the natural world. Angels are hierarchical by their very nature and archangels doubly so. All angels are part of the matrix. More bad news. Most channeled entities are part of the matrix. Also, a great deal of the spiritual community are either agents or dupes of the matrix. The matrix is very pervasive. Some people have the natural ability to discern what is matrix based and what is based in the natural world of Source; but others do not seem to have this capability.

For simplicity; trust no guides, or channeled information. I have ousted all my personal guides and helped several other people to do the same. More information on how to do this is part of previous posts written earlier this year.

Now for the grey area of soul guidance. Our soul is part of the natural world and so is the monad from whence our souls originated and will return. Each incarnation includes a soul that resides in the physical vessel and a high self that oversees the incarnation. All part of the natural world. Nothing grey there. What is grey is the orientation of our high self. Many high selfs have been compromised by the matrix and some serve the matrix fully and completely.

The good news is that each of us has the right to have a high self that supports the greater good. We can negotiate with our existing high self using the greater good as leverage. If the high self refuses or demurs we can petition our monad for a replacement high self; one that serves the greater good rather than the matrix. I did this work prior to ousting my guides. (My existing high self shifted into an orientation of fully supporting the greater good.) Others have done this work after ousting their guides. Either process is effective.

For instructive purposes, I will share a recent experience of helping another replace their high self. This person had ousted their guides weeks ago but was having a variety of difficulties usually related to uninvited matrix trespassers marauding in their field. The person requested my assistance on several occasions in ousting the marauders. I asked this person for permission to interview their high self and this was granted. The high self pretended all was fine but over the course of several interviews this pretence was exposed and I gave the high self fair warning that it either shifted into supporting the greater good or face the possibility of being replaced. Problems persisted and I developed a plan to replace the high self with one more attuned to serving the greater good. The person approved the plan and authorized me to act as their agent in effecting the replacement. I created a sacred space and asked Source how to do what was necessary. Go to the Monad. I did so and hung around outside of the person’s Monad petitioning for a replacement high self. At first the request was not granted but my credentials checked out including the authorization from the person and my connections to serving the greater good. Finally, the existing high self was recalled and a replacement took up residency with the person I was helping. Progress has been much more rapid and less interfered with ever since.

Others have done the necessary high self work on their own. Still others are blessed with a high self that is in full integrity, i.e. not compromised by the matrix. As I say, this is a grey area. If you are intending to return to full sovereignty, my advice would be to begin by ousting all your guides. The high self is then more visible including its orientation.

As a summary. Within the matrix, our spiritual guidance has been targeted and compromised. Those interested in escaping the matrix spiritually by returning to full sovereignty can do so. My recommendation is that you do this in two steps. Step one is to oust all of your personal guides. Step two is to acquire a high self that serves the greater good. Sometimes this is simply affirming the high self’s intention to serve the greater good. Sometimes a replacement high self is necessary.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Spiritual Guidance within the Matrix

  1. Superb and inclusive article. Your service to others is following an interesting path. On the subject of one’s own higher self feel free to give mine a job interview. Let me know if my higher self is proSounce or proMatrix. Peace and may the Source be with you. For God and Earth.

    • Thank you Tauris-Drakkuss. You get some of the credit for this high self information. When you told me you had initiated a replacement high self for yourself, it triggered my memory of doing something similar in February or March. So thank you. I will interview your current high self and let you know what I learn. 🙂

  2. Leley says:

    http://www.creationlightship.com – thought you might find this interesting and helpful in regards to healing …..

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