The Disclosure Landscape

A friend asked my opinion on the disclosure landscape and here is an edited version of my response.
Everything I say is my opinion. I have no insider information or whistle blowers that are not part of the public domain…and that is a good thing. I am guided by, perhaps authorized by two things, truth and conscience. To elaborate a little, the truth I use is my truth but I target big T truth and I have made big shifts when I learn that my truth is not big T truth. The most recent big shift happened earlier this year. Conscience is that small still voice within, a part of our sovereign connection to Source.
The disclosure landscape is pretty bleak right now. When I was talking about a coming Event some time ago, I was accessing matrix disinformation both in terms of who was involved and what was coming down. Most, if not all, of that now has to be discounted. To elaborate: I am not aware of any government or political figure who is targeting full disclosure at the present time. Nor am I aware of any organized group or groups who are close to a full disclosure event along the lines that I used to talk about; e.g. taking over the world’s financial systems, creating truth based media outlets, beginning dialogues with Light based ETs, etc. All of that came from sources that I now consider matrix disinformation.
What is happening in our human world? The human secret government is divided and that is good news since a house divided cannot stand. The players have not changed but what had been a unified attempt to enslave humanity is now two camps with separate and distinct agendas. At the centre of this disagreement is a mafia style turf war and the turf being fought over is the USA and to a lessor extent, the UK (Brexit).
There are two factions in the secret government. The RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) who control the EU and own all of the major media outlets world-wide. Their position on disclosure is to maintain the status quo. e.g. no disclosure; continue to deny all streams of disclosure and eliminate threats to the status quo by whatever means are necessary.
The other faction calls themselves the Alliance. They are based in the US and are targeting to take over all secret government assets within the US. Trump works directly for them as a puppet, as a reality TV president. All major policy decisions taken by Trump originate in the Alliance. The Alliance origins are relatively recent, traceable to when Tesla died and his working papers were turned over to the US military (1943). They secretly developed Tesla’s science such as free energy, faster than light travel, and time travel. These technologies were also expanded into mind and spirit control technologies. The Alliance bought a seat at the head table of the secret government by killing President Kennedy and by agreeing to share their secret technologies with the RKM. For decades, these two factions co-existed peacefully and cooperatively and the entire US government (including the CIA and the FBI) came under their control and influence. Disagreements came to a showdown during the 2016 presidential election with the RKM backing Hillary and the Alliance backing Trump. The Alliance won the election.
The Alliance is proceeding with partial disclosure. Their propaganda makes various nice sounding claims about the purpose of partial disclosure but in truth, their singular objective is to take over within the US and become the secret government in that preeminent power base. A major asset of the Alliance is the CIA. (The RKM now has very little influence within the CIA.) The CIA has an extensive budget paid for by the US public, an extensive and secret propaganda machine, and a plethora of weapons and technologies, many of them secret or denied. The RKM continue to have substantial influence within the FBI, ergo the infighting.
One of the aims of partial disclosure is to become the only game in town. The CIA is expert in this kind of endeavour, marginalizing some threats, coopting others, eliminating others when deemed necessary. That process is well underway. Because the RKM own most (perhaps all) of the major media outlets in the US; the partial disclosure rhetoric is that the media is corrupt and cannot be trusted. This is true…but what follows? The Alliance wants to continue as the secret government after winning the turf war so they cannot expose the fact that the secret government owns and controls the media; the public would not stand for that. So the partial disclosure propaganda is that those sharing this truth can be trusted. That is a lie. This is one of the current pressure points that could lead to full disclosure. It still seems to me that full disclosure has to have a light based media outlet; a media outlet that is not owned by the secret government. That is not yet on the horizon.

False hope is hopeless. That is the objective of partial disclosure. Put out nice sounding things; things people in the alternative media want to hear. Many of these nice sounding things are based on the CIA propaganda trump card; that Trump is independent and is a light based saviour bringing positive change. Inundate the alternative media with this nice sounding propaganda and there is no one left to fight for the truth.

Looks pretty hopeless doesn’t it? Truth can look hopeless at times but truth is never hopeless…truth is the way out.
Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to The Disclosure Landscape

  1. The Truth shall set you/us/them free. Now how do we go about discerning Truth? On another note the positive Galactics are the proverbial game changers in this fight to free humanity from Illuminati rule. Though many of these Galactic and Guardian groups work in concert with the Alliance they are focused on restoring humanity’s birthright which is living in harmony with Source/God. Which means any plans for the Alliance to replace the Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal with a lesser of two evils approach will not be tolerated. We are destined to get back on track to the original plan of Ascension. For God and Earth.

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