Battling to End the Matrix

Someone told me the story of his health issues recently. He has an enlarged prostate gland and it affected his urethra, bladder and kidneys. Somehow the bladder did not empty properly which caused the kidneys to be overworked and reduced their functionality. The situation was long misdiagnosed but came to light when he was referred to a kidney specialist. They put in a drainage tube which emptied into a bag strapped to his leg. The nearly full bladder was emptied for the first time in a long while and the drainage tube remains. He installed a valve on the tube, long the practice in Europe, which allowed him to get rid of the bag and urinate thru the tube when desired. His kidneys have regained some of their functionality. He awaits a laser operation to take build-up out of his urethra (carries both urine and semen out thru the penis) which will allow him (hopefully) to get rid of the tube and urinate normally.

I listened with interest as some of the symptoms are similar to my own. I urinate frequently and in small amounts. I am tired and sleep long hours including frequent afternoon naps. My prostate has been the focus of multiple health alarms including two miracle cures, one in the fall of 2008 and another a couple of years ago just after I became aware of the technologies being beamed in thru my windows.

I attended my grandson’s six year old birthday party a week ago after returning from a weekend trip. I woke early that morning with discomfort in my kidneys. I found I was dehydrated and drank a couple of quarts of water to get back to normal hydration before leaving for the party. That helped a great deal and I have worked at staying hydrated ever since. Everything seemed on the mend yesterday but last night was another, albeit milder, kidney discomfort and rehydrating this morning. Many times I have asked my guidance if I should go see a doctor and each time I get the following information confirmed by a strong truth jolt…Do not seek medical assistance; 3D medicine is very dangerous to you. Strongly confirmed after writing that line.

This entire situation has been my primary focus the past week including frequent meditations; both seated and walking. Each time including the creation of a sacred space surrounding me. I have developed and use an intention…I intend to return to normal and natural functioning of my kidneys, urethra, bladder and prostrate. 

I just received information that my tiredness and long sleep hours are not functions of failing kidneys; but a result of how much work I am doing both consciously within my body and subconsciously while out of body during my sleep time. Strongly confirmed.

Apparently, my health issues are not primary but secondary and the result of the battles I am fighting with and within the matrix. The ones during my sleep are hidden from me but vital as the timeline of ending the matrix continues. Seems humanity is much closer than I presently understand and much, much closer than is evidenced within the current timeline. The Trump chronicles and partial disclosure shenanigans are not where the battle is being fought. The battlefield is within the matrix; or perhaps more accurately – around the matrix, as people such as myself are winning and the matrix is imploding.

In my conscious world, I am creating a sacred space and battling magicians. My success in terms of battling magicians is indicative of the true state of things. I now count as four the number of magicians I have directly battled and neutralized in the portion of the playing field I was targeting. 1. Someone that will be unnamed. Battled while I was doing daily sessions last fall. 2. Katelon’s ex-friend and Lee’s ex-caregiver. 3. Lee’s son and Katelon’s prime contact. 4. Joy’s Ex.

The process used has been the same in each case. The last person I helped was Joy. Here is the process we used. We created a sacred space and Joy gave me permission to check out her field. I meditated while doing so including interacting with her new high selfs (she has two, a male and a female presence). Once her field was clear including any residual magic, the magician (her Ex) was called into my sacred space. Either of us can do this and I know when they arrive. I allow the magician to reside outside the sacred space but within hearing distance and informed him that we are aware that he is using magic and entering Joy’s field against her wishes, that this is against natural law and that he must stop doing so or face the consequences. (I do not know what the consequences are but each magician has respected my warning; one got provoked and tried a repeat but it was short lived and unsuccessful…not sure if it triggered consequences. The consequences do not originate in me, but come from Source or perhaps the natural energy field that Source created.) I also explain that the matrix will no longer be able to protect the magician should they choose to repeat this offence. My concern is the sovereignty of Joy so cease and desist. In every case the magician has attempted to enter my field during this process and has been rebuffed. I know when this happens. It reminds me of the game of battling tops that I played as a kid. When they touch my field they are spun off and away. I then turned it over to Joy and she repeated her message that the Ex is not invited or welcome in her field. Those are the essentials.

Conclusion…I am to do nothing more than I am presently doing regarding my health issues. Source within and my truth jolts assure me that I am in good hands. That I am doing important work battling the matrix both consciously and beyond my consciousness especially during sleep. That I will survive the various matrix attacks as long as I remain mindful and engaged with my inner wisdom.

It is all good…The battle to end the matrix continues and success is ever closer.

Freedom for humanity….

Postscript…After writing this, I was informed that a magician (a person I know) has been compromising me and orchestrated many of the symptoms I experienced (dehydration etc.) I did a session with Katelon to end this magician’s access and interference. That makes five magicians that I have neutralized.

My health is now substantially improved and returning to normal.

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8 Responses to Battling to End the Matrix

  1. Bravo Etheric Warrior how you battle the Matrix. Than again few have your skill sets. Glad your health is improving. I realize the Matrix is imploding due to two main forces. The Divine winds of change (love) have been sweeping the land. This healing energy is undermining the Matrix. The second force are the Archons who are the magicians maintaining the Matrix. Their power is being successfully challenged by positive healing individuals and groups. Since secrecy in the form of illusions are their shield thus awakening humanity is dissolving their power base/magic. Since Source honors free will the Archons can only maintain power by deceit. In the new age of healing love only informed consent works. Since the Archons and the Illuminati in general cannot use Truth for who would than follow them. In this new age only Truth can bring about the informed consent needed to rule humanity. The Archons are becoming archaic. For God and Earth.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better! 💗

  3. Anonymouse says:

    Any way you could help me improve my health? I have many, recently my heart as a result of medication.

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