Magician High Selfs

Lets start with a little metaphysics.

The natural human guidance system includes two non-physical entities. The soul and the high self. The soul is integral to the incarnation and resides in the physical body as a football shaped entity with its lower tip at the level of the navel. Without the soul, the incarnation ends in death (rarely in coma). The high self resides outside of the body at arms length above the head. The high self is not integral to the incarnation and can be changed out during the incarnation should that become desirable. Both the soul and the high self originate in a large repository called a monad and both return to that repository when an incarnation ends. There are many monads but each incarnation gets their soul and their high self from the same monad. Any soul can serve in either capacity, as a soul or as a high self, and an agreement takes place before any incarnation to recruit a suitable high self to pair with the soul for that incarnation.

Souls and high selfs are part of the natural world. Overlaid on the natural world here on earth is an artificial construct called the matrix designed to keep humanity limited and enslaved; to keep humanity from evolving. The matrix has been imposed upon humanity for thousands of years and continues to be quite successful in its nefarious objectives.

The matrix influences the selection of high selfs. I don’t know how and can only guess why but that influence is undeniable. Most of us have non-magician high selfs; however, almost all high selfs support the matrix. So much so that those people who are serious about pursuing their evolutionary path would be well served by changing out their existing high self to one that does not support the matrix and instead, supports their soul’s agenda. This is doable.

A few of us have a high self who is a magician. A magician high self breaks natural law and uses the natural forces of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes.

I have done considerable learning about this entire situation over the last several weeks and a key contributor is a long time friend I will call Dawn, not her real name. Dawn and I have worked together for perhaps five years and it has been one step forward and one step back until about six weeks ago. Here is what has taken place.

About six weeks ago I worked with Dawn to change out her high self. (Written about in my July post called Spiritual Guidance within the Matrix). The work was successful and Dawn now has a high self that does not support the matrix and is aligned with her soul’s agenda. Our working relationship ended for a couple of weeks when we disagreed on how to proceed further.

About a week ago, Dawn contacted me when she received a letter from her parents. She asked for my help in terms of a suitable response and as we worked thru the issue I became more and more convinced that the letter carried magic and came from a magician. When I checked my guidance, I found her dad has a magician high self and her mom was acting as his pawn. Dawn sometimes suffers from extreme anxiety and this was one such time. She gave me permission to check her field which I did. I found the magician high self of her dad was trespassing and required him to leave.

Dawn and I then took the following steps to give her dad’s magician high self a final warning. Dawn informed the magician that he was no longer welcome or invited in her field. I informed the magician that he could no longer go uninvited into Dawn’s field and further transgressions would bring consequences. There the matter rested until later that same day. Dawn informed me that the anxiety remained and gave me permission to again check her field. The magician high self was back or perhaps never truly left. I called in the consequences and petitioned the magician’s monad to recall him. The monad cooperated and the magician was gone. I petitioned the monad to give Dawn’s dad a replacement high self that was not a magician. The monad cooperated and the high self came in including an information stream for me to confirm this had taken place.

The next morning, I shared some additional information with Dawn. She and her dad are from the same monad and have shared many lifetimes together. She has been estranged from her dad for some time now but that may be ending since the dad is no longer a threat to her safety. This information was well received.

Less than a day later, Dawn experienced another of her re-occuring symptoms. A sharp pain in her spine at about the bra level. She gave me permission and I found the cause was another magician high self trespassing; the magician high self of her boy friend. We repeated the same process. Dawn informed the magician that he was no longer welcome or invited in her field. I informed the magician that he could no longer go uninvited into Dawn’s field and further transgressions would bring consequences. A couple of hours later Dawn informed me that the pain persisted and gave me permission to check it out. The magician was back and I called in the consequences. The magician’s monad cooperated and the magician was recalled. Shortly thereafter, the monad supplied a non-magician high self as a replacement and confirmed that with me.

Maybe Dawn is now free of magical interference. Maybe Dawn can now pursue her evolutionary path as a sovereign being.

These are not the only two magician high selfs with whom I have interacted. There was one in my life who also violated a final warning and was replaced by a non-magician high self. Another replacement has also taken place with a magician high self marauding in the field of a friend. Two other individuals replaced their magician high self under my guidance. A handful more magician high selfs have received their final warning and have not since transgressed. All of this is in addition to a number of high self upgrades that were not magicians; but who were influenced by and compliant in some way to the matrix.

This work has been highly fulfilling and is obviously contributing to my overall objective of ending the matrix, thus returning all of humanity to the natural world where all of us can pursue our evolutionary path in full sovereignty.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Magician High Selfs

  1. Excellent work all around. Looks like you found a way to bring humanity to a natural positive timeline and thus end Illuminati rule. Feel free to petition your monad to replace all magician higher selves. If Source/God allows the Matrix to choose your HS the way it chooses your incarnations as far as deciding who incarnates with whom. Than by the same rules you can petition for the end of magician HS’s. Any magician HS who interferes with a soul’s free will by imposing the Matrix instead of Divine law/love is ripe for removal. Source is ending coercion in favor of informed consent as Humanity’s prepares to end Illuminati rule. Meaning if an individual’s free will is infringed upon due to deceit it is no longer your tough luck if you were deceived. It means you are free to absolve that choice when you realize the deceit. Coercion is a form of deceit.

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