Down the Rabbit Hole

For many years now, I have avoided two subjects, despite the fact that they came up time and again in my work to piece together the puzzle of how the present human timeline is held in place and who is keeping it in place. These two subjects are pedophile rings and mind control.

Once I gained power over magic and developed the ability to oust magic from my field, these two subjects called to me. This is a sanitized version of what I learned.

First some background information. The human secret government that controls earth and its airspace used to be a unified whole made up of two parts. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) with strongholds in Europe and the Middle East and those calling themselves the Alliance targeting to take over in the USA. There is a turf war happening as we speak between these two factions and the USA is the turf being fought over. Both sides want to remain secret or their game is over including the current dark timeline.

The RKM has long used pedophile rings to control elected and aspiring politicians. The basic technique is to require politicians to engage in these activities in order to gain the RKM’s support and once this happens, the politician is in their pocket for fear of being exposed. Since the RKM owns and controls the media world-wide, their support is highly valued by politicians. This has worked for many decades both in Europe and in the USA (and in many other countries around the world).

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency in the USA) began targeting mind control many decades ago. They use tests done in schools to identify high potential children and developed techniques to gain control over their minds so they could use their victims in support of the secret government’s nefarious objectives. Repeated and ongoing pedophile attacks are a staple in mind control training. Mind control relies on disassociated behaviour where the victim blanks out traumatic experiences. Pedophile attacks are a very effective mechanism for creating disassociation. Multiple personalities is often a byproduct. The CIA’s mind control techniques are grotesque to say the least and include physical as well as sexual violence, both to the victim and to others, witnessed by the victim. Once a victim gets into their system, few escape except thru death.

Now the connection to magic. My definition of magic is to break natural law and use the natural forces of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes. A fundamental natural law is that each of us is sovereign; e.g. each of us has our own built in connection to Source, the creator of this universe. Natural law requires that a person’s sovereignty must be respected. Obviously, mind control targets to break this natural law by giving someone else authority over an individual’s mind; thus able to unduly influence that person’s free will. The techniques used in mind control training are each violations of natural law, as might be expected when the overall objective is to violate the victims natural rights on a permanent and ongoing basis.

Some people have the ability to do magic. The basic technique is to invade the personal space of a targeted individual and influence that person or damage that person against their free will and often without their knowledge. Obviously, mind control trainers who engage in pedophile attacks and can do magic are more effective that ones who cannot or will not; ergo these are the people the CIA employs in mind control training. I am certain that some of the current trainers began their exposure to the CIA’s mind control world as victims.

Over the past year, I developed a number of new skills that allow me to deal effectively with magicians, with people who do magic either knowingly or as the result of having a high self who does magic. At present, I believe that all human magical abilities rely on using the high self to actually do the magic. The basic technique I use is to call in the high self of people doing magic and to give them a warning, a final warning, that continued use of magic will result in consequences. The universe has cooperated with me and if I become aware of another magic act by an individual that has received their final warning, the universe recalls that high self and provides a replacement high self to the individual. The replacement high self will not do magic.

In this work, I act as an agent of natural law. In less than two months, I have participated in the replacement of perhaps twenty high selfs, about ten of them without the permission of the individual. The individual often does not even know that their high self is doing magic. Does this work violate the free will of the individual? Because magic is by definition a violation of the free will of others, those engaged in magic are no longer protected within the shifting timeline in which we live. This work is protecting everyones free will by ending ongoing violations after a final warning has been given.

Now that I can deal effectively with magic and with magicians, it has been encouraged for me to go down the rabbit hole of mind control and pedophile rings. Thus far, I have not had direct contract with CIA operatives. That may or may not be coming.

This work is very encouraging and is obviously supporting my overall objective of ending the existing timeline by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of natural law.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Well done & well written (spoken). Your skills against magic/magicians will help with healing what’s down the proverbial rabbit hole. You obviously need a game plan. The major players are to numerous and entrenched. Simply replacing their higher selves may be too little too late. Although the Alliance (lesser of 2 evils) is planning major moves against the American version of the Illuminati/Deep State by the midterm elections. Your plan may involve working with those Deep State folks who don’t have a sealed indictment with their name on it. With 51,000 sealed indictments you can pretty much write off the major players. Based on what little I know your plan may work best while partnering with outside individuals and groups. Either positive Galactics and/or Alliance assets. You may need to reach out to these people instead of waiting for them to contact you. In addition to your higher self whom else can you contact. I’m assuming your Monad will have nothing to say yet ask anyway. They have the inside scoop on everybody. Too bad you don’t know who the technicians are who maintain the Matrix. You could replace their higher selves. 🙂

    • Thank you Tauris-Drakkuss. Some of what you write here I consider to be Alliance propaganda including the rumoured sealed indictments. My plan has not changed in the over ten years that I have been fully dedicated to living my mission… seek out the truth and do what I am given to do within that context. My truth has changed including a major revamp earlier this year; which has greatly changed my actions… but my plan remains the same.

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