Joint Efforts to End the Existing Timeline

The major belief shifts that took place in me early this year have altered my behaviour and expanded my capabilities. The major component of those belief shifts is that the God of religions is a malevolent liar who falsely claims to have created all that is but in truth has only created an artificial overlay (known as the matrix) on the natural world in which we live. The true creator, a being I call Source, is within each of us and the illusions of the matrix can be transcended simply by accessing Source within and realizing that all truth is therein contained. Searching for truth outside of oneself attracts matrix illusions and falsehoods from matrix agents.

My altered behaviour is related to ending the influence of agents outside of myself. I no longer trust or seek out channelled information or information from councils or individuals claiming to work for the Light. Instead, I go within and trust the information found there. Over a decade ago, I surrendered to Source and have long targeted to follow Source guidance in terms of living my mission. This altered behaviour returns me to that guidance and avoids missteps based on matrix operatives who pretend to be representing Source.

The expanded capabilities lie in combating magic. By my definition, magic is breaking the natural laws of this universe. The most common form of magic is trespassing in the field of another; usually done for malevolent or self-interested purposes. The specific expanded capability is the recalling of high selfs who are trespassing in another’s field. These magician high selfs are recalled to their monad and replaced by a high self who will not do magic. (The monad is a large repository of souls and high selfs. There are many monads and all appear to be cooperating with this recall policy.)

Armed with this expanded capability, I have returned to the battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline. My mission is related to replacing the existing shared timeline which is based on matrix lies and illusions, with a shared timeline based on truth and natural law.

Once again, I am joined in this work by a friend and associate named Katelon. We have known each other for years and this is the third major stint of working together, each about two years apart. Both previous stints ended without the results we were targeting; however, this time we are operating from a stronger platform based on the belief shifts outlined above and the resultant expanded capabilities.

Katelon’s expanding capabilities are related to effectively shutting down the dark so humanity can shift into a light based timeline. She is able to access these expanding capabilities because some of the aspects of matrix interference in her field are ending; and she has been one of the most interfered with people on this planet. Once I was able to harness the magician high self recall capability, we naturally ended repeat trespassing incidents that have plagued Katelon. She now is free of repeat trespassers. Without repeat trespassers, her sovereignty is no longer prevented. Katelon is now transcending the matrix limitations long imposed upon her and is reclaiming her right to live her mission in this lifetime.

Here is Katelon’s description of some recent work she was guided to do, supported by Source within:

I did my regular clearing/healing spiritual session today on my walk.  I created my sacred circle, grounded, aligned, etc. and re-dedicated myself to assist in the work to bring about the Shift into the light and Shut down of the dark.  I added that I wanted to be guided to my more expanded work, the work that was mine to do.

I was guided to step into my power and warn all dark operatives, dark governments, all men, women, energies/beings using  greed , magic and/or  power over others to control them, enslave them, harm them, that they were not to continue these ways anymore or the light would enforce consequences. I commanded that ALL dark technologies, interference, attacks, weaponry, mind control, all the ways the dark uses to sustain and maintain the matrix be now shut down forever.  I commanded that anything holding that in place, feeding it, giving it power, be dissolved forever, continuing this work until the matrix was shut down, powerless, unable to continue their dark timeline.  I was quite detailed. I just kept rambling on, speaking all I was guided to say The energy I was feeling was THIS DARK TIMELINE ENDS NOW, TODAY. 

I also commanded that any contracts, vows, agreements, etc. that had held anyone or anything in bondage to the dark, under their control, be dissolved, transformed, ended for all time. This continued for awhile.

Then  I was guided to lift all life and all aspects of life up to the timeline of oneness and abundance, connected up all codes for ascension, rejuvenation, full healing and the Shift;  anchored all gateway energies, and commanded that all those who choose it are now fully lifted up out of the matrix, onto the timeline of the New Earth of Oneness, peace, sovereignty and abundance.  I ended with commanding that those who are unwilling or not wanting to live on this new light timeline be gently but quickly removed from the planet to continue their evolutionary path elsewhere so that all life on earth, all aspects of life on earth and the planet itself is now able to move forward and upward until all who choose it are fully ascended and free, rejuvenated, healed and whole.

Within hours, Katelon suffered a major attack from matrix agents. She invited me to check out her field and I cleared the trespassers, many of whom lost their ability to do magic because their magician high selfs were recalled and the high self replacements will not do magic, even if requested to do so by the individual. Another attack took place when Katelon did the writing above and sent it to me; and those attackers were also relieved of their magician high selfs.

Both previous joint efforts (of Katelon and mine) to end the existing timeline ended because although I was able to oust attackers, they would repeat their trespassing activities. That is now changed and our joint efforts, guided by Source within, may well succeed.

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to Joint Efforts to End the Existing Timeline

  1. katelon says:

    Great post John! I’ll re blog it yo my blog when I can.

    I really appreciate your help with the aftermath of all these attacks and helping me to get more sovereignty so my work is more effective and my life a little easier.

  2. katelon says:

    Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    John wrote this blog post, including my part, to explore and explain what’s been happening for both of us lately.

    I’m looking forward to the Shift into the light so that all life and aspects of life on this planet can be in love and light, peace and abundance and free of the dark control….and I can be free of attacks by the dark. My body is sore 🙂 Feels like we’re making headway. May the Shift and Freedom for all Life here be SOON!!!

    Love, katelon

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