Walking in Nose Hill Park

Let me begin this post with a disclaimer. I do not want to be special. However, I do not mind being in front; leading humanity into their full potential and reclaiming gifts long submerged within the illusion we call the matrix.

It is within the context of this disclaimer that I share some of my recent experience walking in and interacting with a natural park near my home in Calgary, Canada. The park is called Nose Hill Park and is fully enclosed within the city of Calgary north of the downtown area and about a 40 minute walk from my home to its southern entrance. In the 1950s this park was still being farmed and a hundred and fifty years ago, it was home to great herds of buffalo (bison) that roamed North America’s Great Plains, west of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.

About a week ago, I was guided to go visit the park for the first time in years and have subsequently made three separate trips to the park, each time spending more and more time within the park accompanied by a knowing that I was completing a portion of my personal journey, a portion of my evolutionary path… and at some level ‘knowing’ this work was connected to my mission which is to free humanity from the matrix and from the current dark timeline that enslaves us all.

On the third and final trip to the park that took place yesterday, I was guided to circumnavigate the park, staying within the park but using the perimeter pathways, some well trodden and others; not so much. The circumnavigation took 3 hours which gives a rough idea as to the size of the park. At one point, on a leg with a barely discernible path, I looked up to see two young whitetail deer looking at me, perhaps fifty feet away in some bush that had served as their cover. As I proceeded cautiously so as not to spook them, a third deer, a doe and their mother also stood and each moved away, not far…but far enough. I got home physically tired but with a ‘knowing’ that something important for my journey had taken place; but also feeling lost and wondering how or even if it would all come together.

Earlier that same morning, during my ritual early morning coffee walk, I had experienced an alarming malaise. I mumbled something like, ‘God-damn it’, Β and realized I was calling in the matrix thru those poorly chosen words. I quickly reframed them with ‘Source be welcome within me’. The effect was startling and the personal gloom around me cleared and stayed clear throughout this long walk (nearly four and a half hours door to door). I had a bowl of soup and lay down for a late afternoon nap. When I woke, there was another short period of gloom that dissipated as I took the rest of the evening off, watching the World Series (Game 1) and other sporting events. I went to bed without my customary pre-bedtime meditation and awoke around 2.30 to another haze of gloom. This time I meditated and again, a startling clearing took place; along with a knowing that whatever was happening had crossed a positive threshold.

Today, it is business as usual… all within the sacred Source based space that I create daily in order to function unimpeded and impervious to the matrix that is all around us.

My friend Katelon and I did a work session this morning; sharing experiences and thoughts and then doing an invocation; which creates the sacred Source based space that is our mutual foundation as we target to end the existing timeline and initiate and new Light based timeline where the matrix no longer has power or influence. Together, we worked thru this experience and it seems as though my walk may have broader implications, Light based implications for all of humanity and for the objectives Katelon and I share related to our respective missions of ending the dark’s long reign here on earth; lording it over all of humanity.

Progress is being made… may the shift into a timeline based in truth and oneness happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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6 Responses to Walking in Nose Hill Park

  1. A beautiful and harmonious piece of work. You definitely recharged your etheric batteries by your excursions in the park. Natural habitats are continuously recharged with Source based energy. First your etheric field is recharged, than your physical self is recharged starting at the subatomic level and working its way up to your pineal gland where you are primed for communion with Source. The pineal gland is the pleasure/pain source where you visualize anything that you wish to manifest. It is also works like a WiFi unit when meditating with Source. You think therefore you are, you feel therefore you grow. Your thoughts manifest, your emotions give it life. For God and Earth. manifest. It also works like a WiFi unit when meditating with Source. You think therefore you are, you feel therefore you grow. Your thoughts manifest, your emotions give it life. For God and Earth.

    • Seems like the same reply was double posted. Just delete the 2nd part after For God and Earth. Thanks.

    • Thank you Tauris-Drakkuss. A source I trust, George Kavassalis says the pineal gland is dark genetic re-engineering to disconnect us from Source and the natural world by artificially connecting us with God and the matrix. Otherwise, very nice affirmation of the post. πŸ™‚

      • That may be the case currently yet by reconnecting with Source your pineal gland starts to heal. Whatever is currently tuned into the Matrix will revert back to Source as our Timeline heals. The Timeline is a conscious dynamic force that changes when the humans of Earth Prime change. The Timeline is our proverbial covenant with Source.

      • On this one, I am in complete agreement… my current approach is to avoid going outside of myself (knowing Source within has all necessary information); thus eliminating matrix misinformation. πŸ™‚

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