A Soul that did Magic

Each human incarnation includes two non-physical entities. The first is called the soul which is integral to the incarnation as when the soul leaves the person dies. The second is called the high self which resides outside of the person’s body and can be switched out if desired. Both of these non-physical entities come from and return to a repository called a monad. There are many monads but each incarnation gets their soul and their high self from the same monad. A soul can be a soul in one lifetime and a high self in the next. The same is true of a high self.

I have been working with high selfs that did magic (violating natural law) for a year now and have learned to switch them out, returning the magician high self to its monad and replacing it with a high self that will not do magic. In some of these cases, the person cooperated with the process and in other cases, the switch occurred after the high self was given a final warning and yet continued to do magic. In nearly all cases, the monad cooperated and recalled the magician high self and then provided a new high self that did not and would not do magic. Sometimes the individual was consciously aware that a shift had taken place and sometimes the individual was not. It is not uncommon in today’s world for a high self to be highly manipulative of the individual they are supposed to serve. In a few cases, the high self has been downright malevolent.

I have been working with a friend called Katelon for several years now. She shares my dedication to ending the dark’s current enslavement of humanity and dissolving the dark illusion, commonly called the matrix. She was looking for a new place to live and I assisted within that process as part of our regular sessions targeting our shared objectives.

A place in the Pacific north-west seemed to meet her criteria and she arrived there about a week ago and was greeted by her new room-mate, a man we will call Mark (not his real name). Part of the allure was that Mark claimed to be interested in spiritual work with Katelon as his teacher. Things soon went from bad to worse with Mark avoiding Katelon as he began to do magic by invading both her field and mine despite repeated warnings. We gave the appropriate warnings and switched out Mark’s high self but the magic continued.

What is going on? That had never happened before and we went to work on solutions; asking Source-within at each decision point. The first of a series of actions was to inform Mark. This was arranged and Katelon included Mark in a three way conversation where I explained the cosmology of high selfs and their frequent alignment with the matrix and offered to assist Mark freeing himself from spiritual matrix influences (oust his matrix guides and switch out his magician high self). Our incomplete understanding at the time was that the high self switch had not taken place pending this choice point. Mark agreed to the work but did not follow through as promised and… continued to trespass in both Katelon’s and my field. Again we gave warnings and switched out Mark’s high self. All to no avail.

What is going on? During a session we learned that it was actually Mark’s soul that was doing the magic. This was our first experience with a soul that did magic and presented a new level of complexity as the soul is integral to the incarnation. It seemed senseless, even self-defeating to continue to involve Mark and we asked that a solution be provided us. It came a few hours later as an inspiration. Facilitate a walk-in. 

A walk-in is a spiritual process where the natural soul walks-out and a new soul walks-in, taking over the human vehicle and inheriting all the memories, skills etc. but bringing in a new aura to attract new experiences and of course is different at the soul level in a great number of ways. The walk-in takes an amnesia bath before entering and initially thinks they are the natural soul. Both Katelon and I are familiar with walk-ins. Katelon had a personal walk-in experience years ago and I have met with and worked with several walk-ins.

That particular attack continued and Katelon was in a lot of pain. She knew of a process used in one of her modalities that brought in a more advanced soul as a walk-in. The process was used when the body was very sick and the existing soul was about to leave anyway. This we did and the attack ended. It seemed we had succeeded. However, the next day when I contacted Katelon early in the morning an attack started up again.

What is going on? Again, we convened a session and did an invocation to create a sacred space where the matrix did not exist. Did the walk-in happen? No, it did not. Can we make it happen as per the inspiration of yesterday? Yes, you can…both of you have to be involved. Okay. We asked a few more questions and established a plan.

Katelon would give Mark’s soul a final warning at the etheric level, explaining that a walk-in would occur if he persisted in the attack. I would then check out Katelon’s field, something I have done by invitation on many occasions. If the walk-out did not occur during that process, I would report back to Katelon and we would go from there.

Katelon gave the final-final-final warning and the attack continued. I went into her field and found Mark’s soul to be there despite the warning. I treated it in the same way I treat trespassing high selfs, asking the monad to recall Mark’s soul. Suddenly, he was gone. I reported back to Katelon and she did the work of calling in a walk-in soul that would serve all involved, especially Mark. The soul is a higher aspect of Mark and will not do magic.

I then went to the monad petitioning it to revoke Mark’s human privileges so he could not return in any incarnation until such time as the matrix is eliminated. I was inspired to invite Katelon to join me and we hung around outside of the monad as our credentials were checked out, including the special dispensation from Source to violate Mark’s free will. It all checked out and the walk-out soul had no recourse. The walk-out soul is of course in good hands and hopefully has learned an important lesson… insisting on doing magic is not acceptable.

Magic is no longer supported here on earth and those doing magic are now being held accountable. This is true of high selfs who do magic, which is fairly common. It is also true of souls that do magic, which is rare. Souls that do magic are probably much more commonplace within the human secret government and agencies such as the CIA who do the secret government’s bidding.

I do not know the next steps that will be given Katelon and I to do. However, I am confident that the net will spread broader and that magic is an endangered activity. Without magic, the matrix will soon disappear and humanity will soon regain their freedom. It cannot be too soon, in my opinion.

Freedom for humanity…

Postscript: A couple of days after the walk-out/walk-in was achieved, the walk-out soul somehow gained entry to Mark and attacked both Katelon and I. We were initially confused but invoked the sacred space and learned that the walk-out soul had returned to the human domain and was again doing magic. The walk-in soul was still in place so all we had to do was oust the magician walk-out soul, returning it once again to its monad and petition the monad to quarantine the walk-out soul to prevent it from wreaking havoc with its magician ways. This we did successfully.

There is a ‘knowing’ that once Katelon and I complete this process, there will be openings for the larger work of ending the matrix and the dark’s magical hold over humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to A Soul that did Magic

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for your help John. I’m glad we’re making progress in my life and for the world. I’m becoming quite the Ninja between my out of body work and all the daily attacks I was under for 5 weeks straight. I’m ready for a real home and a more light filled path now 🙂

  2. One of your better articles. From my outsiders perspective you have found the way to restore our birthright timeline. I suspect that revoking both magician HS & soul magicians will heal our timeline. Since your process works I’m guessing you are reversing the timeline hijacking that occurred thousands of years ago. Magic was used to subvert the original Source timeline on Earth Prime & magic was used via the Matrix to maintain this Dark control. Removing magic means allowing Source to heal time itself on Earth Prime. Magic was used to control time (our timeline is 3D time; past, present, and future). This Dark control allowed the Matrix to subvert our free will even to the point of orchestrating our incarnations. That’s like a psychopath giving spiritual counseling.

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