Is it Real?

In the summer of 2015, over three years ago, I was awakened in the night by three words spoken by a disembodied voice… “It’s not real”… At the time I was doing daily sessions with Katelon, my present spiritual work partner and these three word were directly related to part or all of the work we were doing. That ended the first of three lengthy work stints we have done together targeting to end the existing timeline based in darkness by replacing it with a timeline based in Light.

Our second work stint began in the fall of 2016 and featured daily sound keys that were given to Katelon. There were over a hundred of these and we both believed them to have originated in Source. Not until recently did we discover that these sound keys originated in the matrix, the dark illusion that powers the existing timeline. Both stints also included channeling done by each of us to gather information. Channeling is often corrupted by the matrix and ours was no exception, generously sprinkled with promises that did not materialize along with a lot of misinformation. That work stint ended around mid-year of 2017.

Ever since that fateful summer night three plus years ago, those three words… “It’s not real” …  have been a constant companion and I have frequently asked myself… Is it real? Is my experience real or based on magic; illusions and misinformation supplied by the matrix.

In the early part of this year, my internal belief systems underwent a major overhaul. Instead of believing that God was the creator of all that is and that the negative aspects of God were simply misrepresentations imposed by religion; I came to understand that Source and God are two separate and distinct beings. Source created this universe and all of the natural world; which includes earth and humanity. God is a lesser creator god who has created little more than the matrix; an artificial overlay on the natural world. The matrix is designed to limit and enslave humanity, which by any definition violates the natural laws of this Universe. I further understood that the matrix is pervasive and remains very powerful; including constructs like the angelic kingdom and most if not all channeled information. Channeled information was certainly part of what was referred to as “It’s not real”.

I continued to work on my own; exploring this huge shift in my personal paradigm and began to experience new capabilities as it related to dealing with magic and eliminating magic and magicians (people and beings who break the natural laws of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes) from the current timeline. Katelon and I began our third work stint this spring which continues in the now and will soon be the subject of another blog post. Our target has been to disconnect completely from the matrix and from matrix agents. By so doing, we greatly increase the likelihood that our experience is real. Instead of looking outside and channeling needed information, we connected fully and completely to Source within. We rely on Source within for all information and for guidance in terms of the work we do together and in our individual lives.

We learned that each human incarnation includes two non-physical entities. One is called the high self and it resides outside of the physical body at about arms length above the head. The other is the soul which resides within and is integral to the incarnation. When the soul leaves we soon die. Both these non-physical entities come from and return to large repositories called monads. Many high selfs are matrix supporters (some are direct agents of the matrix). We learned that we could replace high selfs by intention. The monad would cooperate and upgrade the high self upon request. We then found that many high selfs were doing magic, often unbeknownst to the individual. By giving these high selfs a final warning, we were able to replace them when they again did magic. All of this without the permission or cooperation of the person to whom they were assigned.

Later, we learned that some souls also did magic (broke the natural laws of this Universe). This was more complex as the individual directly opposed us in these cases. However, magic is no longer supported here on earth. Source guided us in a process involving walk-in souls to end the willful use of magic by incarnated souls. A walk-in is a new soul to power the incarnation and the existing soul walks-out. Katelon calls forth the walk-in using the following criteria… The walk-in soul be cleared to highest level, all programs etc cleared. The walk-in soul is working for the light 100 % and supporting the individual’s evolutionary path 100%. The walk-in soul understands earth process so is easily assimilated and integrated. The walk-in soul does not and will not do magic.

There were a couple of extra steps in this process as the walk-in soul had be called in before the walk-out soul would be accepted by the monad; plus, each walk-out soul was given a day or so to say its good-byes and complete unfinished business.

Is it real? We have no way of knowing for certain but our process is much sounder and our beliefs are much more accurate than before. We can see and experience that people around us who used to do magic are no longer doing so. Not that magic has stopped as yet since the matrix remains and touches every aspect of our lives.

About a week ago, we felt ready to embark on a major project targeting to end the use of magic here on earth. Since the matrix is powered by magic, it seems to follow that the matrix will soon collapse and humanity’s shared timeline can then shift into a timeline based in Love and Light.

This work is moving rapidly and will be the subject of a soon to come blog post. Is it real? Let us all hope so.

Freedom for humanity…

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9 Responses to Is it Real?

  1. katelon says:

    Yes, let this work be real and finally manifest results fully!

  2. katelon says:

    Thanks, I appreciate working with you as well.

  3. Wonderful. Anything I can do to help let me know. My the Source be with us all.

  4. Dan Barth says:

    Thank you both for all of your work to help humanity unbeknownst to them!

  5. Well, it seems to be a really deep rabbit hole we have fallen into. Hope you make it out this time.

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