Ending Magic’s Hold – 2018

One year ago to the day, I wrote and posted a blog post with the same title, Ending Magic’s Hold. The first half of that post is valid and accurate to this day; while the second half never changed anything. Magic continued its hold over humanity and magic continued unabated. The reason is that the process was highjacked by the matrix so what we thought was happening was not real. Magic and matrix misinformation sabotaged the entire effort.

Huge shifts have taken place since then and once again a process is underway to end magic’s hold over humanity. These shifts are detailed in my last post called Is it Real?… and I will summarize key items. My personal beliefs underwent a major overhaul a couple of months later, most importantly I understood that two creator gods are interacting with humanity; Source who is the creator of the natural world including earth and humanity; and God who has created little more than the matrix designed to enslave humanity and detour us from our evolutionary path. Both myself and my current spiritual work partner, Katelon, have accepted this sad truth and made significant behavioural changes to disconnect fully and completely from the matrix while connecting fully and completely to Source within.

It is within that context that this year’s process of ending magic’s hold over humanity is being carried out. Is it real this time?  The proof is in the pudding as they say… I certainly hope so and believe so but only positive results and significant changes can be accepted as proof. Ending magic’s hold is only a step toward the desired results. The process we are engaged in targets the end of the matrix itself and the end of humanity’s current shared timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in truth and full disclosure, based in following natural law, based in serving the greater good. These huge shifts will naturally follow from ending magic’s hold.

Here are some of the high-lights of the process Katelon and I are following.

Because magic is no longer supported here on earth, within and upon humanity; we are acting as agents of Source and following the protocols based in natural law to end the use of magic. The first step is to give a final warning to those using magic; that if they continue they will lose their rights here within humanity and be returned to the place all souls go between incarnations. That place is called a monad and there are several monads all supplying this vital service where souls can rest and reinvent themselves before once again embarking on an incarnation and the resulting life experience. We began the current process by giving a final warning to everyone we could think of including off-planet souls interacting with humanity and non-physical souls powering the matrix. No more magic!

On day two we asked how many souls violated their final warning… 530million. Wow… no wonder humanity and this planet are in such bad shape. Again following natural protocol we arranged walk-ins for each departing soul (530million) and gave all of the departing souls a day to say their good-byes and complete unfinished business. On day three we completed the process… the 530million recalcitrant souls departed back to their monad and the walk-ins took up residence as the souls of the people and beings involved… all 530million of them. We continued the process by asking if any souls had violated their final warning since the previous day’s session? Yes, 8527. This number continues to decline and today’s number was 42.

We began the walk-in process for these 8000+ and asked if there were additional steps that we were authorized to do and that would serve the overall purpose. Yes, do walk-ins for a full disclosure team of humans. Okay, how many? 2600. As agents of Source, we arranged suitable walk-ins for each of the 2600 and called all the incumbent souls in to give them the news. We introduced them each to their walk-in counterpart and began their day to complete unfinished business and say their good-byes. Obviously, Source is committed to ending this particular timeline as this violates the free will choices of the incumbent souls. The next day we completed the walk-in process and we have worked with this newly created full disclosure team ever since, providing information and fine tuning as inspired by Source.

A noteworthy additional step was taken in today’s session. The California fires are the result of technology that Source has termed illegal (variously called things like Directed Energy Weapons. Our information is that it is the same technology that was used in 9/11 which I know as Scalar weapons.) As agents of Source, we were asked to call forth all the souls who have authorized this activity and give them their final warning. How many? 250. We arranged suitable walk-in souls for each of the 250 authorizers and began their day prior to the walk-in process. Those who honour the condition of not using this illegal technology anymore will be allowed to stay. The rest will be returned to their monad and the replacement walk-ins will end this illegal practice. Obviously, these people are high up within the secret government since it is the secret government who are calling the shots and who have access to this illegal technology.

Katelon and I continue this project daily and will do so until full disclosure hits or we are instructed otherwise by Source within. It is an honour to serve in this capacity.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Ending Magic’s Hold – 2018

  1. katelon says:

    Yay…I got on! Exciting work. Thanks for including me!

  2. Beyond fascinating article. You two absolutely outdid yourselves. Yet this just phase one. Phase two begins with the Disclosure team. Has Source given the Disclosure team the blueprint they need to follow. Are any of the team members public figures. I guess the original 260 members had the connections and skills needed. Although, Source wanted the walk-ins to do the actual work. When will the Disclosure team come out publicly. Source seems all fired up and wants this done yesterday. With Source intervening directly human free will is being curtailed in the short term. Will phase three be Reconstruction. I would like to be part of that team yet if that means I become a walk-out than I’ll keep my mouth shut. Remember, you don’t know me. I intend to remain on Earth Prime indefinitely. The Disclosure movement honchos will be pissed. You are stealing their mojo. Lol. As for the Alliance, would they simply try to arrest this 260 Disclosure team. As for the Illuminati, I think Source has them boxed in. Your next article may be about the Disclosure team. Guess the only work I have is to go play with my obelisk (High Point). 😉 Any other news feel free to dump it on me. 🙂 May Source be with us all.

    • Wonderful questions Tauris-Drakkuss; most of which I do not know the answers. We have deliberately not asked for names for a number of reasons; however, it is a sure bet that many of the 2600 disclosure team members are public figures. May Source be with us all indeed. 🙂

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