Clearing the Obstacles to Full Disclosure

Katelon, my spiritual work partner, and I continue our daily sessions guided by Source within. The objective of ending the use of magic here on earth has morphed into setting the stage for full disclosure by clearing all the energetic obstacles that have stood in the way. Full disclosure is truth; nothing more and nothing less; more on what will be included in the initial disclosure event a little later.

Source, our name for the creator of our world and this universe, has been front and centre in this work. Source is guiding us. Source provided the needed authorization when disputes arose. Throughout, it was Source energy and Source pathways that were followed for this amazing work. Is it real? That is the big question… it feels real and we have taken every precaution to prevent misinformation and deceit but the proof is not yet here. The existing timeline remains and humanity’s secret government continues to call the shots for all of humanity.

Here are the key activities that have taken place within this work:

1. The entire top level of the human secret government was given spiritual walk-ins. (Close to 4000 souls) The incumbent souls were required to leave and were returned to their monads (where all souls go between incarnations) and souls supportive of Light based agendas replaced them.

2. The god of religions was returned to Source and no longer exists as an individuation.

3. The life and death authority that the human secret government has had and frequently exercised with impunity was ended.

4. ETs who supported the existing timeline lost their privileges to interact with humanity and were returned to their off-planet homes.

5. Ankara, a dark creator god, was faced down and chose to join the Light and help to clean up the mess that has been created by the existing timeline.

6. Technologies supporting the existing timeline were turned off and permanently disabled. Some of these were off planet, some were underground, and some were in our airspace. A few remain such as chemtrails, fluoridation of water and GMOs but these will be ended soon after disclosure begins.

The last of these secret technologies that posed a threat to the disclosure team was shut down earlier today. This cleared the coast for the disclosure team to begin to act.

Source mandated the creation of the disclosure team about two weeks ago. 2600 people were chosen by Source (Katelon and I can only guess at their identity but it makes sense that many of them would be public figures). We were authorized to return all the incumbent souls back to their monad and replaced them with walk-in souls supportive of full disclosure and the resultant shift into a shared human timeline based in Love and Light.

With the coast clear this morning, we called the entire team together (identities still unknown to us) and informed them that the coast was now clear. We informed them of all the major coast clearing activities (1-6 as outlined above); and told them that they and their loved ones were now completely safe and secure and that Source was now authorizing them to proceed with full disclosure.

We were inspired to include the following items in the instructions given this loose knit and powerful team.

  1. A Light based world financial system will be implemented to replace the existing system which is designed by the secret government and funds them.
  2.  The current secret government must be fingered and key figures identified. Amnesty will be in place so show trials and retribution will not be part of disclosure.
  3. Supportive ETs will be identified and asked to begin beneficial interactions with humanity.
  4. Organizations currently engaged in crimes agains humanity will be identified along with the commitment to ending their crimes. This will include the CIA, KGB, MI5 and many others.
  5. Organized crime rings such as pedophile rings, mind control and human trafficking will be fingered and the commitment made to stop them.
  6. Media conglomerates willing to serve full disclosure and truth will identify themselves.
  7. The existence of free energy will be acknowledged; setting in motion the end of humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels.

All major obstacles to full disclosure are now cleared and a new Light based timeline can now begin. This is a major cross-roads for all of humanity. The existing timeline only goes one place… to doomsday or armageddon. Full disclosure returns humanity to their evolutionary path after millennia on a detour designed by dark agents. Full disclosure begins a variety of Light based changes including truth in all matters, individual sovereignty for each of us, and a timeline of oneness and abundance which are fundamental to all Light based shared timelines.

Freedom for humanity…


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9 Responses to Clearing the Obstacles to Full Disclosure

  1. Congratulations. Source has defeated the Dark power on Earth Prime. Now you must build the Light based timeline from scratch. The old one was destroyed by the Dark. The Disclosure team will help you build it. You will have much support from global citizens. The Galactics will help jump start Reconstruction. You and Katelon have earned your place in the history books. Thank you for serving Source and humanity. May Source be with us all. For God and Earth.

    • Thank you, Tauris-Drakkuss. 🙂

    • katelon says:

      I don’t believe it is up to John and I to build a new Light based timeline. There are lightworkers all over the planet, including John and I, but many others who HAVE been building this new timeline for a VERY long time. It isn’t the Disclosure teams job either as their job is disclosure. And…the dark didn’t destroy their own timeline. John and I did our part to shut down the power of the dark, and Source and Gaia, all the light and love waves flowing in, all the lightworkers doing what was theirs’ to do, all shifted the power to the light timeline, which ends the dark timeline. I’d love to be known for this work, and thank you for that…but first, I want to see results and quit being in pain and having my declarations blocked by whatever dark is still attacking me daily.

  2. katelon says:

    Now….for the attacks to end! I can’t believe there is anyone left to attack me or to mess with my computer, my phone, losing my phone, etc. I’m ready for a smooth opening path after all this work. Sigh…..

  3. Dan Barth says:

    thank you both so much for your work! Namaste

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