Team Efforts to Bring about Full Disclosure

About three weeks ago, I posted something called Ending Magic’s Hold – 2018. The information therein contained is accurate and this is an update on the project that began as ending magic’s hold and has morphed into a team effort to bring about full disclosure.

My spiritual work partner, a woman named Katelon, and I continue to work daily on this project. This our third major attempt to manifest full disclosure. The first two (both about 9 month efforts, one ended in 2014 and the other ended in 2016) did not achieve discernible results but laid the ground work for this year’s effort. Both previous efforts fizzled due to the power and deception of the matrix and the current dark human timeline that ensnares us all. This attempt is showing great promise because we have disconnected from the matrix and aligned solely and as completely as we know how with Source and Source within. This prevents the matrix from accessing us and detouring our efforts with misinformation and false promises. We also now possess a new to us capability of enforcing walk-in souls to take over in people and beings who stand in the way of the objective of full disclosure. Clearly, enforced walk-ins violate the free will choices of these people. This work is only possible when supported by Source and when all the requirements of natural law (Source law) are met.

Part of that work is to end the power of the human organizations of magic. These organizations are very hierarchal in structure. One reason for this is that the dark uses and enforces hierarchies in everything they do. Another is that those at the top are shielded by the lower levels of the hierarchy from greater good efforts to end the dark practices engaged in by the organization of magic. Two organizations of magic were named for us; one was the Freemasons and the other was the CIA, but others are involved and were cleared in this work.

Our (Katelon and I) previous efforts did not reach the bosses of these organizations but this time is different. We have cleared away two very powerful protectors of the organizations of magic. One is the dark creator gods who designed and constructed the matrix. The other are remnants of off-planet civilizations who supported the matrix and used their considerable talents and technological capabilities to support the enslavement of humanity. All such ETs were returned to their homelands and their rights and privileges to interact with humanity were temporarily suspended. We also cleared away the boss’s minions from the bottom up so the bosses could no longer order magic to be done on their behalf. Over the last couple of days, some of these bosses chose to attack us directly, a clear violation of the Source based edict that magic is no longer allowed here on this planet.

Because of this attack, this entire top level of the hierarchy running the human organizations of magic became available to us and to the clearing process we use as agents of Source. How many of these bosses are now available for soul replacements? 4616. Will our established procedures replace these souls and end their capability of ordering or doing magic? Yes. 

Here is the process we used. We start with the high selfs, the spiritual entity residing above the head of all human incarnations that can be changed out when desired without impacting the integrity of the incarnation. We called in suitable replacement high selfs and sent the incumbent high selfs back to their monad. (Monads are large repositories of souls that serve as resting places for all souls and/or high selfs when not serving an embodiment.) We then called in replacement souls for all 4616 bosses. We called all 4616 pairs (incumbents and replacements) into the sacred space and informed them that the incumbents will have to leave but are being given a day of grace to complete legitimate (non-magical) soul level business and say their goodbyes. We informed them that the walk-out/walk-in process will be completed during the next day’s session.

During that session done earlier today, everything proceeded normally until some of the walk-out souls balked at returning to their monad. We inquired why and learned that these souls wanted to join the full disclosure team and provide their expertise and insider knowledge to the proceedings. This request was granted. All the rest completed their walk-out and walk-in so the incarnations could continue. All were informed that continuing their current crimes against individuals and against humanity would no longer be allowed. These bosses lead very dark lives overseeing things such as torture, mind control, sex slavery rings, pedophile rings, etc. A handful opted for a business as usual approach and were swiftly disabled… not sure how but Source was involved.

We (Katelon and I) then called in the team of humans responsible for full disclosure. This team is 2600 humans who were designated by Source to do full disclosure. All were given Light based high selfs and Light based walk-in souls during a similar process that took place around three weeks ago. Their human identities are not known to us but many if not most are well known within our current timeline. We informed them of the work we had just done to end the power of the human organizations of magic. We also introduced them to those former dark bosses who requested to join the disclosure team. Source blessed the coalition.

Our essential message… It is time to act!

It is time for full disclosure.

Freedom for humanity…

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13 Responses to Team Efforts to Bring about Full Disclosure

  1. katelon says:

    Yes indeed! Time to be free from being attacked and the end to all the dark’s horrors.

  2. Kudos to the Source Timeline Transition Team. You two are doing exceptional work. Excellent article that clearly explains what is going on especially to those who are new to this. I’m looking forward to the public work of the Disclosure team. Are they using a group plan or going solo in their disclosure work. Are they required to keep in touch with you as they go about their public activities. Such as so and so will contact you when he/she will give a TV appearance. Feel free to give them my email. I’ll make like the proverbial Curious George snooping around in the Disclosure lab. I’ll be the Tesla of social history. For God and Earth. May Source be with us.

  3. Dan Barth says:

    Thank you both for all you are doing for humanity!

  4. Mr. D says:

    Thank you John for having answered my email and for keeping us informed about what is going on.
    Thank you both for what you are doing. It seems very interesting!

  5. Thank you John!!!🌈💗

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