Supporting Full Disclosure

Katelon, my spiritual work partner, and I continue to work everyday on the project of manifesting full disclosure. The daily work began in early November and on November 11th, we were inspired to facilitate the creation of a Full Disclosure Team by doing Light based soul replacements for 2600 humans chosen by Source (the creator of all that is). No one and nothing dies in this soul replacement process that has been used extensively within the Full Disclosure Project. The incumbent soul returns to its monad, a large repository of souls between incarnations; the replacement soul walks-in to the individual in question and the incarnation continues without missing a beat. The walk-in soul is chosen because of its relatively high level of evolutionary progress and its willingness to support full disclosure for all of humanity. All of our work since that time (five plus weeks) has been in support of the Full Disclosure Team, eliminating blockages and providing support and encouragement as inspired.

All of my recent posts deal with the full disclosure project and those interested can catch up by reading them. A couple of recent developments will be featured in this post.

Closing the Draconian Chapter

Millions of years ago, a creator god known as Ankara, was given permission by Source to test the power of Love by creating an aggressive species with the intention of taking over the galaxy by force. The top species in this creation are reptilians known as Draconians. Ankara’s initiative became the galactic wars where the Draconians and their allies took over large portions of our galaxy including our solar system and Earth itself. The Draconians were aligned with masters of deception who created what we call the Matrix to trick humanity into believing they were free while imposing an illusion, based on scarcity and duality, upon us. This deception has been hugely successful and our direct interactions with the Draconians has been very limited as a result.

The Draconians had two major interfaces with humanity. One was underground bases and the other was shape shifters who took over human vessels and manipulated them into supporting the Matrix. The bases have been largely cleaned out and the last of the Draconians left in a process that took place a few days ago. Draconians were created without a Light Body, the natural part of every human incarnation that allows us to interact with Source. Draconians have the capacity for a Light Body to be added and this has occurred with all the Draconians who have surrendered to the Light’s agenda, most of them doing so as advised by Ankara when Ankara surrendered over twenty years ago. The remnants here within Earth went rogue at that time and declined to participate when other rogue Draconians surrendered more recently, some over the last few years. Our work identified 3914 remaining rogue Draconians. The Draconians have a separate monad usable only by them. Source made this monad available to us and the souls of the rogue Draconians were soon replaced with Draconian souls inclined to surrender. We then offered them Light Bodies on the condition they surrender and return to their home planets. All but 73 accepted these conditions and the transactions were carried out. The 73 chose to stand and fight. Their replacement souls then returned to their monad. It seems the embodiments could not survive and died in their underground strongholds.

We then addressed the shape-shifters. There were 97 of them. The human embodiments were fully human with a human soul and all we had to do was return the Draconian hitchhiking soul back to the Draconian monad. The human embodiments now function normally without hostile Draconian interference.

This closes this chapter of Draconian interference. Down the road humanity and the Draconians will no doubt interact as equals and as fellow citizens within a peaceful galaxy. That time is not yet here.

Martianย Theatre

Humanity has had a colony on Mars for several decades. It began when humanity developed faster than light travel based on Tesla’s science that became available to humanity’s secret government when Tesla died in 1942. This technology has been kept secret from the rest of humanity along with many other secret technologies. Some are secret weapons that are illegal within Source law while others such as free energy would be very useful but are disallowed here in order to support the enslavement of humanity.

The Martian colony is run by the Alliance portion of the secret government who are currently in a turf war with the European based portion of the secret government. The Alliance are targeting to take over within the USA first and then use that base and their technological superiority to take over all of humanity. (An example of the Alliance’s technological superiority is the technology used in the California fires… it was/is not available to the European faction.) The Martian base was key to these aspirations and the Alliance aligned with God and other developers of the Matrix targeting this global takeover.

The worker portion of the Martian Theater was first made available to us. Many of these workers are human slaves supplied through raids on war zones and other illegal activities such as 9/11. The entire colony is staffed and run by humans and they have spent a lot of time and money to create a human fortress to guard the colony. Nearly 500,000 people were involved. We did soul level walk-ins for all of them. The next level of the Martian hierarchy was 217 bosses and all received Light based walk-ins. At the very top, interacting with the Martian Matrix were 30 humans, all top Alliance officials. All three segments were allowed to petition Source to return to their embodiments as supporters of Full Disclosure. 9 of the top 30 chose this route but 4 failed their initial test so only 5 of the incumbent souls remain and they are fully on board with Full Disclosure.

Full Disclosure

The Full Disclosure Team is invited to observe at each of the sessions done by Katelon and I. We do not interact with them directly and know only a few of them by name. They have the responsibly for planning and performing the initiating event that will begin the process of full disclosure. We are asking that a number of activities be included in that initiating event. Here are some of those activities: install and activate a Light based financial system worldwide, identify the existence of the secret government including all key factions and key individuals, grant full amnesty for all crimes against humanity perpetrated up until now, identify the existence of key secret technologies (including free energy and faster than light travel), identify media conglomerates agreeing to report truth and full disclosure, invite Light based ET civilizations to openly interact with humanity, end the various slave trades (including Mars, sex slaves and pedophile rings), end mind control, turn off all negative technologies (including fluoridation, chemtrails, GMOs, and secret technologies), change legal systems from case law to common law, identify and shutdown illegal corporations (including pharmaceuticals, war equipment, chemical companies, oil and gas, etc.)

May the full disclosure initiating event happen soon; very soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for chronicling our work. I’m looking forward to the Shift and the end of my work as the canary in the coalmine that attracts all these dark operatives with them attacking me and thus leading us to each of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Pingback: Supporting Full Disclosure ..reblog | Empower and Balance

  3. Dan Barth says:

    Here! Here! God (source) bless you two

  4. You two have been busy. Is there anything else that needs doing other than the Disclosure team. Lol. Exceptional work as always. No doubt Source is proud of his/her prodigies. That explains it. It didn’t make sense until now why they were attacking Katelon without interference. Katelon was prancing about with a bullseye on her back. Lol. You said full amnesty for all crimes against humanity. Do you mean just the Alliance/Deep State or everyone. Does that mean we empty our prisons of common folk. Has the Disclosure team started its work yet or are they still reading fortune cookies. You can tell them I said that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks, Tauris-Drakkuss. Full amnesty applies to the crimes of the secret government. However, once the timeline is shifted, the prison system will be replaced as it is a product of darkness. The Disclosure Team is already at work but has not gone public as yet… too many attacks still. Getting up to the top of the dark hierarchy so the attacks hopefully will end soon.

  5. Justice for the children says:

    I’m sorry but absolutely do not agree with granting full amensty to people who kill, rape and eat others for just to keep their sick self’s alive! Do you sir have any idea of all the parents who cry themselves to sleep every night and who wonder will these sick perverts ever get Justice!. They miss their children so much. Please think I that you had and child and what would you do if you never saw them again! If you found out the horrible things that happened to them? Torture, rape and so many sick things that I can’t even imagine or want to even think about! This amensty deal just make my heart sick! These sick perverts walking free!!

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