A Solstice to Remember

The ink is not yet dry on this most recent work but I am prompted to write about it today, on the December solstice, an event witnessed equally by all of humanity.

My spiritual work partner, Katelon, and I have reached what appears to be an end point in the work we have been doing together. Our work targets the end of the dark timeline controlling all of humanity; the end of the illusion created by the dark’s Matrix; the end of the dark secret government who control world events and target to enslave all of humanity. Our work targets to begin full disclosure, bringing all these truths into the consciousness of all of humanity. Within the truth of full disclosure, the dark timeline ends, the dark’s Matrix disappears as the illusion that supports it is exposed, and the dark secret government no longer has power or authority as the people will not stand for their shenanigans once exposed.

Katelon’s work does not end there as she has a memory of an argument that took place millions of years ago. The argument was with Source, the creator of this universe. The argument was about a powerful Being who had declared his intention to create a darkness to take over the universe. Katelon argued that this was a very bad idea and the Being should be stopped. Source argued that the concept needed to run its course and all would work out. Katelon then asked to incarnate in order to combat the darkness. This was granted.

Our partnership goes back several years (including two failed attempts to end the darkness controlling humanity). Each time this memory came up, we agreed that the work here within humanity had priority and the larger work would springboard from Earth based success.

To our mutual surprise, the reverse has occurred. Here is what happened:

A few days ago, Katelon was attacked by beings from outside of this universe. We created a sacred space surrounded by Source and convened a session. Are these Beings subject to the same laws and processes as apply within this Universe? Yes. Okay… we identified that there were 3701 beings and did soul level exchanges for all of them. We facilitated calling forth Light based walk-in souls as replacements for each of the 3701 and then returned the incumbent souls back to their monad (large repositories souls use between incarnations). The walk-in souls then took their place as the souls of the incarnations.

Another attack took place later that same day. It was the powerful Being who had long ago declared his intention to create a darkness to take over the universe. Katelon battled the dark Bad Ass (as we called him) and they battled to a stale-mate. The Bad Ass entered through her tailbone but Katelon prevented him from advancing beyond the first couple of chakras. I had planned to go for a long walk but was prevented from doing so and answered Katelon’s call for help. She asked me to check her field and see what was there. Again we created a sacred space surrounded by Source and worked within it. The Bad Ass was still there and we confronted each other.

I am here by invitation and you are not. You must leave. A battle ensued and with the help of Source the Bad Ass was pushed back out of Katelon’s field through the tailbone portal. We asked Source if a soul exchange would work with Mr. Bad Ass. No… send him back to Source. In all the work we have done, only two Beings have been returned to Source as incorrigible. One is Mr. Bad Ass and the other was our very own God of Religions.

Katelon and I then confronted Mr. Bad Ass in an etheric theatre outside of her tailbone. We offered him the option of surrendering to Source. He refused and in the end, Katelon brought Source into the theatre. Mr. Bad Ass is no more.

The next day, we targeted Mr. Bad Ass’s organization and did soul exchanges for all those made available to us, over 500 million souls. We also dissolved all their artificial intelligence capabilities. Over 7000 sites elsewhere and over 400 sites within the Matrix.

It seems as though the work Katelon and I are doing is coming to a close. It may morph into some other aspects or some different activities but the work of soul exchanges for all key functionaries within the darkness here on Earth and elsewhere in the multiverse seems now ended.

The soul of darkness is now gone… both figuratively and literally as all key dark operatives either have new souls supporting the Light or in a couple memorable cases; their entire being has been returned to Source.

May the enslavement of humanity soon end. May the current dark timeline soon be replaced with a timeline based in full disclosure and the truth therein contained.

Freedom for humanity…

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13 Responses to A Solstice to Remember

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. I figured our work to shut down the dark throughout creation would come after the Shift here. I’m happy to see that it seems we’ve dealt with that through our latest work. Now it’s time for all the painful attacks to end so my body can get on with healing in all ways after being attacked since childhood. May the Shift happen soon …as in NOW!

  2. You two seem to encounter trouble everywhere. Kudos for another job well done. Now if the. Disclosure team gets started Now. Any further shenanigans probably will involve full disclosure on Earth Prime. So what do you two intend to do after Disclosure. For God and Earth. May Source be with us.

  3. Dan Barth says:

    Again, thank you both so very much! Love to both of you!

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  5. Thanks John and Merry Christmas! I usually always see your posts but lately I keep missing them. Thanks to Katelon’s blog, I have read that you wrote an update. Thank you both and may this shift happen without further delays.

  6. Mr. D says:

    The information contained in the last posts is exciting to say the least. I sincereley hope that all of this is true. Can’t wait to see the evidence of the Shift in the external world. I’m tired of experiencing and seeing slavery and disease. I intend Full Disclosure daily.

    P.S. In “Supporting Full Disclosure” you wrote that illegal corporations such as pharmaceutical are planned to be shut down. If you intend all pharmaceutical corporations can you explain why are they illegal? I have a vague idea about it (i read your old post about western medicine where you explain that you mistrust it and it is the same here) and I’d like to read a few more words from you regarding this matter. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Mr. D… the question you ask about shutting down pharmaceutical corporations is complex. I will answer on two levels… first, I do energy reads and these companies are controlled by the secret government and are part of a dark agenda to enslave and limit humanity. Secondly, much changes after full disclosure… it is easy to see how the oil companies crash as free energy will effectively obsolete them. It is a similar equation with the pharmaceutical companies but not as easy to see… the end of aging and rejuvenation will effectively obsolete them… it may take a while but it will happen.

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