Hiatus before Full Disclosure

The information I wrote about on the winter solstice, about two weeks ago, has proven correct. Here is the key sentence from that post as a reference point: My spiritual work partner, Katelon, and I have reached what appears to be an end point in the work we have been doing together.  That has proven correct… the coast is well and truly clear for the Full Disclosure Team and we (all of humanity) are in a hiatus period of unknown length as the Team completes preparations and girds their loins before going public within the context of full disclosure… a truly monumental paradigm shift.

A couple of significant events have taken place since the solstice and I will report on them.

The matrix was dissolved back to Source. This seems huge and perhaps it is but within the context of no-one left to maintain the matrix or breathe life into it; the demise of the matrix was preordained. In fact, it energetically expired a decade or more ago and was running on fumes in any event. Add in the fact that all of its creators either had been transformed by walk-in souls or in a couple of cases, had been dissolved back to Source, and it is a wonder it survived at all. However, all creations tend to take on a life of their own and the matrix certainly had that… even now, fly-wheels of matrix energy are everywhere around us and although the matrix itself is no more, these fly-wheels give the appearance that nothing has changed. That will of course be forever dispelled once the full disclosure event takes place.

Another highly evolved ET group is now supporting the Full Disclosure Team. I will give a little more detail on this one. Katelon was approached, in the non-physical, by a member of the Full Disclosure Team who claimed to know of a resource that would be helpful to the Team. This person is well known by the public and had been part of failed previous disclosure efforts. This person had also proven untrustworthy during those efforts. We refused to take the information directly and instructed the informant to communicate the information to Source. During a session we interviewed Source and the informant’s information proved accurate. A group of ETs from the star system Sirius were offering their expertise. As authorized by Source, we connected the Sirians to the Disclosure Team and have treated them as Team members ever since.

This means the Full Disclosure Team is now supported and advised by at least two groups of ETs; the Sirians and the Tall Whites. The Tall Whites have been aligned with the Russians for several years now. The Tall Whites have had a mixed agenda until recently when soul exchanges weeded out the negative agendas but even so, they have assisted humanity by preventing Trump’s administration from taking humanity on a detour by escalating the crisis with the North Koreans. At the time, the Russians demonstrated military superiority provided by the Tall Whites to prevent the US from escalations based on bringing the US Navy into the equation.

This also seems an appropriate time for a disclaimer. Some of you will be aware of a propaganda stream known as partial disclosure. It is well financed and has been proliferated by agents and dupes aligned with propaganda expertise within the CIA. Partial disclosure is directly connected to the turf war that continues to rage within the two main factions of the secret government. The US based faction calls themselves the Alliance and they took over the CIA when Trump was elected a couple of years ago. The partial disclosure propaganda stream is based on the premise that Trump has a positive agenda to bring about ‘partial disclosure’ and end the reign (drain the swamp) of the bad guy in the US (commonly called the Deep State).

The only connection any of this has to truth is that there are now two warring factions within the secret government in the USA. The Alliance is targeting to take over all secret government assets within the USA (including the Federal Reserve). The propaganda claims that the Alliance will then bring about positive change but their true intentions are to use their technological superiority, their bases on Mars, and the resources of the USA to expand their empire and become the secret government for the entire world. The Alliance are criminals through and through and Full Disclosure is a direct threat to them as well as to the other faction of the secret government. The partial disclosure bad guys, the Deep State, is fiction but the secret government does have another powerful faction with strongholds in Europe and world-wide control of humanity’s financial systems and media conglomerates. Both factions of the secret government share the same desire to keep themselves secret as humanity would rise up as one should the truth be told. That truth is an essential part of full disclosure.

All key functionaries within both factions of the secret government (and those who support them) have now had soul exchanges so the heart of darkness no longer beats. Humanity remains largely unaware and that will continue until full disclosure hits. Trump and his reality presidency continue to make the headlines; the CIA continues to pump out its propaganda streams and prop up corrupt governments world-wide. The European faction of the secret government and their political arm known as the European Union continue unabated. All of these are fly-wheels of matrix energy. All will soon come to an abrupt halt once full disclosure hits.

Humanity is in the hiatus stage before full disclosure hits… may this hiatus be short lived and may the existing timeline be ended forever very, very soon.

Freedom for humanity…


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15 Responses to Hiatus before Full Disclosure

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. I would say our BIG project of shutting down the dark is done, but we’ve continued to do powerful impactful work daily, together and in our solo work.

  2. Thank you John & Katelon!!

  3. Astounding Ascension article. This one is for the history books. I would like to carve your mugshot on Mount Rushmore. Say cheese. Which group of Sirians do you speak of. My understanding is there are several races from that star system. What star system are the Tall Whites from. All of these events may explain my strange mood today. I couldn’t figure out what was currently going on behind the scenes yet I had the positive Galactics on the brain. Fantastic update.

    • Thank you Tauris-Drakkuss 🙂
      I do not know which race these Sirians come from; only that they have previously made entreaties to humanity which were declined. The Tall Whites are a human civilization that broke away thousands of years ago; likely around the time of the thermo-nuclear wars fought here on earth between the Lemurians and the Atantians.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedicated effort. I hope I live to see the fruits of it.

  5. Slasher says:

    I have always thought that so far we can support Trump team while they fight the old guard but when the winner emerge we must counter those instead while they are weak.
    I am also not so sure about the weakness of the matrix. There might very well be more surprises and discoveries for you.

  6. Dan Barth says:

    Thank you John and Katelon! So the dark factions are the Matrix? So you cannot have a walk in for Trump or others?

    • Thank you Dan. The Matrix is the illusion in which we currently live based on duality and scarcity. The dark factions thrived within the illusion of the matrix. Source chose the walk-ins and we only know the identity of a few. Trump is a puppet in all of this which may be why he has not received a walk-in as yet. Most of Trump’s secret and hidden bosses within the Alliance got walk-ins.

  7. Mr. D says:

    So the matrix dissolved back to source. Very good news. Now I woder what was the matrix made up of. What kept the illusion of scarcity and duality alive? Secret advanced technologies, genetic manipulations, belief systems?
    I hope Full Disclosure doesn’t take years to manifest.
    Thank you.

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