Ousted Souls Returning with Dark Agendas

The work Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I have been doing for a couple of months (targeting to replace the existing shared human timeline with a timeline based in Love and Light) is largely based on facilitating Light based walk-in souls to oust incumbent souls with dark agendas. The results are very positive although changes within each individual happen incrementally rather than in one fell swoop. Our understanding is that several major shifts have resulted although none are yet manifest in the 3D world in which we live. The major timeline shift being targeted still awaits a major event to shock humanity into realizing the existing timeline is artificially being imposed upon humanity by a small self-interested group of men. That major event, initiating full disclosure, is being planned and will happen soon. The full disclosure initiating event will be carried out by a team of 2600 humans who have all received walk-in souls and walk-in high selfs to support this work and bring about full disclosure.

Within this process, the ousted souls (all of whom had dark agendas) are required to return to their monad (large repositories of souls that are between incarnations). A few of the souls who were required to return to their monad and were replaced by souls with Light based agendas have chosen to return to their incarnation and ‘shoulder’ aside the replacement soul. Some of these have had a Light based change of heart and their return was supported by Source. However, some of these ousted souls returned in order to continue the dark agendas that caused their ousting in the first place. These souls are not supported by Source. We have asked: How is this possible?… and ‘got’ that monads are not jails so the ousted soul can take this rogue action should it be their free will choice. When this happens, the Light based replacement souls accept the ousted soul’s choice and returned to their recently departed monad.

The first two of these ousted souls that came into our (Katelon’s and my) awareness were high ranking political figures. Both attacked Katelon energetically and our process identifies attackers as part of our defensive maneuvers. We were unaware that these souls had been ousted and began a soul replacement only to be ‘told’ by Source that the appropriate action was to dissolve the attacking soul. The dissolving process is to returned the soul to Source and results in the soul ceasing to be an individuation. They were only the third and fourth soul to be dissolved although literally millions of souls have been ousted (returned to their monad). The first two souls to be dissolved were highly evolved souls who turned to darkness and became dedicated to dark agendas; and I mistakenly thought these two politicians must be highly evolved. We later learned that ousted souls can use free will to return, however; the soul becomes rogue through that choice and is no longer supported by Source. As such, dark actions can lead to them being dissolved back to Source, short-circuiting their experiential learning.

Since these first two, rogue souls from five different ET civilizations and about 2000 rogue human souls have been dissolved back to Source. We are no longer encountering candidates for soul replacements as all such candidates have already received light based replacement souls. All of the humans and some of the ETs got replacement souls once their dark rogue soul was dissolved. Exceptions were three separate ET groups that chose this route to end their incarnation, either as the warrior’s preference to surrender or as an assisted suicide.

While dealing with such groups, we have learned about existing dark agendas and the power bases supporting these agendas.

The Turf War

Their are two factions within the secret government and they are fighting over control of the USA. This is being played out publicly within the media with most media outlets still supporting the European faction called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), while the US faction who call themselves the Alliance is supported by Fox.

The Alliance has a well financed propaganda stream known as Partial Disclosure. This propaganda stream claims Trump is an agent of light based shifts targeting to drain the swamp and take down the ‘deep state’. This propaganda stream is targeting to sideline legitimate light based shifts so they can create a fascist state within the USA based on martial law and dictatorship. Their long term targets were to use their technological superiority and bases on Mars to engineer a global coup enslaving all of humanity.

A Major Plague

The Alliance has a major plague developed and ready to be imposed on all of humanity. This plan was well advanced and we have encountered it in clearing two separate groups of rogue souls. It can no longer happen as there is no longer a power base supporting this agenda and a couple of ET groups are now involved assuring this agenda can no longer be activated.

Martial Law in the USA

Both major US political parties had high ranking members supporting the imposition of martial law within the USA. This is part of the Alliance plan to end democracy in the USA and set up the USA as their fiefdom. This plan is rapidly falling apart but was well advanced only a couple of months ago. The California fires were a significant component of this plan to take over world wide as this technology would have been exported internationally in Alliance bully tactics to dominate and enslave all of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An over reliance on artificial intelligence results in the atrophy of those involved including their reproductive systems. The doomed civilization then turns to parasitic activities to maintain itself. The Greys are all remnants of such civilizations. The Blue Avians are also victims of this misguided choice.

Back to rogue souls attempting to block the light based initiative to bring about full disclosure:

Within our (Katelon and my) personal lives, rogue souls were identified and have been dissolved. Sharing the details does not serve but this is mentioned to show that this work has included streams very close to home.

Meanwhile, the human Team for Full Disclosure continues their preparations and girds their loins before wading into full disclosure. No one has come forward with a scheduled date for the planned event that will initiate full disclosure but all major agenda items are fully planned and can now be implemented. The interfering rogue souls have affected the Disclosure Team which has resulted in the current delays.

May full disclosure happen soon; very soon.

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to Ousted Souls Returning with Dark Agendas

  1. katelon says:

    Yes, soon…as I often say….Today would not be too soon!

  2. Fascinating and sobering article. So the Alliance was that close to the finish line. We dodged that bullet in the nick of time. The timing by Source was impeccable. Ascension was meant to be therefore the Dark timeline was short-circuited. Freewill in favor of the Dark timeline was no longer honored by Source. Let’s see what transpires by the Wolf moon on January 20-21. For God and Earth.

  3. Dan Barth says:

    glad you were able to dissolve the dark souls. I have been waiting for humanity to ascend for some time now and have a hard time waiting. Hoping it is soon, not just our lifetime. It seems other agendas would come about if it doesn’t happen soon. Thank you to both of youl

  4. Zilvanos says:


    The great freedom has never been possible on the earth plane since the Great Fall of Consciousness in Lemuria. There the great collective of the people chose to go to the Gateway of Darkness away from the Gateway of Light. They chose to go with the one who originally took all life consciousness away, in the higher spaces, from trillions of star beings; therefore, making himself to be the most glorified angel of all, so he believed, and many others believed also.

    The self-proclaimed Gateway of Darkness made himself to be the ‘enlightened angel,’ as he desired to have the power of the Divine Love Element Blue Archangel of Creation, with all the knowledge and the power. However, the Divine Love Element held all the Divine Love Codes, whereas, the one who made himself to be the Angel of Light by swallowing all the trillions of light beings, did not have the love within him.

    He gained knowledge of the trillions of light beings he ate and was greatly glorified in his own ‘kingdom’ as he gave the ‘light’ and ‘knowledge’ he had swallowed to his dark armies.

    This one you know to be the self-glorified ‘Lucifer,’ the self-made glorified angel. He fell down with great numbers of beings. Trillions lost their light to him as he ‘sucked’ them into his dark vortex, the dark abyss within his dark black hole where no light truly can exist, except the light of the Divine Love Element Star Gateway, as she was gridded into Thoth’s Flower of Life.

    It is through this connection that the Divine Love Element could reach within my Sacred Being, CAEAYARON, as she could never be removed from my Being. This happened in several multidimensional loop pathways and there seemed to be no way out, as each time the ‘game’ would begin again, the same would happen, until nothing could become part of creation anymore.

    Each time Lucifer won, he became stronger, and he exalted in his own glory, and began to fight with all his might other beings who opposed his rulership. Thoth did not desire to be placed in his prison, and neither did many other star commanders, and wars took place that brought all things down greatly.

    In the ancient land of Lemuria, that self-proclaimed gateway, again desired to take down all the light to gain greater sovereignty. Thoth recognized that one greatly, and desired to have his power as in the multidimensional spaces Lucifer had all that power from trillions of star beings.

    In the star realms, Lucifer, in all of his great power, could not reach his own star creation. This is why he created his own star dominion. He called these ones his ‘Yahweh’ dominions, which ruled for a very long time. In his own star dominion, he could bring Yahweh into greater power and instruct him what to do, enslaving many more and bringing more ‘glory’ to his God, ‘Lucifer.’ Yahweh was a powerful channel of Lucifer, and thus Yahweh desired worship from all of his own star realms. He enslaved many, and many more.

    He took Thoth in as the grid master, and thus Yahweh and Thoth could build much together with METATRON. Thoth was always much more intelligent than Yahweh and this angered Yahweh very much. Thus, many multidimensional plays happened, and in each universal cycle, again this play happened.”

    more: https://www.caeayaron.com/blog-post/lucifer-versus-the-great-mountain-of-light,-caeayaron/

  5. Thank you John and Katelon!

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