Additional Support for Full Disclosure

The work Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I are doing to help bring about full disclosure has seen some important twists and turns over the past few days. Full disclosure exposes humanity’s secret government and those supporting them and opens up a brand new shared human timeline based on love and light, based on truth and full disclosure, based on serving the greater good, and based on the fulness of natural law… none of which are true of the existing shared human timeline.

Here are some of the recent events:

Big, Big Badass

A powerful non-physical dark magician had remained hidden from us until about a week ago. This very male energy was exposed by following the energy threads left by rogue souls who had taken over human embodiments who had recently undergone soul replacements (existing soul returned to its monad and replaced with a Light based soul from the same monad). The rogues were unrelated to the embodiment but had managed to shoulder away the replacement Light based soul and engage the human in dark and illegal activity.

Are we authorized to deal with this dark magician? Yes. Dissolve him back to Source. This we did. Somehow, this powerful dark soul was calling rogue souls back from their monad and empowering their rogue activity within people dedicated to dark ways.

We believe Big, Big Badass was the highest ranking being in the dark hierarchy that empowered the current timeline. The timeline is now running on fumes.

The Trump Show

The government shutdown in the USA is a considerable threat to full disclosure. The underlying plan is to use the shutdown to generate an excuse to declare martial law and move from there into a dictatorship where those controlling Trump can impose their nefarious agenda, first on the citizens of the USA but targeting a world-wide takeover. This plan is based on the superior (and illegal) weapons possessed by the Alliance faction of the secret government. (The technology used in the California fires is an example of these illegal weapons.)

Rogue souls were being brought in to support the Trump Show and were in several key government officials, elected and appointed. In addition, key officials without rogue souls were using their free will to continue to take actions supporting the martial law plan. This was being supported by ETs also with rogue souls. All rogue souls involved were dissolved and replaced with Light based souls.

What can we do about those taking actions in support of the Trump Show even though they now have light based souls? Etheric probation officers are available and can prevent those to whom they are assigned from taking such actions. How many etheric probation officers do we need? 58,240. We called them in and assigned them to their human charges. We then checked on a few likely suspects and found they now had etheric probation officers assigned to them.

New World Order Faction of the Secret Government

Humanity’s secret government now has three discernible factions. The Alliance (Trump’s bosses) based in the USA, the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) who own an operate the European Union, and the New World Order Faction. Some elected world leaders were supporting the New World Order agenda. This is a long standing plan developed by the then unified secret government based on killing off most of the world’s population and enslaving the rest. A deadly plague has been developed and was to be loosed upon humanity (the nuclear war option had been taken from them). Those groups and the plague itself are now without power so humanity will not be going down that ugly path.

‘Know it Alls’ on the Team for Full Disclosure

The Team for Full Disclosure is made up of 2600 humans who received replacement souls over two months ago and were authorized by Source to proceed with an event to initiate full disclosure. The team has had a number of additions including five different ET groups bringing various expertise and protection capabilities to the Team. Two of these groups are from the star system called Sirius, one is Pleiadian, one is called the Tall Whites (a break-away human civilization) and the other are Lemurians (another break-away human civilization).

The troublesome group are 530 of the 2600 humans. A common trait among these 530 ‘Know it Alls’ is success within the existing timeline which they have been pointing to in order to influence the team in ways that will not serve the new timeline. The Team agrees that amnesty must be part of the event else the resultant timeline becomes vulnerable. A key point of contention is how to present amnesty at the initiating event. This matter has since been resolved and the presentation method is now agreed. All members of the ‘know it all’ group were warned and placed on probation. Essentially they are to support the plan as currently developed or be ousted from the team.

Scheduling of the Event

The event to initiate full disclosure is now scheduled. Katelon and I have not asked to know the date but we have narrowed it down to a specific time period. That information is not to be shared.

May full disclosure happen soon, very soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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10 Responses to Additional Support for Full Disclosure

  1. Breathtaking article. More than glad the timeline event is scheduled to take place. Finally after all this time we get our lives back. For God and Earth.

  2. Dan Barth says:

    Yes! Let Full Disclosure happen VERY, VERY soon!
    Thank you two again!

  3. Thank you John and Katelon!

  4. Lily says:

    Thank you so much John and Katelon! Great work, always looking forward to your good news posts :). Are you able to do anything about pharma? Many many babies, children, teenagers and others are dying from vaccines and pharma is pushing mandates of vaccines everywhere …..

    • Thank you Lily… Here is an answer I gave to someone else asking about Pharma… the question you ask about shutting down pharmaceutical corporations is complex. I will answer on two levels… first, I do energy reads and these companies are controlled by the secret government and are part of a dark agenda to enslave and limit humanity. Secondly, much changes after full disclosure… it is easy to see how the oil companies crash as free energy will effectively obsolete them. It is a similar equation with the pharmaceutical companies but not as easy to see… the end of aging and rejuvenation will effectively obsolete them… it may take a while but it will happen.

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