Supporting Full Disclosure – An Update

Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I have worked every day for about 3 months now targeting to end the current shared human timeline by facilitating full disclosure. This is our third major attempt in the last five years… hopefully this one will succeed. Our sessions typically go two or three hours in the late morning to early afternoon. A great deal of progress has been made but none is yet reflected in our current timeline which continues to support the dark agenda of limiting and enslaving humanity.

This update will focus on two fronts – Ankara and the Team for Full Disclosure.


Ankara is a skilled creator god who created a variety of races targeting an aggressive take-over of all of creation. Ankara’s creations had considerable success in this galaxy. Earth and our solar system was overrun by Ankara’s forces about 40,000 years ago. For reasons I do not yet understand, earth and humanity were ceded to other dark forces who used mind-control and illusions to enslave us. Perhaps that was the agreement; i.e. Ankara would conquer and the mind-control experts would occupy and enslave. Humanity has dealt extensively with the mind-controllers but very little with Ankara’s creations; fearsome species based on reptilian and avian (bird) sentiency.

Ankara was aligned with the mind-controllers but neither reported to the other. Early in our work (in November), Ankara was identified as an obstacle to full disclosure and Source, the creator of all that is, advised us to dissolve him back to Source. This we did and he showed up again the next day having received a reprieve based on his promise to align with full disclosure and help in cleaning up the mess he had created. Ankara has been good to his word ever since.

Katelon and I are attacked frequently, virtually daily, at the etheric level by those opposed to full disclosure. Some of these attacks are by humans aligned with humanity’s secret government, some are by ET civilizations aligned with Ankara’s forces, and some are a combination of the two. After a series of attacks by those known as the Blue Avians (created by Ankara) we were advised by Source to enlist Ankara’s help in ending their aggression and opposition to full disclosure. All of Ankara’s Councils throughout creation were called in and Source provided resources to Ankara to help him end their opposition to full disclosure. As a result, the attacks from these civilizations have ceased. The one exception happened earlier today… a rogue group of Draconians (another of Ankara’s creations) were supporting an attack by humans skilled in the occult. Ankara was called in and the Draconians immediately ended their involvement.

Thank you, Ankara.

The Team for Full Disclosure

Also in November, Source advised us to create a team of humans responsible for initiating full disclosure by holding an initiating event to be seen by all of humanity. The original team membership was 2600 humans who all received soul exchanges. (i.e. their existing souls were returned to the place all souls go between incarnations and were replaced by highly evolved souls supportive of full disclosure.) Ever since, our focus has been to support this Team and facilitate them in bringing about the initiating event for full disclosure.

For the first couple of months, the human membership remained static but in late January Source began to support changes to the team membership. Every day now, we check with Source and follow Source guidance as it relates to team membership and the scheduling of the initiating event. The deadline for the initiating event has seen three deadlines missed and is now delayed well past the target date of ‘sometime’ in January. There have been 185 additions to the team and over 1700 deletions. The human membership now sits at 1040.

Source is respecting free will but also insisting that full disclosure takes place. Katelon and I are privileged to serve as agents of Source in our work to support full disclosure and the human team responsible for holding the initiating event.

Full disclosure will happen soon initiating a new truth based shared timeline for all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – An Update

  1. Tremendous update. Always new twists and turns. I’m glad the new target date for Disclosure is right on schedule. Let’s get this over with. The constant procrastinations isn’t good for the soul. Source says free my people.

  2. Thank you John & Katelon! 🌈🌈🌈

  3. Dan Barth says:

    It sounds like you two are making great progress! Thank you John & Katelon for helping not only humanity, but the universe!

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