Supporting Full Disclosure – Intense Times

Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I have worked together for years now targeting to facilitate full disclosure for all of humanity which will end the existing dark timeline based on lies and artificial scarcity by birthing a new timeline based on truth and natural abundance.

We have learned that two streams of darkness had coordinated their efforts to keep humanity from the truth and maintain the existing timeline. One stream is forces skilled in deceit and illusion who created the Matrix and use mind-control to limit humanity and support dark leadership around the world. These influences continue but will end once full disclosure hits. The other is an aggressive stream created by Ankara whose forces took control of Earth and humanity around 40,000 years ago. Ankara is now working with the Light to end the current timeline and birth Light based timelines within the civilizations he created.

One human, whom we will call by the fictitious name of Mark, had ties to both these dark streams and has been incorrigible in his efforts to cause etheric harm to Katelon and to block, delay or even prevent full disclosure. He was born with a dark soul which was part of the Matrix. Ergo his Matrix connections. He also invited a Draconian soul to cohabitant his body; ergo his connections to Ankara. (The Draconians are a civilization created by Ankara).

Katelon and I are agents of Source in the work we do and take all our inspiration and direction from Source. Weeks ago, we did soul exchanges on Mark and his existing soul was replaced with another soul from the same monad (monads are repositories for souls in-between carnations). A few days later, we ousted the Draconian soul and sent it back to the monad Ankara created. Recently, we learned that the same forces that created the Matrix had created dark souls and a dark monad. We were inspired to dissolve all of these dark souls, including the dark monad, back to Source… a process used only for incorrigible souls. Mark had a soul from this monad. Source provided new Light based souls for all those affected; but still Mark’s dark behaviour continued.

The intensity really ramped up on Sunday. Katelon rents a room from Mark at a reduced rate based on Mark’s professed interest in learning from Katelon. This has proven to be false and part of Mark’s web of deceit to entice her into close proximity. All of this ramped up on Sunday as it was party time including loud and invasive music and in her face disrespect at various levels; all while Katelon was being attacked at the etheric level. We convened a session just before bedtime to see what if anything we could do.

The attack was a joint effort of Mark and agents of the Alliance portion of humanity’s secret government. (The Alliance control Trump and are in a turf war with another faction of the secret government targeting to take over within the USA.) How is Mark still able to do etheric level attacks? The Alliance agents have time-travel technology and Mark resumed his association with the Draconian soul to take part. Is the Team for Full Disclosure affected? Yes… the time-travel prevented their most recent attempt to go ahead with the planned Disclosure Event and in fact, has prevented several attempts. Basically, the technology loops time and brings back a timeline prior to actions taken by the Light. The loud music stopped suddenly when this information was shared.

What actions are we to take? Step 1. Dissolve the Draconian soul back to Source. Step 2. Do soul exchanges on all the Alliance agents. Step 3. Dissolve the time-travel technology including the ability for anyone to recreate it. All of this was done; supported by Source.

We encountered time-travel technologies in a previous attempt to bring about full disclosure that ended without success about two years ago. At the time, we were connected to some Matrix streams of misinformation and I had discounted the time-travel as part of that misinformations stream. Seems it was based in fact.

With time-travel now out of the full disclosure equation, the Disclosure Event has been rescheduled and will hopefully happen soon. This will begin a new Light based timeline at long last.

May full disclosure happen soon; very soon!

Freedom for humanity…

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8 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – Intense Times

  1. I always appreciate your updates John. May the shift into light happen now! Thank you both John and Katelon for your continued work.

  2. katelon says:

    Great post. “Incorrigible “…is a mild term for my host who after 2 high self and soul exchanges, a braided drac soul removed, etheric probation officers installed to guard him, etc and still he pursues a dark violent agenda. Hoping I quickly have funds to move out of this woven black widow Web of lies and daily attacks and that the planet and all life are finally free as well.

  3. Seems like a never ending story. With all other timelines closed down due to ending time travel we have just this one to focus on. I sense this is the last chapter in the Battle for Planet Earth saga. Now we can look forward to Full Disclosure very soon. Great work John and Katelon. May Source bless Full Disclosure and Reconstruction to soon follow. For God and Earth.

  4. Dan Barth says:

    Thank you John and Katelon. I hope Katelon’s attacks are gone after this. You two are chipping away at this very well, I hope Disclosure happens in March. May it be so.

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