Supporting Full Disclosure – The Ides of March

Katelon, my spiritual work partner, and I began our third major attempt to manifest full disclosure in November over four months ago. The first two attempts failed because of misbeliefs about the Matrix and the resulting misinformation that came our way. We were much better prepared for this third attempt as we had corrected these misbeliefs and connected directly to Source; accepting information only from Source. Early in this third attempt, Source advised us to assist in the formation of a Full Disclosure Team. We helped out by facilitating soul exchanges for 2600 humans chosen by Source. The incumbent souls were returned to their monad (repositories for souls between incarnations) and were replaced by advanced souls from the same monad. Ever since, we have worked with this Full Disclosure Team and invited them as witnesses to all of our sessions.

The Full Disclosure Team has been augmented several times with some humans, some spirits and perhaps most importantly, five groups of supportive ETs. There have also been numerous reductions and the core team that started off as 2600 is now down below 100 people. Source assures us that the Team has all they need to carry out the disclosure initiating event and even though several deadlines have come and gone, full disclosure is not far off.

Full disclosure is not to be confused with partial disclosure which is simply a dark attempt to continue the current dark timeline that enslaves all of humanity. Partial disclosure is an invention of the secret government who have long been masters of humanity. They have used their control and ownership of the world’s financial systems, all major media conglomerates, and virtually all world governments to enslave humanity and create artificial scarcity the world over. The Trump administration answers directly to the secret government as do nearly all European governments (the European Union is a secret government political invention), and all communist regimes. The secret government also has advanced technologies such as free energy and faster than light travel which they use to their advantage while withholding these beneficial technologies from the rest of humanity.

Off-world dark support for the secret government has dwindled, especially in the last few months. Dark support came from two main resources, Ankara’s created civilizations who took over this solar system around 40,000 years ago and the Matrix. Ankara’s created civilizations have all now left occupied territory and returned to their home planets where they are attempting Light based shifts to bring prosperity and individual sovereignty to all their people. I am not aware of the progress that has been made except with Ankara himself, who is now a reliable and honourable supporter of Full Disclosure.

The Matrix was created by malevolent creator gods who understood that those who think themselves free will not rebel against their oppressors. Religion and supporting belief systems, including New Age propaganda, along with mind-control and limiting technologies are the main stays of the Matrix. The Matrix has long supported repressive governments the world over but remained hidden from the rest of humanity.

The Matrix has suffered a number of defeats, but unlike Ankara, who surrendered to the Light’s agenda, the Matrix creator gods have not surrendered. Some who opposed Full Disclosure directly have been dissolved back to Source; but the Matrix continues to have a life of its own. In addition, the Matrix re-engineering of humans has not yet been reversed. Some spiritual Matrix limitations are already being reversed. A recent Matrix reversal is the elimination of the High Self structure. Here is how that came about:

I was contacted by someone requesting my help in clearing a malevolent high self. My guidance supported this and we began the process. When I explained the replacement process, the woman said she did not want the high self replaced; she wanted the high self gone. Is that supported by Source? Yes, it is… and so that is how we proceeded; returning the existing high self back to its monad (the repository for unemployed high selfs) and leaving the position vacant. Is there something more that becomes necessary? Yes, dissolve the high self residence so no vacancy exists. This we did at the etheric level.

The next day, I checked the situation out during the daily session with Katelon. Is the high self part of the natural world? No it is not. Is the high self part of the Matrix? Yes, the high self supports the Matrix and interferes with natural sovereignty. Is it true that the soul and the high self come from the same monad and are related in some way. No, that is not true. Do Light based civilizations have high selfs? No they do not. Are the high self souls created by the creators of the Matrix? Yes, they are. Did the Matrix creators also create a high self monad? Yes, a high self monad exists and was created as part of this dark reengineering. Does any of this serve the greater good? No, it does not; it only serves the Matrix. Are we supported in dissolving all high selfs and the dark monad back to Source? Yes. And so, we did the work of dissolving all high selfs and their monad back to Source… ending this malevolent structure designed for control over targeted civilizations.

Standard procedure during the sessions with Katelon is to clear etheric level attacks on Katelon and myself that have occurred since our last session. We have not experienced off-world attackers in several weeks now but continue to be attacked by humans working for or under the mind-control influence of the secret government. Once full disclosure hits, the truth about mind-control will blow your mind. Very pervasive, very malevolent, very evil. In the past few days most of the clearing work has been mind-controlled victims lurking in our field as their way of asking for soul replacements to help them escape the malevolence and the control of their secret government masters.

May full disclosure happen soon… very soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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7 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – The Ides of March

  1. Very good. With the High Self control structure gone the Matrix lost its etheric monitoring system. That makes it harder for all secret governments to continue controlling the populace. That leaves Source as the sole (or soul) etheric influence whom favors individual sovereignty. With Full Disclosure these secret governments can’t counteract by using the High Selves to control the outcome. This makes it easier for light based civilizations when making First Contact during Full Disclosure to intervene directly with humanity. For God and Earth.

  2. Dan Barth says:

    Thanks again John and Katelon. May full disclosure come VERY SOON!
    Humanity is ready. Rip the band aid off!

  3. katelon says:

    I like the flow of this. Thanks for being so great about sharing our work by succinctly writing about it!

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