Supporting Full Disclosure – Molbek


Humanity as a species was created here on Earth around 200,000 years ago by a group of Light based creator gods. The plan was for humanity to evolve naturally here on Earth by shielding them from the long standing galactic wars that had raged for a couple of million years. Molbek, the planet that was between Mars and Jupiter, played an important role in the derailing of humanity’s natural evolution. Molbek is now the astroid belt having blown itself up around 55,000 years ago. Prior to that unhappy event, Molbek was populated by a dark civilization of shape shifters who posed as Light based ETs and were thus allowed to occupy this planet near Earth.

During that epoch of time, Katelon had a lifetime as a ruler of a planet playing the role of protecting humanity while I was at the time working as a dark creator god involved with the Molbekians. When Molbek destroyed itself, I was shifted and realized the futility of dark ambition. Since then I have consistently worked for the Light and for individual sovereignty.

The dark siege of our solar system continued and the dark eventually gained control around 40,000 years ago. The battles were very destructive with Molbek exploded and Mars reduced to an arid planet; but Earth and humanity continued. Soon after taking control, the dark colonized Atlantis and went to war with indigenous humanity who were most advanced on a now disappeared Pacific continent known as Lemuria. The dark Atlantians and the Lemurians fought a series of thermonuclear wars around 25,000 years ago. There were no winners. Around 12,000 years ago, both Lemuria and Atlantis sank below the waves and Turtle Island (North America) rose up in between.

Supporting Full Disclosure

I have worked every day now for over six months with a US based woman named Katelon in support of full disclosure. We work directly with Source, the prime creator (not to be confused with the god of religions who has supported this dark timeline and all therein contained). During that time, we have helped in the formation of a team of beings targeting to initiate full disclosure here on Earth by holding a disclosure event televised around the world. This team now has forty or so humans and is supported by representatives from eight different ET groups from across this galaxy and beyond.

The current dark timeline is based on secrecy and deceit which has been fortified over and over during the last 40,000 years while the solar system has been dark held territory. There were three main creator gods supporting the enslavement of humanity.

  1. The warriors and aggressors, created by Ankara… reptilian and shape shifting civilizations now surrendered to the Light’s agenda and returned to their home planets. Ankara surrendered to Light’s agenda in the mid-1990s which ended the galactic wars and gave Light based ETs access to our solar system. Ankara is now supporting full disclosure and is considered a member of the Disclosure Team.
  2. The original darkness created by a nameless creator god who we came to know as Bad Ass (actually Big, Big Bad Ass in previous references within this blog). Bad Ass was considered incorrigible by Source and when we encountered him and his dark hierarchy months ago, Source took him home, ending his individuation. There were lesser creator gods within the Bad Ass organization and their individuations were also ended.
  3. The creator of the matrix better known to humanity as the god of religions who goes by a number of names including God, Allah, Jehovah etc. God was a dark contractor, and would move into dark held territory on the invitation of those holding the territory and impose the matrix on the targeted population; creating the illusion of freedom while magic, mind control and genetic re-engineering were widely used to enslave them. God was also considered incorrigible by Source and his individuation was ended some months ago.

All three groups used time travel and would create fail safes that would activate when triggered by a time line that threatened their dark control. In the past few weeks, Katelon and I have been supported in dissolving hundreds of fail safes back to Source.

We (Katelon and I) thought we had ended the matrix months ago but continued to experience matrix interference including several delays in holding the Full Disclosure Event. We recently learned that the matrix continued to exist in far away places and continued to exert influence and interference even though the matrix no longer existed within our solar system. That ended today as we were finally given access to all remaining matrix structures which Source ended.

We are now very hopeful that the next attempt to hold the Full Disclosure Event will succeed and humanity will finally be freed from this dark timeline and from the control of dark humans who are keeping the current timeline in place. We call these humans the Secret Government. They currently control all major governments around the world by their ownership and control of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media. A Light based financial system and Light based media takeover are part of the Event.

May Full Disclosure happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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9 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – Molbek

  1. Excellent update. Nice bio. A former creator god? That explains your current abilities. Finally FD. Praise Source.

  2. Oh I hope so John! I am in the midst of a very dark battle and keep praying for a change. It is unbelievable how corrupt everything has become and against universal law.

  3. katelon says:

    Great post! I’m so sad to have finally cleared all the misplaced guilt I carried about Molbek, believing our planet was responsible for its demise, hence I was responsible. I wish I could have managed to protect earth more then. Time to get this shift finally done!

  4. Dan Barth says:

    Thank you John and Katelon!

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