Supporting Full Disclosure – Human History

Katelon, a US based woman, and I continue to work everyday in support of full disclosure. We target to serve the greater good which is the basis of all Light based initiatives. Our work is at the level of creation where all change occurs prior to being manifest into physical reality. Our work has taught us a great deal about the history of humanity and this post will share some of the highlights of what we have learned.

Human History:

Humanity was created around 200,000 years ago by light based creator gods supported by light based ET civilizations in a cooperative initiative. The idea was to create the most advanced physical species yet known and allow them to evolve naturally into their full potential. The galactic wars were still being fought so the plan was to protect humanity’s sector of space (our solar system) from dark forces. That worked until around 60,000 years ago when our solar system fell to dark forces and has been under dark control until very recently. A major positive development occurred in the mid 1990s, about 25 years ago, when Ankara (a dark creator god) surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all his created civilizations to leave occupied territory and return to their home planets to pursue light based agendas. This ended the galactic wars that had raged for 2 million years. Humanity continues to be enslaved by a human secret world government but off planet support for that government is nearly ended.

Indigenous humanity were most advanced on a continent that fell below the waves in what is now the Pacific Ocean. Even with the dark in control and the Earth under dark quarantine to prevent light based support, this advanced civilization known as the Lemurians continued their evolutionary path and resisted dark infiltration. Another segment of humanity, the Atlantians, on another continent that fell below the waves in what is now the Atlantic Ocean were not as fortunate. They were colonized by dark ETs and around 25,000 years ago, a series of thermonuclear wars were fought between these two human civilizations. There are a number of propaganda streams about light based inner earth civilizations but none exist in reality; however, portions of humanity left the devastated planet of Earth and colonized far away planets in far away solar systems. Two of these civilizations are now supporting the full disclosure project; along with a number of other light based ET civilizations.

The thermonuclear wars created much devastation and very nearly destroyed the planet. Around 12,000 years ago both Lemuria and Atlantis fell below the waves and Turtle Island (North America) rose up in-between. This is the current configuration of our land masses. That ended all of humanity’s technological advances and humanity began again from a primitive state with the dark firmly in control. Perhaps as a result of this near disaster, the dark shifted gears. Instead of the aggressors being in control with a visible ruling class lording it over humanity, dark agents using deception and illusion were given control. Genetic re-engineering limited humanity, mind control and dark propaganda became widely used, and humanity’s natural connections to Source were weakened and perverted using various dark religions.

A dark creator god, known to us as Ra, became very influential. At the height of Ra’s power, a number of pyramids were constructed around the world. All targeted to control humanity although the underlying technology is unknown to me. Other dark creator gods worked to create an apocalyptic timeline for humanity; as the dark can then continue their control over those who survive.

Around 3000 years ago, another dark creator god entered the picture. This being, know to humanity by a variety of names such as God and Allah, imposed an invisible control structure on all of humanity. This control structure is known to us as the matrix. The matrix uses deception and illusion to control us… and chief among these deceptions is the claim that God is Source, the creator of all that is. In truth God is a malevolent creator god with limited creative powers. The matrix is great at divisive concepts such as ‘God’s chosen people’ and my religion is better than yours as part of a divide and conquer strategy that has been highly successful.

Time travel has long been a staple of the dark’s control strategy. It has been widely used by the dark creator gods, by dark civilizations, and even by the human secret government to explore the future and find potential timelines that threaten the existing timeline and the dark’s control. Once a potential threat is discovered the dark creates fail-safes based in technology and artificial intelligence to combat the threat. These fail-safes act as booby traps for those attempting to end the existing timeline. These have been a major factor in delaying full disclosure but are being cleared and will soon be gone.

A human secret government has controlled world politics for centuries. There are two major factions at present. One I call the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) that owns and controls the European Union, the world’s financial systems and most of the world’s media. The other calls themselves the Alliance and is based in the USA. They are technological leaders with many secret technologies including faster than light space travel, free energy, time travel and many illegal secret weapons. A turf war broke out during the 2016 US Presidential election and Trump is their front man. The target is to take over the RKM’s US based financial empire and create a fascist state in the US modelled after Nazi Germany.

Support for the human secret government continues to decline and is now gone or nearly gone. Targeting this support has been a long and winding road as the dark has had 60,000 years of control in which to build a dark fortress here on Earth.

Full disclosure includes a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media. Planning and preparation are well advanced.

May full disclosure happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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4 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – Human History

  1. katelon says:

    Great summary of what we’ve discovered, thanks!

  2. Astounding history and great progress. Praise Source and empowerment for humanity.

  3. Thank you John and Katelon for the update and assistance. Freedom for humanity!!! ā¤ā¤ā¤

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