Supporting Full Disclosure – The Pleiadian Deception

I have been working to bring about full disclosure for several years now. A mainstay in that work has been a US based woman named Katelon and we have made three lengthy attempts to manifest full disclosure within the current timeline shared by all of humanity. Our work is all at the etheric level, also known as the level of creation. The first two attempts both lasted around 9 months and ended without success in the summers of 2015 and 2017. This attempt is now into its tenth month and hopes are high that we will finally succeed.

Both Katelon and I are channels and the failure of our first two attempts was principally related to misinformation from various sources posing as Light based but serving the dark agenda of preventing disclosure and the continuation of the current dark timeline. Okay… what do we do in order to succeed? Two major shifts were adopted. First we accepted that dark propaganda streams were pervasive and channeling anything but Source was fraught with danger. Second we chose to channel only Source. Within that context we learned and accepted that God was not Source; in fact God was serving the dark agenda of deception and the enslavement of humanity. Throughout this attempt, we have channeled only Source and and used Source to vet all information from other sources.

How can two people without power or influence within the current timeline hope to succeed in changing that timeline? First of all, we target the greater good; not our good or someone else’s good but the greater good. I have been targeting the greater good since a transformative experience over thirteen years ago where I realized that living my mission required me to be guided by the greater good; not when it suited me but at all times. That I have done and continue to do to this day. Second, the current timeline is running on fumes and shifting into a Light based timeline is supported by many powerful forces, including Source. The darkness that has controlled our solar system for 60,000 years is no longer in place. Instead of dark ETs, there are now Light based ETs in our airspace. The dark marauders who took this sector of space for the dark are now all returned to their home planets. The dark deceptions such as the Matrix are either gone or in the process of being dismantled. In short, the human secret government that has long lorded it over all of humanity now stand alone and we have had many experiences of ending dark practices or preventing initiatives targeted by the secret government.

The principle resource used by Source to carry out greater good agendas here within the current timeline are Light based ETs. All Light based ETs are governed by Source Law, what I call natural law, and a primary tenant of natural law is that help can only be given if requested by the indigenous population. We represent humanity in terms of full disclosure and have invited many different Light based ETs to assist and provide services targeting full disclosure. ETs assist and prevent the current dark masters from creating false flags and detours but humans must lead the way. Our guidance from Source was to create a team of humans who would initiate full disclosure with a globally televised event breaking the truth of full disclosure to all of humanity.

In support of this transformative event, three actions are planned and will be implemented. One is a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems. The second is a Light based takeover of the world’s media. The third is a public invitation by humanity for Light based ETs to interact with humanity.

The Pleiadian Deception

This general plan has been in place for several years now and has guided the current attempt to manifest full disclosure. We have extended many invitations to Light based ETs to join the full disclosure team and provide their unique brand of services. Somehow, a group of Pleiadians, with a dark agenda and ties to the secret government, managed to deceive us and were invited to be team members way back in January. It seems they could somehow masquerade as Source and many times avoided detection. We recently took precautions to prevent anyone providing false information and two of the existing ET support groups were ‘found out’. One was the Tall Whites who have worked with the Russians for years now and the other was this particular group of Pleiadians. The Tall Whites were asked to leave some weeks ago. The Pleiadians were found out far more recently and were also asked to leave.

Since banishing the Pleiadians, we have encountered many layers of fail safes jointly developed by these Pleiadians and the faction of the secret government who call themselves the Alliance. It seems this group of Pleiadians have long worked with the technocrats based in the US (they call themselves the Alliance) who have developed many advanced technologies including faster than light travel (zero gravity), time travel and many illegal technologies. These fail safes have been ended and returned to Source.

Perhaps now, the event can happen. Perhaps now, the moribund existing timeline can be exposed and forever relegated to the dustbins of history.

Freedom for humanity….

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4 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – The Pleiadian Deception

  1. katelon says:

    Freedom for ALL creation!

  2. Excellent article as always. Glad the current obstacles have been removed. Now we can move forward towards Full Disclosure.

  3. Dan J Barth says:

    Interesting. Pleadians were recently caught by the cats to have an agenda that wasn’t in humanities best interest.
    Thank you John and Katelon!

  4. Leley Blu says:

    Thank you so much John and Katelon ! Cheers to Freedom for humanity !!

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