My Spiritual Journey

I wrote most of this summary about three years ago. This is an edited version adding in a couple of key points in my journey that occurred after posting this in January of 2016.

After coasting for about four decades, I began to devote time and attention to my spirituality germinated by an article I read on an airplane encouraging me to take the intention to improve myself. I took that intention around the winter solstice of 1990, nearly thirty years ago, and my life began to change.

At first, this took the form of targeting to become authentic. I learned NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and shifted my dysfunctional childhood beliefs about my lovability, choosing ‘I am loveable when I am authentic’.

Spirituality then reached my inner radar screen and A Course in Miracles called to me. Working through this tome took about two years and it shifted me…God became real to me after decades as an atheist and agnostic. I briefly returned to the church of my youth but the God of the church was very different from the God of my experience and I left organized religion for good; or at least until such time as the dark’s influence upon religion is no more. At the time, I thought that God was misrepresented within the church and that was the reason for this mismatch. The penny finally dropped in the spring of 2018 (about 18 months ago) when I realized that God is not the Prime Creator; instead, God was a malevolent being deliberately masquerading as the Prime Creator. The god of my experience was and is the Prime Creator; ergo the mismatch.

What followed after leaving organized religion was a five year holiday, around the turn of the century, as I focused on worldly pursuits. Early in 2004, my soul came calling…‘It is time for you to devote time and attention to your spiritual journey.’ 

I made this choice in the late spring of 2004 and by the fall, I was a man dedicated to my spiritual path; a man dedicated to advancing at the level of spirituality. Competitive aspects of my life began to fall away and living my mission began to dominate. By the fall of the next year (2005) I realized I needed some new skills. The universe offered past life journeys and meditation retreats as a way to sort all of this out. I did a number of past life journeys over the next couple of years which broadened my horizons and forever dispelled the dark myth that this lifetime is a one and done experience.

Over an 18 month period during 2006-07, I spent well over 50 days in meditation retreats and was forever changed.

‘If you are going to live your mission, you must surrender to the Divinity within… your small self does not have the necessary information!’ During the first of five 10-day meditation retreats, I made this choice and over the next year and half the process of surrender was fulfilled. The process is ongoing as attachments can and do arise at any time and surrendering each attachment is necessary in order to continue along the surrendered path.

Part way through my meditation retreat process, I began sungazing, using HRM’s methods and ‘graduated’ two years later in the fall of 2009. I still sungaze for relaxation and inspiration and marvel at the dark’s success in convincing humanity that this natural and highly beneficial process is dangerous.

In early 2009, I realized that living my mission would require a full understanding of how the world works and I opened myself to that learning. That took most of the year and was both eye-opening and mind-blowing. Humanity’s current shared reality is an illusion imposed upon us by a small minority who control the media and control world finances. This few have secret technologies and target to gain ultimate control enslaving the rest of humanity. Fortunately, dark off-world support for this few is now ended. Much of this happened around the turn of the century but pockets of dark off-world support continued right up until the last few months. Light based ET support is now very real and will soon become self-evident.

I began writing my blog in December of 2009. This is an extension of my journaling practices that have been ongoing since the early 1990s.

A person’s aura attracts experiences and with all of the progress as summarized above, my aura needed updating. Melonie Old, a fellow Calgarian has pioneered the return of this necessary skill and I twice visited her to upgrade my aura, the last visit was in December 2010. A natural stage of life is to ‘give one’s gift to humanity’ which is the auric state I now live in.

My gift to humanity is to shift humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in oneness and abundance, instead of the current timeline based in duality and scarcity. That is the work I currently do. I currently work daily with someone (Katelon) based in the USA as we share the desire to bring about this Light based timeline shift.

For reasons that evade me, most of my contributions are at the level of energy in the etheric and energetic planes and dimensions. I am often asked to participate and contribute at these levels and have only partial recall of such activities.

That is the path my particular spiritual journey has taken me. Giving my gift to humanity remains my singular focus. A breakthrough looms but has not yet occurred; meanwhile I am maintaining my full and complete availability to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me as humanity shifts into a shared timeline based in Light.

Awesome way to live a life!

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to My Spiritual Journey

  1. Awesome life that’s still gifting. Your experience and skills as a creator god is the foundation for your current timeline mission. The Lemurian timeline Trumps the Atlantean timeline. 🌈 For God and Earth. [For Source and Terra] 😀

  2. Thank you John. I have enjoyed this journey you have shared.

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