A Hard Fall

The work being done by Katelon and me continues with daily sessions chipping away at what I call fortress Earth; the artificial and malevolent control structures imposed upon humanity by an array of dark forces. The dark has been in control of this sector of space for around 60,000 years and have worked diligently at creating and imposing limiting structures and systems to serve their overall objectives of enslaving humanity for their own nefarious purposes.

This began to change in the late 1990s when a prominent dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised his created civilizations to leave occupied territory and return to their home planets in pursuit of Light based internal change. This opened this sector of space for Light based ETs who are by now the only ETs in this sector.

The dark control structures remained and are slowly being cleared, layer by layer. Source is supporting all of this and Katelon and I are agents of Source representing humanity. Many of these control structures have a life of their own based on artificial intelligence and act as booby traps when triggered.

Katelon has been targeted by the dark this entire lifetime (and in all her previous incarnations). I have been more fortunate, flying under the dark’s radar until the last few years. A dark and dangerous time for Katelon began in mid October (three months ago) when we triggered a malevolent time warp that took us nearly a month to clear. Our daily work would be consumed within the time warp and trumped by the loop that returned the status back to the start of the loop where Katelon was extremely weak, essentially bedridden and running a fever. Four weeks later Source led us to a process where we were able to facilitate the clearing of this loop with the help of Ankara. Katelon’s health immediately improved and the life threatening aspects have not reappeared.

My darkest hour occurred over the holiday period. It began on December 23rd when I took a hard fall while walking in nearby Nose Hill Park. I struggled home with a rib injury and this ominous sense of being newly disconnected from Source. Fortunately, Katelon took the lead during the ensuing couple of weeks as I struggled through in pain, sleeping sitting up with a ‘grabbing’ in my injured rib area. We continued to meet daily and continued our process but I was essentially a passenger with Katelon doing the work including dealing with the malevolent being who caused my fall and implanted dark technology and black magic to limit my involvement and contributions. It came to a head about two weeks after my fall when Katelon managed to clear a parasitic structure implanted within me during my fall.

Since then my healing has resumed a normal path and my connections with Source have returned to what they were prior to the fall. Katelon and I continue as equal partners in the work we are doing. Hopefully we are on the closing leg but I really cannot say for sure as that information is not available, especially within the limited consciousness that is currently part of being human.

The work targets full disclosure, a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media systems, and a televised event initiating full disclosure and inviting Light based ETs to interact on an ongoing bases with humanity.

May all of this happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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9 Responses to A Hard Fall

  1. Finn says:

    Thank you so much John for this brilliant update; which was “just what the doctor ordered”! – However; what the doctor absolutely didn’t order was your unfortunate rib injury. I’ve had it too; hurts like **** and is extremely impracticable. Guess you too will have to live with it during a total of six weeks; before you’re finally free of it. – Thanks again; stay safe, warm regards from Norway.

  2. katelon says:

    Great post! I’m so glad that Source and Ankara have been providing me with so much info in my dreams and awake time and guidance for you so we continue to identify and eliminate these dark threats. It is always so amazing to be so injured by dark attacks, booby traps, etc. and have the light dispel it all…poof…it’s gone…symptoms usually gone in minutes…except for the two exceptions that you speak of in this post. I’ll always remember that freedom of immediate healing when I went from bedridden to my normal physical energy in one session. And your ribs have been healing much more quickly then when I was injured by a dark employer and suffered for years.

    Time for the Shift into the light to free all life!

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for the update! Sorry about your attacks and injuries. I pray for you both and send healing energy. I’m glad you are feeling better.

  4. Sorry for your misfortune. Thanks for the timely update. Time for a different focus.

  5. Thanks for the update John. I am glad you are feeling better. I also had a fall in December. I felt so devastated at the prospect of my mobility issues but my knee quickly healed. I appreciate the work you and Katelon do. Thank you and may the timeline for freedom for humanity be experienced for all.

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