Supporting Full Disclosure – Containment and Time-Travel

My first encounter with containment occurred at the summer solstice (June) of 2012. The human secret government was given a deadline of the summer solstice to surrender to the Light and participate in an orderly transfer of power. They declined and containment was used by the Light based forces to prevent the dark from taking humanity down irreversible dark timelines based in WWIII or other apocalyptic scenarios. That is the good news… the bad news is the dark remained and still remain in control of humanity’s shared timeline. As a result, humanity continues to live in a timeline of the dark’s choosing; more specifically a timeline based in economic slavery and artificially created duality.

I played a role in these surrender negotiations but that option ended when the human secret government refused surrender at the deadline. I also had much inner work to do and it took until the spring of 2018 (six years later) for this inner work to happen. Essentially I was duped by the dark’s propaganda streams and thought the Angelic Realm worked for the Light. They did not. The Angelic Realm was created as part of the dark control structure created by God, a dark creator god; as part of the powerful illusion known as the Matrix. Once this illusion was transcended the work of ending the dark’s control and the current timeline became possible.

Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I were then able to embark on what has turned out to be a lengthy process of ending the dark’s enslavement of humanity by beginning a new Light based timeline based in truth and full disclosure. We have worked every day since mid-November of 2018, over 15 months, toward this objective. By now, the human secret government stands alone as all the ETs in our air space are supporting full disclosure. Also, dark supporting structures like the Matrix are now gone. How then does the dark timeline persist?

The dark timeline is supported by a variety of human systems and by nearly every existing government on the planet. The most powerful of the human systems are the existing media and the existing financial system. Both are owned and controlled by the dark secret government. Together, they impose a variety of lies upon humanity… chief among them is that i) humanity is alone within the universe, ii) free energy does not exist and iii) we all have to participate in economic slavery in order to survive.

Vestiges of my duping remain and continue as impediments to the work we are targeting. One was that containment was part of the Angelic Realm and therefore not to trusted and certainly not to be used in the clearing process. That was transcended a few days ago and containment is now part of our normal processes. Also those who continue to stand in the way of Light based change are now under containment. Free will continues and many of these people continue to support the existing systems but their options and their capabilities are limited by containment.

Another vestige of the duping was that I had somehow flown under the dark’s radar and was free of dark interference until recently. The dark has used time-travel extensively. By traveling into the future years ago, they identified the threat of the work Katelon and I are presently doing and poured resources into blocking this work. In Katelon’s case, these blocks were often life threatening and the fact that she is alive today is nothing short of a miracle. In my case, the blocks were related to duping me and using existing situations to keep me otherwise occupied.

Only recently did we learn how to effectively clear blocks created by time-travelling humans. These blocks persisted despite our best efforts using methods that were successful with blocks not created by time-travellers. Recently, we learned that the key is to go back in time to when the block was created and clear it in that context. Otherwise the block regenerates and continues as though we had not done the work.

The most recent attacks upon Katelon and upon the full disclosure project originate in the present. That is to say, these attacks were done by present day supporters of the secret government and of the existing timeline. That is very encouraging as it suggests that blocks and fail-safes created in the past are now cleared.

How close are we to the desired result of a disclosure event televised around the world? Hard to say… but it feels close and progress has certainly been made and is certainly being made each day.

Freedom for humanity…

About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the ongoing process of bringing freedom to humanity; ending 60,000 years of dark control and domination.
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3 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – Containment and Time-Travel

  1. Finn says:

    What a wonderful work you are doing, John and Katelon !! – Many people don’t even want to hear or talk about the economic slavery; even though they are aware … – Very good to hear about the containment again; that expression hasn’t been around anywhere for many years now. – All of us lightwarriors are with you every step of the way; we are breaking through; now!

  2. Dan J Barth says:

    Thank You John and Katelon for all that you are doing. Love and Light to you! Dan

  3. Wonderful update. Excellent work both of you. With the only obstacles being present time ones you are right about Full Disclosure being imminent. The proverbial Ides of March approaches. With the decline of Imperial Rome (Dark Empire), the pending assassination of Caesar (Illuminati) by Brutus (Alliance) the Full Disclosure team Wil sweep all away.

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