Supporting Full Disclosure – A Pivotal Lifetime

In 2004, I made the choice to live my mission; to do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to change immediately and sixteen years later, the groundwork is laid but still no visible results.

Past lives began being shown to me (vignettes of key events) including a lifetime, nearly a millennium ago, where I died as an eleven year old child after watching my mother being tortured and killed. ‘Let that be a lesson to you’ was loud and clear and I chose to use my lifetimes since then to develop skills and to learn how to navigate in a human body; biding my time until my next attempt to free humanity from the darkness that controls us. That lifetime is now.

A pivotal lifetime occurred around 55,000 years ago. The dark had taken over this solar system and was plotting ways and means of using the coveted resource of Earth’s human population to their advantage. Humanity had been created by light based creator gods as the most advanced physical beings yet created and the dark coveted their DNA and the skill sets encoded within.

My work partner in this lifetime, a US based woman named Katelon, had a key role in that lifetime as the human leader of a planet charged with protecting humanity. I was a disembodied dark creator god in charge of a nearby planet called Molbek. The embodied leader of Molbek was a current world leader who will remain unnamed. On Molbek, we developed and were stockpiling thermo-nuclear weapons to be used around the galaxy as needed. Accidentally, the weapons exploded and Molbek was blown to bits now know as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Everyone on Molbek was killed, Katelon blamed herself for the catastrophe although it was in no way her’s, and I continued my disembodied lifetime.

But I was changed permanently and irrevocably. I saw the futility of pursuing dark agendas and handed in my resignation. If only it were that simple. The dark accepted my resignation but not unless and not until they installed hooks and markers that transcended time and space. None of this was within my conscious awareness in this lifetime and my naive belief was that I was flying under the dark’s radar. Fat chance!

Kathelon was cursed by the dark in the aftermath of the explosion. Although she was unharmed being on a planet far away, the dark (with my help) took advantage of her grief and her guilt and loaded her down with what we have come to call the Molbek Curse. The curse included a time travel loop created at the time and reinforced in a myriad of ways to keep her from stepping into her power; to keep her under their thumb.

The Universe arranged for us to meet in this lifetime nearly a decade ago, and we have worked together off and on ever since. There is a lot of chalk and cheese in our personalities and in our approaches to everything. This is our greatest strength and has also been our greatest liability but we share one thing… a deep and abiding dedication to living our mission, to doing what we came to do. We also share a knowing that neither of us can do what needs doing on our own… we need each other.

For me, that is a relatively simple equation… no matter what happens, forgive and continue. For Katelon, it has been far more complex. The darkness gained access to Katelon through me and used it at key times to target her. None of this was within my conscious awareness but is by now inarguable. More than once, most recently earlier this year, Katelon has been near deaths door because of the work we are doing; and in no small measure because of the proximity gained through me. Fortunately the light intervenes at the eleventh hour and Katelon has survived.

In our latest attempt to live our mission, we have cut out all the middle men and work directly with Source to get information and allies. That work began in November of 2018, nearly a year and a half ago and we have worked everyday during that time dealing with whatever the dark has thrown at us.

Our target is full disclosure. Accompanied by taking over the world’s financial systems and the world’s media; both of which are currently controlled by the dark. Tremendous progress has been made and by now, the human secret government on this planet essentially stands alone. All of the dark marauders who overran this solar system 60,000 years ago are now departed and returned to their home planets. All of the creator gods aligned with darkness are either surrendered or returned to Source. The underground bases, the moon bases, the bases on other planets in the solar system are all now empty or within the light’s control. All of the ETs in our air space now embrace light based agendas and support full disclosure. Many of the fail safes based on magic, artificial intelligence and technology have been dismantled and we are assured that none remain that have the capability of blocking full disclosure.

It is by now just a matter of time. Full disclosure will happen and happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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7 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – A Pivotal Lifetime

  1. katelon says:

    May it happen VERY soon! Time for an end to this latest propaganda stream and tyranny and time for a new timeline.

  2. Finn says:

    Thank you so much John (and Katelon) for this exceptionally intriguing update! – Cheering you on forever! – What an exciting time to be living in! – Thanks again John, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  3. Very brief and intense update. Finally at the finish line. Will Source determine when to cross that fine line or is that left up to you? Anything I can do to stay out of the way just let me know. πŸ˜€

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