Supporting Full Disclosure – Closing In?

Katelon (a USA based woman) and I work everyday to bring about a timeline shift based on full disclosure. Instead of the present timeline controlled by dark forces and imposed upon the rest of humanity by a hidden and unelected world government, humanity would have a brand new timeline controlled by Light based forces and organically adopted by all of humanity. In support of the truth based new timeline, those leading the light based timeline will assume control of the world’s financial systems, the world’s media systems and the world’s health authority. All of these systems are presently controlled by the dark and work hand in glove to create the current health scare adopted around the world in the name of a pandemic with propaganda streams blaring at us over every media outlet convincing us to wear masks, touch nothing, stay six feet away from anyone not in our household and other ridiculous proclamations. The success of this fear based stream has amazed me and continues to do so.

Katelon and I work at the level of energy, what I call the level of creation. We have limited resources and no power or even influence within the current timeline. How then do we expect to effect such a momentous shift? A number of powerful forces are aligned with us. Some of these forces we actively recruited while others just fell into our lap. Additionally, and perhaps the most important factor, the current timeline and support for it expired in October of 2011. That was the end of the era of duality. As a result, Source is no longer supporting dark creator gods targeting agendas based in duality or scarcity. Some of these gods have surrendered and rededicated themselves to Light based objectives. Those who have not have been called home, called back to Source to whom we all return. That has greatly tilted the playing field and made the dark’s job of maintaining the current timeline an uphill struggle.

Why then has it not already happened? Why then is the current timeline still in place looking robust and tightening the screws on all of humanity? Some obvious reasons are the pandemic supported by health authorities at all levels, elected world governments pretending to protect us all the while stealing our rights and freedoms, and the three major systems previously mentioned (financial, media and world health authority) all controlled by darkness. Katelon and I leave it to others to dislodge all of this… our job is to end the hidden systems supporting what is.

The dark tool most affecting our work as we close in on a momentous timeline shift is time-travel. This sounds like science fiction and the dark has worked hard at keeping this capability secret and officially denied but like faster than light travel, time-travel has long been practiced and perfected by at least two factions of the secret government. Time-travel was discovered in the USA due to two factors that came together in the 1940s. One was Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943 and the second was the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Using Tesla’s science and back engineering from the crashed (shot down) UFOs, top secret government funded research discovered and developed time-travel. This work was controlled by the dark secret government of the day and instead of making their work public or even part of the US military, it was offered to the then secret government (also free energy and faster than light travel) in exchange for a seat at the secret government’s USA head table.

Time-travel has been extensively used over the past several decades to uncover potential threats to the existing timeline. Once uncovered, the dark has worked to create blocks and obstacles within the threatening timelines. Both Katelon and I have been heavily targeted using this technology. Essentially, the USA based secret government identified our partnership years before it actually happened and began creating obstacles hoping to derail us.

One of the dark’s most powerful techniques is to create a time-travel loop. These loops are extremely robust since destroying a portion of the loop is entirely ineffective. The loop simply recreates itself like a frog regenerating a missing limb or the healing of a flesh wound. These loops also have embedded fail safes so even if someone successfully destroys the loop they are then endangered by the fail safe activated by the loop’s destruction. Dangerous stuff.

Here are two of the loops recently cleared; including the resultant fail safes.

One was a loop involving my birth family. My mother is 97 years old and remarkably hale and hardy. She has seven children, five of them daughters. The middle daughter was incested as a teenager by her now deceased father, mother’s long time husband. The daughter outed the secret over thirty years ago. Five of the children and mother have banded together to make life difficult for the truth-telling daughter; including penalizing the daughter in the will. As 2019 ended and 2020 began, I was alerted to this situation and began to act as an agent for the truth-telling daughter (my sister). It has been very difficult work and no matter what I did, nothing good seemed to come of it. A short time ago Katelon and I discovered a time-travel loop targeting the perpetuation of this dysfunction. This loop was created five or six years ago and a few days ago, we dissolved it at the point of creation. I now clearly see that my work is to free up myself and my truth-telling sister so we are free of the manipulations by the others. This allows me to return to focusing on the desired timeline shift which will make the dollars involved here irrelevant.

The other loop targeted both Katelon and my financial well being. Katelon has had dark interference in her financial well being all her life and has no financial reserves. I was more fortunate enjoying reasonable financial success in my career but I have not worked for pay now for well over a decade. A time-travel loop was created in the late 1980’s targeting both of us. The secret government already knew of our current timeline working together to bring about the timeline shift and the loop targeted our financial well being hoping we would become insolvent and unable to continue. My career nosedived and Katelon was financially blocked at every turn.

This loop was uncovered and destroyed a few days ago.

This combination of events feels huge and perhaps we are now rolling downhill toward the promised finish line… toward the ending of the existing dark timeline by the beginning of a light based timeline based in truth and full disclosure.

May that happen soon!

Freedom for humanity…

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7 Responses to Supporting Full Disclosure – Closing In?

  1. Dan Barth says:

    glad you were able to discover and dissolve those loops! Thanks again John and Katelon!!

  2. katelon says:

    Great post. I love how you distill our hours and weeks of work into a readable and understandable report! I am sooooo ready for a new timeline where ALL are safe, supported and honored.

    • Finn says:

      Yes, Katelon, and like John said : “perhaps we are now rolling downhill toward the promised finish line… ” – I would very much like to do just that; while being too exhausted now to doing anything else anyway. – May we all get rid of the dreadful team dark once and for all right now. – Thanks again John and Katelon, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  3. apmdewit says:

    Well… let me say that I feel the same about entering the new timeline! Hoping that in my efforts making this world a better place for me and the people around me I can help humanity in total to make the shift to the light based timeline I thank you for your team-work!

  4. Good work. Thanks for the update. Are you in contact with the group that bioengineered the human race on Earth Prime. Will we revert back to the original biotemplate or will our current biology be changed. Thanks. For God and Earth.

  5. Light Messenger says:

    Thank you Mr John Ross for keeping us update with your blog.
    Listen to this blog guys! It is one one of the few source of truth you can find on the internet about planet earth and creation.
    Be sure that light as come on earth. Big changes are to come (Full disclosure being one of them.) We will remember who we were prior
    to this incarnation. Two techniques that saved my life in my still youg journey are the ability to face emotional pain/discomfort
    without judgement (You can be sure it will go away in time). And that ability to stop the mind when a negative thought arises in it.
    Try to enjoy your journeys.
    Light Messenger.

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