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Supporting Full Disclosure – Closing In?

Katelon (a USA based woman) and I work everyday to bring about a timeline shift based on full disclosure. Instead of the present timeline controlled by dark forces and imposed upon the rest of humanity by a hidden and unelected … Continue reading

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Supporting Full Disclosure – A Pivotal Lifetime

In 2004, I made the choice to live my mission; to do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to change immediately and sixteen years later, the groundwork is laid but still no visible results. Past … Continue reading

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Freedom for Humanity – A Summary – Spring 2020

Humanity was a joint creation of creator gods serving truth and the greater good. We are fractals of all that is and all that has been; the most advanced physical beings yet created.  Other gods with a service to self … Continue reading

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Supporting Full Disclosure – Containment and Time-Travel

My first encounter with containment occurred at the summer solstice (June) of 2012. The human secret government was given a deadline of the summer solstice to surrender to the Light and participate in an orderly transfer of power. They declined … Continue reading

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A Hard Fall

The work being done by Katelon and me continues with daily sessions chipping away at what I call fortress Earth; the artificial and malevolent control structures imposed upon humanity by an array of dark forces. The dark has been in … Continue reading

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My Spiritual Journey

I wrote most of this summary about three years ago. This is an edited version adding in a couple of key points in my journey that occurred after posting this in January of 2016. After coasting for about four decades, … Continue reading

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Supporting Full Disclosure – The Work Continues

A short update seems appropriate as I have not made an entry for several weeks. The daily sessions (sometimes multiple sessions throughout the day) with my work partner, a US based woman named Katelon, continue and we are about a … Continue reading

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