The Post Kennedy USA Timeline

Yesterday was the 54th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas Texas in 1963. I was in grade ten at that time, in a small town called Neilburg in Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada. The school principal took us all out of class and we watched an hour or so of tv coverage before being sent home early to begin the weekend. Emotionally, the event had little impact on me but spiritually, I was devastated. I ‘knew’ that the timeline of shifting into a Light based timeline to prepare for Ascension had been highjacked and that an artificial timeline controlled by dark and self-interested people had begun. When Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were killed in 1968, the dark’s coup was complete. The US had been taken over by fascists and my mission of assisting humanity to ascend into the higher dimensions was jeopardized. I became a cynic at the ripe old age of twenty.

In the recently released documents, kept secret for over fifty years, it is clearly established that a variety of US governmental agencies, led by the CIA, conspired and carried out the assassination of their own president. Thus began the current timeline where a small group of unelected men, best described as the USA’s secret government, have near total control over the US government and every presidential administration since that time. In many cases, including the current administration, the elected president has been in cahoots with the secret government and willingly cooperated with their wishes.

Those now in control of the post Kennedy USA timeline gained control of Nikola Tesla’s working papers when he died in 1943 and used US government funding and US military secrecy protocols to develop and build a number of secret technologies based on Tesla’s science (free energy, faster than light travel, time-travel). Around the time of Kennedy’s assassination, several of these technologies were well developed and the few chose to continue to keep them secret from the US government; instead they were used as bargaining chips to gain a seat at the head table of the world’s secret government. The world’s secret government control all the major media outlets and set editorial policies to suit their agenda of enslaving the rest of humanity. A measure of their control is the fact that the recently released Kennedy papers were barely covered by the media. Together with the world’s secret government these few have control of the USA’s money supply through their wholly owned central bank, the Federal Reserve. As owners, they collect interest payments from the American public on the USA’s illegal debts now in excess of 17 trillion dollars. Wow…what a money maker. And the icing on this grotesque cake…they have managed to keep their very existence a secret; and few of them are even known to the public.

The post Kennedy timeline has had a few twists and turns but has marched steadily forward toward a fascist state where an elite and unelected few (they are calling themselves the Alliance) make all important policy decisions for the US government. These few have control over all the important governmental agencies (CIA, FBI, IRS just to name a few). These few control all federal and most state elections including the software used in the voting machines so voters are becoming window dressing. At present, the USA is among the least democratic nations in the entire world.

The few in control of the post Kennedy timeline are experts in keeping secrets. Who assassinated Kennedy is one example. 9/11, free energy, and the presence of ETs are others, and there are literally thousands of smaller secrets. How do they do it? All of their insiders are sworn to secrecy, including everyone of influence within the CIA. The few have well funded secret organizations they call ‘wet works’, their euphemism for murder squads and a great deal of secret technologies to murder people they consider threats to their agenda. Often, they make these murders look like accidents, suicides and even natural. They have technologies to create cancer in otherwise healthy individuals, technologies to give healthy people heart attacks, technologies to remotely control automobiles and airplanes to cause crashes, drone technologies and many, many more. In addition, they have experts in threatening people and making their threats believable.

I could go on, but you get the picture. The post Kennedy USA timeline is an ugly thing and shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

Now for the good news. The existing timeline is based on deception and illusion. The existing timeline is running on borrowed time. Support for the existing timeline is drying up and will soon disappear entirely. Those few imposing the existing timeline are becoming ever more reliant on magic, black magic to be precise; and magic is trumped by miracles. The existing timeline will not last much longer.

For the past decade, I have focused on ending the existing timeline, which includes the post-Kennedy timeline, by replacing it with a timeline based in Light, based in serving the greater good, and based in truth including full and complete disclosure.

An early step in this process was to surrender to my inner Divinity and honour that source of wisdom in all my decisions. In this way, I become part of a large team that is working on ending the existing timeline. My skill set is working at the level of creation, at what I call the etheric level. Over the past several weeks, the black magic underpinnings of the existing timeline have been weakened and are being dismantled. The matrix is no longer controlled by magic. The parasites who have supported the secret government have been read their final warning in accordance with cosmic law. Soon they will be disempowered and the secret government will then stand alone.

How and when the existing timeline is displaced by a timeline based in Light is not known to me. However, I keep following my guidance and serving the greater good. Others are doing likewise and together, the balance of power is shifting. Magic is losing its hold. Miracles are gaining power.

Soon, all of humanity will witness a shift unprecedented in human history…the shift into a shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of cosmic law.

Freedom for humanity…

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Ending Magic’s Hold

Those of us who are awake and aware understand that a small group of self-interested beings are imposing an artificial timeline on all of humanity. We differ on the details such as who are these beings and how are they pulling off this amazing feat; but fundamentally, we agree. A small group of self-interesting beings are imposing an artificial timeline on all of humanity! Ugh…okay, how do we shift this reality; how do we end this artificial timeline and bring in a timeline based on serving the greater good; a timeline based on serving all of humanity, not just the few at the top and their lackeys.

That has been my koan for the last decade or so as I have targeted to end the current artificial timeline by shifting it into a timeline based in truth and full disclosure. At first, I thought it would happen automatically when humanity ascended at the December solstice of 2012. Then I thought it would happen by the voluntary surrender of those imposing the current timeline. Then I thought that humanity’s secret government could be exposed and defunded through a televised event beginning the new timeline. None of these things came to pass. Only recently, in the last six months, did I learn that magic is currently at the root of the current timeline and is being used by the secret government, and those to whom they report, to keep the current artificial timeline in place.

Magic has never been a part of my experience. Even when I learned to access the energy field of creation in the early 2000s, I did so from my connection with Divinity and strengthened the guidance flowing from that connection. By doing so, I entered into the realm of miracles; still learning nothing about magic.

What is the difference between miracles and magic?

Miracles and magic are related but different. A miracle is using the universe’s unseen creative forces by invoking Divinity. Magic is using these same unseen creative forces without invoking Divinity.

Miracles are connected to the greater good because Divinity is invoked. It has been over a decade since I surrendered to Divinity and one thing has become clear to me…Divinity only supports the greater good and calling upon Divinity is in fact bringing into play forces and balances supporting the greater good.

Magic has no direct connection to the greater good. Magic works in accordance with the same unseen forces that are encoded within the universe; but these forces are directed and controlled by the individuals using the magic. Because of this, we have black magic, e.g. using these forces for dark or self-interested purposes and white magic, using these forces in service of the user’s perception of the greater good.

One might think that the way to combat black magic is to learn and use white magic but that is a fools game. Every day, I work toward replacing the existing timeline supported by magic with a timeline based in serving the greater good and supported by miracles. My partner in this work is a Chicago woman named Brittany. What Brittany and I have learned is that miracles are the antidote to magic. Miracles dissolve magic and where miracles are invoked, magic cannot succeed.

Over the past six weeks or so, we have gone directly after the magic supporting the existing artificial timeline. Earlier this month, by using miracles, the matrix was transformed and is no longer controlled by magic. Over the last couple of weeks, we have continued the initiative of ending the power of magic within humanity’s shared timeline.

At the human level, we have interfaced with a secret society that uses magic and that is heavily intertwined with the human secret government. Working at the etheric level, we went to their top boardroom and informed their leaders that they were out of business. Their options were to transition into the Light or be turned over to those we call the round up team; a Light based resource with access to Light based rehabilitation facilities. We met with their bosses, off-world parasites and gave them the same options. We also met with a creator god who has participated in this control scheme (the current artificial timeline) for thousands of years. Our guidance was to give him his final warning, a step within invoking cosmic law and the miracles which dissolve all magic. The next day we returned to the secret society and to the parasites and gave them their final warning. Obviously, we got that backwards…but live and learn.

This morning Brittany was informed of a technology being used by the parasites to support their magic hold over humanity and enable their parasitic agendas. The technology uses the tetrahedron to create artificial intelligence that has many of the attributes of life but lacks a Light Body, our connection with Divinity. We were informed that we were now supported in terms of ending the manufacture of this technology by shutting down the parasite’s factories that produce this artificial life form. The parasites had already been given their final warning so we were supported in activating Light based resources that shut down all such factories and informed the parasitic owners and operators that they could no longer continue to produce this artificial life form. More work may be given us as it relates to this stream but the important step of shutting down the production of this dangerous and artificial life form is complete.

My information is that such artificial life forms eventually take over the parasitic society that produces it and everything dies; parasites, their victims (e.g. humanity) and the artificial life form. Pockets of this scourge have run their course in various places throughout the universe. The modifications to the Source Codes effectively ends this cycle and the work we are doing is ending this ugly timeline here on Earth. Magic’s hold over humanity has been ended.

A timeline serving the greater good will manifest here on Earth; that much is now assured. How and when is not known to me.

Freedom for humanity…

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Transforming the Matrix

By happenstance or by Divine design, Brittany and I were asked to do some work within the matrix on the weekend following her eviction from her leased home on Thursday. I had thought we would be asked to destroy the matrix but instead were asked to transform it. It seems the matrix is a natural part of our ecosystem and without it, Gaia cannot provide a suitable home for humanity here on Earth.

Some history was provided to us as we worked to transform the matrix. Earth fell to dark forces 40,000 years ago in a star wars battle. The human experiment to develop physical beings capable of thriving in the higher dimensions by creating DNA able to carry the higher frequencies was well underway. Humanity was designed by a group of highly evolved civilizations as a cooperative venture that began 200,000 years ago and humanity was progressing nicely along their evolutionary path until that fateful star wars battle. Human DNA was greatly prized by the dark Alliance so they enlisted parasitic expertise to take over the matrix. This dark takeover of the matrix was masterminded from the now disappeared continent of Atlantis and was achieved about 30,000 years ago. The human experiment remained in defiance and on their own continent, called Lemuria, in the Pacific. Around 25,000 years ago, these two great human civilizations fought a series of thermo-nuclear wars. Everyone lost and both Atlantis and Lemuria sank below the waves around 13,000 years ago. The dark controlled matrix and the illusion of duality and scarcity upon which humanity’s shared timeline is based have been in force since that time.

The Light is now in a position to end this detour and return humanity to their evolutionary path. The dark Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda about two decades ago and the Predators and their troops have all returned to their home planets, leaving occupied territory including Earth. The Parasites declined the Alliance’s advice to surrender and have continued to operate the Earth’s matrix; maintaining the illusion of duality and scarcity resulting in a continuation of humanity’s existing timeline. The Parasites control humanity through their human agents, a small group of self-interested men best described as humanity’s secret government. The secret government’s current strongholds are communism, the European Union and virtually complete control within the USA. They control the voting machines used in elections, and all the key alphabet agencies, most importantly the CIA, the FBI and the IRS. Trump and the current administration are their pawns.

All of this depends on control of the matrix; or at least, that is how Brittany and I currently understand the situation. We had already been shown how to break into the matrix and had already made some changes there including transplanting the Tree of Life within the matrix and freeing an entity who had grown tired of serving the matrix. We are volunteers, acting as agents of the Light in this work.

During the weekend sessions, we were asked to do the work of transforming the matrix. The plan was to break into the matrix and remove ‘the heart of the matrix’; advanced parasitic technology. The heart of the matrix was to be escorted out of the solar system through a portal in the Sun and turned over to Light based resources for safekeeping. In the place vacated by the heart of the matrix we were to transplant the Tree of Life which already existed in the matrix from work we had done earlier. In this way, the matrix would be transformed and instead of supporting the existing timeline based in the illusion of duality and scarcity, the Tree of Life would support a Light based timeline based in serving the greater good.

Once the work was planned and we had prepared ourselves, especially spiritually, we did the work. It went without a hitch.

The Light is now back in control of the matrix and the new timeline based in serving the greater good is activated. The process of ending the existing timeline is underway. What route that will take is unknown to us and perhaps unknown to anyone as the Parasites and their pawns, the secret government seem hell bent on going down with the ship and causing maximum havoc in the process. All we are assured of is that apocalypse will not be allowed and humanity will soon throw off the shackles of the current dark timeline; thus returning to their evolutionary path after this 40,000 year detour.

May the transition into a shared timeline based in serving the greater good happen quickly and with a minimum of turbulence.

Freedom for humanity…

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One Door Closes

Brittany and I began working together in April, a little over six months ago. At the time she had a well paying job, a leased apartment, and a roommate accomplished in magic. All of these are now gone as she surrendered to her spiritual path and devoted herself to those activities at the expense of all else.

My role was to facilitate, mentor and advise her on her spiritual path. I was aware of her choices as it related to her secular life but she did not ask, nor did I volunteer advice, in that regard.

Brittany’s job was the first to go. Within a week or two of beginning regular sessions targeting her spiritual development, she decided to quit. She enjoyed her work but it was extremely time and energy consuming, including her daily commute; and her guidance was clear in this regard. ‘You cannot do both…assuming a dedication to developing spiritually, you will have to quit your job and not find a new one.’ 

Her roommate was the next to go and within a month the roommate was gone. Brittany and her roommate were long time friends meeting during childhood. In the tumultuous parting, the roommate requested that Brittany not be there when the roommate picked up her stuff. Brittany complied.

Soon after, ugly truth began to surface about the roommate and her intentions. The roommate had a secret agenda of keeping Brittany from her sacred path. This had been true since childhood and she had posed as Brittany’s friend for strategic purposes; including becoming Brittany’s roommate earlier this year. The roommate was employed within the parasitic agenda, either as an agent or as a dupe. She was and is highly accomplished in utilizing magic (including spells and curses) and left a number of magical booby-traps during her unsupervised visit to pick up her things. Two of the most powerful were a beaded necklace found in Brittany’s couch a couple of months ago and a page from her journal found in the closet of her former room earlier this morning.

Brittany’s leased apartment ended this morning. When Brittany quit working in the spring, she lost her ability to pay rent and has lived there in arrears since that time. Now some particulars on the eviction event. Brittany and I had begun our daily session a half hour before the unexpected and unannounced knock came on her door. The cursed journal page was first on our agenda and we had just completed the clearing process based on dissolving the curse using the miracles available to us within the sacred space that Brittany and I invoke each day. Then came the insistent knock. I stayed on the line and listened to the entire process. It was four police officers, three men and a woman; in possession of a court order, authorizing the eviction. Brittany remained calm throughout. She was allowed the cloths on her back, a coat and her shoes.

The building’s maintenance man acted on behalf of the owners and Brittany negotiated with him to get her computer and began to arrange to get the rest of her things. We have talked a couple of times since and Brittany is advancing along her path; figuring out her approach to this next phase of her life.

Yesterday was Brittany’s birthday and for about a week she has been receiving information that a new phase, phase two, would begin around her birthday. Our daily sessions have included preparation and assignments as it relates to completing phase one. Phase one is about learning her life lessons and the final lessons have been proximate and crammed into the last few day. Stepping fully into her power and stepping into an abundance mindset would be a good summary of her final lessons.

Just before we ended our call during the eviction process, Brittany said, “One door closes.” We both understood the rest of this sentence although it was unspoken. “And another opens.”

Phase two has begun. Both for Brittany’s spiritual journey and for the process of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in light.

This coming weekend may prove very interesting…

Freedom for humanity…

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It is Coming Good

Targeting to shift humanity’s shared timeline has resulted in a lengthy learning curve. I have been working at it for a decade or so and only in the past few months did I become aware of the primary forces holding the current timeline in place. These forces are in the form of off-world parasitic civilizations using black magic and advanced technologies to create an illusion that we will call the ‘matrix’. It is within this illusion that the current human timeline continues to operate. For obvious reasons, any timeline based on an illusion is vulnerable so there is hope.

I had thought that Ankara, a dark creator god, and the Alliance that formed around his agenda of conquest and subjugation was the key factor in supporting humanity’s current timeline but this has proved incorrect. The parasites joined the Ankara Alliance but held no allegiance to Ankara so when Ankara surrendered and advised all within the Alliance to do likewise, the parasites said, ‘No thanks; we will take the leg up that the Alliance afforded us and continue our parasitic agenda of feeding off of the human misery created by the illusion that we own and control.’

How did the parasites manage to gain control over humanity? Why did the predators who conquered Earth and our solar system cede control of humanity to the parasites? These remain partially unanswered questions but somehow the parasites became the lead dogs in terms of enslaving humanity and when the predators surrendered and left, the parasites and the human secret government, whom the parasites control, barely missed a beat.

As long as my focus remained on the predators within the Alliance (who did surrender and have left occupied territory, including Earth) my efforts to shift the current timeline were relatively ineffectual. The true enslavers of humanity, the parasites, remained hidden and undisturbed.

My focus began to shift when I started working with a Chicago woman named Brittany in April.  Brittany was heavily targeted by the parasites and as we worked to free her; the parasites and their hidden agendas began to be exposed.

There are two primary failure modes for any endeavour; fear and ignorance. Fear has not been a significant factor in my efforts to shift humanity’s shared timeline since I battled fear when I first began writing this blog in the fall of 2009 (the first nine months were swallowed up into cyberspace, so this blog begins in October 2010). This was not unfounded fear since the secret government and the parasites who control them are ruthless in every way but I asked to live to see the fruits of my labour and that request was granted. Ever since, I have followed my guidance and when fear crops up, I dissolve it by returning to my guidance. Once the fear is dissolved, I make my decisions fearlessly; and in accordance with the Light based guidance within me.

Ignorance is another kettle of fish. On several occasions, I have been of the opinion that I understand the big picture as it relates to shifting humanity’s shared timeline. However, on several occasions, there has proved to be a significant factor that has not yet been addressed; a significant factor of which I was ignorant. My former work partner, Katelon helped me to uncover several of these but we both remained blind to the parasites and attributed the parasitic agenda to the secret government. Each time we approached break-through, the parasites would interfere and the shift event would not happen.

My current work partner, Brittany removed these blinders. The parasites, their technologies, and the matrix (their illusion) are now being targeted and disempowered. This has become the present focus of the work Brittany and I are doing and already, significant progress has been made. Some days there is nothing to do, other days we are given specific projects; as examples: We were shown how to break into the matrix and effect light based changes. We entered one of the parasite’s buildings and shut down some parasitic masters and their technology. Brittany freed a spirit trapped in service to the parasitic agenda and made changes to ensure she remained free.

The work we are doing is attracting a lot of attention, both from Light based supporters and from defenders of the parasites and their matrix. These defenders often use parasitic hooks while floating unseen above us and outside of our energy field. In this way they claim to be compliant with cosmic law and cannot be ousted using our normal methods. We were inspired to remove the hooks which untethered them and off they float; leaving us within full sovereignty. We also interview visitors; first invoking the sacred space and our Light based supporters. On several occasions, visitors who claimed to be supportive have been exposed as frauds and leave after refusing to answer specific questions posed to them within this sacred space.

By following our guidance each and every step of the way, we become teammates within the Light based forces freeing humanity and birthing the new shared human timeline. This new timeline is based in truth and full disclosure; based in serving the greater good; based in the fullness of cosmic law. How close we are and when the shift will happen is not know to me; but this much I know…

It is coming good!

Freedom for humanity…

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The Parasites

Within limited consciousness, there is much humanity does not know about our history, about our capabilities and about those who currently oppress us. Since a Chicago woman named Brittany and I began working together in April, the spotlight has shifted to those I call the parasites. This spotlight has been especially intense since July when we began doing daily sessions targeting to effect humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light.

Prior to that time, my focus had been on those I call the predators. The predators were led by a creator god named Ankara who specifically targeted to test the power of Love by creating advanced civilizations who targeted to use force to take over other civilizations and control the galaxy. The civilizations Ankara created were based on reptilian sentiency and an Alliance formed supporting their predatory agenda. The Ankara Alliance targeted conquest and control over the entire galaxy but a stalemate developed because these war-faring activities were prevented from advancing into segments of the galaxy that were protected by Light based armadas who matched or exceeded Ankara’s marauding technologies. Long ago, Ankara had agreed to cease and desist when the era of duality ended in 2011 and true to his word, Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda around 1996, ending the galactic wars that had raged for two million years. Ankara advised all within his Alliance to follow his lead. Most complied, leaving occupied territory and returning to their home planets, ending their predatory agendas. By now, two decades later, the predators have all left our planet and our solar system. The predatory agenda is no longer a significant obstacle in terms of humanity shifting our shared timeline into a Light based timeline.

Does that mean humanity’s secret government, a small group of self-interested men, now stands alone? That was my opinion prior to working with Brittany but we have learned differently.

Just as Ankara created predatory races and a predatory agenda based on conquest and subjugation; another creator god created parasitic races and a parasitic agenda based on secrecy and deceit such that the parasites could attach to targeted civilizations and suck their Light based energy. Exactly how this works, I do not know, nor have I targeted to understand it. What we have targeted is to end these agendas as they relate to parasitic activities targeting humanity and the planet upon which we live.

In early October, the parasitic creator god paid us a visit. He appeared as a short dark-skinned man and taunted Brittany with ‘I’m going to have fun with you!’ Together, we defended her sovereignty, invoking a sacred space completely surrounding her in which cosmic law was fully in effect. At first this had little impact and her field remained compromised. I was invited to go into a meditative state and connect with Divinity. Once this was done, I was instructed to take the hooks out of Brittany and with the Light’s support, did so. The parasitic ‘ballon’ that had hooked into Brittany’s field then floated off into the etheric sky and Brittany regained full sovereignty.

The Light continued to give us information, ‘telling’ us that this was a highly significant event. A day or two later, the Light Council informed us that the shift we are targeting ‘is now done.’

The parasitic agenda has been well supported within humanity and a small percentage of humans have been specifically targeted. Brittany is one of these people.

Her visit by Death in the form of the Grim Reaper reported in my last blog post is part of the parasitic agenda. People killed by the Grim Reaper are ushered into an artificial reality separated from Source. Instead of oneness and light, they experience ‘the void’, a form of nothingness and their future embodiments receive special parasitic attention. In a previous embodiment, Brittany’s soul was fragmented and her high self was imprisoned. It is a testament to Brittany’s personal power and to the Grace we are currently experiencing that Brittany has been able to reassemble all her soul fragments and break her high self out of this parasitic jail.

Soon, perhaps very soon, humanity will break out of the illusion created by the parasites and in so doing, return to humanity’s evolutionary path. The detour has been long and filled with human misery…just the way the parasites designed it.

Freedom for humanity…

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Magic is No Longer Supported

First, a distinction. Magic and miracles are related but different. Magic is using the unseen creative forces without invoking Divinity. A miracle is using these same unseen creative forces by invoking Divinity.

Magic has no consciousness and works in accordance with the unseen forces at play within the universe. Because of this, we have black magic, e.g. using these forces for dark or self-interested purposes and white magic, using these forces in service of the user’s perception of the greater good. Often, black and white magic oppose each other.

Miracles have a consciousness because Divinity is invoked. It has been over a decade since I surrendered to Divinity and one thing has become clear to me…Divinity only supports the greater good and calling upon Divinity is in fact bringing into play forces and balances supporting the greater good.

Brittany, a Chicago woman, and myself, living in Calgary, work together every day in support of the miraculous process of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in Love and in Light. We targeted to facilitate this miraculous shift on September 23, but those attempts did not succeed in any visible way. However, lots happened around that date and much has shifted as a result.

On September 21st, two days before the hoped for shift, Brittany and I included a Shaman, a friend and associate, for part of our working session. The work appeared very successful and the Shaman used white magic in the natural course of the work being done on that day. In the evening of the 23rd, after the shift failed to materialize, Brittany used white magic to deal with some issues related to guarding her personal sovereignty. Death, in the archetypical form of the grim reaper, appeared in her home the next morning. ‘What are you here for?’ asked Brittany. ‘You’ was Death’s reply.

We naturally included this in our session and worked with Death lurking in Brittany’s field. We were guided to have Brittany rescind the white magic of the night before. As soon as this was done, Death left and has not returned.

Within a few days, another way was found to guard Brittany’s personal sovereignty using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The parasitic agendas, that have been targeting humanity and controlling humanity’s secret government, make extensive use of magic and mind control. People who pose specific threats to the parasitic agenda are particularly targeted and their brains are manipulated so others can have control over them. Two people had been given exulted status in Brittany’s brain. One was malevolently intended, the other was a dupe; likely with their own brain manipulations to create a destructive co-depency. The malevolent person was identified a few months ago and had lost their exulted status within Brittany’s brain. The dupe’s exulted status remained until we did the NLP work. Essentially Brittany identified the location and modalities associated with the exulted status and shifted both. Instantly, the co-dependency ended. Brittany has done much NLP related work since to clean up other mind control mechanisms that had been installed within her brain and marvels at the freedom and the peace of mind that has resulted.

Very recently, Brittany experienced unease while interacting with her friend, the Shaman. We discussed the situation after invoking the Sacred space of miracles; and we asked for information to come to us in the night. In the wee hours, the information poured in. Magic is not to be used in the work of creating humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light. The Shaman uses magic so do not include him in the work you are doing. There is nothing intrisically faulty with the Shaman so do not fear for his safety or his well-being. The unease is simply a reminder that magic is not to be used.

Shifting a timeline shared by billions of people is a complex and at times daunting task, especially when opposed by a parasitic and ruthless secret world government who have many advantages; including control over the world’s media, control over the world’s financial systems and access to many secret technologies including mind and spirit control technologies that blows even awakened minds such as my own.

The good news is that those using magic are no longer being supported and the secret government is reliant on magic. People like Brittany and I are aligned with and supporting those bringing forth the long overdue Light based timeline shift and rapid albeit unseen progress is being made. It is a fact that the existing parasitic timeline is reliant on magic and is running on borrowed time. This timeline will soon be extinguished. A courageous human leader has not yet stepped to the plate but off-world and unseen support grows daily; and a miraculous timeline shift will happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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