White Hats take over US Military

A highly significant event took place as a result of the Trump administration’s attempt to engage North Korea in a military confrontation. These attempts fizzled and fell flat. Why? Because white hats took over command within the US military and refused to follow the aggressive orders that were given by the Trump administration that targeted to escalate the situation eventually leading to bomber attacks of North Korea.

The controlled media covered up by claiming that Trump was misinformed as it related to the ship that was to be off the coast of Korea but was elsewhere and by downplaying Trump’s Senate briefing; but the real and thus far hidden reason is that white hats within the US military took over command and refused to support the administration’s attempts to create a new war in the Far East. The media played both events as ‘inept Trump’ because the intended ‘tough Trump’ card had been taken from them.

I am a Canadian citizen without insider information except that my friend Katelon and I connect daily at the etheric level with the Light based resources who supported and stage managed this momentous shift. Today, we asked for and were given permission to go public with this information. Here is how the white hats took over.

In February of this year, the Light Council gave the go ahead to Light based resources we have called the Round-Up Team to corral the top leaders of humanity’s secret government. Within days, using advanced ET technology and human negotiators, the top hundred or so leaders of the secret government on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world were rounded up and taken out of their leadership roles. They had the choice to stand down under a form of house arrest to later face the music of full disclosure or to leave the planet either to a Light based rehabilitation centre or through death by their own hand. The dark lieutenants left in charge were told they could carry on with existing initiatives but would face the same choices should they attempt a new initiative.

This ‘no new initiative’ clause is also in force as it relates to the Trump administration which is owned and controlled by the secret government. The Korean situation represented a new initiative and the round-up team went into action. Instead of rounding up the very public members of the Trump administration, the round-up team worked behind the scenes within the US military. Already, a number of white hats had risen to powerful positions and dark hats who stood in their way of taking over were rounded up. I do not have names, nor would I use them in any event; but the takeover was soon complete and the Trump administration was informed by the newly in-charge white hats that the military would not support their warmongering efforts in Korea or follow orders supporting those efforts. Very quickly, the administration chose to stand down and it is doubtful they will make further attempts to start wars elsewhere. A very positive development.

All of this is part of the death throes, not only of the Trump administration, but also of their bosses, a small group of self-interested men most descriptively called the world’s secret government. Here is my latest description of these people taken from a blog post earlier in the month: The secret government has two main factions. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe; a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They developed our current financial systems, control the media world-wide, and operate the dark’s central planning system. The other faction call themselves the Alliance and is based in the USA. They own and operate Trump’s administration. They are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies in the 50’s and 60’s such as free energy, faster than light travel and time-travel technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity but shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the secret government’s head table.

All of this is like a flashing green light for another Light based team of humans that we call the Shift into the Light Team. They have a well developed and legal plan to take over humanity’s shared timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in Light. It includes a light based financial system ending debt slavery and replacing the existing system with a financial system that supports light based initiatives and brings abundance to all of humanity. The Shift will also initiate full disclosure not only of the secret government and their many crimes against humanity but also of the Light’s many ET allies who are in our skies and offering to assist humanity with technology and Light based administrative systems. The dark control of humanity’s media will end and truth based media will spring up around the world. Peace will end all wars and negotiated settlements will replace force. These are just some of the immediate shifts as humanity moves toward systems and governance supporting the greater good and individual sovereignty; along with the end of exploitive practices so we can begin acting as stewards of our most precious resource, the world we live upon.

Without the muscle of the US military, the secret government’s days are numbered and soon, very soon, we will all witness the shift into a bright and beautiful timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…

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The End Game – Humanity’s Shift into a Shared Timeline based in Light

Humanity is in the end game in the battle to control the timeline shared by all of humanity. It is a classic dark vs light battle.

The dark is headed by the secret government, a small self interested group of men with two factions. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe; a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They developed our current financial systems, control the media world-wide, and operate the dark’s central planning system. The other faction call themselves the Alliance and is based in the USA. They own and operate Trump’s administration. They are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies in the 50’s and 60’s such as free energy, faster than light travel and time-travel technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity but shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the secret government’s head table.

The human Light is not nearly as cohesive or well organized but has all of the off-world support including a group called the round-up team, made up of equal numbers of humans and ETs. They received cosmic approval to round up the leaders of the secret government and sprang into action on February 12, nine or ten weeks ago. Within days, all the leaders were rounded up and secret government became leaderless. The round-up team continues to operate and enforce a ‘no new initiative’ policy. Dark lieutenants who violate this policy are also rounded up effectively sealing the secret government’s fate. The secret government will soon be exposed and their long rule ended.

The short lived drama of warmongering and escalating tensions by the Trump administration was a last ditch attempt to save the secret government by creating a major war. This  included the escalations of bombings in the mid-east and sabre rattling in Korea; all part of the death throes of the secret government. There may be more but these paper tiger machinations have no chance of success. Sealing the dark’s fate were the Russian fly-overs in Alaska where the Russians demonstrated their advanced defensive technologies given them by ET allies where they scrambled the electronic systems of the US defenders to prevent any form of retaliation. The message has been clearly received by the US military who ignored Trump’s order to station US military vessels near Korea to threaten North Korea in an attempt to start an armed conflict in the Far East. The US based Alliance portion of the secret government is or will soon be out of options and the Trump administration will soon be out of business.

Developments in Europe are less dramatic but also pointing to the demise of the RKM portion of the secret government. France is a current stronghold and the coming French election is much like the sham in the US last November. There are no Light based candidates. Britain’s election is another matter. The secret government hopes to use it to end the Brexit threat to the European Union, the secret government’s political invention. However, the secret government’s power in Britain wains daily and candidates free of their control are springing up everywhere.

The end result is not in doubt. Humanity will soon shift into a timeline based in Light which will end the dark’s long rule and replace their artificial dark timeline that is causing so much enslavement and misery.

Katelon and I continue our daily sessions facilitating the Light based shift. A human team of political, financial and media people prepared to initiate this shift is getting ever closer to taking action. They have a well developed game plan and widespread off-planet support. Even the missing ingredient of a credible US based supporter has been addressed and may have been resolved. With or without US representation, the plan to initiate the shift into a Light based shared timeline cannot fail since it is so well supported by the growing light based consciousness within humanity and by Light based ETs in our skies.

The shift into the light team will soon be taking decisive action birthing the shift into a Light based shared timeline for all of humanity. This will initiate beautiful and irreversible change here on humanity’s home planet; this fair but beleaguered planet we call Earth.

Freedom for humanity…

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An Ascension Summary – Spring 2017

My definition of Ascension is a process whereby the earth and part or all of humanity shifts into a higher dimension, one I call the fifth dimension, where life will be very different from what we experience today and where human capabilities are greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity.

The long anticipated December solstice of 2012 has come and gone without the predicted fireworks; neither apocalyptic nor mind-blowing and the illusion of duality remains in place. What happened – if anything?
First a short history lesson:
A profound shift took place on October 28, 2011 and it affected me greatly. That date marked the end of the era of duality, the end of us and them, of darkness and light, of war and peace, of rich and poor, of freedom and slavery, of young and old, and so many other manifestations of duality too numerous to mention. Free will was honoured and there were many ways we could have crossed this threshold, but the threshold itself was predestined. As it turned out, duality remained very much a part of our shared reality here on earth and systems supporting duality continued to create more.

At the March equinox of 2012, information began coming my way that it was time to oust the earth’s dark and replace their systems supporting self-interest with systems serving the greater good. At the June solstice of 2012, the earth’s dark declined the Light’s deadline to surrender and the Light took a variety of actions to ensure the earth’s dark could not start WWIII and thereby take humanity on an extended detour or destroy the planet. The actual ousting of the earth’s dark is being left to humanity and continues in a slow process maximizing humanity’s learning experience.

A major change in plans occurred at the December solstice of 2012 (12-21-12). Instead of splitting humanity in two with one part ascending and the other remaining behind in an alternative 3D reality, humanity requested an inclusive ascension process and this request was granted. The ascension event long planned for the December solstice of 2012 was postponed; not cancelled but postponed. This slowed the process and delayed a shared reality based in Light but has the huge advantage of creating a shared timeline for all of humanity. Instead of a portion of humanity defaulting into a continued 3D experience at the mercy of earth’s dark, all of humanity is walking together toward the shift into a Light based shared reality and the ascension process that will follow.
Gaia, the Earth spirit, and Earth ascended into 5D on 12-12-12 along with all the kingdoms on earth except humanity. A third dimensional holographic school was created and is being energetically maintained by Gaia. This 3D hologram is humanity’s shared reality and it is within this shared reality that the shift into a shared timeline based in Light will take place – thus allowing all of humanity to make the necessary adjustments such that we can ascend together rather than being split in two.
The duration of this hologram is still being determined. The danger to humanity and to ascension is now past so the process of shifting can take as long as it takes. Four plus years later and still no shift; but do not despair…progress is being made and the shift will happen.

Two processes are cued up and ready to go; one cosmic and the other earthly. These processes are complementary and parallel but also independent of each other. The cosmic event is the ascension event and originates in Source/Creator. It is the event planned for the December solstice of 2012 but delayed at humanity’s request for an inclusive ascension process. This event affects all of the cosmos and we can only guess about it and its timing.

The earthly event is the shift into humanity’s shared timeline based in Light. All major obstacles to this shift have been removed and the earth’s dark now stands alone without the support of more advanced civilizations and their technologies.

Despite all of that, the earth’s human dark continue to rule over humanity and their chosen timeline of artificial scarcity and economic slavery continues as humanity’s shared timeline. At the top of the human dark hierarchy are two groups of people; the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) made up of about 100 families who control world finances and provide the dark’s strategic planning, and the US based technological leaders who call themselves the Alliance. They developed and use free energy, zero gravity based travel (faster than light), time travel technologies which they have abused to change the past in ways that support their self interest, and a variety of technologies to control and limit humanity which has prevented humanity from traveling their evolutionary path. These two groups constitute what I call humanity’s secret government.

I remain completely dedicated to the process of ending the existing shared human timeline, a timeline based in darkness, by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in Light; based in Love, based in truth and full disclosure, based in oneness and abundance, based in world governance in support of the greater good, based in the complete restoration of cosmic law here on earth. The Universe connected me with a friend named Katelon and together we have been guided to work at the etheric level, at the level of energy. Our attempts to facilitate a surrender of the human dark in 2015 did not succeed and we were brought back together in 2016 to facilitate humanity’s shift into a Light based timeline which will replace the current dark timeline and end the dark’s long detour. Katelon was given the gift of sound keys to facilitate this timeline shift and we have worked together every day since late November of 2016 to complete this work. The last sound key (#92) was given to Katelon on March 2, 2017 along with the information that the Light based timeline shift was completed at the level of energy but had yet to be manifest into the physical. Initiating that timeline shift is a human team called the Shift into the Light Team and Katelon and I continue to support their work and facilitate it until such time as the shift takes place.

Humanity is on the cusp of a shift into a Light based shared human timeline including replacement of the world’s financial systems, disclosure of our ET supporters, the introduction of abundance technologies, and rejuvenation becoming humanity’s shared reality. All of this will be accompanied by governance shifts as world governments supporting the earth’s dark shift to or are replaced by world governments supporting the greater good.

The Earth as a school of learning will continue after the event/shift but will then be based in the 5th dimension and include such things as rejuvenation, abundance technologies, travel by intention, and daily interactions with other ET civilizations. Individual sovereignty will be widely supported.
Survival will no longer be an issue and each of us will be encouraged to uncover and pursue our passion as we attract our lessons and advance along our evolutionary path. Duality will play a much reduced role and service to others will replace service to self as humanity’s foundational value.
Sound like heaven on earth? That is what is planned; and that is the end result of the Ascension timeline. Enjoy the process and may your experience be one of peace, love and joy.
Freedom for humanity…

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The Enormity of the Shift

The last sound key was given to my friend, Katelon, two weeks ago, on March 2. We also received information that the shift into a shared timeline, based on truth and full disclosure, has occurred in the etheric and is simply waiting to be manifest into the physical. There is still no shift in our physical reality. What is happening?

First, a little story: In the early part of Eisenhower’s presidency, which began in January 1953, Eisenhower held a series of meetings with a Light based human looking ET.  This ET stayed in a Washington area hotel and met with Eisenhower upon request. In February of the next year, while on vacation in California, Eisenhower was taken to a secret meeting, at a nearby air force base, to meet with dark reptilian ETs. Spirit recently led me to the connection between these two events.

The Light based ET was offering Eisenhower a variety of advanced technologies, including free energy, faster than light travel, and manifesting of all that is needed for survival. All of this was free for the asking. Earth was part of dark held territory at the time, so who knows how things would have played out had Eisenhower accepted; however, many other civilizations had over-thrown their dark masters and returned their planets to the Light, so the situation was far from hopeless. As it turned out, word leaked out that Eisenhower was close to accepting this deal and the meeting with the dark ETs was arranged through dark contacts within the US military. Eisenhower was convinced to drop his plans to accept the Light based ET’s offer and that doorway into truth and disclosure closed.

Sixteen presidential elections later, and we (humanity) are once again at the doorway of truth and disclosure. A lot has happened in those sixty four years. The secret government developed their own version of the technologies offered by the Light based ETs but kept them secret from the rest of humanity, including the US government; using those technologies to further their agenda of enslaving the rest of humanity. Meanwhile all off-world support for the secret government has evaporated and the human secret government now stands alone. As can be seen in the actions of the Trump administration, which the secret government owns and controls, they have not given up and are working feverishly to create a master and slave enclave in the US. This is based on legislation and policies that make the rich richer and make the rest of the population powerless and disenfranchised…slaves in one form or another!

What is in the way of the shift? When asked, Eisenhower explained that he was advised that the Light based ET’s plan would result in economic chaos; and that was his reason for changing his course. Is that still in our way? Not really. Although it is true that whole industries go the way of the buggy whip, Big Oil being a primary example (free energy ends the burning of fossil fuels), the advantages far outweigh any negatives. Also, the Light’s roll out plan takes care of everyone so those out of work are not out of a livelihood.

So I ask again….what then is in the way? This is an enormous shift, so enormous that it is hard to get one’s head around it. Everything changes. All the lies we have been fed for generations are exposed. All the secret government’s crimes against humanity are exposed. All the unnecessary wars, all of their terrorists activities, all of the beneficial technologies that they kept secret, all of their malevolent technologies, all of their created diseases, all of their murders made to look like accidents or suicides, all of their lies that were forced on our education systems, on and on it goes. And that is just dealing with the secret government. In addition, there are the lies and deception fed us through religion, the whole ET situation and the fictions about duality and scarcity. The enormity of it all is the last hurdle being overcome.

Soon the Shift into the Light Team will be taking public action bringing truth and full disclosure to all of humanity. It is ironic really that two US presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy, tried and failed to bring us truth and disclosure; and the current president is trying to prevent it all and he will also fail.

Soon, very soon, we will all witness an enormous shift into a Light based shared timeline based on truth and full disclosure.

Freedom for humanity…

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Manifesting the Shift into the Light

Humanity is in the end days of ousting the dark secret government and shifting into a shared timeline based in Light.

The situation remains complex and the timing remains in doubt but the outcome is now assured. Humanity’s secret government is in their death throws and the shift into a shared timeline based in Light is underway.

Katelon and I continue to support the Shift into the Light Team and already, huge differences are being felt within our experience. Katelon has been opening a new sound key every day since December first. The March first sound key was a Paul Revere like horseman sounding the clarion call of the coming shift. March second was a subtle sound key who called itself the completion. There are no more sound keys. Very significant since the Light’s promise was that there would be a new sound key every day until the shift occurred. When we ask, we find that the shift has occurred and is simply waiting to be made manifest.

Those with the authority and the responsibility for manifesting the shift into a shared timeline based in Light are known to us as the Shift into the Light Team. It is composed of Light based politicians, both active and retired, Light based financial people and Light based media people including owners who are prepared to shift their media empires into the Light. This Shift Team is understandably a little skittish and although the shift has been awaiting manifestation since Thursday (March 2) the shift team has not yet taken public action.

In today’s session, we focused on confirming the lie of the land for the Shift Team and answering any questions or concerns. Most of the answers came from the Light Hierarchy. Here are some of the key points:

There are no new orders or strategic decisions being allowed within the secret government. The top leadership was corralled about two weeks ago and any lieutenant who thinks they can take over and issue new orders is first warned and if they persist, they are corralled and given the same three options as their former boss…stand down and face the music through full disclosure, leave earth to a cosmic Light based rehabilitation centre or death by their own hand; e.g. return to Source.

A key concern from the Shift Team was the media. What if the Light based owners renege on their promise to shift their empire into the Light; or what if the secret government somehow prevents this and the media remains united under the dark agenda of discrediting the Shift Teams work?

The Light Hierarchy assured the Team that this was no longer possible. The Light based owners would keep their promise and birth a well established and well funded Light based alternative media. Reneging on that promise would result in ET intervention with the same end result.  The Light based media will give full and accurate coverage resulting in full disclosure; including the introduction of beneficial technologies such as free energy, the ending of destructive technologies (such as fluoride in water, chemtrails in the skies and genetically modified plants in food supplies), and the welcoming of our many ET friends to assist in the transition.

Once all the questions were answered, we all participated in another etheric level anchoring of the new Light based timeline and in planting the seeds of oneness upon which this timeline is based.

Very soon, what already exists in the etheric will be manifest into our physical reality. This is the biggest shift imaginable and the result will be the physical manifestation of a shared human timeline based in Love, based in Light, based in oneness, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of Cosmic Law.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Shift into the Light Team

I carried a well developed mission into this lifetime when I was born shortly after WWII ended; to assist humanity in their ascension process and to assist humanity in returning to their evolutionary path after millennia on a dark detour as a result of the galactic wars that raged for millions of years. These wars ended in the 1990s when the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all within the dark alliance to do likewise. Most took this advice and left occupied territories in order to return to their home planets and participate in shifting their society into the Light, targeting truth and individual sovereignty.

My mission became far more complex when earth’s dark masters chose to go rogue instead of surrendering and their attempts to subjugate and enslave humanity have continued to this day, over two decades after Ankara’s surrender. Instead of a cooperative transition into a timeline based in Light, these dark masters continued to impose their dark timeline based on duality and scarcity upon all of humanity. Over time, the off-planet support for the human secret government surrendered and withdrew, but the secret government has remained intransigent and continued their dark agenda. The secret government has two main factions. The RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) based in Europe, with bloodlines tracing back to the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas; and the Alliance, based in the US, who developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943, using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. The secret government now has free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel, and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. These technologies were shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of the secret government; but were kept secret from the rest of humanity, including the US government.

Humanity began developing a Shift into the Light Team years ago to assist humanity to shift into a shared timeline based in Light and to provide worldwide leadership in the ascension efforts. This is a human Team of light based present and former world leaders in politics, finance and the media. Since the secret government has refused to surrender, one of this Team’s primary functions has become to oust the secret government against their will and take over world governance. The Shift into the Light Team has plenty of support with thousands of Light based ETs in our skies offering advice and assistance along with spiritual and etheric support from non-physical beings. Plenty of homework has been done and the Shift into the Light Team now has completed all the legal work to take over the world’s financial systems, do away with debt slavery, and replace the corrupt US government with a new legal entity which will return the US to their constitutional roots.

My work now targets to support the Shift into the Light Team; seeing them as humanity’s best option to end the destructive reign of the secret government. The universe connected me with an equally dedicated Lightworker with complementary skills, named Katelon. Since the first of December, she has been opening a new sound key every day. These sound keys are a gift from Source and today was sound key number ninety one, a Paul Revere like horseman sounding a clarion call heralding the coming Light based shift.

Our work has recently focused on coordinating the human/ET interface and expanding the mandate of the ETs where that is necessary. The ETs will only do what cosmic law permits them to do; after all, they are here to support the Light and the Light is observant of cosmic law. Ousting the secret government is work humanity must do for themselves but due to the secret government’s technological advantages, the ETs have been given special dispensation within cosmic law to level the playing field. For example, since early in 2012, the ETs have been preventing the use of nuclear weapons so that threat to humanity’s very existence is now gone. With the help of the sound keys, Katelon and I have worked to expand the mandate of the Light based ETs; to expand what they are allowed to do within cosmic law. We discovered that the secret government was abusing time travel and using their time-travel technologies in ways that violated cosmic law. As an example, they were altering the past (a cosmic law no-no) in ways that supported their enslavement agenda. Light based humanity did not have the capability to prevent these time-travel abuses so we were able to successfully petition the Light hierarchy to grant cosmic law permission to the ETs to end these time-travel abuses. Each time the secret government attempted to use their time-travel technologies illegally, these attempts were defeated and those participating were relieved of their time-traveling capabilities. Within days the time-traveling abuses ended. In another major expansion, the ETs were given permission to assist humanity in rounding up the top leaders of the secret government. The round up team had both humans and ETs and without ET assistance, this work could not have been done since the secret government leaders had far too many technological advantages. With ET assistance, this work was completed in a matter of days.

That is the present state of things as it relates to ousting the secret government and bringing forth humanity’s shift into the Light. The Shift into the Light Team now has the upper hand and their work can no longer be prevented or successfully opposed. The secret government is now largely toothless. The Shift into the Light Team is poised to lead humanity in the greatest shift ever experienced, into a shift into a shared human timeline based in Love and based in Light. They have a virtual menu of options from which to choose and this shift will soon happen.

Freedom for humanity…

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Round-Up Progress Report – The Dracos

The first step of the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light began four or five days ago, when the leaders of the world’s secret government were targeted to be rounded up and corralled so they could not interfere with or negatively impact the shift once it began.

Around one hundred people were targeted and all but a handful were corralled within hours. That handful took refuge in a deep underground base here on earth constructed thousands of years ago by the Ankara Alliance. This base has served ever since as home base for earth’s Draconian overlords.

This was one of several dark bases at one time but by now, the only one still in the hands of dark overlords. Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s and advised all Alliance members to do likewise. Most of the the Draconians took this advice and returned to their home planets to pursue agendas based in Light, based in truth and individual sovereignty. Some, including those in this base went rogue, choosing to continue their agenda of subjugating and enslaving earth’s surface population.

This rogue agenda has lost much of its lustre over the two decades since Ankara’s surrender. Progress on Draconian home planets has made great strides and life here on earth, or rather in earth, has become increasingly isolated and embattled. Other dark bases either surrendered or fell in battle. Plus earth’s airspace, once a dark stronghold, is now filled with the ships of Light based civilizations; all supporting the coming shift into a timeline based in Love and based in Light.

Katelon and I continue to support and facilitate the Light’s takeover efforts and asked during our Wednesday session if we could help. The Draco Leader had already made contact with Katelon and readily came to the negotiating table. We invited Ankara and the Light based round up team leaders and began a rapid negotiation. The Draco leader was willing to surrender and leave earth if granted two things; for he and his people to be welcomed into Draco home planets and for each Draconian to be granted a Lightbody. A Lightbody is a person’s connection with Source. The Draconians are one of Ankara’s created races and they were created without Lightbodies but with the capacity to be so endowed. Ankara quickly agreed to both requests.

The Light’s conditions were that the Draconian leave earth and end all of their technologies; turning them off and turning them over to the Light’s round up team. All was quickly agreed and the surrender was done.

In Friday’s session, Katelon and I learned that one of these operating technologies is what is commonly called the veil, a technology that limits the consciousness of all of humanity. The Draco leadership is going to be the last to leave and they offered to work with us during their final hours here on earth to shut down the veil and turn it over to experts on the round up team. Katelon and I offered to do whatever was ours to do within this process.

At this time, the Dracos are packing up and leaving. The Light’s round up team awaits their departure before moving in and corralling the handful of secret government leaders who remain at large within the base and are currently in a form of house arrest; disconnected from their human minions.

Within days, the round-up of the world’s secret government leaders will be compete and the next step of humanity’s shift into a timeline based in Light will begin. That next step is a world wide announcement that will be long remembered by all of humanity. It will officially begin humanity’s Light based shared timeline; and will include the Light’s takeover of the world’s financial systems and begin full disclosure, including the welcoming of our ET friends.

This shift in a Light based shared timeline will set the stage for all of humanity to begin preparing for Ascension, the coming shift into a higher dimension.

When humanity petitioned for and was granted an inclusive Ascension process at the December solstice of 2012, the secret government’s days became numbered and those days are fast running out.

A bright and beautiful shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure will soon be ours.

Freedom for humanity…

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