Who Rules the World?

I just finished a new book written by Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT, with this title (Who Rules the World?). The book has an unusual level of truth in it; identifying the USA as the world’s bully, sponsoring and carrying out terrorist activities the world over ever since becoming the world’s preeminent power after WWII. Perhaps this is Chomsky’s answer to his titular question.

Missing in Chomsky’s scholarly rendition is any mention of who truly rules the world; the world’s secret government, who have set and masterminded nearly all foreign policy decisions made by the US in the last seventy years. Who are the secret government?

The secret government has two preeminent factions. The European faction is led by the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of a medieval kingdom called Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They created the world’s current monetary system, owning and controlling most of the world’s banks and the overview institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. For centuries, they have had a central planning system targeting their overall objective of controlling and enslaving the rest of humanity. You can work for the RKM, and many do, but you cannot be one without being born into it. The US faction is led by technocrats, who happened upon Tesla’s working papers after Tesla’s death in 1943, and have used US government funding and the US military’s secrecy protocols to develop free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (by zeroing gravity), time travel technologies, and a vast array of mind and spirit control technologies. All have been kept secret from the rest of humanity (including the US government) and used to forward the secret government’s agenda of the control and enslavement of the rest of humanity.

These are the people who currently rule the world. They own and control the media worldwide; and set editorial policy. They own and control the world’s financial systems. They own and control the European Union. They own and control all the major corporations, especially ‘big oil’, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical, etc. They wrote and masterminded all the current so called free trade agreements, which are not about trade but about protecting the interests of their corporations. They have access to all internet information and communications as exposed by Snowden. They control the political process in the US and control a vast array of US government agencies including the CIA (foreign policy) and the FBI.

The secret government has managed to keep their very existence secret from the rest of humanity, even though they employ hundreds of thousands in their secret projects. If you are an insider, you are sworn to secrecy and your very life depends on keeping your secrets.  Only those at the very top know the true agenda of these projects. In addition, owning the media allows for the editorial repression of information they don’t want public. Threats and bribes are also common currency of the secret government and when even that fails, they have well funded ‘wet works’, the secret government’s euphemism for killing people they believe pose a threat to their empire and global agenda (often made to look natural, suicidal or accidental).

Chomsky accurately identifies the fact that those who rule the world are taking humanity on a oneway trip to extinction. He frequently asks the question of what can be done to prevent this but he provides few answers. Fortunately, the answers are simple and not that far away. Oust the secret world government, ending their artificial timeline based on serving their narrow interest; and disclose the presence of the friendly extraterrestrials (ETs) offering to assist humanity in creating a timeline based in serving the greater good. It is really that simple.

Chomsky’s two main threats are nuclear war and climate warming. Already (since the mid-1990s) the ETs are authorized (within cosmic law) to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and the vast US arsenal was removed from the control of the secret government and the US president (2012). There will be no nuclear war.

Climate warming is only a small part of the overall threat of environmental degradation. Fortunately, the secret technologies include free energy; a free and environmentally benign energy alternative to fossil fuels. Our universe was created with unlimited free energy encoded in all of space and humanity already has developed the appropriate technology. The secret government has prevented any of this from reaching the mainstream but free energy exists and will proliferate quickly once the secret government is ousted. The environment will then quickly rebound.

How close are we to ousting the secret government? Closer that most would guess. At the human level, the secret government is under attack from many threats. The Russians are already free of their influence and are aligned with one of the ET races; and the Russians are leading the ousting efforts. The far east, especially China, is largely free and moving quickly into the ousting camp. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is aligned against the secret government and are providing financial alternatives to the secret government’s debt slavery. Brexit showed a growing discontent with the secret government’s political arm known as the European Union. These are a few of the human initiatives.

At the cosmic level, galactic support for the secret government ended in the 1990s when the Ankara Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda, and all member civilizations were advised to follow suit. Most did but not Earth’s secret government. Cosmic energies targeting the enlightenment of all of humanity have been beamed our way for years and this is continuing. More and more of humanity is waking up.

In summary, the secret government, who have long ruled the world are in their final days. They will soon be ousted and humanity will then birth a bright and beautiful new timeline based on serving the greater good.

We are all doing our part in this momentous undertaking.

Freedom for humanity…

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US Election – An Update

When Hillary Clinton had her health scare during the 9/11 tribute ceremony, things shifted dramatically in terms of the election campaign coverage. What happened?

Hillary wanted out. She wanted to quit and took that intention to a meeting with humanity’s secret government. Hillary quitting is anathema to the secret government. It opens the door for all sorts of things including one of their biggest nightmares; Bernie Sanders. Bernie was the runner up during the manipulated Democratic nomination process and if he replaced Hillary, he would be a shoo in to becoming president in a Light based uprising that would be the start of the far bigger worldwide shift and the ousting of the secret government. Ergo, Hillary’s intention to quit carried a great deal of leverage.

The secret government is not a unified whole but an assembly of factions. Humanity is very near to ousting them from power, with or without the shenanigans of the US election. In addition, opposition to Trump’s presidency has taken root, even within the secret government, and Hillary was convinced to remain in the race with substantial backing from factions within the secret government. Gone was the unified secret government’s efforts to throw Hillary under the bus in order to get Trump elected. Suddenly, some factions of the secret government’s controlled media began to support Hillary.

The pro-Hillary faction is now publishing dirt on Trump (there is plenty of it) and providing pro-Hillary coverage of the campaign including the recent debate. Another faction is still supporting Trump and continuing with the original elect Trump agenda but the net effect is a much more level playing field and the illusion of a free press as it relates to the US election.

Hillary remains ‘owned’ and largely controlled by the secret government but her energy read has shifted radically in this process. She has been in containment (an angelic process that baths those in it with penetrating Light based energies) for years but has resisted transitioning into the Light. That has finally shifted and she is energized and on a mission to defeat Trump. Her shift into the Light has provided her with fodder in what is quickly becoming an unfair contest. The Light based political pro vs the darkly inclined political neophyte. She is no Bernie Sanders but any candidate in the Light can easily outmanoeuvre Trump within a relatively level media playing field.

Never though I would say this but ‘Go Hillary Go!’

I am not sure what effect if any this has on the larger agenda of exposing and ousting the secret government. Those processes are well underway all over the world with the Russians playing the leading role and the far east leading the charge. The cat is out of the bag (there is a secret and unelected government) and putting it back is not in the cards. Brexit exposed the growing European backlash to the secret government’s mismanagement. Angela Merkel, the German leader, thumbed her nose at the false flags staged in her country in July. The Ponzi scheme of world-wide debt slavery is collapsing. The huge cost of running the secret government along with declining revenues is causing insolvency and bankruptcy of the secret government itself.

Only a few strongholds remain for the secret government with the US being the crown jewel. The secret government has become desperate and desperation causes mistakes…the elect Trump movement is proving to be a big one.

Hang onto your hats folks. Humanity is about to create the biggest shift imaginable. A shift from a timeline based in the dark’s illusion of duality and scarcity into a timeline based in Love and in Light.


Freedom for humanity…

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I went to see the movie Snowden on Tuesday and this blog post has been roiling around within me ever since. That night I was woken in the wee hours with the knowing that my life is essentially an open book to humanity’s secret government and I would be best served by accepting that and working within that context. e.g. I have no secrets. This is a state of being that has long been attractive to me; so no big deal.

On the other hand, secrecy is the end all and be all to the secret government. Their power and their way of life depend on it and everything they do is based on maintaining their secrets. Why? Because what they are targeting is completely unacceptable to the rest of humanity (the subjugation and enslavement of the rest of humanity). They need us to help them pull off their plan because there is much to be done and many things have to be in place to allow the few to control and enslave the many. For the last seventy years, ever since stumbling upon Tesla’s scientific advances, the secret government has targeted humanity’s brightest minds in order to develop the desired technologies and harness them in order to achieve their overall objectives. All of this in complete secrecy.

How is this possible? How can free energy and faster than light travel be developed by humans and yet be kept secret from humanity? It was not easy and many lives have been lost or destroyed in the process. Here are the basics. The organizations who do this work are military or paramilitary where the guise of national security is foundational to all employed therein. Employees are inculcated with the need to keep secrets. The higher your security rating, the more you are allowed to know; but your security rating is absolutely dependent on your ability to keep secrets…wow…what a way of life. And yet, hundreds of thousands of our brightest and best live this life. Snowden was one of them. If you break the code of secrecy, you are subject to great penalties, up to and including death. Those are the basics.

Snowden was one of the few who escaped this web and lived to tell about it. Many have escaped this web by quitting and keeping their secrets but very few have told their secrets and lived to tell about it.

What Snowden told us was that the rest of us have no secrets. Our smart phones, our computers, our internet communications are all an open book to the secret government. That was his secret and he shared it three or so years ago. Many of us say, no big deal…I have nothing to hide. I was one of those until recently. Here is what is currently happening to me.

Toward the end of July, I began to be aware of malevolent technologies targeting me at night. I would be awakened by my guides and ‘told’ to leave my bedroom. I would go and sleep on a couch until daybreak when the technology was turned off. After a week or two of this, the technology was not turned off anymore and is now constantly targeting my apartment. I have made the appropriate adjustments and am now protected.

The purpose of this technology is to create cancer in those that are targeted. A nice elegant way of getting rid of people you don’t like because no questions are asked. Cancer just happens…right?

My weak point is my prostate gland and while I was figuring all this out, damage was done and I needed healing. I have learned the capability of surrendering illness and disease back to Source and did so sometime in August. One night, I was awakened by a ball of heat in the area of my prostate. At first I panicked thinking it was another attack; but the realization dawned that this was healing taking place for the damage done by the technology. I happily and gratefully accepted the healing and will do so as many times as necessary. Later that same night some additional information came in about how to avoid future attacks from this technology and I incorporated this information into my daily routines.

I am now safe and protected from this technology. It remains turned on 24/7 but can no longer harm me.

That was my secret for a couple of months now. Obviously, I do not tell this to most people because none of it is provable but within the context of this blog, it is appropriate information to be shared. Sharing information is an important Light based activity. After all, I learned of this technology from someone else and perhaps this knowledge will assist others who are targeted.

Soon the secret government and all their malevolent technologies will be exposed. Soon their entire closet of secrets, many of them highly beneficial to the rest of humanity, will be shared and humanity will usher in a bright and beautiful Light based shared timeline based on the end of secrecy, based on serving the greater good. It cannot come too soon in my opinion.

Freedom for humanity…

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The US Election

Now that the secret government has their dream ticket (Trump vs Clinton) and the charade of a democratic election in the US is being played out, it is time to look behind the scenes at what is really happening.

Hillary is a well known quantity by now. Her facade has been breached and she is seen for what she is…a pawn of the secret government with ties to the secret government; willing to do whatever she is told by them to do. None the less, the shenanigans of the Democratic nomination and the FBI’s refusal to indict her were more about defeating Bernie Sanders than they were about supporting Hillary. The way that was done and many other indicators are pointing to the secret government’s larger game plan of throwing her under the bus in order to ensure the result they covet…electing Trump as president.

Trump remains an enigma. Ostensibly a self made billionaire and reality TV star; a political outsider who independently won the Republican nomination…now that might be someone worth voting for. Dig a little deeper and what do you find? The media, owned and controlled by the secret government, consistently gives Trump’s many gaffs a pass. Just one of the many signs confirming that the secret government is supporting Trump and masterminding his campaign, all the while promoting the illusion that he is ‘beyond their control’; knowing full well that this elevates Trump’s standing with the voting public and assists Trump’s campaign.

Okay…now the truth as it has been given me. The secret government has done extensive work with timeline manipulations. They have the technology to travel forward and backward within humanity’s shared timeline and discovered that electing Trump as president has the likelihood of sending humanity on an extended detour, delaying humanity’s shift into a light based shared timeline and improving the likelihood of starting WWIII…by now the secret government’s only viable hope of clinging to power.

Trump’s entire career has been masterminded by the secret government to maximize the possibility of making him president. His business success has been blessed by the secret government and benefited from their behind the scenes manipulations. His reality TV star status is entirely of their making. What about Trump? Is he aware of these manipulations. Up until a short time ago, the answer was no because his knowing would have compromised the chances of the Trump timeline succeeding. Lately, I am ‘getting’ that Trump is being brought into the picture as part of the secret government’s agenda of cementing their control over Trump. Trump the loose cannon is not what the secret government wants. I have a very low opinion of Trump as a person and as a candidate for presidency so I will not get into an examination of his character. Suffice to say Trump is aligned with the secret government’s agenda of self interest and the enslavement of the rest of humanity.

Let us assume that the secret government succeeds in their secret agenda of making Trump the president. This may still be derailed if the shift into a shared timeline based in Light precedes the election but let us examine the scenario to see what we will see.

Okay…Trump is now president and inaugurated. All, or at least most, of the detours caused by the Trump timeline are based on initiating a nuclear holocaust as part of WWIII. That detour is no longer possible. In early 2012, the codes for initiating the US’s nuclear arms were changed in order to take this threat away from the secret government. Because the president is a pawn of the secret government, the president can no longer initiate nuclear attacks. This will definitely not be changed in the event of Trump becoming president. That means that humanity does not need to fear a US led nuclear attack…their vast nuclear armament is now firmly and irreversibly under the Light’s control.

Can a defanged Trump start WWIII? Very doubtful. His buffoonery will play itself out and likely contribute to the shifts soon to come into a shared timeline based in Light and in serving the greater good. Just as Hillary’s true colours have been exposed, Trump will also be exposed along with the secret government that has made this entire charade possible.

Humanity is soon to see a shift of unimaginable proportions…a shift into a shared human timeline based on love and on light, based on truth and disclosure, based on serving the greater good, based on the fulness of cosmic law.

No one can prevent this and the secret government’s Trump card is about to backfire.

Freedom for humanity…


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Detours and Free Will

Detours are always as a result of a free will choice…always.

One of the tenets of new age philosophy is that everything is good and there to help us learn our lessons…to help us along our evolutionary path. While it is true that anything, including horrendous detours, can be used to further us along our evolutionary path; it is definitely not true that everything is good or that the higher plan deliberately includes detours.

All detours are the result of free will choices that do not target the greater good.

That is true at the galactic level where Ankara, the dark creator god, made the free will choice to test the power of love by creating warfaring civilizations that targeted to conquer and subjugate the entire galaxy. A huge detour resulted.

That is true at the world level where humanity’s secret government made the free will choice to subjugate the rest of humanity. The resulting detour is still being played out as humanity continues to live in the artificial timeline of duality and scarcity.

That is true in my personal life. When I follow my inner guidance my choices lead me toward fulfilling my mission. When I make a free will choice that is counter to my inner guidance, I go on detours.

In the past decade, I have consistently followed my inner guidance. As a result, I have been on very few detours, only one in the spring of 2008, and that was the result of overriding my inner guidance and making a free will choice instead. I corrected that choice in the summer of 2008 and returned to my evolutionary path, dedicated to living my mission.

My mission has led me down an unappetizing and dangerous path; the path of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in truth, a timeline that serves the greater good. This Light based timeline is currently opposed by humanity’s secret government, and that is what makes this work dangerous.

As the Light nears the tipping point where the secret government can no longer maintain the illusion upon which the current timeline is built, I continue to follow my guidance and as a result, I continue to do my part in effecting the shift.

My skills and therefore the work I do is mostly at the level of energy, and because I live in limited consciousness, I often do not remember the work I do. However, I stay on the path of the Light and on the path of my mission by making all my choices in accordance with my inner guidance. I can think of no exceptions since the spring of 2008.

In addition, every day, in fact several times every day, I renew my pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Love, based in Light, based in truth and disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of cosmic law.

Other than that, I keep my decks clear so I am available for any work that comes my way…and I practice just being, in accordance to inner guidance that was spoken to me on the winter solstice over eight months ago.

I leave the rest up to the Light. I ask for the Light’s protection and for any healing that may be necessary. I ask that I survive this transition and live into the new golden age that will result when humanity’s shared timeline shifts into the Light.

This work, the work of shifting humanity’s shared timeline, is far more advanced than most realize. The secret government is being attacked on many fronts and their illusion of scarcity and duality that keeps the existing dark timeline in place cannot long survive.

I continue to do my part as the final days of the secret government play out.

Soon a new age will dawn, a new Light based shared timeline will emerge and the old and outdated dark timeline based on the free will choices of the secret government will vanish. Soon humanity’s current detour will end.

Freedom for humanity…



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Incredibly Complex

Over twelve years ago, I decided I would live my mission; do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to shift as a result and within two years, I was surrendered to Divine guidance ‘knowing’ that my small self did not have, and could not get, sufficient information to live my mission. This is likely true of all of us and was certainly true in my case.

The surrender process took nearly a year and continues day by day; however, nowadays the adjustments are incremental as the big shifts took place a decade ago; leaving my marriage, quitting working, and moving to a new city (Calgary).

It took another five years before I understood what my mission was, or more properly, what my mission had become. In general terms, like many others the world over, my mission was to assist humanity to shift into the higher dimensions including a shared timeline based on serving the greater good. That work could have taken many forms as humanity constantly creates their shared timeline and progress toward the higher dimensions could have proceeded rapidly or slowly from the time of my birth (1948) to the planned blossoming of humanity’s shift into the higher dimensions on the winter solstice of 2012. As it turned out, humanity’s shared timeline was hijacked by malevolent forces, humans I call the secret government, who happened upon huge technological advancements based on Nikola Tesla’s work when he died in 1943. They (the secret government) kept these advancements secret from the rest of humanity and used them to hijack humanity’s shared timeline, preventing the shift into a shared timeline based in light and delaying humanity’s intended progression into a higher dimensional reality in 2012. When the galactic dark surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid-1990s, humanity’s secret government went rogue and chose to continue their efforts to prevent humanity from progressing along their evolutionary path and shifting into a higher dimension.

These developments impacted my mission. By the spring of 2012, nine months before the intended shift, I realized my mission could not be lived until humanity shifted into a shared timeline based in serving the greater good and this shift was and is being prevented by the secret government. Thus, I began accepting guidance targeting to end the reign of the secret government. This is dangerous and unappetizing work but necessary in order to return humanity’s shared timeline to one that supports humanity’s evolutionary path.

Welcome to the complexities.

A couple of factors have greatly enhanced the complexities. First, the secret government has naturally chosen to continue the quarantine imposed upon humanity blocking communications with Light based resources. Fortunately, this quarantine is only partial and there are ways around it but the quarantine remains and Light based information is fragmented and relies on discernment to filter out the misinformation and disinformation. Second, the secret government has made extensive use of time travel (one of the advancements made possible through Tesla’s science) and use this technology to alter humanity’s shared timeline in ways that we can only guess at but none the less have made the journey back to a Light based timeline more and more complex. The secret government controls humanity’s media the world over and use it to support their lies and manipulations. Very effective since those with truth are isolated and ridiculed. Few know the truth and fewer still believe it. The secret government is also ruthless and uses murder  to enforce their secrets. If you have inside information and choose to share it, you will probably not live long.

Those of us who have discovered the truth without insider status have a level of protection but we are still at risk and subject to a variety of dangers and harassments. Divinity was well aware of this and delayed my direct involvement until I had the spiritual maturity to deal with the secret government’s arsenal. First came the ability to dump unwanted energy, then the ability to clear entities from my personal space. Lately, I have been targeted by malevolent technologies and a new level of protection has been required.

Sound complex enough?

Despite the seemingly unlimited resources of the secret government and their willingness to do anything necessary to prevent a shift into a shared timeline based on serving the greater good, that shift is coming and coming fast.

I renew my pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in serving the greater good.

May the shift happen quickly and without undue hardship on the human collective.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Malevolent Use of Timelines

Each of us has the ability to create timelines and we do so quite naturally, either consciously or unconsciously. When the timeline affects others it becomes a shared timeline and the cooperation of the others becomes necessary…marriages and families are examples.

The more people affected, the more cooperation becomes necessary. When a timeline is based on serving the greater good, everything flows naturally and the free will of everyone involved is honoured. This gets complicated when someone wants the cooperation of another and that cooperation is not freely given. In the natural order of things, this is respected and either another way is found or that expansion of the timeline is foregone. When the natural order is violated and another is tricked or forced or coerced into cooperating against their free will, a malevolent timeline occurs…that is my definition of a malevolent timeline.

The largest shared timeline of which most of us are currently aware is humanity’s shared timeline, experienced and shared by billions of people. It is by definition a malevolent timeline since it is based on lies (trickery) and results in the enslavement of most of the human population through scarcity and the resulting struggle to survive. Most of us are doing things we do not want to do as a result…by definition, a violation of our free will. Many of us are keeping secrets we do not want to keep, another violation of our free will.

Malevolent timelines are in violation of the natural order of things and they naturally decay. If they are based on force, those enslaved naturally rise up and reclaim their free will. If they are based on trickery, the truth eventually comes out and the illusion created by the lie is dispelled; again resulting in free will prevailing…it can take years or even thousands of years, but malevolent timelines are not sustainable.

Humanity’s current shared timeline took a dramatic turn for the worse during WWII, not because of the war, although that contributed, but because Nikola Tesla died (1943) and his working papers were turned over to the US military. With government funding and the secrecy of the military, a small group of US based technocrats confirmed that Tesla knew what he was doing. Free energy worked, faster than light travel worked, time travel worked. All of these advancements along with related developments were kept secret from the general public and from the US government itself. Who benefited? Only a few at the very top of humanity’s hierarchy; those I call the secret government, a two headed monster. One is based in Europe and is composed of the patriarchs of about 100 families with common bloodlines who call themselves the Illuminati but a far more descriptive moniker is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The other is based in the US and are the technocrats who took control of the secret technologies based on Tesla’s work and have managed to keep them secret for over seventy years.

Armed with this new technology, humanity’s secret government took their place at the planning and negotiating tables of the dark alliance fighting to control this galaxy until the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s. The creator god advised all members of the alliance to do likewise and most took this advice, but humanity’s secret government chose to go rogue and continue their target of enslaving humanity and defeating other galactic civilizations. After all, they now had all these shinny new tools and the resulting capabilities.

One of their new capabilities was the ability to time travel and they developed ways of interacting with past timelines to shift them in ways that served their self interest…a new level of malevolence since they would kill historical people and pretend to be them in order to shift the timeline. This kind of activity was extremely effective in the short term and ratcheted up their power over humanity during the first few years but there was an unforeseen price to be paid, and that price is being levied now. That price was an ever increasing omnipotent natural force of restoring order to the artificial timelines the secret government created. These artificial timelines decayed at an ever increasing rate, inevitably restoring truth and free will.

The restoration of truth and free will is currently underway and being played out for all to see. The secret government, with all their advantages, are struggling mightily to stay in power and maintain the existing malevolent timeline but it is a losing battle. Two possible results remain. One is the decay and destruction of the entire physical playing field, apocalypse. The other is to shift the timeline into a timeline based in truth and the honouring of everyone’s free will; the path taken by nearly all of the other participants in the former dark alliance.

The apocalyptic outcome is becoming more and more improbable by the day as the control of the secret government wanes and the power of Light based factions grows. The truth is coming out in dribs and drabs but coming out it is. Humanity’s skies are filled with cosmic supporters of humanity’s light workers and they are already preventing the secret government from using nuclear weapons in their failing attempts to remain in power.

Humanity’s light remains fragmented and leaderless but surprisingly effective and their efforts are coordinated by the natural order of things and those of us who connect to this power are guided and directed to play our roles as the Light shifts humanity’s shared timeline into one based in Light…a timeline I call the timeline of oneness and abundance.

That process is underway and much closer to fruition than most currently understand.

The end of humanity’s current malevolent timeline is nigh and will be replaced by a Light based timeline based in truth and respecting the free will of others.

Freedom for humanity…

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