Incredibly Complex

Over twelve years ago, I decided I would live my mission; do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to shift as a result and within two years, I was surrendered to Divine guidance ‘knowing’ that my small self did not have, and could not get, sufficient information to live my mission. This is likely true of all of us and was certainly true in my case.

The surrender process took nearly a year and continues day by day; however, nowadays the adjustments are incremental as the big shifts took place a decade ago; leaving my marriage, quitting working, and moving to a new city (Calgary).

It took another five years before I understood what my mission was, or more properly, what my mission had become. In general terms, like many others the world over, my mission was to assist humanity to shift into the higher dimensions including a shared timeline based on serving the greater good. That work could have taken many forms as humanity constantly creates their shared timeline and progress toward the higher dimensions could have proceeded rapidly or slowly from the time of my birth (1948) to the planned blossoming of humanity’s shift into the higher dimensions on the winter solstice of 2012. As it turned out, humanity’s shared timeline was hijacked by malevolent forces, humans I call the secret government, who happened upon huge technological advancements based on Nikola Tesla’s work when he died in 1943. They (the secret government) kept these advancements secret from the rest of humanity and used them to hijack humanity’s shared timeline, preventing the shift into a shared timeline based in light and delaying humanity’s intended progression into a higher dimensional reality in 2012. When the galactic dark surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid-1990s, humanity’s secret government went rogue and chose to continue their efforts to prevent humanity from progressing along their evolutionary path and shifting into a higher dimension.

These developments impacted my mission. By the spring of 2012, nine months before the intended shift, I realized my mission could not be lived until humanity shifted into a shared timeline based in serving the greater good and this shift was and is being prevented by the secret government. Thus, I began accepting guidance targeting to end the reign of the secret government. This is dangerous and unappetizing work but necessary in order to return humanity’s shared timeline to one that supports humanity’s evolutionary path.

Welcome to the complexities.

A couple of factors have greatly enhanced the complexities. First, the secret government has naturally chosen to continue the quarantine imposed upon humanity blocking communications with Light based resources. Fortunately, this quarantine is only partial and there are ways around it but the quarantine remains and Light based information is fragmented and relies on discernment to filter out the misinformation and disinformation. Second, the secret government has made extensive use of time travel (one of the advancements made possible through Tesla’s science) and use this technology to alter humanity’s shared timeline in ways that we can only guess at but none the less have made the journey back to a Light based timeline more and more complex. The secret government controls humanity’s media the world over and use it to support their lies and manipulations. Very effective since those with truth are isolated and ridiculed. Few know the truth and fewer still believe it. The secret government is also ruthless and uses murder  to enforce their secrets. If you have inside information and choose to share it, you will probably not live long.

Those of us who have discovered the truth without insider status have a level of protection but we are still at risk and subject to a variety of dangers and harassments. Divinity was well aware of this and delayed my direct involvement until I had the spiritual maturity to deal with the secret government’s arsenal. First came the ability to dump unwanted energy, then the ability to clear entities from my personal space. Lately, I have been targeted by malevolent technologies and a new level of protection has been required.

Sound complex enough?

Despite the seemingly unlimited resources of the secret government and their willingness to do anything necessary to prevent a shift into a shared timeline based on serving the greater good, that shift is coming and coming fast.

I renew my pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in serving the greater good.

May the shift happen quickly and without undue hardship on the human collective.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Malevolent Use of Timelines

Each of us has the ability to create timelines and we do so quite naturally, either consciously or unconsciously. When the timeline affects others it becomes a shared timeline and the cooperation of the others becomes necessary…marriages and families are examples.

The more people affected, the more cooperation becomes necessary. When a timeline is based on serving the greater good, everything flows naturally and the free will of everyone involved is honoured. This gets complicated when someone wants the cooperation of another and that cooperation is not freely given. In the natural order of things, this is respected and either another way is found or that expansion of the timeline is foregone. When the natural order is violated and another is tricked or forced or coerced into cooperating against their free will, a malevolent timeline occurs…that is my definition of a malevolent timeline.

The largest shared timeline of which most of us are currently aware is humanity’s shared timeline, experienced and shared by billions of people. It is by definition a malevolent timeline since it is based on lies (trickery) and results in the enslavement of most of the human population through scarcity and the resulting struggle to survive. Most of us are doing things we do not want to do as a result…by definition, a violation of our free will. Many of us are keeping secrets we do not want to keep, another violation of our free will.

Malevolent timelines are in violation of the natural order of things and they naturally decay. If they are based on force, those enslaved naturally rise up and reclaim their free will. If they are based on trickery, the truth eventually comes out and the illusion created by the lie is dispelled; again resulting in free will prevailing…it can take years or even thousands of years, but malevolent timelines are not sustainable.

Humanity’s current shared timeline took a dramatic turn for the worse during WWII, not because of the war, although that contributed, but because Nikola Tesla died (1943) and his working papers were turned over to the US military. With government funding and the secrecy of the military, a small group of US based technocrats confirmed that Tesla knew what he was doing. Free energy worked, faster than light travel worked, time travel worked. All of these advancements along with related developments were kept secret from the general public and from the US government itself. Who benefited? Only a few at the very top of humanity’s hierarchy; those I call the secret government, a two headed monster. One is based in Europe and is composed of the patriarchs of about 100 families with common bloodlines who call themselves the Illuminati but a far more descriptive moniker is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The other is based in the US and are the technocrats who took control of the secret technologies based on Tesla’s work and have managed to keep them secret for over seventy years.

Armed with this new technology, humanity’s secret government took their place at the planning and negotiating tables of the dark alliance fighting to control this galaxy until the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s. The creator god advised all members of the alliance to do likewise and most took this advice, but humanity’s secret government chose to go rogue and continue their target of enslaving humanity and defeating other galactic civilizations. After all, they now had all these shinny new tools and the resulting capabilities.

One of their new capabilities was the ability to time travel and they developed ways of interacting with past timelines to shift them in ways that served their self interest…a new level of malevolence since they would kill historical people and pretend to be them in order to shift the timeline. This kind of activity was extremely effective in the short term and ratcheted up their power over humanity during the first few years but there was an unforeseen price to be paid, and that price is being levied now. That price was an ever increasing omnipotent natural force of restoring order to the artificial timelines the secret government created. These artificial timelines decayed at an ever increasing rate, inevitably restoring truth and free will.

The restoration of truth and free will is currently underway and being played out for all to see. The secret government, with all their advantages, are struggling mightily to stay in power and maintain the existing malevolent timeline but it is a losing battle. Two possible results remain. One is the decay and destruction of the entire physical playing field, apocalypse. The other is to shift the timeline into a timeline based in truth and the honouring of everyone’s free will; the path taken by nearly all of the other participants in the former dark alliance.

The apocalyptic outcome is becoming more and more improbable by the day as the control of the secret government wanes and the power of Light based factions grows. The truth is coming out in dribs and drabs but coming out it is. Humanity’s skies are filled with cosmic supporters of humanity’s light workers and they are already preventing the secret government from using nuclear weapons in their failing attempts to remain in power.

Humanity’s light remains fragmented and leaderless but surprisingly effective and their efforts are coordinated by the natural order of things and those of us who connect to this power are guided and directed to play our roles as the Light shifts humanity’s shared timeline into one based in Light…a timeline I call the timeline of oneness and abundance.

That process is underway and much closer to fruition than most currently understand.

The end of humanity’s current malevolent timeline is nigh and will be replaced by a Light based timeline based in truth and respecting the free will of others.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Tottering Timeline

Humanity’s existing shared timeline is tottering and will soon topple and little wonder. This timeline was created and is maintained by a small unelected self-interested group of men that I call the secret government. (The secret government is a two headed monster. The European head is led by the patriarchs of a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines and a well developed strategic planning team. The US head are technocrats that used Nikola Tesla’s science and US government funding to develop advanced technologies such as free energy and zero gravity travel.) In addition, the existing timeline is based on lies and on secrecy.

Some of the key lies are as follows: We (humanity) are alone in the universe. In truth, we are one of countless civilizations in our galaxy and beyond and… many of these civilizations are already in our air space. Life is a one and done experience. In truth, each of us has an eternal part that experiences lifetime after lifetime and many of us are regaining our memory of such lifetimes. There is no energy encoded in the fabric of space. In truth, space is encoded with limitless energy and technologies to access this energy are commonplace throughout the universe. The secret government already has this technology but it is being kept secret from the rest of humanity. The speed limit of the universe is the speed of light. In truth, by zeroing gravity unlimited speeds of travel and transport become possible. Again, the secret government already has this technology but it is being kept secret from the rest of humanity. Fear and secrecy are the main weapons of the secret government and the primary tools being used to keep the existing timeline in place.

How can a timeline based on lies remain in place for centuries, even millennia? Much of this galaxy was taken over and controlled by dark forces and earth was part of dark held territory for thousands of years. During that time, dark overlords from other solar systems with advanced technology supported the earth’s dark and kept them in power. That era ended in the mid-1990s when Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised the dark forces to do likewise. Most followed his lead but the earth’s dark chose to continue their dark agenda of exploiting and enslaving humanity. Over the past couple of decades, off-world support for the human dark has ended and humanity’s dark masters are now the unsupported secret government with their secret technologies, ownership of the world’s media, control of the world’s financial systems, and control of the political systems of most of the world’s countries.

Why don’t the Light based civilizations that are in our airspace step in and end the secret government’s tottering timeline? All advanced Light based civilizations honour cosmic law and a prime tenet of cosmic law is to go only where invited. Thus far the secret government have prevented most of humanity from extending this invitation.

What is causing the existing timeline to totter? There are a number of factors at play and here are the main ones of which I am aware.

1. The visiting Light based civilizations are empowered to prevent the secret government from using nuclear weapons in their attempts to remain in power.

2. The Russians have escaped the clutches of the secret government and have invited help from off-world Light based civilizations. They already have advanced technologies based on this help.

3. Enlightening energies are being beamed at earth and are affecting all of humanity. These energies are awakening an ever larger number of people which is creating pressure to bring truth to humanity and end the existing shared timeline.

How will the existing timeline be toppled? No one knows. Humanity is taking back their power and support for the secret government erodes daily. The possibilities are endless and range from an organized mass arrest of the secret government leaders to a political solution such as Brexit where sovereignty is returned to elected government officials to an unresolved financial crisis since the secret government is essentially bankrupt to disclosure of the friendly ETs already in our skies to the surrender of the secret government to something completely unforeseen.

When the tottering timeline is toppled is also unknown. It will happen soon but soon here is defined in cosmic terms. It could be days or weeks away and it could also take years. We shall see.

Freedom for humanity…


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Brexit – The First Domino?

I first heard of the European Union (EU) years ago when it was being formed and Britain was the odd man out; choosing to remain independent. At the time, I was unaware of the underlying power structures and thought the British to be arrogant fools, eschewing nice sounding things like free trade and common currencies. It turns out, I was the fool at that time.

Who are the EU? Can you name one EU politician? I cannot…but I now know who they are, or at least who the people are who give orders to the Brussels bureaucrats who make and enforce the EU’s policies. The bosses, the people who run the faceless European Union, are the secret world government, most especially the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a tightly knit small group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria, centred between the Black and Caspian Seas. They own and/or control all the world’s major banks and all the major media outlets; and they ‘own’ the EU.

Somehow, the people of Britain managed enough political will to get a referendum on whether or not to remain as part of the EU. Those that wanted to leave became known as Brexit (Britain Exit) and despite the collective fear-mongering of the British media (which gave voice to all the politicians who supported remaining), the people of Britain voted to exit. The British prime minister is resigning and the process is underway to honour the people’s wishes. What a victory for sovereignty, what a victory for free will!

Will the people’s wishes be honoured? That remains to be seen. The RKM have unlimited resources and great patience. Honouring the wishes of the people is not part of their agenda. If you want some recent proof, just look at what happened in Greece following their resounding ‘no’ vote to reject the bailout terms being offered on their crippling national debt. Their prime minister was quickly intimidated and the Greeks remained under the debt slavery imposed upon them by the EU. Exiting the EU is less of a direct threat and the timeline is less urgent, but will the British people get their wish to exit the European Union? Time will tell.

On the positive side, the power of the secret world government is eroding daily and the secrecy upon which their power is based is under attack from a wide variety of sources. I believe that the top leadership of the secret world government has been removed from Earth by the Light based ETs that are in our skies. The machine they (the secret world government) created is still running but they are no longer nimble since course changes are now far more difficult without top level leadership. The illusion created by the secret world government which is trumpeted daily by their media is cracking. The shared human timeline based on the secret government’s illusion is tottering. It is entirely possible, in fact long overdue in my opinion, that the illusion will topple like a long line of dominos and we will look back on it all and say…you know what, Brexit was the first domino.

The time is ripe for major changes. The dominos will fall. Has the first one toppled? May it be so.

Freedom for humanity…

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Just Be…Living My Mission

Today is the summer solstice and it marks half a year since Divinity spoke to me on the day of the winter solstice last December. Being spoken to is rare in my experience, happening on a handful of occasions, and has been transformative on each occasion. The words that were spoken six months ago were…Just be. 

Now, some context. Seven years earlier, around the winter solstice of 2008, I asked to fully understand how the human world worked. I was already fully dedicated to living my mission and somehow knew that a full understanding of how our human world presently works was necessary in order for me to live my mission

The information poured in and within nine months, I had a decent working knowledge…humanity is living in an illusion created and maintained by a small and unelected minority. This illusion is humanity’s current shared reality, humanity’s shared timeline. Bits and pieces were added to this understanding over the months and years but there remained a sense that the puzzle was not yet fully solved. Last fall, that began to change.

The small and unelected minority are in fact the secret government of all of humanity. The leadership of this secret government is comprised of two factions. The European faction are the patriarchs of  a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the medieval kingdom of Khazaria, centred between the Black and Caspian Seas. They have a central planning function and have controlled world events for centuries. A descriptive moniker for this group is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. The American faction are newcomers on the scene. They took Nikola Tesla’s working papers after he died in 1943 and used the resources of the US government, and the secrecy of the US military, to develop and exploit these technologies; all the while falsifying their reports and keeping the technologies secret from the US government and from the general public. They now have free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel and transport (based on zero gravity so mass does not become infinite), time travel manipulations of humanity’s shared timeline, and a variety of mind and spirit control technologies (one example is chemtrails using nanotechnology). These two groups have joined forces with the ultimate target of enslaving humanity, a target toward which they have made substantial progress in the form I call economic slavery.

By mid-December, I had pieced together all of this information and was experiencing an upwelling of deep, soul level anger; casting about for ways and means to end the criminal and dictatorial reign of the secret government. What can I do? It was within this context that Divinity spoke to me saying… Just be.

I was out walking when spoken to and the words caused me to smile ruefully….hmmm…I was kind of hoping for a more heroic role but I get it and I can do that. Over the past six months, I have done all that has been asked of me and otherwise, I am happily just being. Most of what is asked of me is work at the level of energy. Just being allows me to be fully available for this work and I keep the decks clear to ensure that I remain fully available.

A recent example of keeping the decks clear would be as follows: My mother, who will be 94 a month from now, has decided to move from her lakeside home into a retirement home this fall and has set up her will to facilitate keeping the home and the property in the family as the venue for an annual summer gathering for her descendants, now numbering well over one hundred people. There are a number of decisions to be made and each of her seven children has been charged with a vote in making these decisions. While mum lived in the home, none of these decisions were activated but with mum’s choice to move out, decision time looms. I gave my proxy to one of my children and she has full authority to act on my behalf, thus freeing me to remain fully available for the work of freeing humanity by ending the reign of the secret world government and ushering in the waiting timeline based in Light.

That is my mission and by just being, I remain fully available for any and all that living my mission entails.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Machine Still Runs

The quarantine of earth and of humanity was imposed upon us by the forces of darkness with the intention of preventing the Light from influencing humanity’s shared timeline; thus allowing the darkness to violate cosmic law in their attempts to fully enslave humanity. For thousands of years, the quarantine was well supported by dark forces as this sector of space was controlled by the Ankara Alliance and the Light’s only access to humanity was through other planes and dimensions.

Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda about two decades ago but earth’s masters chose to continue their enslavement agenda using the dark machine that had been created for that purpose. Slowly, support for those who run this machine has eroded and about 18 months ago, the last of the dark ETs (the Chimera)  who supported the machine surrendered. Since that time, the machine has been in the capable hands of the secret government, an alliance of two small but powerful human factions. One is a cohesive network of about 100 families based in Europe, with strategic planning capabilities, who have common bloodlines tracing back more than a millennium to the ancient kingdom of Khazaria. They call themselves the Illuminati but a far more descriptive moniker is the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia).

The other faction of the secret government are technocrats based in the US. They used Nikola Tesla’s science and US government money to develop advanced technologies that they have kept secret from the US government and from the rest of humanity. These technologies include free energy, faster than light travel and transport, time travel technologies for manipulating humanity’s shared timeline, and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. Together, these two groups have headed up the world’s secret government who own and operate the secret machine whose purpose is to enslave humanity and keep humanity in limited consciousness.

The top leaders of the secret government have carried on negotiations with the Light loving ETs who are in earth’s airspace supporting the Light’s agenda of shifting humanity into a shared timeline based in Light. These top leaders are ruthless and have remained intransigent, refusing all entreaties while they continue to run the secret government and the secret machine that gives them power.

A little over a week ago, the top leaders of the secret government were removed from earth by the Light based ETs. Their fate is unknown to me except that they will not be returning. The Light based ETs honour cosmic law including the principle of honouring the free will choices of others so only the very top leaders were removed, less than thirty people in total. The secret machine still runs as those I call the doers remain. At the level of energy these events have changed everything. Those blocking disclosure and preventing the shift into a shared timeline based in Light are gone and will not be replaced.

In the physical dimension, the machine still runs and it appears as though nothing has changed. Key parts of the secret machine continue to operate and the doers continue the intransigence imbued within them by their leaders. Remember the doers have murdered countless compatriots over the years, anyone fingered as a possible security leak along with many outsiders who would not be bought off or cowed into compliance. Those giving such orders have been removed but those who carried them out remain. That is the culture of the secret government and it may never change.

The final outcome is not in doubt…humanity will shift into a shared timeline based in Light; and the secret government, along with the machine that gives them power over the rest of humanity, will be shut down permanently. How and when this happens is still very much up in the air. The ETs who removed the intransigent leaders are still there but they are now in the wait and see mode; supporting the human Light but observing cosmic law and allowing humanity to do the heavy lifting in terms of bringing forth the Light based shared timeline.

Here are some of the front runners in the process of shutting down the secret government.

The secret government may surrender and cooperate in an orderly transfer of power, including shutting down their nefarious machine. At the level of energy, this is a strong possibility but at the physical level, their intransigence remains.

The secret government may be toppled by the human Light.

Pressure points include world finances. The Light has a replacement financial system that could be turned on at any time and the leaderless secret government can no longer prevent this.

Disclosure of our ET supporters and the truth about the secret government would swiftly lead to the ousting of the secret government. The Russians certainly have this capability and any of the major governments could initiate this process.

The people may rise up and force the hand of a major government. The US presidential election could precipitate this result. The secret government is using all sorts of dirty tricks to get candidates who support them the nominations of both major parties; and these illegal activities are galvanizing the US citizens to rise up.

These are only a few of the major possibilities.

May the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light happen quickly and smoothly…and may the secret machine that supports the existing shared timeline die a quick and painless death.

Freedom for humanity…

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Leaders of Secret World Government are Gone

The leaders of the secret world government have been taken away by forces of the Light and will no longer play a role in humanity’s shared timeline. There is limited information about this momentous event and it cannot yet be proven but it is too important to go un-reported.

First two definitions:

  1. The Light is a loosely knit amalgamation of human Light workers supported by Light based ETs in our skies and Light based beings from other planes and dimension. The ETs bring highly advanced technologies and other-worldly capabilities but honour cosmic law and the wishes of Source to allow humanity to do most of the heavy lifting during humanity’s transition into the Light.
  2. The secret government are an alliance of two small but powerful human factions. One is being called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a cohesive group of about 100 families based in Europe with common bloodlines and a well developed strategic planning function. The RKM control world finances and the political process in most of the world’s countries. The other faction is a small group of men based in the US who began developing secret technologies during WWII and now have free energy, zero gravity travel (faster than light), time travel manipulations of humanity’s shared timeline, and a myriad of mind and spirit control technologies that they foist on the rest of humanity. Together these two factions own and control the media worldwide.

I asked for information from my spiritual sources last night about the recent changes and will report what I presently understand. Negotiations for the surrender of the secret world government go back at least four years, when I first became aware of them, and likely much further. The Light’s target was and is to create a seamless transition from humanity’s current shared timeline into a new Light based shared timeline built on oneness and abundance. The Light offered the secret government amnesty for all of their many crimes against humanity in return for their surrender and cooperation in an orderly transfer of power.

The secret government never negotiated in good faith, making promises and breaking them, and continuing their mastery over humanity through their control of the media, control of the world’s monetary systems, and control of most elected governments; along with advanced technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity. The secret government also continued attempts to create WWIII to keep themselves in power using false flag incidents (they stage-manage a terrorist event and then blame it on someone else) and have many times targeted to use nuclear weapons in these false flag events.

The final straw came in association with the Brussels bombings on March 22. The secret government built a nuclear bomb which they intended to explode in Brussels (population of over a million people and the capital of Belgium) using their secret technologies for transport and detonation. The Light has long been authorized to prevent nuclear terrorism and the secret government’s plan was foiled. The bombings were the secret government’s retaliation. These events convinced the Light to move against the leaders of the secret government, as these events finally convinced the Light that a negotiated surrender was not possible with these intransigent leaders. The leaders were removed over the past weekend and taken away. Their fate will be determined by the Light; however, they will not be returning to this solar system.

The Light does everything possible to honour free will so only the very top of the secret government was removed; less that thirty people in total. Because the secret government is a dark organization where information is only shared on a need to know bases, the lack of leadership will play out over time and a certain amount of chaos is unavoidable.

What will stop immediately is orders from the leaders to maintain their power and their secrecy along with plots to start WWIII. World leaders who have been under the thumb of the secret government will no longer be threatened or bribed into doing the secret government’s bidding but the shift into a light based shared timeline will still take time. Many of the world’s current governments are led by unprincipled opportunists, since such leaders are willing to cooperate with the secret government and create debt slavery, so change will not come overnight. However, the secret government leadership is gone and the secret government cannot long maintain itself without these leaders. Those who reported to them are rudderless and the next level will soon be without orders to follow.

How quickly will the secret government disintegrate? How much chaos will happen during that process? I do not know. The only possible end result is for humanity to transition into a shared timeline based in Light as that is the only outcome being supported. Those of us following our inner guidance will be asked to assist in this process and the target will be to minimize the chaos and shorten the time this transition takes.

Interesting and exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…

July 17

My target has always been to have truth in my blog and I have largely succeeded. Occasionally, changing circumstances alter the situation and the truth shifts…that is not an issue for me. What is an issue is when what I write is not truth and never was.

Most of this post is truth; however, one  important fact is false, something that was attractive emotionally but was never truth. The leaders of the secret world government were not removed by the Light and remain in their roles as the leaders and decision makers of the the secret government. 

It is up to humanity to remove these leaders and that process is ongoing. Soon, that process will bear fruit. These leaders have and continue to be prevented from using nuclear weapons in their attempts to remain in power…that is truth. 

My apologies for this unintentional departure from the truth.

Freedom for humanity… John Ross

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