Is it Real?

In the summer of 2015, over three years ago, I was awakened in the night by three words spoken by a disembodied voice… “It’s not real”… At the time I was doing daily sessions with Katelon, my present spiritual work partner and these three word were directly related to part or all of the work we were doing. That ended the first of three lengthy work stints we have done together targeting to end the existing timeline based in darkness by replacing it with a timeline based in Light.

Our second work stint began in the fall of 2016 and featured daily sound keys that were given to Katelon. There were over a hundred of these and we both believed them to have originated in Source. Not until recently did we discover that these sound keys originated in the matrix, the dark illusion that powers the existing timeline. Both stints also included channeling done by each of us to gather information. Channeling is often corrupted by the matrix and ours was no exception, generously sprinkled with promises that did not materialize along with a lot of misinformation. That work stint ended around mid-year of 2017.

Ever since that fateful summer night three plus years ago, those three words… “It’s not real” …  have been a constant companion and I have frequently asked myself… Is it real? Is my experience real or based on magic; illusions and misinformation supplied by the matrix.

In the early part of this year, my internal belief systems underwent a major overhaul. Instead of believing that God was the creator of all that is and that the negative aspects of God were simply misrepresentations imposed by religion; I came to understand that Source and God are two separate and distinct beings. Source created this universe and all of the natural world; which includes earth and humanity. God is a lesser creator god who has created little more than the matrix; an artificial overlay on the natural world. The matrix is designed to limit and enslave humanity, which by any definition violates the natural laws of this Universe. I further understood that the matrix is pervasive and remains very powerful; including constructs like the angelic kingdom and most if not all channeled information. Channeled information was certainly part of what was referred to as “It’s not real”.

I continued to work on my own; exploring this huge shift in my personal paradigm and began to experience new capabilities as it related to dealing with magic and eliminating magic and magicians (people and beings who break the natural laws of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes) from the current timeline. Katelon and I began our third work stint this spring which continues in the now and will soon be the subject of another blog post. Our target has been to disconnect completely from the matrix and from matrix agents. By so doing, we greatly increase the likelihood that our experience is real. Instead of looking outside and channeling needed information, we connected fully and completely to Source within. We rely on Source within for all information and for guidance in terms of the work we do together and in our individual lives.

We learned that each human incarnation includes two non-physical entities. One is called the high self and it resides outside of the physical body at about arms length above the head. The other is the soul which resides within and is integral to the incarnation. When the soul leaves we soon die. Both these non-physical entities come from and return to large repositories called monads. Many high selfs are matrix supporters (some are direct agents of the matrix). We learned that we could replace high selfs by intention. The monad would cooperate and upgrade the high self upon request. We then found that many high selfs were doing magic, often unbeknownst to the individual. By giving these high selfs a final warning, we were able to replace them when they again did magic. All of this without the permission or cooperation of the person to whom they were assigned.

Later, we learned that some souls also did magic (broke the natural laws of this Universe). This was more complex as the individual directly opposed us in these cases. However, magic is no longer supported here on earth. Source guided us in a process involving walk-in souls to end the willful use of magic by incarnated souls. A walk-in is a new soul to power the incarnation and the existing soul walks-out. Katelon calls forth the walk-in using the following criteria… The walk-in soul be cleared to highest level, all programs etc cleared. The walk-in soul is working for the light 100 % and supporting the individual’s evolutionary path 100%. The walk-in soul understands earth process so is easily assimilated and integrated. The walk-in soul does not and will not do magic.

There were a couple of extra steps in this process as the walk-in soul had be called in before the walk-out soul would be accepted by the monad; plus, each walk-out soul was given a day or so to say its good-byes and complete unfinished business.

Is it real? We have no way of knowing for certain but our process is much sounder and our beliefs are much more accurate than before. We can see and experience that people around us who used to do magic are no longer doing so. Not that magic has stopped as yet since the matrix remains and touches every aspect of our lives.

About a week ago, we felt ready to embark on a major project targeting to end the use of magic here on earth. Since the matrix is powered by magic, it seems to follow that the matrix will soon collapse and humanity’s shared timeline can then shift into a timeline based in Love and Light.

This work is moving rapidly and will be the subject of a soon to come blog post. Is it real? Let us all hope so.

Freedom for humanity…

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A Soul that did Magic

Each human incarnation includes two non-physical entities. The first is called the soul which is integral to the incarnation as when the soul leaves the person dies. The second is called the high self which resides outside of the person’s body and can be switched out if desired. Both of these non-physical entities come from and return to a repository called a monad. There are many monads but each incarnation gets their soul and their high self from the same monad. A soul can be a soul in one lifetime and a high self in the next. The same is true of a high self.

I have been working with high selfs that did magic (violating natural law) for a year now and have learned to switch them out, returning the magician high self to its monad and replacing it with a high self that will not do magic. In some of these cases, the person cooperated with the process and in other cases, the switch occurred after the high self was given a final warning and yet continued to do magic. In nearly all cases, the monad cooperated and recalled the magician high self and then provided a new high self that did not and would not do magic. Sometimes the individual was consciously aware that a shift had taken place and sometimes the individual was not. It is not uncommon in today’s world for a high self to be highly manipulative of the individual they are supposed to serve. In a few cases, the high self has been downright malevolent.

I have been working with a friend called Katelon for several years now. She shares my dedication to ending the dark’s current enslavement of humanity and dissolving the dark illusion, commonly called the matrix. She was looking for a new place to live and I assisted within that process as part of our regular sessions targeting our shared objectives.

A place in the Pacific north-west seemed to meet her criteria and she arrived there about a week ago and was greeted by her new room-mate, a man we will call Mark (not his real name). Part of the allure was that Mark claimed to be interested in spiritual work with Katelon as his teacher. Things soon went from bad to worse with Mark avoiding Katelon as he began to do magic by invading both her field and mine despite repeated warnings. We gave the appropriate warnings and switched out Mark’s high self but the magic continued.

What is going on? That had never happened before and we went to work on solutions; asking Source-within at each decision point. The first of a series of actions was to inform Mark. This was arranged and Katelon included Mark in a three way conversation where I explained the cosmology of high selfs and their frequent alignment with the matrix and offered to assist Mark freeing himself from spiritual matrix influences (oust his matrix guides and switch out his magician high self). Our incomplete understanding at the time was that the high self switch had not taken place pending this choice point. Mark agreed to the work but did not follow through as promised and… continued to trespass in both Katelon’s and my field. Again we gave warnings and switched out Mark’s high self. All to no avail.

What is going on? During a session we learned that it was actually Mark’s soul that was doing the magic. This was our first experience with a soul that did magic and presented a new level of complexity as the soul is integral to the incarnation. It seemed senseless, even self-defeating to continue to involve Mark and we asked that a solution be provided us. It came a few hours later as an inspiration. Facilitate a walk-in. 

A walk-in is a spiritual process where the natural soul walks-out and a new soul walks-in, taking over the human vehicle and inheriting all the memories, skills etc. but bringing in a new aura to attract new experiences and of course is different at the soul level in a great number of ways. The walk-in takes an amnesia bath before entering and initially thinks they are the natural soul. Both Katelon and I are familiar with walk-ins. Katelon had a personal walk-in experience years ago and I have met with and worked with several walk-ins.

That particular attack continued and Katelon was in a lot of pain. She knew of a process used in one of her modalities that brought in a more advanced soul as a walk-in. The process was used when the body was very sick and the existing soul was about to leave anyway. This we did and the attack ended. It seemed we had succeeded. However, the next day when I contacted Katelon early in the morning an attack started up again.

What is going on? Again, we convened a session and did an invocation to create a sacred space where the matrix did not exist. Did the walk-in happen? No, it did not. Can we make it happen as per the inspiration of yesterday? Yes, you can…both of you have to be involved. Okay. We asked a few more questions and established a plan.

Katelon would give Mark’s soul a final warning at the etheric level, explaining that a walk-in would occur if he persisted in the attack. I would then check out Katelon’s field, something I have done by invitation on many occasions. If the walk-out did not occur during that process, I would report back to Katelon and we would go from there.

Katelon gave the final-final-final warning and the attack continued. I went into her field and found Mark’s soul to be there despite the warning. I treated it in the same way I treat trespassing high selfs, asking the monad to recall Mark’s soul. Suddenly, he was gone. I reported back to Katelon and she did the work of calling in a walk-in soul that would serve all involved, especially Mark. The soul is a higher aspect of Mark and will not do magic.

I then went to the monad petitioning it to revoke Mark’s human privileges so he could not return in any incarnation until such time as the matrix is eliminated. I was inspired to invite Katelon to join me and we hung around outside of the monad as our credentials were checked out, including the special dispensation from Source to violate Mark’s free will. It all checked out and the walk-out soul had no recourse. The walk-out soul is of course in good hands and hopefully has learned an important lesson… insisting on doing magic is not acceptable.

Magic is no longer supported here on earth and those doing magic are now being held accountable. This is true of high selfs who do magic, which is fairly common. It is also true of souls that do magic, which is rare. Souls that do magic are probably much more commonplace within the human secret government and agencies such as the CIA who do the secret government’s bidding.

I do not know the next steps that will be given Katelon and I to do. However, I am confident that the net will spread broader and that magic is an endangered activity. Without magic, the matrix will soon disappear and humanity will soon regain their freedom. It cannot be too soon, in my opinion.

Freedom for humanity…

Postscript: A couple of days after the walk-out/walk-in was achieved, the walk-out soul somehow gained entry to Mark and attacked both Katelon and I. We were initially confused but invoked the sacred space and learned that the walk-out soul had returned to the human domain and was again doing magic. The walk-in soul was still in place so all we had to do was oust the magician walk-out soul, returning it once again to its monad and petition the monad to quarantine the walk-out soul to prevent it from wreaking havoc with its magician ways. This we did successfully.

There is a ‘knowing’ that once Katelon and I complete this process, there will be openings for the larger work of ending the matrix and the dark’s magical hold over humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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Walking in Nose Hill Park

Let me begin this post with a disclaimer. I do not want to be special. However, I do not mind being in front; leading humanity into their full potential and reclaiming gifts long submerged within the illusion we call the matrix.

It is within the context of this disclaimer that I share some of my recent experience walking in and interacting with a natural park near my home in Calgary, Canada. The park is called Nose Hill Park and is fully enclosed within the city of Calgary north of the downtown area and about a 40 minute walk from my home to its southern entrance. In the 1950s this park was still being farmed and a hundred and fifty years ago, it was home to great herds of buffalo (bison) that roamed North America’s Great Plains, west of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.

About a week ago, I was guided to go visit the park for the first time in years and have subsequently made three separate trips to the park, each time spending more and more time within the park accompanied by a knowing that I was completing a portion of my personal journey, a portion of my evolutionary path… and at some level ‘knowing’ this work was connected to my mission which is to free humanity from the matrix and from the current dark timeline that enslaves us all.

On the third and final trip to the park that took place yesterday, I was guided to circumnavigate the park, staying within the park but using the perimeter pathways, some well trodden and others; not so much. The circumnavigation took 3 hours which gives a rough idea as to the size of the park. At one point, on a leg with a barely discernible path, I looked up to see two young whitetail deer looking at me, perhaps fifty feet away in some bush that had served as their cover. As I proceeded cautiously so as not to spook them, a third deer, a doe and their mother also stood and each moved away, not far…but far enough. I got home physically tired but with a ‘knowing’ that something important for my journey had taken place; but also feeling lost and wondering how or even if it would all come together.

Earlier that same morning, during my ritual early morning coffee walk, I had experienced an alarming malaise. I mumbled something like, ‘God-damn it’,  and realized I was calling in the matrix thru those poorly chosen words. I quickly reframed them with ‘Source be welcome within me’. The effect was startling and the personal gloom around me cleared and stayed clear throughout this long walk (nearly four and a half hours door to door). I had a bowl of soup and lay down for a late afternoon nap. When I woke, there was another short period of gloom that dissipated as I took the rest of the evening off, watching the World Series (Game 1) and other sporting events. I went to bed without my customary pre-bedtime meditation and awoke around 2.30 to another haze of gloom. This time I meditated and again, a startling clearing took place; along with a knowing that whatever was happening had crossed a positive threshold.

Today, it is business as usual… all within the sacred Source based space that I create daily in order to function unimpeded and impervious to the matrix that is all around us.

My friend Katelon and I did a work session this morning; sharing experiences and thoughts and then doing an invocation; which creates the sacred Source based space that is our mutual foundation as we target to end the existing timeline and initiate and new Light based timeline where the matrix no longer has power or influence. Together, we worked thru this experience and it seems as though my walk may have broader implications, Light based implications for all of humanity and for the objectives Katelon and I share related to our respective missions of ending the dark’s long reign here on earth; lording it over all of humanity.

Progress is being made… may the shift into a timeline based in truth and oneness happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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Joint Efforts to End the Existing Timeline

The major belief shifts that took place in me early this year have altered my behaviour and expanded my capabilities. The major component of those belief shifts is that the God of religions is a malevolent liar who falsely claims to have created all that is but in truth has only created an artificial overlay (known as the matrix) on the natural world in which we live. The true creator, a being I call Source, is within each of us and the illusions of the matrix can be transcended simply by accessing Source within and realizing that all truth is therein contained. Searching for truth outside of oneself attracts matrix illusions and falsehoods from matrix agents.

My altered behaviour is related to ending the influence of agents outside of myself. I no longer trust or seek out channelled information or information from councils or individuals claiming to work for the Light. Instead, I go within and trust the information found there. Over a decade ago, I surrendered to Source and have long targeted to follow Source guidance in terms of living my mission. This altered behaviour returns me to that guidance and avoids missteps based on matrix operatives who pretend to be representing Source.

The expanded capabilities lie in combating magic. By my definition, magic is breaking the natural laws of this universe. The most common form of magic is trespassing in the field of another; usually done for malevolent or self-interested purposes. The specific expanded capability is the recalling of high selfs who are trespassing in another’s field. These magician high selfs are recalled to their monad and replaced by a high self who will not do magic. (The monad is a large repository of souls and high selfs. There are many monads and all appear to be cooperating with this recall policy.)

Armed with this expanded capability, I have returned to the battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline. My mission is related to replacing the existing shared timeline which is based on matrix lies and illusions, with a shared timeline based on truth and natural law.

Once again, I am joined in this work by a friend and associate named Katelon. We have known each other for years and this is the third major stint of working together, each about two years apart. Both previous stints ended without the results we were targeting; however, this time we are operating from a stronger platform based on the belief shifts outlined above and the resultant expanded capabilities.

Katelon’s expanding capabilities are related to effectively shutting down the dark so humanity can shift into a light based timeline. She is able to access these expanding capabilities because some of the aspects of matrix interference in her field are ending; and she has been one of the most interfered with people on this planet. Once I was able to harness the magician high self recall capability, we naturally ended repeat trespassing incidents that have plagued Katelon. She now is free of repeat trespassers. Without repeat trespassers, her sovereignty is no longer prevented. Katelon is now transcending the matrix limitations long imposed upon her and is reclaiming her right to live her mission in this lifetime.

Here is Katelon’s description of some recent work she was guided to do, supported by Source within:

I did my regular clearing/healing spiritual session today on my walk.  I created my sacred circle, grounded, aligned, etc. and re-dedicated myself to assist in the work to bring about the Shift into the light and Shut down of the dark.  I added that I wanted to be guided to my more expanded work, the work that was mine to do.

I was guided to step into my power and warn all dark operatives, dark governments, all men, women, energies/beings using  greed , magic and/or  power over others to control them, enslave them, harm them, that they were not to continue these ways anymore or the light would enforce consequences. I commanded that ALL dark technologies, interference, attacks, weaponry, mind control, all the ways the dark uses to sustain and maintain the matrix be now shut down forever.  I commanded that anything holding that in place, feeding it, giving it power, be dissolved forever, continuing this work until the matrix was shut down, powerless, unable to continue their dark timeline.  I was quite detailed. I just kept rambling on, speaking all I was guided to say The energy I was feeling was THIS DARK TIMELINE ENDS NOW, TODAY. 

I also commanded that any contracts, vows, agreements, etc. that had held anyone or anything in bondage to the dark, under their control, be dissolved, transformed, ended for all time. This continued for awhile.

Then  I was guided to lift all life and all aspects of life up to the timeline of oneness and abundance, connected up all codes for ascension, rejuvenation, full healing and the Shift;  anchored all gateway energies, and commanded that all those who choose it are now fully lifted up out of the matrix, onto the timeline of the New Earth of Oneness, peace, sovereignty and abundance.  I ended with commanding that those who are unwilling or not wanting to live on this new light timeline be gently but quickly removed from the planet to continue their evolutionary path elsewhere so that all life on earth, all aspects of life on earth and the planet itself is now able to move forward and upward until all who choose it are fully ascended and free, rejuvenated, healed and whole.

Within hours, Katelon suffered a major attack from matrix agents. She invited me to check out her field and I cleared the trespassers, many of whom lost their ability to do magic because their magician high selfs were recalled and the high self replacements will not do magic, even if requested to do so by the individual. Another attack took place when Katelon did the writing above and sent it to me; and those attackers were also relieved of their magician high selfs.

Both previous joint efforts (of Katelon and mine) to end the existing timeline ended because although I was able to oust attackers, they would repeat their trespassing activities. That is now changed and our joint efforts, guided by Source within, may well succeed.

Freedom for humanity…

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Down the Rabbit Hole

For many years now, I have avoided two subjects, despite the fact that they came up time and again in my work to piece together the puzzle of how the present human timeline is held in place and who is keeping it in place. These two subjects are pedophile rings and mind control.

Once I gained power over magic and developed the ability to oust magic from my field, these two subjects called to me. This is a sanitized version of what I learned.

First some background information. The human secret government that controls earth and its airspace used to be a unified whole made up of two parts. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) with strongholds in Europe and the Middle East and those calling themselves the Alliance targeting to take over in the USA. There is a turf war happening as we speak between these two factions and the USA is the turf being fought over. Both sides want to remain secret or their game is over including the current dark timeline.

The RKM has long used pedophile rings to control elected and aspiring politicians. The basic technique is to require politicians to engage in these activities in order to gain the RKM’s support and once this happens, the politician is in their pocket for fear of being exposed. Since the RKM owns and controls the media world-wide, their support is highly valued by politicians. This has worked for many decades both in Europe and in the USA (and in many other countries around the world).

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency in the USA) began targeting mind control many decades ago. They use tests done in schools to identify high potential children and developed techniques to gain control over their minds so they could use their victims in support of the secret government’s nefarious objectives. Repeated and ongoing pedophile attacks are a staple in mind control training. Mind control relies on disassociated behaviour where the victim blanks out traumatic experiences. Pedophile attacks are a very effective mechanism for creating disassociation. Multiple personalities is often a byproduct. The CIA’s mind control techniques are grotesque to say the least and include physical as well as sexual violence, both to the victim and to others, witnessed by the victim. Once a victim gets into their system, few escape except thru death.

Now the connection to magic. My definition of magic is to break natural law and use the natural forces of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes. A fundamental natural law is that each of us is sovereign; e.g. each of us has our own built in connection to Source, the creator of this universe. Natural law requires that a person’s sovereignty must be respected. Obviously, mind control targets to break this natural law by giving someone else authority over an individual’s mind; thus able to unduly influence that person’s free will. The techniques used in mind control training are each violations of natural law, as might be expected when the overall objective is to violate the victims natural rights on a permanent and ongoing basis.

Some people have the ability to do magic. The basic technique is to invade the personal space of a targeted individual and influence that person or damage that person against their free will and often without their knowledge. Obviously, mind control trainers who engage in pedophile attacks and can do magic are more effective that ones who cannot or will not; ergo these are the people the CIA employs in mind control training. I am certain that some of the current trainers began their exposure to the CIA’s mind control world as victims.

Over the past year, I developed a number of new skills that allow me to deal effectively with magicians, with people who do magic either knowingly or as the result of having a high self who does magic. At present, I believe that all human magical abilities rely on using the high self to actually do the magic. The basic technique I use is to call in the high self of people doing magic and to give them a warning, a final warning, that continued use of magic will result in consequences. The universe has cooperated with me and if I become aware of another magic act by an individual that has received their final warning, the universe recalls that high self and provides a replacement high self to the individual. The replacement high self will not do magic.

In this work, I act as an agent of natural law. In less than two months, I have participated in the replacement of perhaps twenty high selfs, about ten of them without the permission of the individual. The individual often does not even know that their high self is doing magic. Does this work violate the free will of the individual? Because magic is by definition a violation of the free will of others, those engaged in magic are no longer protected within the shifting timeline in which we live. This work is protecting everyones free will by ending ongoing violations after a final warning has been given.

Now that I can deal effectively with magic and with magicians, it has been encouraged for me to go down the rabbit hole of mind control and pedophile rings. Thus far, I have not had direct contract with CIA operatives. That may or may not be coming.

This work is very encouraging and is obviously supporting my overall objective of ending the existing timeline by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of natural law.

Freedom for humanity…

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Magician High Selfs

Lets start with a little metaphysics.

The natural human guidance system includes two non-physical entities. The soul and the high self. The soul is integral to the incarnation and resides in the physical body as a football shaped entity with its lower tip at the level of the navel. Without the soul, the incarnation ends in death (rarely in coma). The high self resides outside of the body at arms length above the head. The high self is not integral to the incarnation and can be changed out during the incarnation should that become desirable. Both the soul and the high self originate in a large repository called a monad and both return to that repository when an incarnation ends. There are many monads but each incarnation gets their soul and their high self from the same monad. Any soul can serve in either capacity, as a soul or as a high self, and an agreement takes place before any incarnation to recruit a suitable high self to pair with the soul for that incarnation.

Souls and high selfs are part of the natural world. Overlaid on the natural world here on earth is an artificial construct called the matrix designed to keep humanity limited and enslaved; to keep humanity from evolving. The matrix has been imposed upon humanity for thousands of years and continues to be quite successful in its nefarious objectives.

The matrix influences the selection of high selfs. I don’t know how and can only guess why but that influence is undeniable. Most of us have non-magician high selfs; however, almost all high selfs support the matrix. So much so that those people who are serious about pursuing their evolutionary path would be well served by changing out their existing high self to one that does not support the matrix and instead, supports their soul’s agenda. This is doable.

A few of us have a high self who is a magician. A magician high self breaks natural law and uses the natural forces of the universe for malevolent or self-interested purposes.

I have done considerable learning about this entire situation over the last several weeks and a key contributor is a long time friend I will call Dawn, not her real name. Dawn and I have worked together for perhaps five years and it has been one step forward and one step back until about six weeks ago. Here is what has taken place.

About six weeks ago I worked with Dawn to change out her high self. (Written about in my July post called Spiritual Guidance within the Matrix). The work was successful and Dawn now has a high self that does not support the matrix and is aligned with her soul’s agenda. Our working relationship ended for a couple of weeks when we disagreed on how to proceed further.

About a week ago, Dawn contacted me when she received a letter from her parents. She asked for my help in terms of a suitable response and as we worked thru the issue I became more and more convinced that the letter carried magic and came from a magician. When I checked my guidance, I found her dad has a magician high self and her mom was acting as his pawn. Dawn sometimes suffers from extreme anxiety and this was one such time. She gave me permission to check her field which I did. I found the magician high self of her dad was trespassing and required him to leave.

Dawn and I then took the following steps to give her dad’s magician high self a final warning. Dawn informed the magician that he was no longer welcome or invited in her field. I informed the magician that he could no longer go uninvited into Dawn’s field and further transgressions would bring consequences. There the matter rested until later that same day. Dawn informed me that the anxiety remained and gave me permission to again check her field. The magician high self was back or perhaps never truly left. I called in the consequences and petitioned the magician’s monad to recall him. The monad cooperated and the magician was gone. I petitioned the monad to give Dawn’s dad a replacement high self that was not a magician. The monad cooperated and the high self came in including an information stream for me to confirm this had taken place.

The next morning, I shared some additional information with Dawn. She and her dad are from the same monad and have shared many lifetimes together. She has been estranged from her dad for some time now but that may be ending since the dad is no longer a threat to her safety. This information was well received.

Less than a day later, Dawn experienced another of her re-occuring symptoms. A sharp pain in her spine at about the bra level. She gave me permission and I found the cause was another magician high self trespassing; the magician high self of her boy friend. We repeated the same process. Dawn informed the magician that he was no longer welcome or invited in her field. I informed the magician that he could no longer go uninvited into Dawn’s field and further transgressions would bring consequences. A couple of hours later Dawn informed me that the pain persisted and gave me permission to check it out. The magician was back and I called in the consequences. The magician’s monad cooperated and the magician was recalled. Shortly thereafter, the monad supplied a non-magician high self as a replacement and confirmed that with me.

Maybe Dawn is now free of magical interference. Maybe Dawn can now pursue her evolutionary path as a sovereign being.

These are not the only two magician high selfs with whom I have interacted. There was one in my life who also violated a final warning and was replaced by a non-magician high self. Another replacement has also taken place with a magician high self marauding in the field of a friend. Two other individuals replaced their magician high self under my guidance. A handful more magician high selfs have received their final warning and have not since transgressed. All of this is in addition to a number of high self upgrades that were not magicians; but who were influenced by and compliant in some way to the matrix.

This work has been highly fulfilling and is obviously contributing to my overall objective of ending the matrix, thus returning all of humanity to the natural world where all of us can pursue our evolutionary path in full sovereignty.

Freedom for humanity…

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Battling to End the Matrix

Someone told me the story of his health issues recently. He has an enlarged prostate gland and it affected his urethra, bladder and kidneys. Somehow the bladder did not empty properly which caused the kidneys to be overworked and reduced their functionality. The situation was long misdiagnosed but came to light when he was referred to a kidney specialist. They put in a drainage tube which emptied into a bag strapped to his leg. The nearly full bladder was emptied for the first time in a long while and the drainage tube remains. He installed a valve on the tube, long the practice in Europe, which allowed him to get rid of the bag and urinate thru the tube when desired. His kidneys have regained some of their functionality. He awaits a laser operation to take build-up out of his urethra (carries both urine and semen out thru the penis) which will allow him (hopefully) to get rid of the tube and urinate normally.

I listened with interest as some of the symptoms are similar to my own. I urinate frequently and in small amounts. I am tired and sleep long hours including frequent afternoon naps. My prostate has been the focus of multiple health alarms including two miracle cures, one in the fall of 2008 and another a couple of years ago just after I became aware of the technologies being beamed in thru my windows.

I attended my grandson’s six year old birthday party a week ago after returning from a weekend trip. I woke early that morning with discomfort in my kidneys. I found I was dehydrated and drank a couple of quarts of water to get back to normal hydration before leaving for the party. That helped a great deal and I have worked at staying hydrated ever since. Everything seemed on the mend yesterday but last night was another, albeit milder, kidney discomfort and rehydrating this morning. Many times I have asked my guidance if I should go see a doctor and each time I get the following information confirmed by a strong truth jolt…Do not seek medical assistance; 3D medicine is very dangerous to you. Strongly confirmed after writing that line.

This entire situation has been my primary focus the past week including frequent meditations; both seated and walking. Each time including the creation of a sacred space surrounding me. I have developed and use an intention…I intend to return to normal and natural functioning of my kidneys, urethra, bladder and prostrate. 

I just received information that my tiredness and long sleep hours are not functions of failing kidneys; but a result of how much work I am doing both consciously within my body and subconsciously while out of body during my sleep time. Strongly confirmed.

Apparently, my health issues are not primary but secondary and the result of the battles I am fighting with and within the matrix. The ones during my sleep are hidden from me but vital as the timeline of ending the matrix continues. Seems humanity is much closer than I presently understand and much, much closer than is evidenced within the current timeline. The Trump chronicles and partial disclosure shenanigans are not where the battle is being fought. The battlefield is within the matrix; or perhaps more accurately – around the matrix, as people such as myself are winning and the matrix is imploding.

In my conscious world, I am creating a sacred space and battling magicians. My success in terms of battling magicians is indicative of the true state of things. I now count as four the number of magicians I have directly battled and neutralized in the portion of the playing field I was targeting. 1. Someone that will be unnamed. Battled while I was doing daily sessions last fall. 2. Katelon’s ex-friend and Lee’s ex-caregiver. 3. Lee’s son and Katelon’s prime contact. 4. Joy’s Ex.

The process used has been the same in each case. The last person I helped was Joy. Here is the process we used. We created a sacred space and Joy gave me permission to check out her field. I meditated while doing so including interacting with her new high selfs (she has two, a male and a female presence). Once her field was clear including any residual magic, the magician (her Ex) was called into my sacred space. Either of us can do this and I know when they arrive. I allow the magician to reside outside the sacred space but within hearing distance and informed him that we are aware that he is using magic and entering Joy’s field against her wishes, that this is against natural law and that he must stop doing so or face the consequences. (I do not know what the consequences are but each magician has respected my warning; one got provoked and tried a repeat but it was short lived and unsuccessful…not sure if it triggered consequences. The consequences do not originate in me, but come from Source or perhaps the natural energy field that Source created.) I also explain that the matrix will no longer be able to protect the magician should they choose to repeat this offence. My concern is the sovereignty of Joy so cease and desist. In every case the magician has attempted to enter my field during this process and has been rebuffed. I know when this happens. It reminds me of the game of battling tops that I played as a kid. When they touch my field they are spun off and away. I then turned it over to Joy and she repeated her message that the Ex is not invited or welcome in her field. Those are the essentials.

Conclusion…I am to do nothing more than I am presently doing regarding my health issues. Source within and my truth jolts assure me that I am in good hands. That I am doing important work battling the matrix both consciously and beyond my consciousness especially during sleep. That I will survive the various matrix attacks as long as I remain mindful and engaged with my inner wisdom.

It is all good…The battle to end the matrix continues and success is ever closer.

Freedom for humanity….

Postscript…After writing this, I was informed that a magician (a person I know) has been compromising me and orchestrated many of the symptoms I experienced (dehydration etc.) I did a session with Katelon to end this magician’s access and interference. That makes five magicians that I have neutralized.

My health is now substantially improved and returning to normal.

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