Disengaging from the Matrix – Ousting my Guides

A couple of months ago, I wrote and posted a piece called New Age Propaganda. It began an exploration of a deeper level of truth and that truth is that a dark creator god, known to Christians as God, (Allah, Jehovah, etc.) has created a pervasive control structure targeting to enslave humanity and prevent them from realizing their full potential. That control structure (commonly called the matrix) is supported by off-world technologies, artificial intelligence, a variety of ET parasitic races, and humanity’s secret government. The current shared human timeline is a result of the influence of the matrix and is an indication of the past and current success of the pervasive control structures currently imposed upon us.

My mission is to assist in ending the existing shared timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of original law. For over a year, I had worked in partnership with like-minded people and that work melted away in February. What now? My ‘knowing’ was and is to disengage from the matrix and use that platform to then do what is mine to do in terms of shifting the shared timeline.

Disengaging from the matrix is a complex and confusing undertaking. The matrix is so pervasive that it is difficult to sort out what is part of the matrix and what is part of the natural world. Agents and dupes of the matrix are everywhere and what poses as wisdom is often propaganda. Trust your experience. Trust the principles of sovereignty and equality. 

Okay. From that beginning progress began to be made. I had been shown my angel wings  over a decade ago but being an angel did not match the principle of equality. I shed my angel wings and found they were not attached to me; but to a sheet that covered me like a KKK sheet. The entire structure was easily removed and fell away.

A few days ago, I was inspired to oust all my guides. Having guides did not match the principle of sovereignty. Within sovereignty, we are each connected to Source (the prime creator) and there is no need or benefit from having guides. Within sovereignty we can each access all we need and all that is truth by using our innate sovereign connections. That made sense and off I went to oust my guides.

I was introduced to my guides over twelve years ago by the same person who showed me my angel wings…hmmm…more support for ousting them. I had four principle guides, one at each ordinate point surrounding my head…hmmm…head connections are suspect because the matrix targets the head as their point of entry and influence. The sexiest of my guides was a dragon that sat outside of my right ear and purported to guide me in regards to my mission. Behind my head was a guide supporting my health and related issues. My left ear had a guide of wisdom. In front of me was a guide of unconditional love.

Six years ago, I learned that I could shift my guides and oust unwanted guides. I did so in a memorable process on a beautiful May afternoon in 2011. (See blog post called Shifting Guides – My Experience) Part of the process was to oust them so I already knew how. Since I was not asking any of them back or inviting replacements, I was ready to go.

Where should I do this work? Ashram. Ashram is a mature Douglas fir that grows at the top of the south bank of the Bow River about an hours walk from my home. I have often visited Ashram and set out to renew acquaintances. It was a sunny day and I chose to sit on the shady side of Ashram leaning on the tree for support. Thus I began the meditation preceding the ousting. Essentially, all guides require our permission to reside in our field and if asked to leave, they have no choice but to do so. Since the work I did in 2011, my guides have been unobtrusive so I thanked them for their service, told them they would not be invited back and asked them to leave. I addressed each of the four in a kind of final farewell. Once they were gone, I took steps to seal the openings and disconnect from head based matrix access points. I had believed propaganda that we are each connected to Source (God) by a silver thread connected to our crown chakra. My inspiration was to remove an etheric hood that facilitated this connection. It came off easily and melted away. After renewing my intention of having no guides, the session was completed. I requested a sign to show me the work was successful and began my return home.

Ashram is close to the Douglas Fir Trail that extends for about five kilometres along the south bank of the Bow River and my choice was to continue along the trail in part to see if it had been reopened after being closed last fall due to mud slides. The entire trail was reopened with short detours around former trouble spots and I walked it to its end. My normal route back home from Trails end was to recross the river on a different bridge about five kilometres downstream. As it turned out the bridge was closed to pedestrian traffic due to widening (an extra lane of traffic each way). I chose to cross anyway and an opening (for construction workers) had been left unguarded. All went well until past the halfway point where a construction worker hailed me. ‘Hey, the bridge is closed.’ ‘Is it?’ Feigning my innocence. As I stood quietly lamenting the extra hour or so of walking that would have resulted, the worker relented. ‘It is a long way to the next bridge, I will escort you to the other side.’ That was my sign. The world and its people are destined to cooperate with the guide-less me and break a few rules in the process…all leading to successfully completing the work I am to do…Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It has been four days since ousting my guides and walking my path has been much easier, especially night times. Night times had been a battleground with the matrix attempting to reassert its waning influence. The guides surreptitiously supported the matrix and their absence resulted in easier progress with far less backsliding. A couple of days later, I asked all matrix agents to leave my field which represented even further progress.

Disconnecting from the matrix continues. That is my present intention and I am grateful for the progress to date and for the support being provided within this work.

Once I am free of the matrix, we shall see what openings arrive to assist all of humanity in also becoming free.

Freedom for humanity…

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God is Not the Prime Creator

God is not the Prime Creator and the Prime Creator is not God. God did not create earth. God did not create humanity. God did not create you or me.

The best way for me to approach this sensitive subject is from the perspective of my personal journey. In the mid nineties, I worked myself through A Course in Miracles. The Course is channeled material and the entity being channeled is Jesus. Even then, I was not a fan of Jesus but the material called to me and it was invaluable at that stage of my journey. I began the Course as an agnostic but Divinity became real to me as I progressed and Divinity was represented in the Course as God. God was also represented as the prime creator in the Course…would you expect anything else from Jesus?

I began to have a personal experience with Divinity and did not know how to explore this experience but knew I wanted to. I was raised a Christian, an Anglican (Church of England) since my maternal grandfather was an ordained Anglican minister. During the Anglican confirmation process at the age of twelve, I left organized religion realizing I could either stay and consider myself a sinner or take a more natural and self-affirming approach as an agnostic. I chose the route of being an agnostic and that lasted more than three decades until encounter the Course. My choice at the time was to return to the Anglican religion but after about a year as a church goer, I realized the god of their ministry was not the same as the god of my experience. The god of my experience was loving and expected nothing from me, whereas the god of the church was fear based and expected my supplication. I left organized religion for good at that time and took a five or six year holiday from my spiritual pursuits.

To make sense of that entire experience, I conclude that the god the church was a misrepresented version of Divinity and I decided not to use the term God in communicating with others because of the danger of them thinking I was talking about the god of the church. Instead of God, I used Divinity.

There the matter rested for more than two decades. Although I learned more and more about the god of religion and religion’s hidden agenda of enslaving humanity, it simply did not occur to me that anyone would choose to claim the false identity of being the prime creator. Earlier this year, I came across someone who says specifically just that. God is not the prime creator and knowingly represents himself falsely as such. Wow…that blew my mind; and it makes perfect sense.

God knows there is no risk in this claim as the prime creator honours free will first and foremost. Make whatever claim you wish…all part of free will. You see, God is what is known as a cosmic conquerer, a being who specifically targets to conquer others and this ruse, the ruse of falsely claiming to be the prime creator has served God well. Civilizations that fall for it are manipulated by fear and taught to revere God, bowing down in supplication believing there is no higher power, no greater authority.  From that starting point, enslavement is a short step. Quite the gig.

God and his minions have created the matrix targeting to continue the enslavement of humanity and their domination over us. It is within the matrix that our current timeline thrives. Even though the current timeline is based on lies and is an illusion, it continues unabated because within the matrix we are all controlled and enslaved. Those who see through the illusion are marginalized and persecuted, even murdered in many cases; and those supporting the illusion are propped up and lauded.

A few weeks ago, I took the intention of escaping the matrix; of disconnecting as fully and completely as is practicable in the now within this physical vessel. I found that most of the hard yards were already gained. Prayer has never worked for me so that hold on me did not exist. Meditation retreats done a decade ago had gotten me out of my head and connected me to the Divinity within so God already had limited access to me through my mind. Now that I realize that God and the prime creator are two separate and distinct beings, it has not been difficult for me to continue the process of disconnecting as much as is practicable from God.

Technique wise, I no longer ask for anything. Asking is akin to prayer and puts me in the position of a supplicant. Only God hears supplications. The prime creator does not respond to supplications.

Instead of asking and thereby activating a connection with God, I set intentions. I get to chose whatever intention I desire. The prime creator responds to intention so I activate a connection with the prime creator.

The prime creator always serves the greater good. The prime creator will therefor not activate if my intention does not serve the greater good. I am good with that as my good is part of the greater good.

The prime creator always serves free will. That can be tricky because it is not my small self free will that is honoured; it is my soul’s free will. The prime creator will not activate if I am in opposition to my soul. That is a source of conflict for some but for more than a decade, I have honoured my soul’s intention and targeted to be one with my soul so there is rarely conflict there.

The prime creator responds to gratitude. As much as possible, I am grateful for all that I am and all that happens around me. I link my gratitude to my intentions; being grateful for progress as it is made and grateful for any help or assistance given or about to be given.

I have experienced many personal miracles using these techniques. Healing myself from ailments both large and small so I know these techniques work.

As it relates to my mission, I use the same techniques. I am intending to end the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Love and Light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good. That work is ongoing and by connecting with the prime creator, that work is energized and supported.

God is not the prime creator. God deliberately misrepresents himself as the prime creator. If you want to serve the greater good and end humanity’s enslavement, disconnect from God and connect with the prime creator. You then serve the greater good; but who could ask for more?

Freedom for humanity…

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Freedom for Humanity – A Summary – Spring 2018

Humanity was a joint creation of creator gods serving truth and the greater good. We are fractals of all that is and all that has been; the most advanced physical beings yet created.  Other gods with a service to self orientation targeted to prevent humanity from achieving their full potential and when this sector of the galaxy fell to predatory forces around 40,000 years ago, these gods created what is commonly called the matrix. The matrix targets to keep humanity in limited consciousness and enslave humanity for their own benefit. That is the current state of affairs.

When humanity frees itself from these self-interested enslavers, we will return to our evolutionary path and life will be very different from what we experience today. The current timeline based on lies and deception will be replaced by a timeline based in truth. As a result, human capabilities will be greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity and the natural abundance of the Universe will be enjoyed by all.

The long anticipated December solstice of 2012 has come and gone without the predicted fireworks; neither apocalyptic nor mind-blowing and the illusion of duality remains in place. What happened – if anything?

First a short history lesson:
A profound shift took place on October 28, 2011 and it affected me greatly. That date marked the end of the era of duality, the end of us and them, of darkness and light, of war and peace, of rich and poor, of freedom and slavery, of young and old, and so many other manifestations of duality too numerous to mention. Free will was honoured and there were many ways we could have crossed this threshold, but the threshold itself was predestined. As it turned out, duality remained very much a part of our shared reality here on earth and systems supporting duality continued to create more.

At the March equinox of 2012, information began coming my way that it was time to oust the earth’s dark and replace their systems supporting self-interest with systems serving the greater good. At the June solstice of 2012, the earth’s dark declined the Light’s deadline to surrender and the Light took a variety of actions to ensure the earth’s dark could not start WWIII and thereby take humanity on an extended detour or destroy the planet. The actual ousting of the earth’s dark is being left to humanity and continues in a slow process maximizing humanity’s learning experience.

The ascension process predicted for the December solstice of 2012 (12-21-12) was a dark hoax; designed to disempower humanity by providing the illusion of a saviour event. This hoax continues as part of new age propaganda in one form or another. Such an event would split humanity in two with one part ascending and the other remaining behind in a continued 3D experience at the mercy of our present enslavers. Instead, humanity will soon achieve freedom and return to their evolutionary path. All of humanity will then realize our full potential together in an inclusive process yet to be experienced.

Freedom for humanity will result in a shift into a shared timeline based in Light and the natural ousting of earth’s human dark who continue to rule over humanity and impose their chosen timeline of artificial scarcity and economic slavery. At the top of the human dark hierarchy are two groups of people; the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) made up of about 100 families who control world finances and provide the dark’s strategic planning, and the US based technological leaders who call themselves the Alliance. They developed and use free energy, zero gravity based travel (faster than light), time travel technologies which they have abused to change the past in ways that support their self interest, and a variety of technologies to control and limit humanity which has prevented humanity from traveling their evolutionary path. These two groups constitute what I call humanity’s secret government.

Off- world support for this secret government is and has been a major factor in their success. 40,000 years ago, predators took control of this sector of the galaxy and controlled it until the mid-1990s when they surrendered to the Light’s agenda and left occupied territory. Aligned with the predators was the god of religion and an entire hierarchy of parasitic entities. Their influence remains, albeit well hidden. These beings designed the matrix and maintain it as we speak. Transcending the matrix and the control of this hierarchical off-world imposition will lead to freedom for humanity. A breakthrough is nearing but has not yet occurred.

I remain completely dedicated to the process of ending the existing shared human timeline, a timeline based in deception, by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in Light. A timeline based in Love, based in truth and full disclosure, based in oneness and abundance, based in world governance in support of the greater good, based in the complete restoration of universal law here on earth.

How this shift into a Light based shared human timeline happens is not known to me. Neither is the timing of this miraculous shift. What I do know is that humanity is on the cusp of a shift into a Light based shared human timeline including replacement of the world’s financial systems, disclosure of our ET supporters, the introduction of abundance technologies, and rejuvenation becoming humanity’s shared reality. All of this will be accompanied by governance shifts as world governments supporting the earth’s dark shift to or are replaced by world governments supporting the greater good.

The Earth as a school of learning will continue after freedom for humanity is achieved and our shared timeline shifts but will then be based in truth and the realization of humanity’s full potential including such things as rejuvenation, abundance technologies, travel by intention, and daily interactions with other ET civilizations. Individual sovereignty will be widely supported.

Survival will no longer be an issue and each of us will be encouraged to uncover and pursue our passion as we attract our lessons and advance along our evolutionary path. Duality will play a much reduced role and service to others will replace service to self as humanity’s foundational value.

Sound like heaven on earth? That is what is planned; and that is the end result of the achieving freedom for humanity. Enjoy the process and may your experience be one of peace, love and joy.

Freedom for humanity…

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An Unattractive Truth – Ascension is a Hoax

Serving humanity by providing information about Ascension and related matters is this blog’s objective.

I wrote these words many years ago and they currently sit in a prominent place in the ‘About’ section of this blog.  A few weeks ago, my personal truth shifted and Ascension became part of the illusion currently being imposed upon humanity. Ascension is part of the matrix which is designed to keep humanity in limited consciousness and prevent their awakening. Ascension is a hoax. Why did the Ascension hoax happen? So those currently controlling humanity and enslaving us for their own benefit can continue to do so.

Years ago, I knew a young woman in a relationship with a man serving in the military within the special forces. Of course, he could not share details and he was often called away at inconvenient times but the relationship continued. One day, the young woman saw her man with another woman who turned out to be his wife. He confessed: He was not in the military and the entire story was a hoax.

This is an example of an unattractive truth. He felt bad for the lies he had told; she felt bad for being so naive. Everyone felt bad. But the truth did set them all free. The relationship with no future ended and each of them got on with their lives. Such is the power of truth; even unattractive truth.

Right now, I am feeling a little like that young woman must have felt. Lied to, duped, betrayed, made to look the fool…and mad as hell! But already there is a glimmer of possibilities and a growing realization that within the hoax that I have just transcended, there was no future and no happy ending. Now there is. It is different from Ascension where Divinity swoops in and makes it all good. We will have to work for it instead of having it handed to us on a silver platter; but that is okay.

My work begins with transcending the Ascension hoax and returning this blog to truth; or at least my current truth. Own what a fool I have been and start again from this new beginning.

Ascension is a hoax. There will be no Ascension; no glorious event handed to us. That entire concept is part of dark propaganda, part of the illusion; part of the matrix intended to keep us enslaved and blissfully awaiting someone on a white horse to ride in and save us.

What will there be? There will be freedom for humanity. Freedom is a natural byproduct of humanity’s awakening and two major shifts will result. One is a shift into a truth based shared timeline. The other is the ousting of humanity’s current masters; both human and off-world. These shifts are a chicken and egg scenario and no one can yet say which will follow which or how it will occur; but occur it will. Progress is happening daily and although those opposing these shifts are fighting to the bitter end, their demise is imminent.

Many of the benefits commonly attributed to Ascension will occur. We will have free energy. We will have faster than light travel. We will have bilocation by intention. We will have ageless bodies and rejuvenation for those who are currently aged past their prime. We will have full consciousness and full recall of all past lives. All of these things are natural byproducts of shifting into a truth based timeline; because all of these things are based in truth.

Job one for me is now complete. I have accepted that Ascension is a hoax; designed and imposed upon us by humanity’s current masters.

I will now turn my attention to cleaning up my blog, especially the About section, so it reflects this inner truth. Over the past several days, I have contemplated how I would go about bringing my blog into line with my current truth. The baby is still there, it is just a matter of throwing out the bath water. Posts that referenced Ascension will remain but the About section will acknowledge the Ascension hoax (as unattractive as that might be) and future posts will be based on the resulting truth.

Freedom for humanity…

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Shedding my Wings

A few weeks ago, I came to understand that the control system imposed upon humanity and commonly referred to as the matrix was far more pervasive than I had previously suspected.

The matrix begins with the false claim that the god of religions is Source; the creator of all that is. This claim is bogus, a deliberate lie. This lie is supported in any number of ways and one of them is by creating hierarchies. Within any hierarchy, some are greater and some are less…equality does not exist within hierarchies. Religions are clearly part of the matrix. Religions have built in hierarchies based on the premise that those trained within the religion have greater access to Source.

I saw through the illusion of hierarchies years ago. In truth and within all that Source has created, equality is a foundational principle. Individual sovereignty is an essential element of equality. Since we each have access to Source through individual sovereignty, we are all equal…it can be no other way.  In view of this truth, I left religions, embracing spirituality where we each can embrace our access to Source through individual sovereignty. Within spirituality, we are all equal…or are we?

Near the end of 2005, I experienced a major reversal and asked the Universe to bring me teachers suitable for that stage of my journey. Two were provided, meditation teachers and a facilitator of past life journeys. In hindsight, both were heavily compromised by the matrix and by hierarchical thinking but teachers that are not are difficult to find in today’s world.

The facilitator of past life journeys is a gifted individual who sees what you see during the session. Our first session was in two parts. Part one was a series of vignettes from various past lives and is part of my current memory and awareness. Part two was a facilitated inspection of my etheric body and the facilitator warned me to make notes afterward since this information would not be part of my memory and awareness. Hmmm…

I was shown my wings during part two; beautiful long white wings. At face value, I am an angel incarnated into a human body to assist humanity during this difficult phase of their evolution. How does this fit with equality? For more than a decade I struggled with this question and just put it aside, accepting the information that I had wings and only using that information when encountering another human angel as a kind of levelling mechanism.

In this latest phase of my journey where the pervasiveness of the matrix is being exposed, I began to question the information that I had wings. Yes, I had seen them and being an angel is appealing but is it truth? Slowly the entire construct began to lose validity. Understanding that many commonly accepted streams of spirituality are in fact  new age propaganda opened up the possibility that the facilitator is a dupe or an agent of this propaganda stream. That resonated; and in fact, my friendship with the facilitator ended years ago when his hierarchical thinking clashed with my principles of equality. Is it possible that the matrix has the power to create the illusion of wings with the help of a gifted facilitator? Seems entirely possible.

What if I took the intention of shedding my wings? That resonated. As I explored this possibility, I could see no down sides. My wings have not proven useful in any way and in the early days, I made many attempts to use them. What about upsides? A significant upside is that equality returns once I shed my wings and accept that others who claim to have wings are simply duped within the matrix. Without wings, I am fully human, nothing more and nothing less. Greater than no-one else and less than no-one else. An equal. I can still be an agent of truth and an agent of truth based shifts. I can still serve the greater good in all I do. I can still do what is mine to do in terms of ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in love and light. I simply do those things as a human being.

Shedding my wings was simple. I used a two step approach but in hindsight, one step was all that was required. Step one was to cut away my wings and I did this during a meditation session. Once that was done, Source within guided me to remove a sheet that covered me like a KKK sheet. I took it off like a gown, over my head and dropped it to the ground where it evaporated into nothingness; as all illusions eventually do. Step two was all that was necessary as the wings are attached to the sheet, not to me and not to my body.

And so, I am now fully human…nothing more and nothing less. I am equal to all other humans and also equal to those attempting to maintain the matrix; including the god of religions. Best of all, the principle of equality is resumed. This principle is buttressed by the knowing that anything suggesting otherwise is part of the matrix. Part of new age propaganda. Part of the control structure currently imposed upon humanity.

I am free. I am sovereign. I am without wings. I am fully human.

Freedom for humanity…

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New Age Propaganda

The past six weeks have been intense for me. I had been working in partnership with like minded people doing daily sessions for well over a year; all aimed at shifting humanity’s shared timeline. Suddenly that ended and these events motivated me to open myself to a new level of truth. The partnership work had already identified a significant level of off-world support for the current timeline that had previously been hidden to me and I went back to the drawing board targeting to understand a deeper level of truth.

I will explain what I found by taking you on an imaginary journey:

Imagine you are a creator god with control over significant portions of the universe. Your strategy has been to pose as the prime creator, which you are not, and get those under your influence to worship you as such…and this strategy has had a great deal of success.

There have also been failures. The principle failure mode is that the civilization under your control wakes up and realizes you have been duping them. Once that happens, they are soon beyond your reach. You have a great deal of resources and a number of allies aligned with your efforts, some are ‘paid’ agents and others are dupes.

Other creator gods exist. Some, who have targeted truth, chose to create a species that were fractals of all that is and all that has been. You were made aware of this and chose to oppose it. Your opposition was greatly aided and abetted when the solar system inhabited by these fractal beings was invaded by conquering marauders. The invaders also valued the fractal DNA of the prime species and agreed to work with you to mine the resource. That resource is humanity, and that solar system is our own.

One of the resources available to you as this powerful creator god is time-travel. Using time-travel, you are able to stay ahead of the game and create diversions and detours all designed to prevent or at least delay the principle failure mode; e.g. humanity’s awakening. Being the god worshiped in all of humanity’s religions does not prevent awakening if religions lose their influence. That is happening, rapidly in some cases, slowly in others. What to do? Time-travel is perfect for this kind of question. You invent various possibilities and test them in future timelines. Time-travel is not an absolute science but some of these possibilities work well and others do not.

One that worked well is to soften the image you project and create a reward structure based on connecting with a power source outside of oneself. All of this is disguised as being for the user’s benefit under the heading of ‘enlightenment’. You are that power source they connect to which enables you to control the ‘enlightened ones’ and feed them misinformation. The pot of gold at the end of the enlightenment rainbow is Ascension; where this all powerful creator god brings forth a new age of enlightenment for all. Meanwhile, those duped stay blissfully asleep, awaiting the gift of Ascension; a gift you have no intention of delivering. That in a nut shell is the New Age propaganda; and it has a very specific purpose…to prevent or at least delay humanity’s awakening.

New Age propaganda is far reaching and support for it is pervasive. George Kavassilas, the leader in exposing this level of truth, says the pineal gland is a biological implant, the chakra system is a control structure invented and used by the god of religions, kundalini is an artificial reward, the archangels and Jesus work for the god of religions, and most if not all channellers are dupes or agents of this same dark god.

I am still working through the question of what is truth and what is propaganda. A big part of that work is looking at my past experience; what worked and what did not? Here are some of the things that have worked well:

Seeking truth…whenever I have asked for truth about a subject, a deeper level of truth has come my way.

Accepting that free will governs…this means I stop others from interfering with my free will and the flip side is I do not interfere with the free will of others; even when they are making what appear to me to be obvious mistakes.

Meditation…the practice of quieting the mind and going within for answers shifted me in profound and beneficial ways.

Sungazing…I sungazed every day, clouds permitting, for over two years in 2007-2009. This opened me to all the benefits sungazing provides. The consciousness of the sun is supportive of truth and individual sovereignty. The dark propaganda that the sun blinds you is to prevent these benefits from being enjoyed by humanity.

Surrendering attachments…an early part of my journey was to surrender all my attachments. Since then I surrender attachments as soon as I become aware of them. Attachments prevent truth.

Serving the greater good…part of this is accepting that the small me does not know what constitutes the greater good. However, that information is available upon request by going within as long as related attachments have been surrendered.

Shifting my guides…after I learned that I could manage the process of choosing guides and get rid of guides that did not serve, I made several changes targeting to support my mission and my journey.

What has not worked within my experience?

Chasing Ascension…my meditation teachers had a generous sprinkling of New Age propaganda including one of their books called Ascension. I read it and began to research the subject eventually deciding that I wanted the broader version of ascension, the New Age propaganda version as already outlined. My guidance was to make major changes in the spring of 2008 (leaving my marriage, quitting work and moving to a new city) and I mistakenly assumed ascension would be my reward. After making the guided changes, I went on a three month detour chasing ascension and my soul rebelled; attracting a potentially fatal disease (prostate cancer) into my field. Fortunately, a lifeline was given me. The disease was miraculously cured and I returned to the path of my mission. The allure of ascension continued through the 2012 disappointment; right up to a month or so ago when it was finally debunked. Sadly, Ascension is New Age propaganda.

The truth is that each of us is a fractal of all that is and all that has been; ergo, everything we need to transcend New Age propaganda is within. That is my current objective. Once this control structure is transcended the next steps in shifting humanity’s shared timeline will come into view.

Freedom for humanity…

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Awareness is Everything

The present shared human timeline is a dark timeline based on illusion…without awareness, the illusion prospers. Within awareness, the illusion crumbles and cannot continue.

After working daily for about seven months with a Chicago woman named Brittany, a dramatic shift took place in mid February. As a result, Brittany and I are presently estranged. The process was emotionally brutal for me and likely for her as well. I do not know the purpose of this unhappy development nor do I understand the benefits for Brittany but I do know one of the major benefits for me. During our parting, I was highly motivated to seek out truth, both my truth and absolute truth.

I opened myself to learning more about my past and spent time inviting those truths but in the end, this information was not made available to me. What did come in is that it does not matter who I am or what I have done in previous lifetimes or even earlier in this lifetime. What matters is what I am doing now. My primary purpose in the now is to end the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in love and light, based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of universal law. Doing so requires awareness. Awareness requires truth.

As I called out for truth about the current timeline and the human situation, the Universe responded with a two hour interview of George Kavassilas. It was like the universe said, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, here is truth. Part one can be found here and part two follows: https://youtu.be/Xli8K0jhDbg

A major tenet of our current illusion is that humanity is alone in the universe. That could not be further from the truth but is necessary to keep humanity isolated and unaware. Here is truth about the current situation incorporating information from George’s interview:

About 40,000 years ago, our solar system fell to dark forces. As a result, agents aligned with the Ankara Alliance took over as overseers of earth and of humanity. Humans and their DNA are highly prized because we are fractals of everything that is and all that has been. Once the dark forces took over, humans were genetically reengineered so they could be controlled and exploited by agents of the Alliance. This control is done at two main levels. One is mind control being broadcast from the moon. The other is body and spirit control being broadcast from Saturn. The Saturn efforts are run by the god of religion; a god of vengeance and fear. The overall effort is targeting to convince humans to give away the vast power that resides within by accepting guidance and misinformation from without.

Various malevolent ET forces are aligned with these efforts despite Ankara’s surrender to the Light’s agenda about twenty years ago. Here are three of the main culprits:

The Dracos, short for Draconians, a reptilian species and the most advanced of a variety of sentient reptilians. Most of the Dracos have returned to home planets and are pursuing light based objectives but our solar system remains infested with disenfranchised Dracos supporting the dark objectives of dominating our solar system and enslaving humanity. Humanity’s human secret government has long been aligned with these dark Dracos and that alliance continues.

The Greys who are the remnants of various civilizations who have gone down the road of embracing artificial intelligence. This road results in a de-evolution of the species and the atrophy of many body parts including the reproductive system. All the Greys carry these markers despite their variety of starting points. Living off the energy of others is often a result and many are parasites not willing, and perhaps no longer able, to create their own livelihood. George has had many visits from Greys, some very unpleasant, whereas others were only to warn him of the pitfalls of giving ones power away to technology.

The Orion Nordics also known as the Tall Whites, a humanoid species from Orion with blond hair and blue eyes. They attempt to appear to be benefactors but carry the hidden intention of domination. They are currently aligned with the Russians and are feeding them technologies to shift the balance of human power. Pursuing power can only lead to darkness and that is the Orion Nordics game. Awareness of this helped me understand why the Russians under Putin are not pursuing peace and full disclosure. Instead there is a power struggle between the Russians supported by the Orion Nordics and the secret government supported by the dark Dracos…ugh.

The human secret government are also major players in the dark’s attempts to enslave humanity. They have developed a number of advanced technologies including faster than light travel and many secret mind and spirit control technologies. They already have colonies on Mars and act as the de facto world government withholding permission for benevolent ETs to interact with humanity. This is highly significant as the dark’s illusion could not be maintained within open communications with benevolent ETs.

Since Ankara’s surrender twenty years ago, our solar system now has numerous benevolent ET ships and representatives. The benevolent ET have been granted permission to prevent the use of high tech weapons within the solar system which includes the use of nuclear bombs. This permission has prevented the secret government from beginning WWIII, something that has long been their objective.

In summary, the present shared human timeline remains widely supported by advanced technologies based on the moon and elsewhere in our solar system. Augmenting these technologies are malevolent ETs and the god of religion; all targeting to control humanity and enslave them within the illusions that support the current dark timeline. Humanity’s secret government is aligned with this overall effort. That alignment keeps them secret and in power.

On the plus side, humans have everything they need to regain their freedom built into them and by going within, all is possible. Also, benevolent ETs are now preventing the use of advanced weapons (including nuclear bombs) against humanity and this is a great leveller.

Much remains to be done and no clear path presents itself but awareness is advancing; and awareness is everything.

Freedom for humanity…


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