The Pence Timeline

First, some baseline information. A secret and unelected world government exists and has controlled humanity’s shared timeline for decades, even centuries. They own and control the world’s financial systems, all major media outlets, and most of the world’s elected governments including, make that especially, the current US administration. Until a few weeks ago, this secret government had two heads. The Illuminati, more accurately called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe who have common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria located between the Black and Caspian Seas and more recent arrivals calling themselves the Alliance based in the USA. The Alliance developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943 using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. They chose to keep these technologies secret even from the US government itself but shared them with the secret government in exchange for a seat at their head table. (These technologies include faster than light travel, free energy, time travelling technologies, and mind & spirit control technologies.)

The US presidential election was in effect, a turf war between these factions and the Alliance gained ultimate control over the voting machines to elect their puppet, now President Trump. The Alliance planned to use this victory to take over RKM’s assets within the US and create a fascist state under their control. One of their major weapons was time travel technologies that had already been used to make this unlikely election possible and the plan was to continue to use time travel technologies to support their nefarious and self serving plans. Trump was and is a puppet in all of this. Time travelling technologies were removed from the Alliance’s arsenal earlier this year and the Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda a few weeks ago, realizing their plans were now unattainable.

The Alliance’s surrender created a power vacuum within the US and the RKM stepped back in and are in the process of reclaiming control within the US. Vice President Pence was always their man, bought and paid for, in return for his allegiance. Mueller, the ‘independent’ investigator, is also an RKM agent, bought and paid for. The RKM believes that killing Trump will trigger a Light based timeline shift and are choosing the slower quasi legal route of impeachment.

Trump is unskilled as a politician and is engaging in a number of illegal activities so the charges against him do not have to be trumped up (pun intended). Trump is an easy target and will soon be disgraced. The present system installs the Vice President in his place. Horror of horrors; Pence becomes President for the remainder of the term ending in November of 2020. As long as the present timeline remains in place, that is the agenda and nothing can stop it.

What can and will stop it is a shift into a new shared human timeline based in Light. The Light has been working toward this for several years and a well planned initiating event is cued up and ready to go. Facilitating this timeline shift has been my entire focus for nearly a decade. A friend named Katelon joined in these efforts a few years ago. One of her gifts was to manifest a series of sound keys and each day she birthed a new sound key beginning December 1st of last year. Ninety-two sound keys were birthed and we were told the shift was then manifest at the level of energy and would soon be manifest into our shared reality. That was in early March and even with sound key #93 that came into being a couple of months ago, still the shift is not manifest.

The RKM are well aware of the threat our work represents to their plans and have been targeting Katelon’s demise using a variety of black magic techniques. This has escalated recently and a life threatening attempt took place last night. I was called to the battle and the RKM’s objective was not achieved. Steps were also taken to remove these skills from the RKM’s arsenal. Working with us are Light based allies including Time Travelling Protectors, Round Up Teams, the Light Council overseeing the shift process, and the human Shift into the Light Team who will be the face of the shift initiating event. The shift initiating event will begin the new Light based shared timeline.

My last post was called The Coast is Clear. In retrospect, I underestimated the resources available to the RKM and the coast was not yet clear. The same or similar RKM controlled resource base prevented a recent attempt to initiate and sent the Shift into the Light Team back to the drawing board to refine one of the key shift mechanisms.

Despite these recent setbacks, all of this is coming good. The shift into a shared timeline based in Light cannot be prevented. The RKM’s resource base continues to be depleted and the latest attacks on Katelon only escalated the depletion process. The Light’s replacement timeline and replacement systems continue to be refined and debugged. Soon, very soon, our existing shared timeline will be replaced with a Light based shared timeline and the Pence timeline with all its horrors will be washed away like sand castles in the rising tide; the rising tide of evolving human consciousness and the rising tide of human awakenings that are happening daily.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Coast is Clear

Katelon and I began the work of shifting humanity’s shared timeline using daily sessions in the fall of 2014, nearly three years ago. Our first attempts with about nine months of daily sessions targeted the surrender of the secret world government. These sessions, which ended in July 2015, did not succeed but formed a spiritual partnership supporting our ongoing attempts that began last fall in November of 2016. Aside from a two day holiday I took following the June solstice a couple of weeks ago, we have worked together every day since then, over seven months in total.

We have had a lot more success this time around in large measure because of two major shifts. We are no longer asking for the dark’s cooperation or for their surrender; and it is time. Quite simply, it is time for the shift; perhaps well past time.

Katelon sometimes refers to herself as the coal mine canary because the dark has targeted her demise throughout this seven month stint. Layer upon layer of dark interference and malevolence has been uncovered as they would attack Katelon; and with the help of the Light’s resources, often made available through me, the attackers would be defeated and their capabilities would be taken from them.

Time travelling has been the dark’s ace in the hole. The human secret government developed time travelling capabilities in the 1950s and 60s based on Tesla’s science and reverse engineering of technologies discovered in downed ET spaceships such as the one shot down in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. We discovered they were using these technologies to loop time and bypass Katelon’s recently installed defences. Once we understood this technique we successfully petitioned the Light to end these time travelling abuses and the human led attacks that targeted Katelon’s death through heart failure were ended in February or March of this year.

In June, another round of attacks took place, this time targeting Katelon’s death by lung failure. This time, the dark attackers were supported by time travelling technologies originating in forces we called the galactic dark. Again, we successfully petitioned the Light to end these time travelling abuses and the galactic dark was subsequently defeated. As a result, the galactic dark has left or surrendered and they are no longer a factor as it relates to Katelon’s health or to the shift into a Light based human timeline. Humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline can now proceed at will. The coast is clear!

A little history of the galactic dark seems appropriate. Their origins began well before the galactic wars began around two million years ago. They supported the dark in these wars but did not surrender when the galactic wars ended a couple of decades ago following the surrender of Ankara, the dark creator god. Apparently, the galactic dark formed in support of truth/wisdom being the strongest force in the Universe. Source created this Universe based on love being the strongest force but allowed the galactic dark as a resource base in support of initiatives targeting alternatives.

Back to the coast being clear. A human team we call the Shift into the Light Team has a well planned shift event cued up and ready to go. They are currently skittish and doubtful that the coast is clear. After all, their previous attempts to initiate did not succeed as the dark and their time travelling ace in the hole prevented these attempts. The next attempt to initiate the shift will succeed…the coast is now clear.

What can we expect? The shift event will be a world-wide televised event including fingering the secret government, announcing amnesty for all of their many crimes against humanity, initiating a shift into a world-wide financial system based in Light, inviting Light based ETs to visit and interact, announcing the Light based takeover of several media conglomerates; all of which begins full disclosure and initiates humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light. The resulting timeline will serve the greater good, bring forth Light based world governance and make available a number of technologies and changes bringing oneness and abundance to all of humanity.

The coast is clear! May the shift into a shared timeline based in Light happen soon; ushering in a golden era for all of humanity.

Katelon is posting a related post…here is a link to her site:

Freedom for humanity…

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Light Council Advice

Overseeing humanity’s ascension process is a group of highly evolved beings we call the Light Council. Katelon and I have the ability to communicate with the Light Council and regularly do so during our daily sessions. They are also a key source of inspiration in our efforts to shift humanity’s shared timeline by replacing the current dark timeline, being held in place by humanity’s secret and unelected world government, into a timeline based in Love and in Light. Since being asked to take a more direct role in this timeline shift, we have identified a number of key issues for inclusion in the timeline shift initiating event; a global televised announcement by a team of humans we call the Shift into the Light Team.

Today’s session targeted feedback from the Light Council on each of eight major issues asking two questions. Is it important to be included? Will it support and speed up the roll out process? Here are the eight issues and the Light Council’s advice.

  1. A Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems including wide spread debt forgiveness, ending interest charges on loans and defunding of the secret government including their cronies and dark opportunists. The Light Council’s response – Yes this is important to be included. Yes its inclusion will support and speed up the roll out process.
  2. Fingering the secret government on both sides of the Atlantic (RKM in Europe and the Alliance in the US) plus supporters such as the Chinese dragon family. The Light Council’s advice – Yes and Yes.
  3. Granting amnesty for all of the secret government’s many crimes against humanity. The Light Council’s advice – Yes and Yes. It is important to use Light based methods such as forgiveness and atonement instead of dark methods like justice and punishment. This provides a Light based platform for rolling out Light based reforms.
  4. Full disclosure in all matters. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. Any deviation from truth is its own form of darkness.
  5. Invite supportive Light based ETs to interact and dialogue with humanity. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. The decades old cover up of ETs in our airspace must end and humanity can then take up its rightful place among the Light based galactic civilizations. This invitation will also give humanity a window into the ETs advanced abundance technologies and their millions of years of experience in Light based governing systems.
  6. Announce that several major media conglomerates are shifting into the Light, ending the dark’s monopoly and editorial control over all of the world’s major media outlets. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. Light based media is truth based media which is long overdue.
  7. Announce free energy; the ability to extract unlimited pollution free energy that is encoded in all of space. The Light Council’s advice. Do not include in the initiating event. Free energy will naturally evolve from the other changes and is unnecessary within the shift event.
  8. Lifting humanity out of the current timeline that is killing our planet and enslaving humanity with artificial scarcity. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. This will be like an anthem beginning the initiating event, celebrating each of its segments and provide a celebratory ending. It is indeed an event to celebrate and will be long remembered by the world wide audience.

The initiating event will take over humanity’s television networks and be broadcast around the world initiating a shared timeline based in Light and beginning a bright and beautiful shared human timeline.

This initiating event is close…very close.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Light Council

Overseeing humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline is a group of highly evolved beings called the Light Council; some are physical beings but mostly they are non-physical. Katelon and I check in with the Light Council each and every day in our sessions targeting to facilitate humanity’s timeline shift. One of the Light Council’s primary concerns is that cosmic law be observed within the shift activities.

The earth’s current dark masters, a small group of men I call the secret government, violate cosmic law routinely in a wide variety of ways. This was encouraged and rewarded when earth was part of dark held territory which lasted for thousands of years but ended a couple of decades ago when the dark creator god surrendered to the Light’s agenda.

The secret government went rogue at that time and continued their attempts to subjugate and enslave humanity. As a result, they have continued their violations of cosmic law wherever possible. Katelon and I have several times petitioned the Light Council to allow supportive ETs to intervene on humanity’s behalf and end cosmic law abuses since humanity could not do so on their own, lacking the necessary technology. Some petitions were granted, others were declined. If you want more information  check out Ending the Secret Government’s Time Travel Abuses written on January 31 earlier this year.

The current episode of daily sessions with Katelon began over six months ago some time in late November of last year. On December 1st Katelon began opening the sound keys. The sound keys are Divine gifts to humanity which target to end the current timeline, a dark timeline based on deceit and artificially created scarcity. The last of the sound keys (#92) was given Katelon on March 2nd along with the information that the shift into a Light based shared human timeline was complete at the level of energy and would soon be manifest into our physical reality. That was over three months ago and still the Light based timeline is not manifest.

A human team we call the Shift into the Light Team is charged with the responsibility of initiating the desired Light based shift. They have a well developed plan based on Light based takeovers of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media, along with disclosure of the dark secret government and an invitation to our ET supporters that will fulfill the cosmic law requirement that ETs go only where invited. The secret government has made sure this invitation has not happened depriving humanity of the ETs wisdom, their support and their prosperity technologies. Once the Shift Team initiates, our shared reality will quickly shift in awesome ways including advanced technologies such as free energy (ending pollution) and faster than light travel. The Light based reality will also end aging and disease as humanity returns to their evolutionary path, regaining many lost rights and capabilities.

The Shift Team kept procrastinating and in early June, information came in that the Light Council had granted Katelon and I a larger role within that team; a role of coaching and of overseeing the Shift Team’s agenda. We continue to use non-traditional methods  and have had no 3D communications with any Shift Team members. None the less, we are now directly involved and our work has resulted in a number of tweaks and several personnel changes including a recent key addition. We are also bringing a new level of accountability to the process and a new level of urgency. All of this work has been intense!

Other teams involved in the shift process report that humanity is close to entering chaos and the Light Council is targeting to get the shift done quickly so that does not happen. Ergo, our increased authority.

Coming soon, brought to us by the human Shift into the Light Team and overseen by the Light Council…the initiating event introducing humanity to a new shared timeline based in Light. This event will begin full disclosure and start a roll out process resulting in beautiful and irreversible changes benefiting the greater good and in full compliance with cosmic law.

Freedom for humanity…

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Shifting into a Light Based Shared Human Timeline

The battle for humanity’s shared timeline is entirely a 3D battle. At the higher dimensions and at the level of creation, the battle has already been won…by the Light. At the 3D level, the battle rages and within the illusion of the dark’s matrix, winners and losers appear very much in doubt.

Lets look at the major players and how they are positioning themselves. The existing timeline is an illusion created and maintained by the dark, by those I call the secret government. By controlling the world’s financial systems and the world’s media, the dark has kept this illusion in place and convinced the vast majority of humanity that no viable options exist.

The secret government has two heads. One head is based in Europe and can accurately be called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). They have been in power for centuries, with a well developed strategic planning system and a great deal of sophistication as it relates to marketing their activities, making them look palatable to the masses, even though their secret objective is to enslave all of humanity.

The other head of the secret government is based in the US. They call themselves the Alliance. They are relative newcomers who developed Tesla’s science beginning when he died in 1943 and his working papers were given to the US military by the FBI. Within a few years they developed free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (using zero gravity), time travel technologies and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. Instead of sharing these with he rest of humanity, they chose to keep them secret, even from the US government who paid for the development work, but offered them to the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of humanity’s dark secret and unelected government.

A battle for control within the US began prior to last year’s election with Hillary supported by the RKM and Trump supported by the Alliance. The Alliance won and are now targeting to take over completely within the US. The Alliance lacks sophistication and has no coherent central planning system. Their leadership is much like Trump who serves as their frontman and spokesman. They are good at keeping secrets and at using bully tactics and mafia style methods to get their way; employing among other methods well funded ‘wet works’ to intimidate or murder anyone they consider a threat to their empire or their many secrets. By any measure, they have been highly successful as the general public is essentially unaware of them or of their technologies and very few insiders share any of their secrets.

The G7 meetings in Italy last week marked an unofficial declaration of war between these two factions of the secret government. Trump and the Alliance are going full throttle toward an Alliance led fascist dictatorship within the US that will serve the few at the top and disenfranchise everyone else. The Alliance is divorcing themselves from most if not all of the RKM’s initiatives; such as the RKM trade agreements, the RKM Paris accord on the environment; even RKM defence alliances such as NATO. Meanwhile they are taking over all the RKM’s US assets including government agencies like the CIA, FBI and the IRS. ‘We do not need you’ is their message to the RKM. Instead, the Alliance is sucking up to the Russians and the Chinese, hoping to create a new world-wide dark alliance. At home (in the USA) they continue their take from the poor and make the rich richer agenda and hope to complete the coup already well underway; creating a long lived dictatorship relying on election fraud to stay in power.

In Europe, the RKM fight for their very life. More and more people are seeing through the illusion that they do not exist, but successes like the French election show their sophistication and their continuing ability to sway pubic opinion in their favour. The British election next week will be another test. Will Brexit (Britain leaving the EU, the RKMs political creation) actually happen…I am not betting on it.

Now the good news. None of this actually matters. None of this matters at all.

Why is that?

The Light based alternative timeline is cued up and will soon be put in place. This Light based timeline will replace the existing dark timeline. A Light based team of humans supported by Light based ETs will initiate this timeline by taking over the world’s financial systems and creating a number of Light based media conglomerates reporting truth and beginning full disclosure. The financial takeover will end debt slavery by forgiving all immoral debt and ending interest charges on debt. It will end financial slavery by providing base funding for everyone and defund both heads of the secret government using white hat takeovers of all major banking institutions. White hat takeovers of several major media conglomerates is also cured up and this will take place in conjunction with the financial takeovers.

These changes will initiate the new Light based shared human timeline. Free energy will soon follow ending the burning of fossil fuels. All wars will be defunded and soon end as will most of the current terrorist campaigns. Humanity’s ET friends will become front page news and ongoing dialogues will ensue as they assist humanity in the transition into world-wide governance that serves the greater good and is observant of cosmic law.

These are just a few of the beautiful and Light based changes that will soon ensue.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Alliance and their Puppet Dictator

To understand what is happening in the US these days one has to understand that a secret and unelected government exists in the US and is running the Trump administration. The power behind the US presidency and behind Trump’s administration is a small unelected group of men who call themselves the Alliance. Trump is their wholly owned puppet…nothing more and nothing less.

There is a well defined and well understood agreement between Trump and his bosses, a small group of men who call themselves the Alliance. Here is the secret  agreement. The Alliance agrees to protect Trump from truth and impeachment and support Trump in becoming the all-powerful dictator of the US in return for Trump agreeing to run the Alliance’s agenda of creating a fascist state that is not accountable to the people. In other words, Trump can act as if he is the dictator of the US but he is really just a puppet dictator because he must at every decision point and each legislative choice support the fascist agenda of his bosses, the secretive, unseen and unacknowledged secret government. The rest of this blog post will be about the Alliance.

Humanity is currently ruled by a secret government; a small and unelected group of men with strongholds in Europe and within the USA. This secret government has two heads. The European based Illuminati, more descriptively called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the US based Alliance. The Alliance are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies during and after WWII using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. The Alliance chose to keep this technology secret from the US government and from the rest of humanity but shared it with the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of humanity’s secret government.

A mafia style turf war developed prior to the US election last fall and the Alliance targeted to take over within the US and turn the US into their fiefdom. With a variety of dirty tricks and voter fraud including ultimate control over the voting machines used in the election, the Alliance won the election, electing their puppet Trump. Thus began their agenda of taking over the US government including many of the RKM’s US based assets. The Alliance installed their agents throughout Trump’s administration and have written all of his executive orders and the legislation such as the replacement health care plan. But mostly they have targeted to destroy the existing social order with the intention of replacing the existing governmental structure with a dictatorship.

The secret government owns and controls the media who treat Trump’s ‘take from the poor and give to the rich’ agenda as legitimate under the guise of ‘making America great again’. The Alliance are the ultimate fascists and hope to succeed in a fascist coup of the US political and social systems. Getting votes in two years or in four years is not on their agenda. They are running scared knowing the Light is closing in and going hell bent toward a fascist state in the US where elections are no longer required or fraudulently carried out as is the case in all countries run by dictatorships.

How can the Alliance hope to succeed with this unpopular albeit secret agenda of turning the US into a fascist dictatorship?

One of their secret technologies is the ability to travel in time. They travelled into the future to identify Trump as the best candidate to be their puppet dictator. They travelled into the past and changed the past including some of recorded history in ways that benefited this agenda, making it a possible timeline. They intended to continue to use this time-travel capability in support of this agenda but this option was recently taken from them as ETs are now preventing their abuse of time travel technology.

The secret government took over the media world wide several decades ago and use this control to manipulate public opinion, keep their secrets, and forward their secret agenda of enslaving all of humanity. This world wide media monopoly continues to this day. Yes, parts of the media complain about Trump and his style but no part is allowed to attack his agenda or expose the truth. Among the many truths that are tabooed to the media is the very existence of a secret government, the existence of ETs, the CIA’s support of terrorism, the immorality of debt enslavement, pedophile rings, widespread corruption within the US political system; even environmental degradation. This list is nowhere near complete but you get the picture.

The Alliance are experts in keeping secrets. They have well funded secret organizations they call ‘wet works’, their euphemism for murder squads and a great deal of secret technologies to murder people they consider threats to their agenda. Often, they make these murders look like accidents, suicides and even natural. They have technologies to create cancer in otherwise healthy individuals, technologies to give healthy people heart attacks, technologies to remotely control automobiles and airplanes to cause crashes, drone technologies and many, many more. In addition, they have experts in threatening people and making their threats believable. Why do you think Comey is not talking?

Can the Alliance succeed in creating a fascist dictatorship in the US? No they cannot.

The Light has a well developed plan to take over world governance. This plan is based on a Light based take over of the world’s financial systems, removing artificial scarcity and forgiving debt world wide. Economic slavery will end as abundance becomes our shared reality. Another major plank of the Light’s take over plan is to take over several existing media conglomerates and have them report truth; real truth, in all situations. This will end the secret government’s control of the media and all existing media conglomerates will very quickly face the choice of switching to truth based reporting or going out of business.

A human team of Light based politicians, media people, and financial people is poised to initiate these shifts and bring Light based governance to humanity. This will be happening soon, very soon. It will end the fascist takeover in the US and end the secrecy and the power of the Alliance. It will expose the RKM and end their centuries old plans to enslave humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Truth Sets You Free

Humanity is about to enter into an era of truth. That may sound like no big deal but I  know differently. The truth does set you free; or at least begins the process but first it has its way with you. Ugly truths are especially difficult and sadly, humanity’s truth is ugly; very ugly.

First, one of my personal experiences with truth. My middle sister of five, Jackie, was sexually abused by her father, my Dad. My sister went on a truth outing and visited me in the fall of 1981 during a western Canada tour to tell all six of her siblings. It was a shock to me although there had been clues but I quickly worked through the various stages of accepting truth; denial, shock, what does this mean for me, and integration. By the end of the evening, I asked what she wanted to do. She wanted to confront her Dad but was afraid to do it alone, and she wanted her mother to be informed but did not want to do that herself. I offered to help if someone closer (I then lived in a remote mining town) could not be found.

About six months later I checked in with Jackie and she told me that things had stalled as no one had been willing to help. I agreed to help and we made a plan. I would arrange a meeting with Dad in our home town where we would confront Dad and inform him that he had to tell our Mum, his wife of over thirty years, the truth of the matter. I would follow up with Mum to insure the truth had been shared.

I called Dad and arranged the meeting for a Friday morning at a motel room Jackie and I rented; just Dad, Jackie and me. As I recall, I did most of the talking, putting the truth on the table and waited Dad’s response. He agreed that this had happened and asked what we wanted. We want you to tell Mum. Although he was convinced this would end his marriage he agreed. That ended our meeting and off we all went.

On Sunday, I made my scheduled trip to visit Mum and Dad, assured by Dad that Mum was now informed. During my visit this was confirmed and Mum wanted a private audience with me. Off we went and Mum explained that she had chosen to stay in the marriage even though she had long ago promised herself she would leave if she ever found out Dad had been unfaithful to her. She considered this situation much worse than unfaithfulness but when she checked in her heart, she knew she was to stay. I assured her that it was her choice, no one else’s, and that I was fine whatever she decided.

And so the truth was out and we were all free; kind of. That fall, another major step was taken when the entire family gathered at a meeting chaired by a phycologist that Dad was seeing. We all had our say and forgiveness was initiated. Dad lived another thirty years together with Mum until he died at the age of 88 in 2010. Each of the siblings has handled the truth in their own way. Jackie has four children and many grandchildren and is married for the second time. Does she have some residual issues? Perhaps but she is pretty well adjusted all things considered. Our oldest sister was sexually abused by an uncle which remains her secret and she is estranged from the rest of the family partially as a result. The rest of us interact pretty well and family visits are generally fun and harmonious.

The truth does set you free.

What is humanity’s ugly truth? A small and secret group of self interested men control humanity and have imposed an artificial timeline based on scarcity and duality upon the rest of us.

This group of men is our defacto secret world government. They own and control world finances, all major media conglomerates, and all major industries. They have advanced technologies that they have kept secret from the rest of humanity including free energy, faster than light travel, and time travelling capabilities. They have many malevolent technologies designed to dumb us down and prevent us from escaping their enslavement. They instigate and profit from wars and terrorist activities which they create in order to stay in power. They attempt to kill or discredit anyone they consider a threat. Until a few years ago, they had plenty of off-world support that encouraged such things as pedophile rings and human sacrifices. Some of these practices continue to this day.

Sound ugly enough?

Over the past couple of decades, all off-world support for the few has evaporated. They now stand alone and the illusion they stand on is like ice getting thinner by the day. Off-world support for the Light is growing daily and humanity is near the tipping point, near the point of truth and full disclosure.

The Trump administration is their puppet. Watching their growing panic and desperate maneuvering is my current entertainment; sad as it may be. Soon, very soon according to my information, truth and full disclosure will come to all of humanity.

The Light will take over the world’s financial systems defunding the secret government. At the same time, several of the media conglomerates will shift into the Light thereby destroying the secret governments present media monopoly. Truth and full disclosure will result.

The truth is ugly, very ugly indeed! Still, the truth will set us free!

Freedom for humanity…










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