Battling to End the Matrix

Someone told me the story of his health issues recently. He has an enlarged prostate gland and it affected his urethra, bladder and kidneys. Somehow the bladder did not empty properly which caused the kidneys to be overworked and reduced their functionality. The situation was long misdiagnosed but came to light when he was referred to a kidney specialist. They put in a drainage tube which emptied into a bag strapped to his leg. The nearly full bladder was emptied for the first time in a long while and the drainage tube remains. He installed a valve on the tube, long the practice in Europe, which allowed him to get rid of the bag and urinate thru the tube when desired. His kidneys have regained some of their functionality. He awaits a laser operation to take build-up out of his urethra (carries both urine and semen out thru the penis) which will allow him (hopefully) to get rid of the tube and urinate normally.

I listened with interest as some of the symptoms are similar to my own. I urinate frequently and in small amounts. I am tired and sleep long hours including frequent afternoon naps. My prostate has been the focus of multiple health alarms including two miracle cures, one in the fall of 2008 and another a couple of years ago just after I became aware of the technologies being beamed in thru my windows.

I attended my grandson’s six year old birthday party a week ago after returning from a weekend trip. I woke early that morning with discomfort in my kidneys. I found I was dehydrated and drank a couple of quarts of water to get back to normal hydration before leaving for the party. That helped a great deal and I have worked at staying hydrated ever since. Everything seemed on the mend yesterday but last night was another, albeit milder, kidney discomfort and rehydrating this morning. Many times I have asked my guidance if I should go see a doctor and each time I get the following information confirmed by a strong truth jolt…Do not seek medical assistance; 3D medicine is very dangerous to you. Strongly confirmed after writing that line.

This entire situation has been my primary focus the past week including frequent meditations; both seated and walking. Each time including the creation of a sacred space surrounding me. I have developed and use an intention…I intend to return to normal and natural functioning of my kidneys, urethra, bladder and prostrate. 

I just received information that my tiredness and long sleep hours are not functions of failing kidneys; but a result of how much work I am doing both consciously within my body and subconsciously while out of body during my sleep time. Strongly confirmed.

Apparently, my health issues are not primary but secondary and the result of the battles I am fighting with and within the matrix. The ones during my sleep are hidden from me but vital as the timeline of ending the matrix continues. Seems humanity is much closer than I presently understand and much, much closer than is evidenced within the current timeline. The Trump chronicles and partial disclosure shenanigans are not where the battle is being fought. The battlefield is within the matrix; or perhaps more accurately – around the matrix, as people such as myself are winning and the matrix is imploding.

In my conscious world, I am creating a sacred space and battling magicians. My success in terms of battling magicians is indicative of the true state of things. I now count as four the number of magicians I have directly battled and neutralized in the portion of the playing field I was targeting. 1. Someone that will be unnamed. Battled while I was doing daily sessions last fall. 2. Katelon’s ex-friend and Lee’s ex-caregiver. 3. Lee’s son and Katelon’s prime contact. 4. Joy’s Ex.

The process used has been the same in each case. The last person I helped was Joy. Here is the process we used. We created a sacred space and Joy gave me permission to check out her field. I meditated while doing so including interacting with her new high selfs (she has two, a male and a female presence). Once her field was clear including any residual magic, the magician (her Ex) was called into my sacred space. Either of us can do this and I know when they arrive. I allow the magician to reside outside the sacred space but within hearing distance and informed him that we are aware that he is using magic and entering Joy’s field against her wishes, that this is against natural law and that he must stop doing so or face the consequences. (I do not know what the consequences are but each magician has respected my warning; one got provoked and tried a repeat but it was short lived and unsuccessful…not sure if it triggered consequences. The consequences do not originate in me, but come from Source or perhaps the natural energy field that Source created.) I also explain that the matrix will no longer be able to protect the magician should they choose to repeat this offence. My concern is the sovereignty of Joy so cease and desist. In every case the magician has attempted to enter my field during this process and has been rebuffed. I know when this happens. It reminds me of the game of battling tops that I played as a kid. When they touch my field they are spun off and away. I then turned it over to Joy and she repeated her message that the Ex is not invited or welcome in her field. Those are the essentials.

Conclusion…I am to do nothing more than I am presently doing regarding my health issues. Source within and my truth jolts assure me that I am in good hands. That I am doing important work battling the matrix both consciously and beyond my consciousness especially during sleep. That I will survive the various matrix attacks as long as I remain mindful and engaged with my inner wisdom.

It is all good…The battle to end the matrix continues and success is ever closer.

Freedom for humanity….

Postscript…After writing this, I was informed that a magician (a person I know) has been compromising me and orchestrated many of the symptoms I experienced (dehydration etc.) I did a session with Katelon to end this magician’s access and interference. That makes five magicians that I have neutralized.

My health is now substantially improved and returning to normal.

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The Disclosure Landscape

A friend asked my opinion on the disclosure landscape and here is an edited version of my response.
Everything I say is my opinion. I have no insider information or whistle blowers that are not part of the public domain…and that is a good thing. I am guided by, perhaps authorized by two things, truth and conscience. To elaborate a little, the truth I use is my truth but I target big T truth and I have made big shifts when I learn that my truth is not big T truth. The most recent big shift happened earlier this year. Conscience is that small still voice within, a part of our sovereign connection to Source.
The disclosure landscape is pretty bleak right now. When I was talking about a coming Event some time ago, I was accessing matrix disinformation both in terms of who was involved and what was coming down. Most, if not all, of that now has to be discounted. To elaborate: I am not aware of any government or political figure who is targeting full disclosure at the present time. Nor am I aware of any organized group or groups who are close to a full disclosure event along the lines that I used to talk about; e.g. taking over the world’s financial systems, creating truth based media outlets, beginning dialogues with Light based ETs, etc. All of that came from sources that I now consider matrix disinformation.
What is happening in our human world? The human secret government is divided and that is good news since a house divided cannot stand. The players have not changed but what had been a unified attempt to enslave humanity is now two camps with separate and distinct agendas. At the centre of this disagreement is a mafia style turf war and the turf being fought over is the USA and to a lessor extent, the UK (Brexit).
There are two factions in the secret government. The RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) who control the EU and own all of the major media outlets world-wide. Their position on disclosure is to maintain the status quo. e.g. no disclosure; continue to deny all streams of disclosure and eliminate threats to the status quo by whatever means are necessary.
The other faction calls themselves the Alliance. They are based in the US and are targeting to take over all secret government assets within the US. Trump works directly for them as a puppet, as a reality TV president. All major policy decisions taken by Trump originate in the Alliance. The Alliance origins are relatively recent, traceable to when Tesla died and his working papers were turned over to the US military (1943). They secretly developed Tesla’s science such as free energy, faster than light travel, and time travel. These technologies were also expanded into mind and spirit control technologies. The Alliance bought a seat at the head table of the secret government by killing President Kennedy and by agreeing to share their secret technologies with the RKM. For decades, these two factions co-existed peacefully and cooperatively and the entire US government (including the CIA and the FBI) came under their control and influence. Disagreements came to a showdown during the 2016 presidential election with the RKM backing Hillary and the Alliance backing Trump. The Alliance won the election.
The Alliance is proceeding with partial disclosure. Their propaganda makes various nice sounding claims about the purpose of partial disclosure but in truth, their singular objective is to take over within the US and become the secret government in that preeminent power base. A major asset of the Alliance is the CIA. (The RKM now has very little influence within the CIA.) The CIA has an extensive budget paid for by the US public, an extensive and secret propaganda machine, and a plethora of weapons and technologies, many of them secret or denied. The RKM continue to have substantial influence within the FBI, ergo the infighting.
One of the aims of partial disclosure is to become the only game in town. The CIA is expert in this kind of endeavour, marginalizing some threats, coopting others, eliminating others when deemed necessary. That process is well underway. Because the RKM own most (perhaps all) of the major media outlets in the US; the partial disclosure rhetoric is that the media is corrupt and cannot be trusted. This is true…but what follows? The Alliance wants to continue as the secret government after winning the turf war so they cannot expose the fact that the secret government owns and controls the media; the public would not stand for that. So the partial disclosure propaganda is that those sharing this truth can be trusted. That is a lie. This is one of the current pressure points that could lead to full disclosure. It still seems to me that full disclosure has to have a light based media outlet; a media outlet that is not owned by the secret government. That is not yet on the horizon.

False hope is hopeless. That is the objective of partial disclosure. Put out nice sounding things; things people in the alternative media want to hear. Many of these nice sounding things are based on the CIA propaganda trump card; that Trump is independent and is a light based saviour bringing positive change. Inundate the alternative media with this nice sounding propaganda and there is no one left to fight for the truth.

Looks pretty hopeless doesn’t it? Truth can look hopeless at times but truth is never hopeless…truth is the way out.
Freedom for humanity…
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Spiritual Guidance within the Matrix

Spiritual guidance within the matrix currently comes from three main categories. They are:

Source guidance – we all have access to Source, the creator of this universe. Source resides within all our cells and therefore in every fibre of our bodies. Part of Source guidance is our conscience, that small still voice within. Another part is our intuition.

Soul guidance – the soul is an integral part of us. When the soul leaves we die. I recently read that the soul is embodied as an American football sized entity with the lower tip at the level of our naval…that resonated. Our soul comes from a larger entity called a monad and the monad also supplies a high self that accompanies us throughout our embodiment. Both the soul and the high self are part of our spiritual guidance system.

Personal guides – personal guides travel with us; usually somewhere near our head. There is a wide variety here. I had four until recently. A dragon, a deva, a light or flame and a wise man. Some people have former or current humans as guides; also angels and archangels often serve as guides.

Now a little about the natural world and the matrix to set the stage. The natural world is what Source created. It includes nature, earth, the sun and our universe. The greater good is a foundational component of the natural world. Because this is a free will universe, some beings have chosen to target self-interest instead of the greater good. Source is okay with this since it is an expression of free will. Because the greater good is foundational and embedded within all that is, attempts to override the greater good are self correcting, like pushing a ball uphill…it has a natural tendency to roll back down. Ergo the matrix. The matrix is an extensive artificial construct overlaid on the natural world to support an illusion. Within this illusion, the self-interest of the few can override the greater good. Within the matrix, hierarchies are constructed that limit and enslave all of humanity. The net result of the matrix is a detour from humanity’s evolutionary path.

Sovereignty is foundational within the natural world. Sovereignty is based on the premise that each of us has unrestricted access to Source guidance and the net result of sovereignty is that we are all equals…different skills and capabilities but equals within the natural world; and in the eyes of Source.

The matrix targets hierarchies where those near the top have greater authority. Sovereignty is limited within hierarchies and the further down the hierarchy you reside, the less sovereignty you have. A totally artificial construct.

Okay…now back to spiritual guidance within the matrix.

Clearly, Source guidance supports sovereignty and is part of the natural world. My target for the past six months has been to disconnect from the matrix by stripping away all guidance that does not support and honour Source guidance. For over a decade now, I have targeted the greater good so most of the hard yards were already won but a surprising level of matrix influence remained.

Surprisingly, personal guides are part of the matrix. For simplicity, I would say that all personal guides are part of the matrix. Many pretend they are supporting you or even the greater good but they work for the matrix and are part of various hierarchical systems within the matrix. This includes all angels and archangels…this entire concept is part of the matrix, not part of the natural world. Angels are hierarchical by their very nature and archangels doubly so. All angels are part of the matrix. More bad news. Most channeled entities are part of the matrix. Also, a great deal of the spiritual community are either agents or dupes of the matrix. The matrix is very pervasive. Some people have the natural ability to discern what is matrix based and what is based in the natural world of Source; but others do not seem to have this capability.

For simplicity; trust no guides, or channeled information. I have ousted all my personal guides and helped several other people to do the same. More information on how to do this is part of previous posts written earlier this year.

Now for the grey area of soul guidance. Our soul is part of the natural world and so is the monad from whence our souls originated and will return. Each incarnation includes a soul that resides in the physical vessel and a high self that oversees the incarnation. All part of the natural world. Nothing grey there. What is grey is the orientation of our high self. Many high selfs have been compromised by the matrix and some serve the matrix fully and completely.

The good news is that each of us has the right to have a high self that supports the greater good. We can negotiate with our existing high self using the greater good as leverage. If the high self refuses or demurs we can petition our monad for a replacement high self; one that serves the greater good rather than the matrix. I did this work prior to ousting my guides. (My existing high self shifted into an orientation of fully supporting the greater good.) Others have done this work after ousting their guides. Either process is effective.

For instructive purposes, I will share a recent experience of helping another replace their high self. This person had ousted their guides weeks ago but was having a variety of difficulties usually related to uninvited matrix trespassers marauding in their field. The person requested my assistance on several occasions in ousting the marauders. I asked this person for permission to interview their high self and this was granted. The high self pretended all was fine but over the course of several interviews this pretence was exposed and I gave the high self fair warning that it either shifted into supporting the greater good or face the possibility of being replaced. Problems persisted and I developed a plan to replace the high self with one more attuned to serving the greater good. The person approved the plan and authorized me to act as their agent in effecting the replacement. I created a sacred space and asked Source how to do what was necessary. Go to the Monad. I did so and hung around outside of the person’s Monad petitioning for a replacement high self. At first the request was not granted but my credentials checked out including the authorization from the person and my connections to serving the greater good. Finally, the existing high self was recalled and a replacement took up residency with the person I was helping. Progress has been much more rapid and less interfered with ever since.

Others have done the necessary high self work on their own. Still others are blessed with a high self that is in full integrity, i.e. not compromised by the matrix. As I say, this is a grey area. If you are intending to return to full sovereignty, my advice would be to begin by ousting all your guides. The high self is then more visible including its orientation.

As a summary. Within the matrix, our spiritual guidance has been targeted and compromised. Those interested in escaping the matrix spiritually by returning to full sovereignty can do so. My recommendation is that you do this in two steps. Step one is to oust all of your personal guides. Step two is to acquire a high self that serves the greater good. Sometimes this is simply affirming the high self’s intention to serve the greater good. Sometimes a replacement high self is necessary.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Summer Solstice – Exiting the Matrix

At the winter solstice, six months ago, I had worked every day for over a year in partnership with like minded people targeting to shift humanity’s shared timeline. This work was intense and showed no signs of abating; except in the event of success. The target was to shift into a shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of Source law…the natural principles that govern within this Universe.

Eight weeks later, this work evaporated…disappeared with almost no trace. The lack of success and the highly emotional circumstances surrounding this unexpected and disappointing turn of events left me questioning all that had transpired and open to a new level of truth. Some of the questions remain but the new level of truth came pouring in; thanks in large part to a truth teller named George Kavassilas.

In a nutshell, the existing shared human timeline is held in place by a control structure commonly called the matrix. I already knew this but believed support for the matrix was drying up and nearly gone. Not so. Support for the matrix is pervasive and has not abated despite the ending of the galactic wars that occurred over two decades ago. Continuing in support of the matrix is humanity’s secret government, a variety of ET races, a plethora of mind and spirit control technologies (beamed from places such as the Moon, Mars and Saturn), and a virtual army of non-physical agents including our personal guides, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and the god of religions who makes the false claim of being Source, the creator of all that is.

Instead of believing the matrix was on its last legs and about to be exposed, I learned that support for the matrix was widespread and that much of the information I had believed during my year plus of non-stop work was provided by agents supporting the matrix; agents such as the Light Council, angels, archangels, channellers, and my own personal guides.

My level of personal optimism plummeted which was very difficult for me; but the truth does set you free…optimistic or not. Okay…I accept this new level of truth. The matrix is well supported. What is my best next step since my overall objective remains to end the existing timeline by replacing it with a Light based timeline.

Source answered…Exit the matrix.

At first I was unsure whether this was even possible within a human body but I took the intention of disconnecting from the matrix, as fully and as completely as is possible, in the Now within my physical vessel. I took this intention sometime in March and actions both large and small began to be given me. I shed my angel wings in April and ousted all of my guides on May 14th. Ten days later, I helped a friend oust her guides and we have walked together in that little charted territory of having no guides; entirely reliant upon Source within and our natural intuition.

The matrix is pissed with us and has regularly sent agents in the night in the hopes of regaining influence over us. I know when they are in my field because I lose my peace of mind. The marker for my friend is that she feels anxiety. These agents are in violation of the natural principles that govern within this Universe and have to leave if asked to do so. I am able to do this alone; sometimes my friend asks for my help. In any event, we have cleared each and every matrix attack.

Last night, the solstice night, (the solstice moment happened around 6a.m. here in Calgary) I was awakened by a dream/vision about three hours before the solstice moment. The vision was of rebuilding my body from the ground up. Source was guiding the process and I was doing the work. All that remained was a few pieces at the top of my body, in my neck and head. I could not return to sleep so I got up and meditated. Information came in during the meditation. I was rebuilding such that matrix agents could no longer attach to me. I was exiting the matrix.

The mediation ended with the ‘knowing’ that the rebuilding work could now be completed and I returned to bed and went back to sleep. I awoke for the day a couple of hours past the solstice moment. I believe my rebuild is now complete. I believe I have now completed my exit from the matrix.

What next? That is unknown to me but my old optimism is back.

Freedom for humanity….

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Following Our Intuition

I was telling my youngest daughter the story of my brush with danger as written about in my last post (Exiting the Matrix – An Unusual Walk). When I told her of my intuitive hit that danger lurked in a near-by neighbourhood and of my choice to over-ride my intuition and go there anyway, she asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Do you always follow your intuition?” I asked her.

“Oh no, I am famous for not following my intuition! And it always ends badly.”

I finished my story and she circled back…”Isn’t it funny how we don’t follow our intuition. It is almost like we intuitively don’t follow our intuition!”

“I think I know why…we all have guides and one of the primary roles of these guides is to convince us to not follow your intuition…whisper counter-intuitively in our ear; so to speak. In the work I have done, I got to know some of my guides. Most people do not know their guides but they still have them. A couple of weeks ago, I got rid of my guides…asked them to leave and leave they must if asked. I believe I will now be much more able to follow my intuition.”

Here is the present situation in more detail.

Humanity, earth and this solar system are part of the natural world; the world created by the prime creator and agents acting on his/her behalf. Humanity was created as fractals of all that is and all that has been. As such we are one of the most advanced species yet created. All part of the natural world.

Because this is a free will universe, there exist some creator gods who target the natural world with the intent to conquer and enslave civilizations; preventing them from progressing along their evolutionary path. Humanity was and is targeted. When this sector of space was taken over by marauding conquerors around 40,000 years ago, a creator god whom we will call the god of religions, convinced the marauders to use stealth rather than force to enslave humanity. Thus began construction of the matrix, a complex and multileveled control structure beaming mind and spirit control technologies to all of humanity. Bases for these technologies include the moon, Mars and Saturn. The matrix is pervasive but based in lies and illusion. One of the biggest lies is that the god of religions is the prime creator of all that is. In truth, the god of religions is good at creating illusions but is otherwise quite limited.

Aligned with the god of religions and acting as dark agents within the matrix are a variety of ETs, a great deal of technology, the human secret government, and a variety of non-physical agents such as guides and angels. Does that sound pervasive enough? All of this is over-laid upon the natural world, the world the prime creator created. This un-natural distortion is known as the matrix.

The natural world has everything humanity needs to thrive and to live in abundance for all. By relying on our built in connections with the prime creator, each of us and all of us can access all that is…making survival a walk in the park. We can end the aging cycle. We can access unlimited, clean and safe energy as needed. We can travel instantly and safely anywhere we choose. All of this is part of the nature world. The purpose of the natural world is to travel our evolutionary path; both as individuals and collectively as civilizations. Once a civilization advances past a certain threshold, cosmic conquerors can no longer interfere. Humanity is closing in on that threshold but has not yet crossed it.

One of the most important and reliable human connections with the prime creator is our intuition. If we as individuals consistently followed our intuition we would soon advance past the reach of the matrix and those profiting from the matrix.

The god of religions knows this and employs a variety of non-physical beings to keep us as disconnected as possible from this infallible resource; to disconnect us from our intuition. These non-physical beings are human guides and each of us has a number of guides assigned specifically to us.

The natural world has a number of unbreakable laws. One is that no one can stay in the etheric field of another unless invited. Somehow, a loop-hole was found and all of humanity has been inflicted with guides. We all start out with guides.

The good news is that each of us has the free will power to oust our guides should we so choose. Guides cannot stay in our field if specifically told to leave. I have done this and helped other people to do likewise. At present, there is a downside because the matrix remains strong and agents of the matrix know what has taken place and attempt to get such people back under their control. None of that is insurmountable nor has it been all that onerous.

Ousting our guides is a significant and positive step toward gaining our freedom..toward returning to our evolutionary path as free and sovereign human beings.

One of the major benefits of ousting our guides is that our intuition becomes clearer and easier to follow.

Freedom for humanity…

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Exiting the Matrix – An Unusual Walk

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Helping Another Oust Their Guides

One of the most interfered with people I know is a friend I will call Barbie, not her real name. She is also one of the few people I know with a direct experience of Source; not God who poses as Source, but Source itself. She describes the experience, which happened years ago, as unconditionally loving and ‘just reach in and get whatever you want’.

We have worked together for years, mostly on Barbie’s personal issues, and I have many times cleared interference from her field only to have it reappear a short time later. Very frustrating for us both. On one occasion in March 2014, I assisted Barbie in shifting her guides and got rid of a clearly malevolent guide. (See post called Barbie Shifts Her Guides, March 3, 2014). At the time, I thought most guides served Source but a few served the darkness, what I now call the matrix. That has proved incorrect as all guides serve the matrix; some are just more bold and aggressive than others. Bottom line is we are all connected to Source through the natural world by a process I call sovereignty.  Guides interfere with sovereignty and are part of the matrix, the unnatural overlay imposed upon all of humanity. The intention of the matrix is to prevent humanity from realizing their full potential.

During a call a week ago, May 17, we got talking about my recent work and Barbie expressed interest in following my lead and ousting all her guides. She had a clear and positive memory of ousting the malevolent guide four years ago and resonated with the concept that all guides serve the matrix. As homework, I got her to read my latest post of ousting my guides and a related post written when I shifted my guides in 2011. After reading the posts, Barbie requested my help in ousting her own guides.

We began with some free will checks. ‘Is it your intention to oust all of your guides?’ ‘Yes.’

‘Within that scenario, it will just be you and Source…is that your intention?’

‘Hmmm…I have always had the ‘knowing’ that I am protected by something, a guardian, will that go away?’ asked Barbie.

‘That is most likely a function of the natural world, a result of your contract with Source.’

‘Okay…it is then my intention to oust all my guides and I will trust in Source.’

Barbie then addressed all her guides collectively as she did not have the sense of individual guides. ‘Thank them all for their service and tell them you are going to ask them all to leave. Tell them that none will be invited back. Tell them that your choice and your intention is to deal directly with Source and to have no guides involved.’ Barbie followed each step.

‘Now ask them all to leave and just to be sure, use ‘You are no longer welcome, you are no longer invited, please leave now.’

One or more were slow to leave and and I asked Barbie’s permission to enter her field and monitor/assist. She gave me permission and after a minute or two I got the information that ‘all was clear’. To complete the process, I asked Barbie to remove the matrix hood that was over her head and provided a home for the guides and openings for them to interact with her. She did so and laid it on the floor where it evaporated.

Okay, Barbie…you are good to go.

Barbie was euphoric and we continued to text after the call was over. ‘I feel like I have had surgery. This is so much better.’

The matrix does not go easily and yesterday Barbie struggled with anxiety. With Barbie, this has always been a clear marker of interference and I offered to check her field and assist if clearing was warranted. The natural world, Source/Universe kept us from connecting on this and Barbie did the clearing on her own. A very good sign.

As a summary…All guides are agents of the matrix, which is an artificial overlay imposed upon all of humanity. The matrix is targeting to prevent humanity from realizing their full potential and has succeeded brilliantly to date. An important step in escaping the matrix and returning to full sovereignty at the personal level is to oust all of your guides. There is no true downside in so doing since the natural world and Source are then more easily accessed. Of course, if you are attached to aspects of the matrix there may appear to be down-sides so make sure you are fully aligned with heart-based intentions prior to proceeding.

Freedom for humanity…

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