A History of Shifting into a Light Based Shared Timeline

Years ago, the secret government was given a deadline to surrender and participate in an orderly transfer of power. That deadline was the summer solstice of 2012; six months before humanity was to Ascend into a higher dimension at the winter solstice at the end of 2012. The secret government did not surrender and an Angelic process called containment was initiated to prevent the recalcitrant secret government from further interference. Containment overrides free will and prevents the individual from taking actions detrimental to the greater good. Because it is a violation of free will, it was used sparingly.

Everything changed at the winter solstice. Evolved humanity petitioned Source to delay Ascension until all of humanity could Ascend together. That petition was granted and the winter solstice came and went seemingly without incident; appearing as just another false rumour. However, something very significant did occur. A hologram was created to house humanity’s shared timeline until such time as the secret government could be ousted. Once that occurs, the hologram will dissolve and humanity will move forward toward an inclusive Ascension event. The hologram remains in place now over five years later and the secret government remains the de facto world government.

I recently learned that containment was ended when the hologram was created so free will is once again fully in force. This became possible because the hologram protects against apocalyptic detours targeted by the secret government. They cannot use nuclear weapons or their secret advanced weapons to create WWIII.  With humanity and the Ascension timeline now protected, the ousting of the secret government can take as long as it takes.

Most of the rest of this post was written in July 2012; shortly after the secret government refused to surrender.

The shift into a Oneness or Light based timeline begins with the fall of the financial system; down like dominoes will come the pillars of our current financial system. (Major banks, commodity and stock exchanges, global debt). Ready to go and inserted into the void are replacement financial systems supporting oneness. Elements include new money, new banking with global debt forgiveness and new governance. Governance changes will accompany the financial collapse as existing governments will give way to spokespeople supporting oneness and the financial shifts. In very short order, the entire service to self financial system will collapse and in its place will stand a robust service to others financial system.

This sets the stage for the rest of the oneness shifts to take place. New governance will invite disclosure and our ET supporters will become visible and welcomed for what they are; supporters of oneness, supporters of freedom, and supporters of Ascension. Abundance technologies will be rolled out and made widely and freely available to all of humanity. Poverty will disappear and boarders will fade into nothingness as the distinctions that created them are all seen to be part of the artificial constructs of duality. Wars and enforcement in general will become a thing of the past as the rich and the poor join in abundance.

Humanity’s major obstacle is the unawakened masses. The secret government has control of the media world-wide and the controlled media routinely treats their propaganda as truth and also treats truth as ‘conspiracy theory’. Shifting a portion of the media into truth based reporting is part of the shift but will likely follow rather than lead. The secret government will create deliberate misinformation and disinformation aimed at panic, and the unawakened have been conditioned to believe in the illusion so its disappearance will cause great upset. To the unawakened, the shifts will appear cataclysmic and there will be no shortage of gnashing of teeth and even doomsday protagonists. Those in the know will be asked to remain calm and provide a voice of reason, a beacon of Light as the storm ushers in a new day and the dawning of humanity’s golden era.

Since learning of the hologram, I have felt a strange calmness and an abiding patience. To my way of thinking, the secret government were ousted on June 25th, 2012 and what we are presently living is the physical manifestation of that ousting. Still, the actual physical shift from duality into oneness is yet to take place and is planned as outlined above. It is well planned and well supported, both by humanity at the level of consciousness and by our ET supporters at the level of physicality; but it will still come as a shock to the vast majority of humanity.

Any number of factors will mitigate that shock, and we can each do our part, but the shock is part of this shift. Going from a service to self system that promotes duality to a service to others system that promotes oneness is not a gradual process. The two are incompatible and mutual exclusive. Where one exists the other does not and vice versa. Perhaps there are ways to do this gradually and in some ways the hologram has allowed gradual transitions to take place. Since June 25, 2012 a great deal of behind the scenes manoeuvring has been done by the oneness supporters. That is years worth of manoeuvring and years worth of preparations. The shift will be rapid and largely seamless, but shocking none the less.

The shift will usher in oneness, begin humanity’s golden age, and set the stage for Ascension preparations. Awesome in every way. Stay tuned…

Freedom for humanity…

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In 2004, I took the intention to live my mission; to do what I came to do within this lifetime. Developing spiritually was a central piece of this and soon that morphed into something called Ascension. My guidance was to make major changes in my life in the spring of 2008 and my assumption was that those changes would welcome in my personal Ascension. I made those changes (quit working for pay, left my marriage and moved to a new city 2500 kilometres away) but Ascension did not happen. From within the framework of those changes, I was and have remained completely dedicated to living my mission. During a meditation retreat in 2006, I learned that living my mission would require me to surrender to the Divine guidance within me and unerringly follow that guidance. This I have done.

Ascension as a global process is well defined and here is my rendition: My definition of Ascension is a process whereby the earth and part or all of humanity shifts into a higher dimension, one I call the fifth dimension, where life will be very different from what we experience today and where human capabilities are greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity.

Ascension as a personal process remains a mystery to me. My guidance has been to set it aside and focus on aspects that are presently available. Target truth in all things…only detours result from deviations from truth. Being whole…accepting and integrating all parts of me; including parts that may no longer serve as my focus shifts. They remain and simply take a back seat. Being authentic…being who I am at the level of my soul. Serving the greater good…my life had been about self-interest and this shift in focus required me to surrender all my attachments. The major work was done in the second half of 2006 but attachments arise from time to time and surrendering them when discovered is part of my ongoing process. Sovereignty…connecting directly to Divinity by eliminating false guides and transcending interference.

These are the principles I use within my personal journey and they also serve as guidelines when assisting others. Brittany, a woman from Chicago, has had amazing success using these principles and she coined the term ‘becoming’ to describe this phase of her journey. She has ‘become’, which is a frequency and vibration beyond where I am currently. As a result, truths long hidden within limited consciousness are emerging and some are not pretty. A new level of awareness and capability is dawning which is affecting both of us and our respective missions.

I will now focus on my personal journey, especially recent developments. Do I want to become? Do I want to achieve a similar level of frequency and vibration as that achieved by Brittany? Yes I do, assuming that can be done in ways that will serve my mission and my journey. Grace’s response….Okay…then you have lessons to learn and truths to assimilate. A new phase of my journey has begun.

Some lessons came first and then a new level of truth began to emerge. The first lesson was to eliminate all vestiges of self-interest. Divinity guided me to look at my higher self. I interviewed my higher self within a meditative state and found an orientation to self-interest. At first my higher self was not willing to shift. Shift or leave seemed the only supported options and off I went for a nap. As I was falling asleep, my higher self shifted. I can feel a new level of harmony as a result.

The second lesson was about my relationship with the off-world parasites and their agenda of enslaving humanity to create misery which they harvest as their food source. Divinity guided me to interview the Parasite King. I conducted the interview in two parts. Part one was getting to know him. He already knew me. I started off angry but began to recognize that I knew him and, surprisingly to me, I liked him. I shifted into informing him about what I could offer him through Grace. If he/they agree to surrender to the Light’s agenda and discontinue the parasitic agenda, Grace will uncover their Light bodies and provide them with a home of their own within the cosmos. Part two was to explore a dream Brittany had shared with me. The dream was of an eight year old boy who killed people who offended him and terrorized his mother. Brittany saved him from drowning and the boy then entered an apartment building through a window. I realized the boy was the Parasite King and entered the building to talk to me. We resumed that conversation and I facilitated him exploring two alternative timelines. Leave through the same window and continue his terrorizing ways or come with me out the front door and take up a new life based on compassion. No choice was made but the stage is set for the next round of negotiations.

Brittany provided a new level of truth a day or so later. Millions of years ago, I sold her out to the parasites. My reasons were based in a flawed perception of serving the greater good. This has subsequently been confirmed. I am truly sorry, Brittany. Please forgive me. Brittany has remained ensnared within this tangled web until this lifetime when she escaped by becoming. She now believes I was both an asset and a liability within that work. She also believes the parasites continued to have access to her through undisclosed connections with me and what she termed John magic. I was totally unaware of any of this but my experience with the Parasite King opened me to its possibility. Also, it is my truth that I was attached to working with Brittany and that may have led to unconscious magic. On the other hand, I know I am pure at the level of intention, and my experience does not match Brittany’s current beliefs.

Oh what a tangled web has been weaved. It seems Grace is no longer supporting a working relationship between Brittany and myself. What Brittany does moving forward is of course up to her. I sincerely wish her a Grace filled journey.

Grace is supporting the ending of the parasitic agenda and that seems next up. Yesterday, Grace dropped this into my consciousness …Forgive Brittany. As I worked with that, things began to clear up. Brittany does not trust me at present and that is not likely to change in the near term.

My guidance is to move forward within becoming and within my mission.

Freedom for humanity…

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Understanding Trump’s First Year

There is only one starting point to understanding what is taking place in the US these days. There is a secret and unelected government making all important policy decisions for the Trump administration. No other starting point is based in truth. Trump is not an idiot, nor is he his own man and he is certainly not a saviour ‘draining the swamp’ and leading a light based charge to clean up world government. Trump is a puppet of the secret government. Nothing more and nothing less.

The secret government controls the political system in the US, including both major parties, and the software used in the voting machines. Imagine elections without paper trails where the people agree to vote on machines that tally the vote and produce a result that cannot be checked or verified. That is the US system of voting. It was promoted by the secret government and because they own and control all the major US media outlets, questions regarding voter fraud are off-limits. The entire system is fraudulent. The Russians are not the culprits, the hacking is a routine inside job carried out by the secret government.

The secret government is not a unified whole but two powerful factions battling for turf. One faction who are most descriptively called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) controls the European Union and most of the European governments. They control world finances and all major western media companies. The RKM has been the de facto world government for centuries. They masterminded the European colonial era. They started and profited from innumerable wars including both World Wars.

The other faction call themselves the Alliance. They are upstarts who gained a seat at the head table of the secret government by developing advanced technologies beginning after Nikola Tesla’s working papers were turned over to them after he died in 1943. These technologies include faster than light travel, free energy, time travel, a variety of advanced weapons, and technologies for mind and spirit control. They kept these technologies secret from the US government and from the general public but shared them with the RKM in return for a seat at their head table.

Time travel has been a significant factor in the current timeline. Trump was identified as a suitable candidate to forward the secret government’s agenda and delay humanity’s return to a light based timeline. Those abusing time travel ran countless scenarios of Trump’s presidency and chose the ones that best achieved their objectives of keeping the secret government secret and in power.

Within the US based turf war, the RKM backed Hillary and the Alliance backed Trump. The Alliance gained ultimate control of the voting machine software and Trump was elected. All the major US government agencies are controlled by the secret government but some are aligned with the RKM and others are aligned with the Alliance. The same is true of the major media companies within the US. And so the turf war rages. However, both factions are well aware that exposing one faction exposes all so the secret government is denied by both factions and by the media companies which they own and control.

Now we can look at what is actually going on. The CIA is controlled by the Alliance. The CIA are experts in propaganda and spew it at a variety of levels. One major plank is that Trump is an independent agent of change which is a complete fabrication. In truth, Trump is a puppet of the secret government and runs their fascist agenda on command. They keep Trump from being impeached and control all major investigations through agents such as Mueller and others. Truth does not come from the secret government investigating itself and the secret government are experts at this deception, effectively using this fraudulent platform to cover up the truth of JFK’s assassination, 9/11 and many smaller crimes. These streams are more about keeping Trump in line than about exposing truth.

The second major plank is Partial Disclosure (also a product of time travel manipulations). The CIA has a well developed plan for partial disclosure and the objective is to expose half truths and create the impression of ending the corruption while keeping the secret government (their bosses) secret and in power.

There are a number of spiritual sites that are trumpeting the CIA propaganda that Trump is an agent of light based change. This is both untrue and dangerous. The propaganda is working and serving as a distraction while the US is sold further down the river.

Look at all the legislation that is being proposed and put in place by the Trump administration. Fascist, all of it. Make the rich richer and end funding and services for the middle classes and especially for the poor. End protection for the environment and limitations on insider profiteering. Trump’s major role and primary talent is to create distractions while all this fascist legislation gets put in place.

That is the game plan and one year into Trump’s term, it has been pretty successful. The turf war rages but it is only to divide up the spoils. Both factions of the secret government are in complete agreement about the overall agenda. Keep their existence secret and enslave the rest of us.

The situation is dire but based in illusion and deception. My current work is about ending off-world support for the secret government and without that support, the illusion will fail and this sad chapter of human enslavement will end.

Freedom for humanity…

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Brittany, a woman in Chicago and my work partner for the past half year or so, is an old soul created near the beginning of sentient life within the multiverse. A major thread within the work we are doing has been to free her from the magic of the parasitic agenda that is targeting all of humanity and already has a number of strongholds. The parasitic agenda was created and imported here to earth by a civilization known as the Greys and the pop culture alien caricature familiar to us all is a reasonable depiction of how they appear in physicality. The Greys were once a highly advanced and vibrant civilization but have devolved after falling for the ‘easy life’ of living off the energies of other civilizations. The inevitable result is the demise of the targeted species but the Greys simply have moved on to other targets, like a rancher moves on to greener pastures. Enough about the Greys as this post is about Brittany and a related soul known to us as Phoenix.

Brittany and I began working on her personal journey in April of last year, 2017. She always had this curiosity about who she was at the level of spirit and a consistent thread was that she was the Phoenix, the soul of that mythical and mystical creature that destroyed all and rose from the ashes as a form of rebirth.

In her 3D life, Brittany was heavily targeted by human agents of the Grey parasites. Our work to free her from the illusion and from interference involved restoring Brittany’s sovereignty by ending the magic curses and charms that maintained the parasite’s ability to influence her. Each time we ended a portion of this control structure we also learned about those imposing the control and about the magic they were employing to do so. The human agents were two people very close to her. One was a woman who masqueraded as her best friend and who was her roommate. The other was a man who was her boyfriend with whom she cohabited briefly and continued to maintain a relationship with until his true nature and intentions were revealed a month or two ago. Both used magic extensively including spells and curses supported by the parasitic agenda targeting to prevent Brittany from stepping into her power and living her mission of ending the parasitic agenda, not only here on earth but throughout the cosmos.

The Greys are skilled at curating spaces and curated potions of Brittany’s brain to elevate her opinion of these two people, cause her to be blind to their true intentions, and create loyalty to them. The Greys implanted a number of etheric level technologies in various parts of her body that created blockages and triggered artificial responses supporting their objectives. All of this was supported by magic fields that would be imposed upon Brittany and influence her in manipulated ways. We slowly learned a number of techniques to counter their magic and free Brittany from their influence.

The roommate left within weeks but her magic spells and curses continued up until quite recently. The boyfriend’s influence was more durable and was supported by one of Brittany’s guides who masqueraded as her high self but used her position and access to convince Brittany to keep giving the boyfriend more chances by reinforcing a number of lies aimed at continuing his influence in her life. The boyfriend himself was/is a highly skilled magician and used black magic, especially during Brittany’s visits to his home. The tide turned during one of these visits last November when Brittany experienced a deep seated malaise the morning after. Working together, we were able to end the magic spell and Brittany escaped the trap after her boyfriend left for work. Soon after, the false high self was exposed and left Brittany’s field. Brittany soon after realized the guide was a Judas goat, working on behalf of the Grey’s parasitic agenda. With this false stream of information ended, Brittany was then able to see her boyfriend and his intentions in truth. She initiated the ending of the relationship and soon after transcended the magic he continued to send her way.

Not long after the boyfriend’s influence ended, Brittany and I were able to open the etheric level doorway to allow Phoenix to enter Brittany’s body and take up residence as a co-spirit. A walk-in without Brittany’s spirit walking out to make room. A term used for this phenomena is a braided walk-in where the body now has two souls or spirits and they agree to co-exist in ways worked out between the spirits. During some of our sessions, we began calling Phoenix forward and the interaction would be between Phoenix and me during a portion of the session, always returning control of the physical vessel to Brittany before closing the session.

Within a few days of the the walk-in, Brittany got information that she and Phoenix were one soul that had split millions of years ago. Both were involved in combating the cosmic parasitic agenda and Phoenix preferred to be disembodied except for periodic walk-in experiences to do specific interventions. Brittany was more hands on consistently choosing embodiment and was greatly mistreated by the parasites time and again. Within this knowledge, Brittany and Phoenix began to merge and are by now once again one spirit. Phoenix brought a highly evolved aura with her during the walk-in. An aura integration took place where the highly evolved aspects were retained along with the essence of the existing aura.

This entire process has been termed a Grace powered rescue of Brittany. Phase I was extraditing Brittany from the parasitic control structures imposed upon her against her will. That was essentially complete at her birthday in early November. Phase II was Brittany returning to sovereignty, including the Phoenix walk-in and merging with Phoenix.

Phase III is a now available and underway. It is a cocooning process to be completed by a short hibernation being planned for the near future. More on that once it is complete. Brittany will soon be a prototype for humanity within the Light based timeline that is coming soon and being empowered by Lightworkers around the world with the support of various off-world resources. Already Brittany has disengaged from the aging process (see my last post called Father Time and Rejuvenation) which has ended her menstrual cycle, permanently she is ‘told’.

Exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…

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Father Time and Rejuvenation

Brittany, a woman in Chicago, and I continue our daily sessions to assist humanity in shifting to a Light based shared timeline. Our present work deals with disenfranchising the off-world parasites who are using magic and off-world technologies to maintain the existing timeline so they can continue to feed off of the energy of human misery.

For the past week or two, we have been getting information that human mitochondria is a key element within the parasitic agenda. Here is my veterinarian daughter’s primer on the subject. By the way, she is the mother of three year old identical twin daughters:

“Mitochondria have completely separate DNA from our own.  They divide on their own within our cells and separate into the 2 separating cells when our cells divide.  Even identical twins will have distinctly unique mitochondrial DNA.  The current theory is that mitochondria were once their own organism that learned to live symbiotically with living cells once they evolved.  Pretty cool stuff!”

Pretty cool stuff indeed! Slowly the puzzle fell into place and here are some of the highlights.

Mitochondria is the biological representation of our spirit, of our soul. As such, it is naturally unique even in identical twins. It is not their own organism but a designed part of human beings. Many advantages flow from this; however, in the hands of the parasites targeting human misery, the mitochondria has been used against us.

Human aging on our planet is a function of decaying mitochondria. Death eventually takes us because at some point, the mitochondria refuses to do their thing and replacement cells do not form. In highly evolved societies, people live for thousands of years. How? This decay mechanism is overwritten and the mitochondria function as designed indefinitely.

The parasites have operating technology that prevents this overwrite process and communicates with human mitochondria world wide. Instead of living for thousands of years, humans live perhaps a hundred, usually less. This serves the parasites because they can only feed off of negative energies; and aging produces negative energy in abundance.

It turns out that Father Time is more than a mythical figure. Father Time is the keeper of the aging technology that communicates with human mitochondria all over the world. Once we figured all of this out, we were guided to do something about it.

Father Time has been hanging around Brittany and we called him into one of our working sessions. He works for the parasites and was not cooperative but we found we did not need his assistance.

We found a locked box within Brittany’s etheric field and the Light supplied us with an etheric key. The key opened the box and Brittany turned the switch to off; thus disconnecting from the parasitic aging technology. She then locked the box with a new key and just to be safe, ripped the box out of her mitochondrial circuit and dissolved the entire apparatus, returning it to Source. We believe she is now out of the aging loop and will live indefinitely at her present age of twenty-nine. Nice choice in my view.

I am sixty-nine so this option is only a partial solution and my guidance during the session was to assist Brittany and not worry about my situation until rejuvenation becomes available; which I have been assured will be part of the replacement Light based shared timeline.

Brittany and I talked about all of this after the session and I became convinced that this is short sighted on my behalf. Why not end the aging deterioration now (assuming that option is available to me) and rejuvenate from the age of sixty-nine instead of whatever age I am at when rejuvenation becomes available. That is on tomorrow’s agenda and we will see if that option is supported. 🙂

Ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Light is the ultimate objective and this work is simply a step along the way. Others are working on different steps and by following our inner guidance Brittany and I are teammates assisting humanity in this momentous project.

Freedom for humanity…

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Ascension Summary – Fall 2017

My definition of Ascension is a process whereby the earth and part or all of humanity shifts into a higher dimension, one I call the fifth dimension, where life will be very different from what we experience today and where human capabilities are greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity.

The long anticipated December solstice of 2012 has come and gone without the predicted fireworks; neither apocalyptic nor mind-blowing and the illusion of duality remains in place. What happened – if anything?

First a short history lesson:
A profound shift took place on October 28, 2011 and it affected me greatly. That date marked the end of the era of duality, the end of us and them, of darkness and light, of war and peace, of rich and poor, of freedom and slavery, of young and old, and so many other manifestations of duality too numerous to mention. Free will was honoured and there were many ways we could have crossed this threshold, but the threshold itself was predestined. As it turned out, duality remained very much a part of our shared reality here on earth and systems supporting duality continued to create more.

At the March equinox of 2012, information began coming my way that it was time to oust the earth’s dark and replace their systems supporting self-interest with systems serving the greater good. At the June solstice of 2012, the earth’s dark declined the Light’s deadline to surrender and the Light took a variety of actions to ensure the earth’s dark could not start WWIII and thereby take humanity on an extended detour or destroy the planet. The actual ousting of the earth’s dark is being left to humanity and continues in a slow process maximizing humanity’s learning experience.

A major change in plans occurred at the December solstice of 2012 (12-21-12). Instead of splitting humanity in two with one part ascending and the other remaining behind in an alternative 3D reality, humanity requested an inclusive ascension process and this request was granted. The ascension event long planned for the December solstice of 2012 was postponed; not cancelled but postponed. This slowed the process and delayed a shared reality based in Light but has the huge advantage of creating a shared timeline for all of humanity. Instead of a portion of humanity defaulting into a continued 3D experience at the mercy of earth’s dark, all of humanity is walking together toward the shift into a Light based shared reality and the ascension process that will follow.
Gaia, the Earth spirit, and Earth ascended into 5D on 12-12-12 along with all the kingdoms on earth except humanity. A third dimensional holographic school was created and is being energetically maintained by Gaia. This 3D hologram is humanity’s shared reality and it is within this shared reality that the shift into a shared timeline based in Light will take place – thus allowing all of humanity to make the necessary adjustments such that we can ascend together rather than being split in two.

The duration of this hologram is still being determined. The danger to humanity and to ascension is now past so the process of shifting can take as long as it takes. Nearly five years later and still no shift; but do not despair…progress is being made and the shift will happen.

Two processes are cued up and ready to go; one cosmic and the other earthly. These processes are complementary and parallel but also independent of each other. The cosmic event is the ascension event and originates in Source/Creator. It is the event planned for the December solstice of 2012 but delayed at humanity’s request for an inclusive ascension process. This event affects all of the cosmos and we can only guess about it and its timing.

The earthly event is the shift into humanity’s shared timeline based in Light. The earth’s human dark continue to rule over humanity and their chosen timeline of artificial scarcity and economic slavery continues as humanity’s shared timeline. At the top of the human dark hierarchy are two groups of people; the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) made up of about 100 families who control world finances and provide the dark’s strategic planning, and the US based technological leaders who call themselves the Alliance. They developed and use free energy, zero gravity based travel (faster than light), time travel technologies which they have abused to change the past in ways that support their self interest, and a variety of technologies to control and limit humanity which has prevented humanity from traveling their evolutionary path. These two groups constitute what I call humanity’s secret government.

Off- world support for this secret government has been a major factor in their success. 40,000 years ago, predators took control of this sector of the galaxy and controlled it until the mid-1990s when they surrendered to the Light’s agenda and left occupied territory. Aligned with the predators were parasitic civilizations and their influence remains, albeit well hidden. My present work, with a Chicago woman named Brittany, targets these parasites and the magic they use to continue their parasitic agenda including the cloak of secrecy upon which it depends. A breakthrough is nearing but has not yet occurred.

I remain completely dedicated to the process of ending the existing shared human timeline, a timeline based in deception, by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in Light; based in Love, based in truth and full disclosure, based in oneness and abundance, based in world governance in support of the greater good, based in the complete restoration of cosmic law here on earth.

How this shift into a Light based shared human timeline happens is not known to me. Neither is the timing of this miraculous shift. What I do know is that humanity is on the cusp of a shift into a Light based shared human timeline including replacement of the world’s financial systems, disclosure of our ET supporters, the introduction of abundance technologies, and rejuvenation becoming humanity’s shared reality. All of this will be accompanied by governance shifts as world governments supporting the earth’s dark shift to or are replaced by world governments supporting the greater good.

The Earth as a school of learning will continue after the event/shift but will then be based in the 5th dimension and include such things as rejuvenation, abundance technologies, travel by intention, and daily interactions with other ET civilizations. Individual sovereignty will be widely supported.

Survival will no longer be an issue and each of us will be encouraged to uncover and pursue our passion as we attract our lessons and advance along our evolutionary path. Duality will play a much reduced role and service to others will replace service to self as humanity’s foundational value.

Sound like heaven on earth? That is what is planned; and that is the end result of the Ascension timeline. Enjoy the process and may your experience be one of peace, love and joy.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Post Kennedy USA Timeline

Yesterday was the 54th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas Texas in 1963. I was in grade ten at that time, in a small town called Neilburg in Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada. The school principal took us all out of class and we watched an hour or so of tv coverage before being sent home early to begin the weekend. Emotionally, the event had little impact on me but spiritually, I was devastated. I ‘knew’ that the timeline of shifting into a Light based timeline to prepare for Ascension had been highjacked and that an artificial timeline controlled by dark and self-interested people had begun. When Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were killed in 1968, the dark’s coup was complete. The US had been taken over by fascists and my mission of assisting humanity to ascend into the higher dimensions was jeopardized. I became a cynic at the ripe old age of twenty.

In the recently released documents, kept secret for over fifty years, it is clearly established that a variety of US governmental agencies, led by the CIA, conspired and carried out the assassination of their own president. Thus began the current timeline where a small group of unelected men, best described as the USA’s secret government, have near total control over the US government and every presidential administration since that time. In many cases, including the current administration, the elected president has been in cahoots with the secret government and willingly cooperated with their wishes.

Those now in control of the post Kennedy USA timeline gained control of Nikola Tesla’s working papers when he died in 1943 and used US government funding and US military secrecy protocols to develop and build a number of secret technologies based on Tesla’s science (free energy, faster than light travel, time-travel). Around the time of Kennedy’s assassination, several of these technologies were well developed and the few chose to continue to keep them secret from the US government; instead they were used as bargaining chips to gain a seat at the head table of the world’s secret government. The world’s secret government control all the major media outlets and set editorial policies to suit their agenda of enslaving the rest of humanity. A measure of their control is the fact that the recently released Kennedy papers were barely covered by the media. Together with the world’s secret government these few have control of the USA’s money supply through their wholly owned central bank, the Federal Reserve. As owners, they collect interest payments from the American public on the USA’s illegal debts now in excess of 17 trillion dollars. Wow…what a money maker. And the icing on this grotesque cake…they have managed to keep their very existence a secret; and few of them are even known to the public.

The post Kennedy timeline has had a few twists and turns but has marched steadily forward toward a fascist state where an elite and unelected few (they are calling themselves the Alliance) make all important policy decisions for the US government. These few have control over all the important governmental agencies (CIA, FBI, IRS just to name a few). These few control all federal and most state elections including the software used in the voting machines so voters are becoming window dressing. At present, the USA is among the least democratic nations in the entire world.

The few in control of the post Kennedy timeline are experts in keeping secrets. Who assassinated Kennedy is one example. 9/11, free energy, and the presence of ETs are others, and there are literally thousands of smaller secrets. How do they do it? All of their insiders are sworn to secrecy, including everyone of influence within the CIA. The few have well funded secret organizations they call ‘wet works’, their euphemism for murder squads and a great deal of secret technologies to murder people they consider threats to their agenda. Often, they make these murders look like accidents, suicides and even natural. They have technologies to create cancer in otherwise healthy individuals, technologies to give healthy people heart attacks, technologies to remotely control automobiles and airplanes to cause crashes, drone technologies and many, many more. In addition, they have experts in threatening people and making their threats believable.

I could go on, but you get the picture. The post Kennedy USA timeline is an ugly thing and shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

Now for the good news. The existing timeline is based on deception and illusion. The existing timeline is running on borrowed time. Support for the existing timeline is drying up and will soon disappear entirely. Those few imposing the existing timeline are becoming ever more reliant on magic, black magic to be precise; and magic is trumped by miracles. The existing timeline will not last much longer.

For the past decade, I have focused on ending the existing timeline, which includes the post-Kennedy timeline, by replacing it with a timeline based in Light, based in serving the greater good, and based in truth including full and complete disclosure.

An early step in this process was to surrender to my inner Divinity and honour that source of wisdom in all my decisions. In this way, I become part of a large team that is working on ending the existing timeline. My skill set is working at the level of creation, at what I call the etheric level. Over the past several weeks, the black magic underpinnings of the existing timeline have been weakened and are being dismantled. The matrix is no longer controlled by magic. The parasites who have supported the secret government have been read their final warning in accordance with cosmic law. Soon they will be disempowered and the secret government will then stand alone.

How and when the existing timeline is displaced by a timeline based in Light is not known to me. However, I keep following my guidance and serving the greater good. Others are doing likewise and together, the balance of power is shifting. Magic is losing its hold. Miracles are gaining power.

Soon, all of humanity will witness a shift unprecedented in human history…the shift into a shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of cosmic law.

Freedom for humanity…

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