Round-Up Progress Report – The Dracos

The first step of the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light began four or five days ago, when the leaders of the world’s secret government were targeted to be rounded up and corralled so they could not interfere with or negatively impact the shift once it began.

Around one hundred people were targeted and all but a handful were corralled within hours. That handful took refuge in a deep underground base here on earth constructed thousands of years ago by the Ankara Alliance. This base has served ever since as home base for earth’s Draconian overlords.

This was one of several dark bases at one time but by now, the only one still in the hands of dark overlords. Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s and advised all Alliance members to do likewise. Most of the the Draconians took this advice and returned to their home planets to pursue agendas based in Light, based in truth and individual sovereignty. Some, including those in this base went rogue, choosing to continue their agenda of subjugating and enslaving earth’s surface population.

This rogue agenda has lost much of its lustre over the two decades since Ankara’s surrender. Progress on Draconian home planets has made great strides and life here on earth, or rather in earth, has become increasingly isolated and embattled. Other dark bases either surrendered or fell in battle. Plus earth’s airspace, once a dark stronghold, is now filled with the ships of Light based civilizations; all supporting the coming shift into a timeline based in Love and based in Light.

Katelon and I continue to support and facilitate the Light’s takeover efforts and asked during our Wednesday session if we could help. The Draco Leader had already made contact with Katelon and readily came to the negotiating table. We invited Ankara and the Light based round up team leaders and began a rapid negotiation. The Draco leader was willing to surrender and leave earth if granted two things; for he and his people to be welcomed into Draco home planets and for each Draconian to be granted a Lightbody. A Lightbody is a person’s connection with Source. The Draconians are one of Ankara’s created races and they were created without Lightbodies but with the capacity to be so endowed. Ankara quickly agreed to both requests.

The Light’s conditions were that the Draconian leave earth and end all of their technologies; turning them off and turning them over to the Light’s round up team. All was quickly agreed and the surrender was done.

In Friday’s session, Katelon and I learned that one of these operating technologies is what is commonly called the veil, a technology that limits the consciousness of all of humanity. The Draco leadership is going to be the last to leave and they offered to work with us during their final hours here on earth to shut down the veil and turn it over to experts on the round up team. Katelon and I offered to do whatever was ours to do within this process.

At this time, the Dracos are packing up and leaving. The Light’s round up team awaits their departure before moving in and corralling the handful of secret government leaders who remain at large within the base and are currently in a form of house arrest; disconnected from their human minions.

Within days, the round-up of the world’s secret government leaders will be compete and the next step of humanity’s shift into a timeline based in Light will begin. That next step is a world wide announcement that will be long remembered by all of humanity. It will officially begin humanity’s Light based shared timeline; and will include the Light’s takeover of the world’s financial systems and begin full disclosure, including the welcoming of our ET friends.

This shift in a Light based shared timeline will set the stage for all of humanity to begin preparing for Ascension, the coming shift into a higher dimension.

When humanity petitioned for and was granted an inclusive Ascension process at the December solstice of 2012, the secret government’s days became numbered and those days are fast running out.

A bright and beautiful shared timeline based in truth and full disclosure will soon be ours.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Round-Up

The facilitating work being done by Katelon and me took on a new aspect recently. Our daily sessions target to support the coming shift into a Light based shared human timeline and Katelon has been opening a new sound key every day since the first of December. Today was sound key number seventy five. It was greyhounds bursting from the starting gates and the metaphorical meaning is that the shift has begun.

Yesterday, we received information that the leaders of the secret government were being rounded up so they cannot interfere or even interact with the Light based team targeting to roll out the long planned shift into a timeline based in Light. The time for negotiations is past, the time for surrender is past. These leaders have refused countless surrender opportunities and have broken many surrender promises. The Light has run out of patience and is now in the process of ousting the secret government against their will. The first step in this process is to round up the top leaders; perhaps a hundred people in total. Each is given three choices; to stay under house arrest and face the music when full disclosure reveals their many crimes, or leave the planet to a cosmic rehabilitation facility, or death by their own hand and they all have this capability built into their hideouts.

Humanity has lots of help in this process so the secret government’s technological advantages over the rest of humanity is not a factor. Light based ETs are part of the round-up team and they have technologies far superior to those possessed by the secret government.

Today, we were asked to help with a guided visualization. What Katelon came up with was a cattle round up and she brought some present life experience to the visualization. The Light were the cowboys on horseback finding the leaders, the cows, and herding them into the waiting corral. No matter what they tried, they were eventually corralled and the gate was closed. Ergo, the title.

Both of us have been feeling the intensity of the round-up. When we asked during the session, we were ‘told’ that each of us is involved and has interacted with the round-up team and with the secret government leaders as necessary; although neither of us has a conscious memory of these interactions.

We were also informed that the scope of the round-up has been expanded to include some of the key lieutenants of the leaders. This was deemed necessary when some of them refused to stand down even after their leaders were captured. It is unclear to me how long the round-up will take or what level of completeness is required before the roll out can commence.

Once the round-up is complete or nearly complete, the next phase of the roll out will commence. That phase is the public announcement that begins full disclosure and includes the Light’s takeover of the world’s financial systems.

More than that I do not know but my intention is to continue to bring forth information as it is given us.

The shift into a Light based shared human timeline has begun. The first step in this shift is to round-up the leaders of the dark’s secret government and that work is well underway.

Coming soon, a full disclosure announcement brought to you by the Light based team rolling out the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…

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Facilitating the Shift

Over a decade ago in May of 2006, I learned that in order to live my mission I would have to surrender to my inner guidance. I made that choice and, aside from a three month detour a couple of years later, I have followed my inner guidance without fail. My life changed dramatically a couple of years later as I left my marriage, quit working and moved half way across Canada to live in Calgary.

In parallel and complementary processes, I learned the life lessons necessary for living my mission and I learned about the current state of our world. By late 2o11, I was ready to live my mission; ready to give my gift to humanity.

In terms of the current state of our world: I knew a secret government existed and presided over all of humanity. I knew this secret government had developed an artificial timeline based on scarcity and duality and had imposed this timeline on all of humanity. I knew that living my mission required this secret government to be ousted either through surrender or by force. I knew that ousting the secret government was best done by developing and anchoring an alternative timeline based in Light. If the secret government surrendered, this timeline would quickly become humanity’s shared timeline.  In the absence of surrender, this timeline would do the ousting; and become humanity’s shared timeline as a result.

My term for activating the Light based timeline is creating the shift. The shift is based on two missing ingredients within the existing timeline; truth and disclosure. Truth is self explanatory. Disclosure is to expose all the secrets currently kept by the secret government. The secret government has closets full of secrets; their very existence, their many crimes against humanity, their control over humanity including a dark financial system and world-wide media control, their secret technologies such as free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (based on zeroing gravity), and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. And of course, the granddaddy of all secrets which is the existence of Light based ETs in our skies offering assistance of all kinds as humanity shifts into a Light based shared timeline.

My role in bringing about this monumental shift is to act as a facilitator. I have skills at the level of energy, at the level of creation, and by following my inner guidance I have developed ways to facilitate the activation of the Light based replacement timeline. Long ago, I targeted to do this work as a team member and spirit connected Katelon and I to work together as a facilitation team in support of this work.

We (Katelon and I) did daily sessions for nine months ending in the summer of 2015 targeting the secret government’s surrender. I also worked on the surrender option back in the spring of 2012 when the Light set a deadline of the June solstice of 2012. In the end, the secret government declined on both occasions and no surrender took place.

Not to worry since the Light has been working toward ousting the secret government by force throughout the piece since it has long been recognized that a cooperative surrender may not be in the cards. I have not been directly involved in these efforts but have an overview understanding of the status of this work. The Light team is led by humans and is supported by Light based ETs. Their plan is to take-over the world’s financial systems and announce full disclosure, using force to prevent the secret government leadership from interfering or preventing the plan’s success. This plan is ready to be rolled out.

Katelon and I resumed our daily sessions in November of last year, targeting to facilitate these efforts. Each day, we work for two or three hours doing a variety of guided work at the level of energy, which is the same as the level of creation. We anchor the new timeline in Gaia, release the old timeline and let it dissolve, eliminate or reduce the secret government’s capabilities, take requests from the Light based roll out team, make etheric level connections so new resources can be added to the roll out team. In short, we do all we are guided to do to facilitate the coming shift into a shared human timeline based in Light. In addition, Katelon is being provided with a new sound key every day until the shift takes place. These keys are a gift from Source and she began opening them on December first. Today was sound key number seventy-one, a wake up bugle call for all of humanity. All the sound keys continue to operate in symphony with each other and their power grows daily.

The shift into a shared timeline based in Light is right around the corner. It will be happening soon and will forever end the dark’s control and the secret government’s criminal rule over humanity.

Facilitating this monumental and unprecedented shift is an amazing honour!

Freedom for humanity…

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Ending the Secret Government’s Time Travel Abuses

My family gathered in the Rocky Mountains near Banff to welcome in the new millennium on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000. On the way, I played some squash with my kids and fell on the court, fracturing a rib. I knew there was more to the story and asked. It was to keep you from skiing as you would have suffered a far more serious injury. Okay, thank you.

Yesterday morning, I woke with that same pain in my ribs. Katelon and I are doing daily sessions right now and we put it on the agenda. The earlier information was correct but incomplete. Using time travel, the dark had already identified you as a threat and were targeting your demise. Skiing may have been fatal! Okay, double thank you…and the pain went away.

Using time travel to explore future timelines is well within cosmic law. Targeting to harm potential threats is a serious abuse. Earlier, information had come in that the secret government had abused time travel by altering the past. Another abuse since time travellers can observe but cannot interact while time travelling. A third abuse occurred during the work Katelon and I were doing. The secret government was looping time to bypass our defences and then returning to the present to refight lost battles. All of these abuses were developed under cover of the earth’s long standing quarantine and were therefore falsely rewarded in violation of cosmic law.

Hmmm…what can we do?

Information came in that our Light based ET friends had time travelling capabilities and were newly authorized to assist humanity in combating the secret government’s time travelling abuses. We requested this help and it was given in the form of time travelling protectors. Three separate battles have been fought since this protection was granted, and in each case the Light forces prevailed and the secret government’s time travelling attackers were disarmed and disabled; their time travelling privileges revoked.

Over the past several days, we explored the time travelling situation in depth. Here is a summary of what we have learned.

Firstly, cosmic permission was recently granted to our ET friends to respond to human requests for assistance in combating time travelling abuses; in much the same way as our ET friends were granted cosmic permission to prevent the detonation of nuclear weapons. One major difference, this capability was only available if requested.

Secondly, we (Katelon and I) could request this assistance within other jurisdictions and quickly extended it to the work of the Light based roll out team who are intending to bring forth full disclosure and Light based world wide financial systems.

Thirdly, we could make a blanket request to end all of the secret government’s time travelling abuses. This would have the effect of activating Light based monitoring and cosmic law enforcement of all of the secret government’s time travelling activities. The scope of this seems immense but we are being assured it is well within the Light’s capabilities.

Please remember that the initiative to end time travelling abuses is relatively new and Light time travellers are still being tricked on occasion; but all in all, time travelling abuses are being prevented and the secret government’s use of time travelling as a weapon is rapidly ending.

Ending the secret government’s time travelling abuses greatly levels the playing field. Abusing time travel was the secret government’s ace in the hole and once full disclosure is here, we will all learn of the times and places where time travelling abuses won battles that otherwise would have been lost or changed history to serve the secret government or looped time to bring in more dark resources. All of these abuses, and likely some we do not even know about, are or will soon be relegated to the dust bins of human history.

Without time travelling advantages and the ability to break the cosmic rules related to time travelling, the secret government’s days are numbered; and the replacement Light based timeline that is already cued up will soon be activated and become humanity’s shared timeline.

That will be a happy day and a blessed occasion long remembered by all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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Escalations within the Battle for Humanity’s Timeline

The battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline is heating up. It is a classic dark vs light battle being fought on our planet.

The dark is led by those I call the secret government. They have pulled off an illegal coup within US politics and are racing hell bent toward a fascist dictatorial regime using newly elected President Trump as their puppet and chief distraction. The secret government controls the media and have carefully crafted the illusion that Trump is this self-made and sovereign man who is destined to bring great change to American politics and to the American people. The secret government hope to capitalize on the honeymoon period of his presidency to complete the coup; changing legislation and creating a fascist police state while the duped American public wait for something positive to happen; caught up in the reality show of Trump’s blustering and bullying presidency. Trump himself is a pawn and a puppet in all of this. He has been brought under the secret government’s control and either runs their agenda or else! The secret government is appointing all of his administration and is writing all of his executive orders and the legislation being passed in various government jurisdictions. An ugly, ugly picture. In truth, a dark coup being reported with Trump tinted rose coloured glasses.

The secret government is desperate as the Light closes in and is poised to takeover. Ergo, the secret government is throwing caution to the winds by playing all their available cards to solidify their coup.

One of the most powerful and misused dark tools is the use of time travel technologies to loop time and give the secret government access to refight lost battles. In highly evolved societies, time travel is common place and a cardinal rule within cosmic law is that time travellers may observe the past but cannot tinker with it or make changes. Time travellers are observers not participants. Throughout the galactic wars that went on for millions of years the dark, under the dark creator god Ankara, respected cosmic law including the rules governing time travel.

The human dark learned to time travel in the 1950s and went rogue in terms of tinkering with the past; including creating time travel teams supporting human time travelling adepts who killed historical figures and rewrote their historical legacy in ways that served the secret government. Because Earth was quarantined, the Light was unaware and unable to intervene. The secret government gained many advantages through these illegal activities which played a significant role in the secret government’s ability to delay the Light’s planned shift into a timeline based in Light scheduled to occur no later than the December solstice of 2012, over four and a half years ago.

In the work my friend Katelon and I are doing to support the Light’s takeover of humanity’s shared timeline, we have gained first hand experience with the dark’s misuse of time travel technology. Katelon has been opening sound keys, one every day since December 1st. Today was sound key number 58. These sound keys are gifts from Source and will continue until the shift into a Light based timeline occurs. The secret government is aware of this work and of the threat it presents to their control of humanity’s shared timeline. As such Katelon has experienced many attacks over the last 58 days. These attacks are all at the level of energy but occur in the physical. These attacks are a direct violation of cosmic law which states you cannot enter another’s field unless invited. I have skills helping people clear their fields and set up protection from future attacks.

No matter what we did to protect Katelon’s field, the defences were breached and the attacks continued. A few days ago, information came in that the attackers were time travellers. They would loop time, entering her field in a timeline that preceded the protection and once in Katelon’s field, they would loop back into the present and do their worst; targeting to kill Katelon and coming close on a couple of occasions. Once we knew the attackers were time travellers, we requested Light based time travelling guardians and posted them at the dark’s entry point.

Last night, a decisive battle raged between the secret government’s rogue time travellers and the Lights guardians. The Light won a decisive victory and we hope these dark attacks are now ended.

This protection is rapidly being spread to other aspects of the Light’s takeover initiatives. And so, a major battle has been won by the Light and the secret government’s misuse of time travel has ended or will soon end.

The Light’s takeover of humanity’s shared timeline is long overdue and is very, very close to happening.

This will end the secret government’s American coup and return all of humanity to their evolutionary path; including a bright and beautiful Light based human timeline shared by all.

Freedom for humanity…

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And Now, The End is Near

I have been fully dedicated to ending the existing shared human timeline for nearly a decade. This timeline is based on scarcity and duality and has been imposed upon us by a dark secret government. This secret government owns the new US President and is going full out to capitalize on Trump’s honeymoon period by installing a fascist police state within the United States.

Everyday, I work at the level of energy in support of a Light based replacement timeline and part of this work is tapping into the energies and checking the dimming vitality of the dark’s attempts to lock in the existing timeline. As well, I support the Light’s work aimed at ending the existing timeline by installing a Light based replacement. Details, including the timing, of the Light’s takeover plan are not shared with me because part of my role is to share what I know here in this blog and in other aspects of my life. What the Light has shared with me is ‘and now, the end is near!’

Yesterday, inauguration day, was difficult for me. In the daily work that I do with my friend Katelon, we had hoped to avoid making Trump president by getting the shift done before inauguration day. That did not happen and it seemed a step backward; a consolidation of the secret government’s attempt to lock down their dark timeline, imposing it upon the American people.

In today’s work, Katelon and I were given assurances that ‘now, the end is near’. The likelihood is that the inauguration will be forever seen as the high point of Trump’s short lived presidency and what stretches out before him is a slippery downhill slope much like a ski trail cut into the side of a mountain. Why? Because the Light based replacement timeline will soon takeover and Trump becomes irrelevant within that timeline.

Trump chose Sinatra’s song My Way for his inaugural waltz and the opening line of that song is ‘and now, the end is near’. Prophetic? So it would seem as confirmed during today’s session at the level of energy.

Of course, Trump’s intent was to further the dark myth that Trump is his own man and has achieved this pinnacle of success as a self made man. All of this is part of the secret government’s illusion surrounding the Trump timeline. A self-made Trump supports their manipulations to get Trump elected since the people want change and a self-made man might bring change. The illusion worked and is being played for all it is worth. Perhaps Trump had some good intentions at one time but he is by now a puppet, a reality show diversion, as the secret government sets the agenda of his administration, appoints dark agents within Trump’s cabinet, and passes fascist legislation both federally and around the country capitalizing on having their agents elected in the majority in many jurisdictions. The truth is that Trump was never a self made success. Because it served the secret government’s agenda, Trump’s success was stage managed and assured by the secret government.

The secret government long ago identified Trump as their best chance of delaying humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline. Through the misuse of time travel technologies, the secret government explored the Trump timeline and even travelled into the past to alter recorded history in ways that served their dark agenda of staying in power. This has worked. The shift into a shared timeline based in Light was planned to occur no later than the December solstice of 2012 (over four and a half years ago) and success with the Trump timeline could extend this detour by several years, perhaps decades.

Those are pretty high stakes. Especially when it is acknowledged that this dark timeline is destroying Gaia and taking earth on an extinction course. Humanity does not have decades of grace.

Fortunately, ‘and now, the end is near’.

The end in this case is the end of the secret government’s timeline; the end of the dark detour they have managed to impose upon humanity. How does this affect Trump and his presidency? Trump and his bully tactics will have no place in the new Light based timeline and he will soon step aside or be shunted to the sidelines.

One of the more likely scenarios is for the Light to create a new political entity that will replace the existing United States of America. Some are calling this the New Republic of the United States. A Light based person would be the first designated president of the New Republic and Light based elections would soon follow. Other possibilities exist but Trump has no valid role in any of these…he simply does not carry enough Light.

And Now, The End is Near.

Hang onto your hats folks and buckle your seat belts. Change like never before seen here on earth is about to take over and a bright and beautiful Light based shared timeline is about to happen for all of us. Truth and full disclosure will be the mainstays.

Awesome in every way.

Freedom for humanity…

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The Alliance – Trump’s Bosses

For years, I have been aware of a world wide dark secret government who controlled humanity and targeted to enslave them. A little over a year ago, the final pieces of who ran the secret government came together for me. At that time, there were two heads to this covert and unelected government. One was centuries old, all descendants of the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. A descriptive name for this head is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The other head are relative newcomers I have called the technocrats. They developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943 using US government funding and US military protocols. By the mid 1960s they had developed a number of advanced technologies including free energy, faster than light travel, and time travel. They shared these with the RKM in exchange for a  seat at the head table of the secret government while keeping it all secret from the rest of humanity including the US government. This secrecy was ruthlessly enforced including well funded ‘wet works’ for killing those considered security threats.

Differences developed between these two heads and a mafia style turf war has ensued. The US election in November brought all of this to a head. Trump was supported by the technocrats and Hillary was supported by the RKM. The technocrats had ultimate control of the programming for the voting machines used in the election and rigged the election in favour of Trump just as Hillary’s nomination had been rigged to defeat Bernie Sanders. Trump is a front man and a distraction. The real power rests with the secret government, as does all policy and strategic decision making.

The secret government’s propaganda machinery went into full gear and the US public has been drawn into the distraction of having a reality show star as the president elect. Meanwhile the real action is happening behind the scenes on two fronts.

One front is enslaving the American people and creating a class based society of the slave masters, the rich and privileged (Trump himself is a shining example); and the slaves, the rest of the American public who will all soon be the poor and the disenfranchised. Progress toward this has been rapid and decisive; just have a close look at Trump’s cabinet and the legislation passed since Trump’s election if you have any doubts.

The other front is the mafia turf war within the secret government. A variety of sources, both human and off-world are reporting that the technocrats are taking over and all who resist them are being hunted down and eliminated. The Alliance is the name that has been chosen for the winner of this turf war. Some of the RKM joined the Alliance and those who resist are being hunted down and killed. Some are reporting this as a victory for the Light but it is simply unifying the secret government under one ruthless and self-interested head called the Alliance.

The Alliance is targeting to take over world wide; including the RKM’s financial systems, the RKM’s media and the RKM’s secret underground and off-world bases. The Alliance hope to distract the American public and the rest of the world through Trump’s bullying and reality TV presidency as all of this is consolidated. The ultimate objective is to stave off a Light based takeover for several more decades, thus continuing the present dark timeline based in scarcity and duality.

Trump himself is happily playing along since as long as he gets filthy rich and infamously famous, he will do as he is told. If he chooses otherwise, the ‘wet works’ will do what they are paid to do.

That in a nutshell is the plan under Trump’s presidency. “Give Trump a chance!” Ya, right.

Now the good news.

Ever since the secret government refused the Light’s surrender deadline at the June solstice of 2012, over four and half years ago, the Light has been working toward a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems supported by full disclosure and truth in all matters. The secret government will be exposed within these initiatives and will cease to function. The secret government and whoever heads them will be permanently ousted from power. The current shared human timeline based on scarcity, duality, and serving the self-interest of the few will be permanently replaced by a shared timeline based on truth and disclosure, oneness, and serving the greater good.

This Light based takeover is cued up and will be happening very soon. The Alliance is aware of this and they are working at a feverish pace hoping to get humanity in lock-down before it happens. That will not be allowed.

Around the globe, a loosely knit team of Lightworkers is supporting the Light based takeover, each doing their own thing but following their inner guidance which is the coordinating mechanism.

I am proud to say that I am one of these Lightworkers and have dedicated myself fully to this work since the spring of 2008. One of my most important present day contributions is supporting the work being done with my friend Katelon. Katelon is opening a gift of Light each day for all of humanity that she calls the sound keys. She began opening these keys on December 1st and opens a new sound key each day. Today was sound key number forty nine. It was the whisper of the inner guidance within each of us. All sound keys continue to function in symphony; each making its unique contribution and together supporting the bringing forth of a Light based shared human timeline.

Trump and his secret government boss’s days are numbered. Coming soon: a Light based shared timeline; and all the darkness of our present world will be but a nightmarish memory.

Freedom for humanity…

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