Supporting Full Disclosure – 23 Months

My spiritual work partner (Katelon, a US based woman) and I have been working everyday for over 23 months targeting to end the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in full disclosure. We work at the level of energy, at the creative level. We have a number of partners in the overall project including many groups of ETs and various teams that include humans. All our work is in the etheric and for security reasons we do not know any of our partner’s names or even their physical appearance.

We are both channels of non-physical information. This can and has been used against us as the existing timeline has flooded the etheric level with misinformation and organized propaganda streams. Two previous attempts ended in failure as we channeled misinformation from entities other than Source. Not until we targeted to channel Source and only Source have we been able to make headway. Channeling Source is the entire basis of all the work we have done over the past 23 months.

Even so, progress has been in fits and starts as the existing timeline is a dark fortress. This is especially true at the etheric level as a number of dark creator gods banded together to fortify the existing timeline and support the earth’s secret human government in their attempts to enslave humanity. By now, these creator gods are either surrendered to the Light’s agenda or returned to Source so the etheric level is coming good. That is the major focus of the work Katelon and I do and it is slow going. A major tool used by the dark within this timeline is time-travel loops. The dark has used time-travel extensively to find potential threats to the existing timeline and eliminate or neutralize those threats using time-travel loops. The work Katelon and I are doing has been well known to the dark for decades and we both have been burdened with time-travel loops to prevent us and our work from succeeding. We now have the knowledge and the support to clear these loops and inch toward ultimate success. How close are we? We have no way of knowing as each time we make progress another dark obstacle appears.

Soul level interference has been a major focus of the dark. Souls are immortal and were created based on love and light. The dark has worked a number of angles targeting to corrupt souls to serve darkness and even create soul substitutes with dark agendas. Here are three dark soul level initiatives uncovered within our work.

Illegal Parts – At an important juncture in the disclosure project work in late September, Katelon reported that a part of me had come uninvited into her field during the evening/night and she had battled to have that part leave. Additionally, the part was opposing further progress toward disclosure. I had no memory or recall of the visit. What was going on?

Katelon and I are well supported in dealing with opposition and treated this episode as we would any other attack to our sovereignty. We found a time-travel loop created and installed in my field when I was working as a dark creator god which I have not done for over 50,000 years. Time-travel loops are tricky as unless we go back to the time they were created, they simply regenerate and undo the light based changes we do during the session. The loop was destroyed and the part was warned not to repeat this illegal activity.

The next day we asked questions. We learned that the part was an illegal soulless part created by dark creator gods and powered by artificial intelligence. Somehow, it carried my energetic signature and pretended to be part of me but was not. Some 3-4 percent of humanity have such parts. We learned that it would serve the greater good to return all such illegal parts back to Source. Using the resources available to us during the session we returned my illegal part and all such illegal parts back to Source. We had to repeat this work two or three times over a period of several days, until all the protecting time-travel loops were identified and destroyed, but the work now seems complete. My illegal part seems gone; hopefully along with all the other illegal parts throughout humanity.

Huge progress.

Rogue Aspects – Souls are very large and organized into parts we call aspects. Only one aspect is embodied at any one time. The other aspects hang out and support the embodied aspect.

Some souls have cooperated with dark creator gods and managed to alter aspects of their souls. The exact nature of these aberrations is unknown to us but we have encountered what we now call rogue aspects on several occasions. Instead of the aspect having a base of love and light, the rogue aspect has a base supporting dark agendas. These rogue aspects violate Source law by going uninvited into the field of people attempting to make positive change. These attacks are designed to be fatal but we are well protected. Still we experience physical pain, discouragement and misinformation.

How wide spread is this aberration? So far it appears to be rare and limited to embodiments of souls who have long served dark agendas and risen to the upper levels of the dark hierarchy. When we encounter rogue aspects, we usually find they are protected by time-travel loops and have to deal with those loops before we can deal with the rogue aspects. Ultimately, these rogue aspects are returned to Source as they lack the motivation to return to their evolutionary path. Btw, every evolutionary path returns to Source… that is the essential nature of creation.

Trapped Souls – The dark has found ways to trap souls so they do not transition during death and remain in darkly controlled prisons. In some cases, these souls are manipulated by dark forces and form a kind of dark army. When we encounter such souls, we target to destroy the prison and free the trapped souls by returning them to Source so they can return to their evolutionary path.

A recent enclave controlled by people dedicated to taking over the US justice system was uncovered a few days ago. Once uncovered, the prison was destroyed and the souls were returned to Source.

The ultimate objective of our work is full disclosure which will usher in a new light based shared human timeline based in truth. 23 months and we are closing in.

May full disclosure happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – The Atlantians

Lets start with a history lesson. Humanity was created around 200,000 years ago as the most advanced physical race in the Universe and travelled along their evolutionary path quite nicely until around 60,000 years ago when marauding dark forces overran this sector of space and began the timeline that still enslaves us.

With dark ETs controlling the airspace and light ETs kept away, the dark began a conquest of Earth and of humanity. Human DNA was highly prized and a dark colony was started on the continent of Atlantis where the Atlantic Ocean now exists. The colonists, humanoids known as Atlantians, practiced genocide of various forms very similar to how the White Man took over the Americas; and also interbred with the indigenous people so humanity is now a mixed race. A technologically advanced human civilization existed on a continent called Lemuria, half way around the world in what is now the Pacific Ocean. The dark Atlantians wanted complete control and the Source based Lemurians resisted resulting in a series of thermo-nuclear wars fought between 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. There were no winners and the stalemate continued.

The wars seriously damaged Earth and Atlantis collapsed around 13,000 years ago, sinking below the waves. The top echelon of Atlantians escaped in space craft but Atlantis was lost. This top echelon, fortified by dark ET supporters, feigned desperation and asked the Lemurians to help them. A high level contingent of Lemurians answered the call and journeyed to the Atlantian’s space craft under diplomatic immunity.

It was a trap. Katelon (my work partner of today) and I were leading members of this Lemurian contingent and our party was soon overpowered, placing us at risk. The Atlantian’s objective was to get us to betray our civilization but we would not. We were subjected to extensive torture and eventually killed. Our souls were captured by dark technology and dark curses that have remained with us all this time. The Atlantians then successfully destroyed Lemuria and it too sank below the waves. North America rose in-between creating the current continental configuration.

That soul capture, using illegal methods (violates Cosmic Law) dogged both of us ever since.

Fast forward to the now. The Universe arranged for Katelon and I to meet and join forces in this current attempt to liberate humanity. We are supported by Source, by human Disclosure Project volunteers, and a number of Light based ET delegations who now occupy Earth’s airspace. (The marauding dark ETs have surrendered to the Light’s agenda and left occupied territory to focus on Light based changes on their home planets.) Great progress has been made toward the objective of ending the current dark timeline by replacing it with a Light based timeline (Disclosure Project) but the Atlantian soul capture and curse continued undetected until the last couple of weeks.

One of the supporting ET groups are Atlantians, from their home planet. They are long standing members of of the Disclosure Project team. A couple of weeks ago, we got information that some of the Atlantians had become double agents. We ousted the transgressors (about half the Atlantian contingent) and they were sent home; their privileges here rescinded.

Unravelling the soul capture and the curse has dominated our agenda ever since. The etheric jail for captured souls was dissolved and various implants and attachments were removed. A few souls who remained involved in this illegal activity were replaced and returned to Source. Pretty intense stuff.

Are we at the bottom of the dark resistance? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the target remains to hold a disclosure event broadcast around the world initiating full disclosure for all of humanity. This will be augmented by a formal invitation to Light based ETs to interact with humanity, and Light based takeovers of the world’s financial systems, media conglomerates, and the world’s health authority.

Gotta end this toxic timeline!

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – Closing In?

Katelon (a USA based woman) and I work everyday to bring about a timeline shift based on full disclosure. Instead of the present timeline controlled by dark forces and imposed upon the rest of humanity by a hidden and unelected world government, humanity would have a brand new timeline controlled by Light based forces and organically adopted by all of humanity. In support of the truth based new timeline, those leading the light based timeline will assume control of the world’s financial systems, the world’s media systems and the world’s health authority. All of these systems are presently controlled by the dark and work hand in glove to create the current health scare adopted around the world in the name of a pandemic with propaganda streams blaring at us over every media outlet convincing us to wear masks, touch nothing, stay six feet away from anyone not in our household and other ridiculous proclamations. The success of this fear based stream has amazed me and continues to do so.

Katelon and I work at the level of energy, what I call the level of creation. We have limited resources and no power or even influence within the current timeline. How then do we expect to effect such a momentous shift? A number of powerful forces are aligned with us. Some of these forces we actively recruited while others just fell into our lap. Additionally, and perhaps the most important factor, the current timeline and support for it expired in October of 2011. That was the end of the era of duality. As a result, Source is no longer supporting dark creator gods targeting agendas based in duality or scarcity. Some of these gods have surrendered and rededicated themselves to Light based objectives. Those who have not have been called home, called back to Source to whom we all return. That has greatly tilted the playing field and made the dark’s job of maintaining the current timeline an uphill struggle.

Why then has it not already happened? Why then is the current timeline still in place looking robust and tightening the screws on all of humanity? Some obvious reasons are the pandemic supported by health authorities at all levels, elected world governments pretending to protect us all the while stealing our rights and freedoms, and the three major systems previously mentioned (financial, media and world health authority) all controlled by darkness. Katelon and I leave it to others to dislodge all of this… our job is to end the hidden systems supporting what is.

The dark tool most affecting our work as we close in on a momentous timeline shift is time-travel. This sounds like science fiction and the dark has worked hard at keeping this capability secret and officially denied but like faster than light travel, time-travel has long been practiced and perfected by at least two factions of the secret government. Time-travel was discovered in the USA due to two factors that came together in the 1940s. One was Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943 and the second was the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Using Tesla’s science and back engineering from the crashed (shot down) UFOs, top secret government funded research discovered and developed time-travel. This work was controlled by the dark secret government of the day and instead of making their work public or even part of the US military, it was offered to the then secret government (also free energy and faster than light travel) in exchange for a seat at the secret government’s USA head table.

Time-travel has been extensively used over the past several decades to uncover potential threats to the existing timeline. Once uncovered, the dark has worked to create blocks and obstacles within the threatening timelines. Both Katelon and I have been heavily targeted using this technology. Essentially, the USA based secret government identified our partnership years before it actually happened and began creating obstacles hoping to derail us.

One of the dark’s most powerful techniques is to create a time-travel loop. These loops are extremely robust since destroying a portion of the loop is entirely ineffective. The loop simply recreates itself like a frog regenerating a missing limb or the healing of a flesh wound. These loops also have embedded fail safes so even if someone successfully destroys the loop they are then endangered by the fail safe activated by the loop’s destruction. Dangerous stuff.

Here are two of the loops recently cleared; including the resultant fail safes.

One was a loop involving my birth family. My mother is 97 years old and remarkably hale and hardy. She has seven children, five of them daughters. The middle daughter was incested as a teenager by her now deceased father, mother’s long time husband. The daughter outed the secret over thirty years ago. Five of the children and mother have banded together to make life difficult for the truth-telling daughter; including penalizing the daughter in the will. As 2019 ended and 2020 began, I was alerted to this situation and began to act as an agent for the truth-telling daughter (my sister). It has been very difficult work and no matter what I did, nothing good seemed to come of it. A short time ago Katelon and I discovered a time-travel loop targeting the perpetuation of this dysfunction. This loop was created five or six years ago and a few days ago, we dissolved it at the point of creation. I now clearly see that my work is to free up myself and my truth-telling sister so we are free of the manipulations by the others. This allows me to return to focusing on the desired timeline shift which will make the dollars involved here irrelevant.

The other loop targeted both Katelon and my financial well being. Katelon has had dark interference in her financial well being all her life and has no financial reserves. I was more fortunate enjoying reasonable financial success in my career but I have not worked for pay now for well over a decade. A time-travel loop was created in the late 1980’s targeting both of us. The secret government already knew of our current timeline working together to bring about the timeline shift and the loop targeted our financial well being hoping we would become insolvent and unable to continue. My career nosedived and Katelon was financially blocked at every turn.

This loop was uncovered and destroyed a few days ago.

This combination of events feels huge and perhaps we are now rolling downhill toward the promised finish line… toward the ending of the existing dark timeline by the beginning of a light based timeline based in truth and full disclosure.

May that happen soon!

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – A Pivotal Lifetime

In 2004, I made the choice to live my mission; to do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to change immediately and sixteen years later, the groundwork is laid but still no visible results.

Past lives began being shown to me (vignettes of key events) including a lifetime, nearly a millennium ago, where I died as an eleven year old child after watching my mother being tortured and killed. ‘Let that be a lesson to you’ was loud and clear and I chose to use my lifetimes since then to develop skills and to learn how to navigate in a human body; biding my time until my next attempt to free humanity from the darkness that controls us. That lifetime is now.

A pivotal lifetime occurred around 55,000 years ago. The dark had taken over this solar system and was plotting ways and means of using the coveted resource of Earth’s human population to their advantage. Humanity had been created by light based creator gods as the most advanced physical beings yet created and the dark coveted their DNA and the skill sets encoded within.

My work partner in this lifetime, a US based woman named Katelon, had a key role in that lifetime as the human leader of a planet charged with protecting humanity. I was a disembodied dark creator god in charge of a nearby planet called Molbek. The embodied leader of Molbek was a current world leader who will remain unnamed. On Molbek, we developed and were stockpiling thermo-nuclear weapons to be used around the galaxy as needed. Accidentally, the weapons exploded and Molbek was blown to bits now know as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Everyone on Molbek was killed, Katelon blamed herself for the catastrophe although it was in no way her’s, and I continued my disembodied lifetime.

But I was changed permanently and irrevocably. I saw the futility of pursuing dark agendas and handed in my resignation. If only it were that simple. The dark accepted my resignation but not unless and not until they installed hooks and markers that transcended time and space. None of this was within my conscious awareness in this lifetime and my naive belief was that I was flying under the dark’s radar. Fat chance!

Kathelon was cursed by the dark in the aftermath of the explosion. Although she was unharmed being on a planet far away, the dark (with my help) took advantage of her grief and her guilt and loaded her down with what we have come to call the Molbek Curse. The curse included a time travel loop created at the time and reinforced in a myriad of ways to keep her from stepping into her power; to keep her under their thumb.

The Universe arranged for us to meet in this lifetime nearly a decade ago, and we have worked together off and on ever since. There is a lot of chalk and cheese in our personalities and in our approaches to everything. This is our greatest strength and has also been our greatest liability but we share one thing… a deep and abiding dedication to living our mission, to doing what we came to do. We also share a knowing that neither of us can do what needs doing on our own… we need each other.

For me, that is a relatively simple equation… no matter what happens, forgive and continue. For Katelon, it has been far more complex. The darkness gained access to Katelon through me and used it at key times to target her. None of this was within my conscious awareness but is by now inarguable. More than once, most recently earlier this year, Katelon has been near deaths door because of the work we are doing; and in no small measure because of the proximity gained through me. Fortunately the light intervenes at the eleventh hour and Katelon has survived.

In our latest attempt to live our mission, we have cut out all the middle men and work directly with Source to get information and allies. That work began in November of 2018, nearly a year and a half ago and we have worked everyday during that time dealing with whatever the dark has thrown at us.

Our target is full disclosure. Accompanied by taking over the world’s financial systems and the world’s media; both of which are currently controlled by the dark. Tremendous progress has been made and by now, the human secret government on this planet essentially stands alone. All of the dark marauders who overran this solar system 60,000 years ago are now departed and returned to their home planets. All of the creator gods aligned with darkness are either surrendered or returned to Source. The underground bases, the moon bases, the bases on other planets in the solar system are all now empty or within the light’s control. All of the ETs in our air space now embrace light based agendas and support full disclosure. Many of the fail safes based on magic, artificial intelligence and technology have been dismantled and we are assured that none remain that have the capability of blocking full disclosure.

It is by now just a matter of time. Full disclosure will happen and happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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Freedom for Humanity – A Summary – Spring 2020

Humanity was a joint creation of creator gods serving truth and the greater good. We are fractals of all that is and all that has been; the most advanced physical beings yet created.  Other gods with a service to self orientation targeted to prevent humanity from achieving their full potential and when this sector of the galaxy fell to predatory forces around 60,000 years ago, these gods worked diligently at creating a fortress of darkness to enslave humanity including what is commonly called the matrix. All of these dark entanglements targeted to keep humanity in limited consciousness and enslave humanity for their own benefit.

When humanity frees itself from these self-interested enslavers, we will return to our evolutionary path and life will be very different from what we experience today. The current timeline based on lies and deception will be replaced by a timeline based in truth and full disclosure. As a result, human capabilities will be greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity and the natural abundance of the Universe will be enjoyed by all.

Now, a short history lesson:
A profound shift took place on October 28, 2011. That date marked the end of the era of duality; the end of us and them, of darkness and light, of war and peace, of rich and poor, of freedom and slavery, of young and old, and so many other manifestations of duality too numerous to mention. Free will was honoured and there were many ways we could have crossed this threshold, but the threshold itself was predestined. As it turned out, duality remained very much a part of our shared reality here on earth and systems supporting duality continued to create more.

The long anticipated December solstice of 2012 has come and gone without the predicted fireworks; neither apocalyptic nor mind-blowing and the illusion of duality remains in place. What happened – if anything? The ascension process predicted for the December solstice of 2012 (12-21-12) was a dark hoax; designed to disempower humanity by providing the illusion of a saviour event. This hoax continues in the form of Trump the saviour and as part of new age propaganda in one form or another. Despite these various propaganda streams, humanity will soon achieve freedom and return to their evolutionary path. All of humanity will then realize our full potential together in an inclusive process yet to be experienced.

Freedom for humanity will result in a shift into a shared timeline based in Light and the natural ousting of earth’s human dark who continue to rule over humanity and impose their chosen timeline of artificial scarcity and economic slavery. At the top of the human dark hierarchy are three groups of people; i) the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) made up of a few hundred families who have controlled world finances and the media, ii) the US based technological leaders who call themselves the Alliance. They developed and use free energy, zero gravity based travel (faster than light), time travel technologies which they have abused to change the past in ways that support their self interest, and a variety of technologies to control and limit humanity which has prevented humanity from traveling their evolutionary path. iii) BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) hidden governments. The Chinese faction are particularly active at present with their  leadership in the coronavirus stream. These three groups constitute what I call humanity’s secret government.

Off-world support for this secret government has been a major factor in their success. 60,000 years ago, predators took control of this sector of the galaxy and controlled it until the mid-1990s when they surrendered to the Light’s agenda and left occupied territory. The surrender has been completed by now and the dark creator god, Ankara, is now fully serving the Light including providing services within the current attempt to bring about full disclosure (which will end the current dark timeline). Aligned with the predators was an entire hierarchy of parasitic entities. These beings implemented a variety of limiting structures that are slowly being collapsed. By now, humanity’s secret government essentially stands alone without off-world support.

There is also an organized effort to bring about full disclosure by initiating a disclosure event televised around the world. This event will also invite Light based ETs to participate on an ongoing basis and include taking over the dark’s financial systems and the dark’s media control. This effort is now poised to spring into action. A breakthrough is nearing but has not yet occurred.

I remain completely dedicated to the process of ending the existing shared human timeline, a timeline based in deception, by replacing it with a shared human timeline based in Light. A timeline based in Love, based in truth and full disclosure, based in oneness and abundance, based in world governance in support of the greater good, based in the complete restoration of natural law here on earth. My spiritual work partner, a US based woman named Katelon, and I began our third major attempt to bring about freedom for humanity by manifesting full disclosure. This attempt began in early November of 2018, so we are well into our second year. We work directly with Source, our name for the prime creator.

Humanity is now on the cusp of a shift into a Light based shared human timeline. This will be accompanied by governance shifts as world governments supporting the earth’s dark shift to or are replaced by world governments supporting the greater good.

The Earth as a school of learning will continue after freedom for humanity is achieved and our shared timeline shifts; but will then be based in full disclosure and the realization of humanity’s full potential including such things as rejuvenation, abundance technologies, travel by intention, and daily interactions with other ET civilizations. Individual sovereignty will be widely supported.

Survival will no longer be an issue and each of us will be encouraged to uncover and pursue our passion as we attract our lessons and advance along our evolutionary path. Duality will play a much reduced role and service to others will replace service to self as humanity’s foundational value.

Sound like heaven on earth? That is what is planned; and that is the end result of  achieving freedom for humanity. Enjoy the process and may your experience be one of peace, love and joy.

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – Containment and Time-Travel

My first encounter with containment occurred at the summer solstice (June) of 2012. The human secret government was given a deadline of the summer solstice to surrender to the Light and participate in an orderly transfer of power. They declined and containment was used by the Light based forces to prevent the dark from taking humanity down irreversible dark timelines based in WWIII or other apocalyptic scenarios. That is the good news… the bad news is the dark remained and still remain in control of humanity’s shared timeline. As a result, humanity continues to live in a timeline of the dark’s choosing; more specifically a timeline based in economic slavery and artificially created duality.

I played a role in these surrender negotiations but that option ended when the human secret government refused surrender at the deadline. I also had much inner work to do and it took until the spring of 2018 (six years later) for this inner work to happen. Essentially I was duped by the dark’s propaganda streams and thought the Angelic Realm worked for the Light. They did not. The Angelic Realm was created as part of the dark control structure created by God, a dark creator god; as part of the powerful illusion known as the Matrix. Once this illusion was transcended the work of ending the dark’s control and the current timeline became possible.

Katelon (my spiritual work partner) and I were then able to embark on what has turned out to be a lengthy process of ending the dark’s enslavement of humanity by beginning a new Light based timeline based in truth and full disclosure. We have worked every day since mid-November of 2018, over 15 months, toward this objective. By now, the human secret government stands alone as all the ETs in our air space are supporting full disclosure. Also, dark supporting structures like the Matrix are now gone. How then does the dark timeline persist?

The dark timeline is supported by a variety of human systems and by nearly every existing government on the planet. The most powerful of the human systems are the existing media and the existing financial system. Both are owned and controlled by the dark secret government. Together, they impose a variety of lies upon humanity… chief among them is that i) humanity is alone within the universe, ii) free energy does not exist and iii) we all have to participate in economic slavery in order to survive.

Vestiges of my duping remain and continue as impediments to the work we are targeting. One was that containment was part of the Angelic Realm and therefore not to trusted and certainly not to be used in the clearing process. That was transcended a few days ago and containment is now part of our normal processes. Also those who continue to stand in the way of Light based change are now under containment. Free will continues and many of these people continue to support the existing systems but their options and their capabilities are limited by containment.

Another vestige of the duping was that I had somehow flown under the dark’s radar and was free of dark interference until recently. The dark has used time-travel extensively. By traveling into the future years ago, they identified the threat of the work Katelon and I are presently doing and poured resources into blocking this work. In Katelon’s case, these blocks were often life threatening and the fact that she is alive today is nothing short of a miracle. In my case, the blocks were related to duping me and using existing situations to keep me otherwise occupied.

Only recently did we learn how to effectively clear blocks created by time-travelling humans. These blocks persisted despite our best efforts using methods that were successful with blocks not created by time-travellers. Recently, we learned that the key is to go back in time to when the block was created and clear it in that context. Otherwise the block regenerates and continues as though we had not done the work.

The most recent attacks upon Katelon and upon the full disclosure project originate in the present. That is to say, these attacks were done by present day supporters of the secret government and of the existing timeline. That is very encouraging as it suggests that blocks and fail-safes created in the past are now cleared.

How close are we to the desired result of a disclosure event televised around the world? Hard to say… but it feels close and progress has certainly been made and is certainly being made each day.

Freedom for humanity…

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A Hard Fall

The work being done by Katelon and me continues with daily sessions chipping away at what I call fortress Earth; the artificial and malevolent control structures imposed upon humanity by an array of dark forces. The dark has been in control of this sector of space for around 60,000 years and have worked diligently at creating and imposing limiting structures and systems to serve their overall objectives of enslaving humanity for their own nefarious purposes.

This began to change in the late 1990s when a prominent dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised his created civilizations to leave occupied territory and return to their home planets in pursuit of Light based internal change. This opened this sector of space for Light based ETs who are by now the only ETs in this sector.

The dark control structures remained and are slowly being cleared, layer by layer. Source is supporting all of this and Katelon and I are agents of Source representing humanity. Many of these control structures have a life of their own based on artificial intelligence and act as booby traps when triggered.

Katelon has been targeted by the dark this entire lifetime (and in all her previous incarnations). I have been more fortunate, flying under the dark’s radar until the last few years. A dark and dangerous time for Katelon began in mid October (three months ago) when we triggered a malevolent time warp that took us nearly a month to clear. Our daily work would be consumed within the time warp and trumped by the loop that returned the status back to the start of the loop where Katelon was extremely weak, essentially bedridden and running a fever. Four weeks later Source led us to a process where we were able to facilitate the clearing of this loop with the help of Ankara. Katelon’s health immediately improved and the life threatening aspects have not reappeared.

My darkest hour occurred over the holiday period. It began on December 23rd when I took a hard fall while walking in nearby Nose Hill Park. I struggled home with a rib injury and this ominous sense of being newly disconnected from Source. Fortunately, Katelon took the lead during the ensuing couple of weeks as I struggled through in pain, sleeping sitting up with a ‘grabbing’ in my injured rib area. We continued to meet daily and continued our process but I was essentially a passenger with Katelon doing the work including dealing with the malevolent being who caused my fall and implanted dark technology and black magic to limit my involvement and contributions. It came to a head about two weeks after my fall when Katelon managed to clear a parasitic structure implanted within me during my fall.

Since then my healing has resumed a normal path and my connections with Source have returned to what they were prior to the fall. Katelon and I continue as equal partners in the work we are doing. Hopefully we are on the closing leg but I really cannot say for sure as that information is not available, especially within the limited consciousness that is currently part of being human.

The work targets full disclosure, a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media systems, and a televised event initiating full disclosure and inviting Light based ETs to interact on an ongoing bases with humanity.

May all of this happen soon.

Freedom for humanity…

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My Spiritual Journey

I wrote most of this summary about three years ago. This is an edited version adding in a couple of key points in my journey that occurred after posting this in January of 2016.

After coasting for about four decades, I began to devote time and attention to my spirituality germinated by an article I read on an airplane encouraging me to take the intention to improve myself. I took that intention around the winter solstice of 1990, nearly thirty years ago, and my life began to change.

At first, this took the form of targeting to become authentic. I learned NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and shifted my dysfunctional childhood beliefs about my lovability, choosing ‘I am loveable when I am authentic’.

Spirituality then reached my inner radar screen and A Course in Miracles called to me. Working through this tome took about two years and it shifted me…God became real to me after decades as an atheist and agnostic. I briefly returned to the church of my youth but the God of the church was very different from the God of my experience and I left organized religion for good; or at least until such time as the dark’s influence upon religion is no more. At the time, I thought that God was misrepresented within the church and that was the reason for this mismatch. The penny finally dropped in the spring of 2018 (about 18 months ago) when I realized that God is not the Prime Creator; instead, God was a malevolent being deliberately masquerading as the Prime Creator. The god of my experience was and is the Prime Creator; ergo the mismatch.

What followed after leaving organized religion was a five year holiday, around the turn of the century, as I focused on worldly pursuits. Early in 2004, my soul came calling…‘It is time for you to devote time and attention to your spiritual journey.’ 

I made this choice in the late spring of 2004 and by the fall, I was a man dedicated to my spiritual path; a man dedicated to advancing at the level of spirituality. Competitive aspects of my life began to fall away and living my mission began to dominate. By the fall of the next year (2005) I realized I needed some new skills. The universe offered past life journeys and meditation retreats as a way to sort all of this out. I did a number of past life journeys over the next couple of years which broadened my horizons and forever dispelled the dark myth that this lifetime is a one and done experience.

Over an 18 month period during 2006-07, I spent well over 50 days in meditation retreats and was forever changed.

‘If you are going to live your mission, you must surrender to the Divinity within… your small self does not have the necessary information!’ During the first of five 10-day meditation retreats, I made this choice and over the next year and half the process of surrender was fulfilled. The process is ongoing as attachments can and do arise at any time and surrendering each attachment is necessary in order to continue along the surrendered path.

Part way through my meditation retreat process, I began sungazing, using HRM’s methods and ‘graduated’ two years later in the fall of 2009. I still sungaze for relaxation and inspiration and marvel at the dark’s success in convincing humanity that this natural and highly beneficial process is dangerous.

In early 2009, I realized that living my mission would require a full understanding of how the world works and I opened myself to that learning. That took most of the year and was both eye-opening and mind-blowing. Humanity’s current shared reality is an illusion imposed upon us by a small minority who control the media and control world finances. This few have secret technologies and target to gain ultimate control enslaving the rest of humanity. Fortunately, dark off-world support for this few is now ended. Much of this happened around the turn of the century but pockets of dark off-world support continued right up until the last few months. Light based ET support is now very real and will soon become self-evident.

I began writing my blog in December of 2009. This is an extension of my journaling practices that have been ongoing since the early 1990s.

A person’s aura attracts experiences and with all of the progress as summarized above, my aura needed updating. Melonie Old, a fellow Calgarian has pioneered the return of this necessary skill and I twice visited her to upgrade my aura, the last visit was in December 2010. A natural stage of life is to ‘give one’s gift to humanity’ which is the auric state I now live in.

My gift to humanity is to shift humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in oneness and abundance, instead of the current timeline based in duality and scarcity. That is the work I currently do. I currently work daily with someone (Katelon) based in the USA as we share the desire to bring about this Light based timeline shift.

For reasons that evade me, most of my contributions are at the level of energy in the etheric and energetic planes and dimensions. I am often asked to participate and contribute at these levels and have only partial recall of such activities.

That is the path my particular spiritual journey has taken me. Giving my gift to humanity remains my singular focus. A breakthrough looms but has not yet occurred; meanwhile I am maintaining my full and complete availability to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me as humanity shifts into a shared timeline based in Light.

Awesome way to live a life!

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – The Work Continues

A short update seems appropriate as I have not made an entry for several weeks.

The daily sessions (sometimes multiple sessions throughout the day) with my work partner, a US based woman named Katelon, continue and we are about a year into this stint of daily sessions. The work has intensified as a break point nears; the resistance has also intensified. Providing details is not supported for security reasons.

The target of initiating full disclosure remains and is gaining momentum. From that beginning, an entirely new Light based timeline blossoms and the existing dark timeline is thereby extinguished.

May the breakthrough happen soon…

Freedom for humanity…

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Supporting Full Disclosure – The Pleiadian Deception

I have been working to bring about full disclosure for several years now. A mainstay in that work has been a US based woman named Katelon and we have made three lengthy attempts to manifest full disclosure within the current timeline shared by all of humanity. Our work is all at the etheric level, also known as the level of creation. The first two attempts both lasted around 9 months and ended without success in the summers of 2015 and 2017. This attempt is now into its tenth month and hopes are high that we will finally succeed.

Both Katelon and I are channels and the failure of our first two attempts was principally related to misinformation from various sources posing as Light based but serving the dark agenda of preventing disclosure and the continuation of the current dark timeline. Okay… what do we do in order to succeed? Two major shifts were adopted. First we accepted that dark propaganda streams were pervasive and channeling anything but Source was fraught with danger. Second we chose to channel only Source. Within that context we learned and accepted that God was not Source; in fact God was serving the dark agenda of deception and the enslavement of humanity. Throughout this attempt, we have channeled only Source and and used Source to vet all information from other sources.

How can two people without power or influence within the current timeline hope to succeed in changing that timeline? First of all, we target the greater good; not our good or someone else’s good but the greater good. I have been targeting the greater good since a transformative experience over thirteen years ago where I realized that living my mission required me to be guided by the greater good; not when it suited me but at all times. That I have done and continue to do to this day. Second, the current timeline is running on fumes and shifting into a Light based timeline is supported by many powerful forces, including Source. The darkness that has controlled our solar system for 60,000 years is no longer in place. Instead of dark ETs, there are now Light based ETs in our airspace. The dark marauders who took this sector of space for the dark are now all returned to their home planets. The dark deceptions such as the Matrix are either gone or in the process of being dismantled. In short, the human secret government that has long lorded it over all of humanity now stand alone and we have had many experiences of ending dark practices or preventing initiatives targeted by the secret government.

The principle resource used by Source to carry out greater good agendas here within the current timeline are Light based ETs. All Light based ETs are governed by Source Law, what I call natural law, and a primary tenant of natural law is that help can only be given if requested by the indigenous population. We represent humanity in terms of full disclosure and have invited many different Light based ETs to assist and provide services targeting full disclosure. ETs assist and prevent the current dark masters from creating false flags and detours but humans must lead the way. Our guidance from Source was to create a team of humans who would initiate full disclosure with a globally televised event breaking the truth of full disclosure to all of humanity.

In support of this transformative event, three actions are planned and will be implemented. One is a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems. The second is a Light based takeover of the world’s media. The third is a public invitation by humanity for Light based ETs to interact with humanity.

The Pleiadian Deception

This general plan has been in place for several years now and has guided the current attempt to manifest full disclosure. We have extended many invitations to Light based ETs to join the full disclosure team and provide their unique brand of services. Somehow, a group of Pleiadians, with a dark agenda and ties to the secret government, managed to deceive us and were invited to be team members way back in January. It seems they could somehow masquerade as Source and many times avoided detection. We recently took precautions to prevent anyone providing false information and two of the existing ET support groups were ‘found out’. One was the Tall Whites who have worked with the Russians for years now and the other was this particular group of Pleiadians. The Tall Whites were asked to leave some weeks ago. The Pleiadians were found out far more recently and were also asked to leave.

Since banishing the Pleiadians, we have encountered many layers of fail safes jointly developed by these Pleiadians and the faction of the secret government who call themselves the Alliance. It seems this group of Pleiadians have long worked with the technocrats based in the US (they call themselves the Alliance) who have developed many advanced technologies including faster than light travel (zero gravity), time travel and many illegal technologies. These fail safes have been ended and returned to Source.

Perhaps now, the event can happen. Perhaps now, the moribund existing timeline can be exposed and forever relegated to the dustbins of history.

Freedom for humanity….

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